While a nation mourns

by davebarclay1954

No doubt everyone has heard by now that Queen Elizabeth II is dead and the UK is in mourning. I am sorry that she has died without naming William as her heir because with King Charles III we will also have Queen Camilla, the woman who split Charles and Diana Wales up. She is a marriage wrecker which ultimately led to the car chase in Paris which killed Princess Diana. In my opinion it is now time to do away with the antiquated Royal Family, the outdated Imperial Honours System and the House of Lords. Adopting instead the American system of a President, two elected houses and an end to Lords, Ladies, Dames, Knights and Royalty. Andrew should go to the USA to answer questions about his involvement with Epstein and, if found guilty of any crimes against children (the presumption is his innocence until proven BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT) he should pay the price for his crimes.

I have never been a staunch Royalist, I always felt that they achieved their greatness throughout history by killing more people, stealing more wealth and being capable of getting away with it through the size and skill of their armies. Recent events have shown that the current system of a Monarch works well as long as they have no power to rule. The time has come to end the sham and remove them from the pretence of power. If this is done with bloodshed then it is a wasted opportunity, Revolutions have been carried out in the past where the populace rose up against the oppressive monarchs of the day and, with an awful lot of blood shed removed any vestige of them from the country. We are more civilised today and the revolution can be carried out peacefully with the will of the people.

After all, peaceful protest against a regime leaves them unsure how to handle the protesters. As soon as you become violent then they will start smashing skulls and killing people, this is why they will get people to infiltrate the crowds and begin to protest with violence. That way they try to whip up the mob and then they know how to deal with them. Peaceful protest is the only way to achieve change and make the Establishment quake in their boots.