Talking to myself

by davebarclay1954

Good afternoon dear reader, yes it is me again but today is a very special day here in the UK. It’s the day the Government bankrupts the UK and brings it to its knees. Music is from the much missed Georgie Wonderful from his (to date) only posthumous album (Brainwashed). Video is courtesy of YouTube so apologies as always if it doesn’t play where you are.

As I mentioned in the brief introduction today at 23:00 we officially leave the EU and BoJo has decided he will give them until 31 December 2020 to agree a trade agreement before he takes us out with no deal at all. He said today he wants the country united behind Brexit because it is “an excellent opportunity for the country to heal it’s division”. The person and the party which caused all this division is (drum roll here) Demonic Cummings and the Tory Party. The racists have taken over and they expect those of us who have lived lives of inclusion and acceptance of diversity to unite with these racists? I don’t think so.

On a lighter note, I’ve been listening to a music mix recently on Gold from Global Player (courtesy of Alexa) and the music mix in the mornings is really excellent, if you have the opportunity to listen then I advise you to do so, they play a mix of music from the 1950’s right up to the current day. I’m not saying every song meets the Dave Barclay test but there is more music I like than music I don’t like. Sometimes there is even my third musical category, music I haven’t heard. If we open our ears we can hear so much good and realise that as bad as things are today (whether we live in the UK, USA, Australia or Canada) there is a lot of people who don’t like the current state of Government in those countries and if we unite then we can change things for the better.

There was a saying when I was growing up, if you don’t like the weather in England wait an hour and see if it is then to your liking. A week is a long time in politics and it remains to be seen whether the Senate in the USA will continue their cover up or if they will vote for more witnesses to be called to get a better picture of the crimes committed by the tRumpster while he has been in office. He has been proudly tweeting of his crimes so the proof is out there for anyone who is looking for it to see.

Again, apologies for slipping back out of humourous mode into serious political mode, I’ve changed the soundtrack to Pink Floyd’s song for Syd Barrett (Shine on You Crazy Diamond) so this should help me to focus on the funnier things that have been happening in the world at large and the UK in particular. Not sure why I chose comedy for this post since these are very serious times? It’s because these are dangerous and serious times and we have to be careful or we will all end up under the control of Putin and the Russian State.

BoJo has refused to publish the Russia Report because “there is nothing damaging in there” but surely tRump said the same thing about the report into his involvement with Putin and Russian Oligarchs and we all know now that it was full of reasons why he should be impeached and, if he wasn’t POTUS he would have been arrested and held on remand to ensure he didn’t run before the trial for his crimes.

When any politician tells us there is nothing to see here we know they are covering up something huge, if you or me did half the things they do then we would have been arrested and jailed for our crimes before very long. They live in cloud cuckoo land most of the time and criticise us for having to cope with their policies, telling us it’s our own fault we’re poor, telling us we shouldn’t believe their lies when they tell us they are lying. Are they really so naive to believe that they will not be believed when they shout the lies louder than we shout the truth?

It’s all one big joke to them as long as they maintain in control of the country they can change the law so that crimes they committed before will be passed next time. This is criminal justice being written by the criminals. If we stop with the politicians then how long will it take to lose control of our lives completely? Peaceful demonstrations are no longer possible because the racists in control will have a counter march, not for peaceful opposition but in order to crack skulls of those who disagree with them.

When the laws are being written by those who hate women, LGBT+, society in general and those diverse people within it will the laws be just? Of course not they will be as bigotted as the people who wrote them. Will any of this go to heal the division in the country which was caused by the Russian involvement in a referendum and 2 General Elections in the UK? Forced the tRumpster on the GOP and then the American people? POTUS used to be the Leader of the Free World but that position has been a huge joke since 2017.