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May you always do for others

and let others do for you… A song that I have been humming for the last few days so it is posted here for your delight and enjoyment. Copyright belongs to Columbia Music, Sony Music Corporation and Bob Dylan. Video courtesy of YouTube and apologies if it doesn’t play where you are but this is out of my control.

When does a war become so expensive it is conceded that it can never be won? The war in Vietnam was deemed to be lost in 1975 when the US stopped fighting on two fronts and pulled the troops out and Vietnam fell to the communists in that same year. Who decided to pull the plug on a war which was only supposed to put American boots on the ground to train South Vietnamese troops? The President of the USA, that’s who. President Johnson no less since Nixon resigned the presidency in 1974 so his VP took over the reigns.

If we do nothing to prevent tRump from running in 2020 he will become POTUS again because he has made sure that the hacking door has been left wide open for “someone” to manipulate the vote again, exactly as happened in 2016. If the Democrats in the House won’t begin Impeachment straight away then 2020 will be the end of the greatest democracy since Rome. The end result of 2020 will be a manipulated win for tRump and his first act will be to declare himself Emperor, blackout the concentration camps at the Southern border and turn them into extermination camps.

If you don’t believe this is possible think about the latest reports from the border camps when VP Pence visited them and the looks of disgust on his face and that of every officer there. They don’t see the people interred there as people but as some kind of animals to be used and abused as they see fit. They have already started moving teenage girls from these concentration camps to Florida, 8 miles away from Mar-A-Lago, you should know these are not by chance. If you had any doubt about the relationship tRump and Epstein share you should be aware that Epstein was operating with the full blessing of the current POTUS.

Anyway, enough of this criminal now, every decent human being on the planet knows how to stop him but is becoming frustrated with the dragging feet of the Speaker of the House. Anyway, as I said, enough of him as there will be bigger scandals coming our way soon.

If we can have some semblance of normality in the dark days ahead then we should use that to illuminate our lives and give what help we can to those facing the full force of the dark times ahead we should know that we have still some light left to give.

You should always be who you are because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. A word of wisdom from Dr. Seuss. If we all pull together is there any limit to our power? Of course not, we can do more together than any one of us alone can achieve. What then of the dark days ahead, rain, storm and the weather deteriorating until we end the destruction of the planet – or the planet ends us? Or can we work together to bring the destruction to an end and make the planet healthy again? I believe that as long as we act before much longer then we can save life on this planet before the planet ends everyone on it.


The British Police are the best in the world

Today, for a change of pace, I have used a line from TRB and a song which is, thankfully, no longer true in the UK. That doesn’t mean that there is full acceptance of everyone here at home, with racism and other discrimination going on around us every day and too few police to deal with every crime being committed we are in a far worse position than we were when the album (Power In The Darkness) came out in 1977. As always I don’t own the copyright, video is courtesy of YouTube and apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

Parts of the song have become untrue but the sentiment it conveys of police brutality, while no longer everyday in the UK, is still true in most of the countries around the planet. The law is changing so that everyone is being given equal rights with everyone else. Since it isn’t pie that doesn’t mean anyone is losing out on their rights. With so much hate and violence in the world today I am reminded of my youth and the demonstrations against the war in Vietnam, which the American Government refused to recognise as a war. Today we have the war against terrorism (which is a world war no matter which way you cut it). The war on drugs (which is failing) and other wars going on all around us.

If you don’t think I am right about the war on drugs take a look at how big and powerful the cartels have become and how much money their illicit trade generates for them. We should press our Governments to end this war and put the cartels out of business by taking over the drug production and distribution through legal channels. If they control the quantity and strength of the drugs available on the streets what will happen to the cartels in (so called) third world countries? Their power base will be weakened and their cash supply stopped overnight. The Government will then have increased revenue and the danger of an overdose will be lower.

The extra revenue can be ploughed into the economy in the form of additional funds for threatened services like police and fire. This will also prevent terrorists from making money from selling and distribution for the cartels. However, no Western Government wants to admit defeat even though they are losing this particular war with more and more drugs finding their way onto our streets. The people buying don’t know what it has been mixed with and play Russian Roulette with every injection and every tablet they pop.

As an example of dangerous mixers, I have heard of heroin being mixed with rat poison to make it spread further, while this will only kill in high doses do those idiot pushers know how much is safe? Do they know what the heroin they bought has already been mixed with? The answer to both of these questions is NO.

Some people in power know the war is not being won, for every reported bust recovering millions of pounds worth of drugs at ports, airports or in chemical factories, there are around another 90% out there making their way onto the streets. If we are unable to stop them all then we should hold our hands up, admit we have lost and do something about getting the income ourselves, ensuring the product is safe in the process.

Everyone is entitled to benefit from police and fire services being able to do their job and keep us safe. With numbers being reduced at every turn they have to decide what to prioritise and what to let go. This is not keeping anyone safe and it leaves crimes going unpunished. Yes there are different levels of crime at play, human life is not protected when criminals can get away with their crimes due to a lack of officers. Fires are started deliberately in order to cover up crimes and with so few firefighters around today a lot of these are being left to burn unless there is a danger from toxic fumes.

Successive cuts to services don’t help everyone, they only help those who follow a life of crime. Someone is killed today there is a very huge chance the killer will never be caught because there aren’t enough police to catch them. Someone is robbed today they can kiss goodbye to their memories since the police are too overstretched to chase down the items stolen. This is a sad fact of life in Britain in the 21st Century. The leading contender for the vacant position of Leader of the Conservative Party, and Prime Minister, is wanting to take the country out of Europe because a rigged referendum 3 years ago said that was what England wanted. A no deal was never put to the people and a lot of those who voted to leave will not accept a no deal exit. Now that the lies have been shown to be lies (the biggest one of which was that Europe needed us more than we need them) the majority now want to remain.

When the referendum and American elections were hacked by Russia in 2016 there was an outcry for an enquiry into both. Now the truth is known there is no guarantee it won’t happen again in either country. Russia is trying to destabilise the West so it becomes the only super power on the planet. Why is not yet known but you can bet on it not being to maintain peace and stability. Once it is done then it will be too late to go back.

If you got the money, honey we got your disease

Today’s song is from a mid 1980’s debut album. Welcome To The Jungle from Appetite For Destruction. Copyright is owned by Geffen Records, GNR not me, video is courtesy of YouTube and, as always, apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

There is no strategy for this post, no theme going through it, no theme uniting it. It is just me sitting here thinking about nothing and writing my thoughts down on here for your delectation and enjoyment (at least that is my intention).

There is a lot of shit going on at home and abroad just now and I want to try and take my mind off that, so hopefully taking your mind off it as well in the process. If we were to chew the fat face to face over a coffee would we find more to laugh about than there seems to be at the minute?

I hope you are enjoying the music, if it is playing for you. Sitting down reading this with a cup of coffee, tea or something stronger if that is your poison. I haven’t been here for a while and that was remiss but hopefully this post will be a longer one and bridge the gap between my last post and this one.

I hope you are keeping well, nothing bothering you too much or giving you too much grief. I am quite well today, for a change, which means fewer meds today, hopefully this will continue tomorrow. Pain levels are back to manageable levels for the first time in several months. I hate having to take so many painkillers for the pain that I fail to function as a normal human being.

If we can do something to help another human being without going out of our way or giving more than we can afford, how many of us do that? I would do anything for anyone that it is in my power to do. I once walked 4 miles home to get some sugar and pain meds for a work colleague the day before pay day. She was diabetic and had a severe pain in her leg which was causing her severe pain along with her low sugar so she was about to go into a coma. After running all the way home and getting what I needed then running back to the house she was at I was too knackered to go home again and we shared a bed for the night. I was a complete gentleman and didn’t touch her but did keep an eye on her all night.

I would do this for someone I barely knew because she needed my help, or at least help from someone, and I could help. I don’t know if she would have accepted sexual advances from me or not that night but thought that given she had been seriously ill I would let her sleep and keep an eye on her overnight. Nothing else happened and her blood sugar was restored to healthy levels and I was so relieved by that. I know that helping her was the right thing to do, it helped her to maintain her health and it meant there was no late night visit to A&E in order to relieve her symptons.

If I had the opportunity to do it again I would without hesitation. I was trained to run towards gun fire and if, hopefully never but these days you never can tell, I was on a night out and some idiot opened fire on a crowd I would try and take them out before too many died at their hand. How many would do that? I hope those who had the same training I did would, but no one else would. If you haven’t been trained then you are better off lying under dead or dying bodies to avoid detection and stay alive.

Anything can be used as a weapon but only stand your ground if the gunman is directly in front of you. If he is looking right at you and you run away he will shoot to kill. Standing your ground will disorient him and put him on the back foot. He is a coward who prefers shooting people in the back so standing your ground and staring him down will startle him and make him panic.

If we do nothing against the criminals stalking our streets today then we will never be safe again anywhere. I would like to see a time when everyone is free to be themselves, living without fear. I doubt I will ever see that day but you never know.

You know what you can do

Music today is from the King of Weird Rock ‘n’ Horror, Alice Cooper, the track which closed their second album, Easy Action. Copyright is owned by Warner/Straight/Alice Cooper and video is from YouTube with the usual apologies if it doesn’t play where you are. If it does and you don’t like it, remember you are the only censor. If you do not like what I am saying you can turn me off.

This post was inspired by those workers who asked their company to stop selling beds to ICE for use in the concentration camps recently set up at the southern border of the USA. Today they walked out because the company refused to stop.

In part we need to decide what is right for us and then do it. The workers walked out en masse because they didn’t like the fact that their products were being bought up for the wrong reasons. Children should not be ripped from their parents just for looking for safety. The reason there are so many criminals getting away with their crimes in the USA is down to the fact that they see their POTUS getting away with worse.

Of course here in the UK there are a lot of criminals getting away with crimes because of the lack of officers on the street due to austerity cuts from the Tories since 2010. Why is it that the bankers destroyed the economy in 2008 and since 2010 the poorest in society have been hit the hardest with austerity? Cameron said we were all in the same boat while allowing bankers to receive unlimited bonuses for destroying the economy, cutting back on public services and benefits for those who need them.

There is a new leader about to be unveiled, an elected politician who will be the next Prime Minister. Depending on who wins will decide when and how we leave the EU, neither of them is committed to a second LEGAL referendum on whether we should leave without a deal or withdraw Article 50 and remain within the EU so it is unlikely that the majority will have a say in whether we leave without a deal or can, at the eleventh hour, produce an acceptable deal out of the hat.

Those who have been following my blog for a while will know already where I stand on this issue. If the 2016 referendum had been run fairly then I would have accepted the result, because leave cheated and didn’t win by a landslide no-one should take this as the will of the people. After all Remain obeyed the rules for a referendum while Leave spent almost double the amount allowed, lied and told half truths all the way through. Now they are claiming they warned about job losses, however, when Remain said there would be job losses the Leave campaign accused them of over reacting since there would be no job losses.

Of course that lie has been proven to be false since jobs have gone to France, Belgium, Germany and the Republic of Ireland already and other firms are cutting back on staffing levels ahead of moving to countries not leaving the EU. Once Brexit has occurred then we will see more jobs being lost, companies who are here to get a foothold in Europe won’t stay when we are no longer part of the biggest club in the Northern Hemisphere.

Those who pushed hardest for Brexit, Farage and Johnson among them, will be only too happy to see the Welfare State reduced to ashes and no one being allowed a safety net. No Pension, no dole, no free health care. What we need to remember today is that there are 3 parties who will be capable of forming a government, Tories or Labour if they get a large enough majority on their own, if not a coalition with the Lib-Dems who were the originators of the austerity measures following the crash of 2008.

What we need in this country is for people to recognise that a vote for an independent candidate or the Lib-Dems will not stop austerity. Only a vote for Labour can halt the rot. Of course Labour are committed through their manifesto to go back to the country for a second referendum ahead of Brexit. However, Jeremy Corbyn was silent during the referendum when Labour were supposed to be campaigning for Remain. The reason is that he has always been against the EU. Will he support a second referendum or take the UK out anyway?

Anyone who doesn’t know what they want out of a General Election will probably vote for someone who promises to deliver whatever is important to them that day. However, the choice is much clearer than that, Labour will end austerity and start taxing those avoiding tax under Tory mismanagement while under the Tories it will be more of the same, higher taxation for those who are taxed heavily with less tax for those better able to afford more.

Like the USA British politics are dominated by the two main parties who are the only ones able to form a majority Government. Who we end up depends largely on how we view the politics of them. There are many other parties but since none of them put people up in every constituency they are not going to be able to form a Government. The Brexit and UKIP parties both want to see the UK as a three tier state, poor people with nothing left to die on their own, the working class who are kept down by having too few jobs to chase and the ruling class which is where they see themselves. These people are dangerous because they will blame anyone for the ills of the country in order to divide and conquer.

Can we have a change to the power structure in the country? Not while we have the first past the post elections with the party leader of the majority party becoming the Prime Minister. However, any other form of electing our MP’s will take time to put in place and neither of the two major parties want proportional representation since that would reduce their influence and numbers of MP’s. If we continue with the current format then we have to accept that there are only two options for Government in this country and the lesser of the two evils is Labour for the masses and Tories for the 1%.

Who we really are

Music today is a religious(ish) song from the Dark Horse Album by Georgie Wonderful. Copyright is owned by EMI/Harrisongs/George Harrison and video is courtesy YouTube, as always apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

The weekend weather was dry and sunny so I thought the grass would have dried out enough to cut today but, surprise surprise, it’s torrential rain today again. Typical when the sideshows are in town we get torrential rain turning the field into mud for anyone foolish enough to go there.

The Hoppings comes here every year for the last week in June and, not quite every year but more often than not, that’s the wettest week of the year so far. When is the weather more predictable here than this week? Even this week it isn’t predictable, sometimes it’s wet, sometimes it’s torrential and flooded, other times it is dry for the entire week. Weather is never predictable anywhere except California, Egypt and other desert regions.

If we could really predict the weather successfully, would we really want to? I think that some unknown factors are beneficial because it keeps us on our toes. However, there are some matters that we can see which leave us cold and destroys our faith in the humanity of our leaders. If we have no faith left in those who lead our countries to destruction and war what can we do to retain our humanity?

That is a rhetorical question because we are all faced with the same threats, there are those who were underground and afraid to walk openly yet now are coming out of the woodwork because they no longer fear being locked up because they know they are represented in Government by those at the top. What we have to ask is who is behind this sudden return to the values of the 20th century racist and sexist politics? The Russians are funding it but are they also racist and sexist? Of course they are aware that those sexist and racist elements in the West are divisive and less coherent than the stronger humanitarian’s among us.

What can we do as individuals when life serves us up lemons? If we can we make lemonade, if we can’t we eat them up and absorb their goodness. In the end we are all getting by the best we can, there are a lot of good people in the world today, their voices are quiet, but getting louder, and when we shout our voices will drown out the disquiet and hateful voices all around us. Today we are facing a growing global threat from those who want to return to Fascism and Nazism which were global phenomena in 1920’s Europe with supporters in Asia and America. In the wake of the Bolshevik uprising in Russia and the beginning of the USSR communism began to spread with the downfall of Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. China, North Korea and the rest of South East Asia fell soon enough to the communists. Even after the fall of the USSR in 1990 Communism is still flourishing among those Asian countries which fell to the Communists. Of course they hide their communism today.

Still the life flowed on and on

I was listening to several tracks the other day while sitting and contemplating life, love and the universe. While I couldn’t find any solutions to the problems we all face today I did hear this particular track and smiled when I truly listened to the lyrics. As always copyright is owned by the family of George Harrison and Dark Horse Records, not me. Video is courtesy of YouTube so apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

As I said in the introduction, this video is not the reason for putting this song here, the lyrics are and they are truly funny, if you listen to them. George had a way of giving it to you straight. If he was annoyed he would let you know he was annoyed. Reminds me of an anecdote I heard a few decades ago from Billy Connolly. He was sitting in a restaurant with Pamela, George and Olivia Harrison when a fan came up and asked Billy if he could interrupt their meal for just two seconds to get an autograph.

Billy being Billy said of course and signed the book the fan gave him, before disappearing though he turned round and said to Billy, “Thank you, but can you help me out again?”

Billy said “If I can”.

The fan then said “Are there any other famous people here who I could ask for an autograph?”

Billy replied “Well I’m sure I saw Sean Connery and Griff Rhys Jones over in that corner when we came in”.

When the gent walked away Billy turned round and said to George “Sorry about that but I don’t think he realised there was a Beatle at this table.”

George said “That’s okay, my food didn’t get cold!”

Typical Harrison, if asked he would have signed the book as well but not being asked meant he could continue to enjoy his food. The thing about that is that Billy Connolly may have been better known in L.A. than Pamela (his wife) but most people (even millenials) know who the Beatles were.

I have been having conversations on here for some time now and they are all very pleasant the people I talk to. We are all here doing the same journey every day (travelling around the sun) and yet there are so many of us who seem to have lost our humanity since 2016. That was the year when tRump was elected President of the USA and the British referendum went to a bunch of cheating scum proving that money really can buy anything.

We have seen hate crimes in both countries escalating since 2016, the majority of judges will still hand down severe sentences following a guilty verdict. But then, at least in some instances, justice is not served when the guilty party is kept of the very prison they were sentenced to. I suppose it pays to have friends sitting in the highest positions imaginable.

I know there are trolls everywhere but, since I blocked those trolling me on here, I have had only good people getting in touch with me. People I would gladly sit and chat to over a coffee or bourbon. Sometimes though I do find that talking about my pet peeves even to those very nice people on here I can feel my hackles rise and my urine starts boiling because the idiots out there in plain view again since 2016 have ruined the planet for everyone. I don’t do it to have a go at the people I am talking to and I will cut my conversation short before I get too riled up by the idiots, but if we were sitting down face to face chatting looking across the table to them would probably calm me down again and I would find it easier to keep my cool.

Maybe it’s my age, I don’t know, but I have even less time for fools than I did previously. I want to apologise on here if I have caused offence to anyone by my comments in response to theirs (I am sure you don’t want me to mention you by name since that could prompt people to look at what I may have said). I am truly sorry if I have caused you any concern since I would never knowingly do anything to hurt anyone unless they hurt me or my family first.

Getting off the topic of my comments, someone said the other day that if you are only appreciative of women you find attractive then you are still a sexist and I agree with that. It may be easy to appreciate those we are attracted to but every woman I have ever met (friends and lovers together) are worth more than any man I have ever met. I prefer to hang out with women than men because they make light of conversations about sports (I don’t watch many sports, only snooker really) and also make more sense than men, at least the ones I have met. Yes there are some complete liars out there who don’t have a clue what they are worth to themselves and serve men at an exorbitant price.

Any man who can see a woman without immediately thinking about taking her to bed is someone I would call a friend. Sure I look at some women and think that she is attractive, but the first thing that will always grab my attention is not her looks but the way she walks. Is her head held high? Is her back straight? I’d be lying if I didn’t say I pay attention to whether or not she is wearing a dress or trousers, but that is not important to me. It is to some of my gender but not to me. Of course, if I were single then I might be looking for someone to take to bed, eventually, not straight away.

What I am getting at, I can look at men and women in the same way, people watching to see who is likely to start trouble and who is just out for a good time. I also look at black people the same way I look at white people, I don’t judge anyone because they have skin a different colour to me, or they wear different clothes. I couldn’t care less whether you dress in a suit and tie, suit and shirt no tie, skirt and blouse, denim or lace. If you are on this planet then you are doing the same journey around the sun as I am. As a fellow passenger I am concerned about a lot of global issues and feel that only by working together, every single one of us on here and on this planet, can we resolve the issues we all face together.

Please comment on this post, positive or negative, as it is only by having discourse that we can grow as human beings and our humanity is strengthened in the process.

You saw her bathing on the roof

Today’s song is from Leonard Cohen, a man not to listen to when you feel as low as a worm. However, there are almost as many versions of this track as there are of Yesterday or Michelle. Music is not owned by me, video is linked from YouTube so as always apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

Every day on tv’s across the UK there are charities asking for money every month from those without jobs, all to prevent catastrophe in the poorest countries of the planet. For animals and endangered species, people and refugees struggling to find clean water and food. Makes me wonder why these ads are on tv during the day when the only ones likely to be watching are those without work, probably without any spare cash since they will be on benefits and that now means Universal Credit so they will get paid every 4 weeks with less than they need to survive.

Now, being as that is the case, why do they arrive on our screens as regular as clockwork at meal times? The solution to clean water for everyone, enough food to go around everyone is the end of every conflict, war or battle on this planet. We need politicians in charge who can force a lasting peace on the planet. Forget about securing your borders, we have to join together, men; women and everyone else, in order to end poverty and disease. The problems we are facing today are global problems and working alone with closed borders isn’t going to cut it any longer.

If we don’t work together what will happen to the human race? Look around and see how many people are calling the climate emergency a spoof by the scientific community. This isn’t helping to control the effects by tackling the problem head on. If you think Greta Thunberg is crazy then I feel that you are part of the problem and not the solution. Some of us know how to fix things but if we don’t work together then the situation will only get worse.

If we want to ensure the planet is able to sustain life then we have to act NOW, twenty years ago we could have done less and made a difference but because of deniers time is running out rapidly. The deniers are still there advocating for the Status Quo, that won’t resolve anything and the weather is only going to get worse while the planet tries to heal itself. The planet knows we are the problem so in order to correct it we will become extinct, if you doubt that have a look at the sea levels now, if it doesn’t scare you you’re already dead.

On a better note there is always something going on which threatens the lives of everyone in an area on this small planet revolving around the sun. Looking back through history you can see that since the dawn of time human beings have been mistreating other human beings. Nothing new there but you’d think we’d have learned by now that if we continue the way we are going then there will be nothing left for any future generation.

Anyhoo, today here in the UK it is Father’s Day, I had a visit from my eldest step-daughter with a card from her and her family, my youngest step-daughter wished me a happy Fathers Day by text message but nothing at all from my own children. I know my daughter still hasn’t forgiven me for leaving her without saying goodbye, in 1997, but I have done nothing to my son. I text him and get nothing back, I email him and get ignored more. If it wasn’t for the fact he posts rubbish on FaceBook, which my wife sees, I wouldn’t know if he was dead or alive.

Troubled by the lack of contact with my children I often feel that if it wasn’t for my wife and step-children I would have nothing to live for. That doesn’t mean I will give in to morbid thoughts and take my own life. It does mean I have to be super careful though.

Whatever you are doing this week, take care, have fun and love one another. Until the next time I have something to say I will sign off for now and wish you all love and peace forever.

Could’ve sworn it was judgment day

Music to accompany this post is from the wonderful Prince, his first single with the Revolution and the title track of his first album with them. Copyright is owned by Paisley Park, The Prince Estate and Warner Brothers Records/Time Warner. Apologies if the video doesn’t play where you are but it is courtesy of YouTube and they are the ones who decide where videos can be watched.

I know what I was going to put in this post, however, that was yesterday and I had a really bad night last night, the first in a long time so I’ll start as I was going to and then we’ll have to see where it goes from there.

It seems that the lunatics have taken over the asylum that used to be the United Kingdom, since last week’s initial vote it looks as though Boris Johnson is set to become the next Prime Minister here, he is determined to push for a no deal Brexit at any cost to the economy, country and the inhabitants. Since he is a great friend of tRump we can only assume he is also guilty of taking money from Russians for decades. We know he is a racist, islamophobe, homophobe and a misogynist just like his biggest backer.

I know it may not seem like much to the rest of the world but the UK leaving the EU (even though it has not happened and we may yet stop it happening at all) is having a toll already on jobs, companies and the economy. I have been watching the exchange rates very closely for the last few months and, if I’d had the money to buy when I first looked I could have had $3,000 for just slightly over the cost of $2,000 today. The less I start with the less I will be able to do when I get to NOLA.

Of course this is peanuts to Boris and his chums since they have billions tucked away in offshore accounts. Some people are hailing him as “The man of the people” not realising that he would never dream of visiting the areas where most of us live, will never travel less than private jet, no economy flights for him. He pays more for his car than most of us will have in a lifetime and his friends ensure he is kept away from the public.

None of this matters a fig to me since I will never vote for any Tory candidate at any time. Same goes for Lib Dems because after all the two people who sat down together to draft an austerity plan for the UK were David Cameron (Con) and Nick Clegg (Lib Dem). Cleggy is now living it up in the USA with a job paying him several millions of dollars a year, he has free health care as part of his job, and the job? It is to dismantle the profitable parts of the NHS here in the UK and ensure they are bought by his employer.

If I was in their shoes being told to fuck off by the losers who believed the lies told by Leave, that Remain were talking bullshit when they said jobs would be lost by Brexit and the economy would crash following a no deal Brexit. Of course now we know the truth but some of them are still believing the lies even though the evidence that they were lies is beginning to mount up.

We have been told that a no deal Brexit will mean we trade every country on WTO rules (the worst rules for trade imaginable). Now tRump is saying that he didn’t mean to give the impression that we could keep our sovereignty AND get a great trade deal with the USA. What he meant was we can negotiate a trade deal and if we give up our Welfare State in favour of the American model, give up our monarchy (including the Prince of Whales) then he will look to accept us into the USA as the 51st State.

Of course Leave said they wanted to reclaim our sovereignty (we never lost it) take back our borders (we controlled them anyway since we could refuse to allow people from the EU to come here without a job waiting). They also promised that our NHS would be given the money going into the EU coffers but that was another huge lie since they have been selling off the profitable parts, taking doctors with them, since the early 1980’s. They want to sell off the rest and force the British people to accept the USA health insurance model, knowing fine well that too many people won’t be able to get health insurance and will therefore never be seen by a GP, ER or any health professional until it is too late. Of course the more poor people who die as a result of this policy the better for the wealthy since there will be less people to point out what they are doing.

If we allow ourselves to be duped by criminals and fraudulent behaviour in 2016 and pulled out of the EU as a direct result of foreign intervention then we deserve everything we get. However, since the 2016 result is contaminated, there has to be another referendum overseen more closely to ensure the rules are obeyed and this time everyone will have to accept the result. Whether the end result is to Remain or Leave.

Just need a little brain salad surgery (Part 2)

This is part 2 of yesterday’s post to celebrate the life of Dr. John todays music is from Right Place, Wrong Time. This was the first song I heard by Dr. John so I think it is as good a place to start this post as any. Copyright is not owned by me and the video is courtesy of YouTube, apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

Listening to music can lift the spirits of even the darkest soul, if you don’t get enjoyment from music then you must already be dead. I don’t know who said that but I would like to think it was Mac Rebennack since he was the second famous pianist from New Orleans.

Music has the power to end war, bring peace, lift your spirits high, or destroy lives. It is known as the Universal Language because even if you don’t understand the vocal you can still feel the beat. The beat and the music over this is what makes for enjoyment. Music can bypass the senses and go straight to the soul.

If we all liked the same music how boring life would be, so some of my dear readers may not like the music I add to my posts, however, you are the only censor, if you do not like what I am saying you can turn me off (Alice Cooper 1969).

Yes, my friends I posted part one yesterday and said part two would be in celebration of Dr. John and so here we are back again so soon. I don’t write a daily blog, this is not a diary, it is a blog where I come on when I have something to say and not just to get my creative juices flowing, although maybe that is good for others.

If Dr. John teaches anything it is that human rights are not earned, they are a natural right to be given to everyone. It’s not pie, so giving someone the rights they deserve by being alive doesn’t mean there’s less for someone else. Everyone has the right to live without fear or oppression, that is a basic human right. I don’t care if you’re the biggest bigot alive you still deserve to live without persecution, just as those you persecute deserve that same right.

After the dust settles I hope we can all live freely wherever we are, doesn’t matter what colour your skin, your gender (rightly or wrongly it doesn’t define you) who you love or how you identify. EVERYONE deserves the freedom to express themselves however they want to, you can put me down for saying things you don’t agree with. That says more about you than it does about me.

I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it, just as I have the right to contradict you openly. It is a two way street, if you disagree with me you have the right to attack my words using your own. You do not have the right to use your fists against me, no matter who I am, black, white, gay, straight, male or female. I reserve the right to defend myself and call on others to help me out if I am overwhelmed. This again is my right as it is yours.

Human rights apply to us all or they apply to none. If you break the law then I have the right to see you tried in a court of law, and if found guilty, sentenced to jail time commensurate with the crime. That is the way we keep the majority safe from the minority who seek to harm them. For too long the majority have been told how to behave by the minority who control the wealth. It’s time we stood up to them and said no more getting away with paying the minimum pay what you should!

In the European elections last month I backed a Remain party since they fought fairly in 2016, in a General Election I will not back them since they will not have a hope of forming a government. I will not back the Tory party who want to make the poor suffer while giving tax relief to the wealthiest in the country to stop them leaving. The biggest supporters of Brexit have already left these shores and are safe in their Tax Havens – or living it up in Europe, apart from Putin who just wants to undermine democracy in the West.

When will the British public wake up to the lies being spoon fed to them? When a Brexiteer tells them that the job losses caused by Brexit were warned about during the referendum they forgot to add that these were from Remain, and the Brexiteers said they were Panic Spreading Rumours, however, Brexit hasn’t happened and still companies are leaving these shores to move to Europe proving they were only here to get a foothold into Europe and the European markets. How many job losses will be acceptable to the idiots backing a no deal Brexit? Will the company have to be bankrupted by them before the country seeks to rejoin the EU? That should only take a couple of years after Brexit.

Sovereignty was never lost but leaving and then realising it was a mistake will cost our sovereignty IF we are accepted again for membership of the biggest winners enclosure in modern times. What has the European Union achieved since the 1950’s when the original treaty was signed in Rome? There has been no conflict on European soil by Europeans, there has been concord and agreement by member states on how best to tackle world problems.

Leaving and burying our heads in the sand is going backwards without realising the world has moved on since 1973. Thinking we beat Germany twice in the twentieth century doesn’t mean a damn thing in the twenty-first century. If we have not learned from the mistakes made in the past we will make them again and again. Do you know what they say madness is defined as? It is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. No individual country can last in this day and age, we should be seeking to improve our lot by making Europe bigger and better not shouting from the sidelines at how great it is becoming.

What do Brexiteers look for in a separate Britain? They won’t get it, they will get isolationism, America which said it was going to back us after Brexit is now saying that any trade deal will mean the end of our NHS, welfare state and destruction of what makes us British, in other words the END OF OUR SOVEREIGNTY!

It’s time to wake up and smell the roses people, alone we will lose everything the Brexiteers told us would be regained, which we still have today. Sovereignty was never lost by membership of the biggest club in Europe, leaving will cost us everything we worked for since 1945. Jobs will only be the first cost to us of leaving the club we should have joined from the beginning.

I got a stamp on my skin

Music for this post was decided on before I got the news of the death of the midnight crawler, Dr. John so here is the first post, second to follow in part 2. As always I don’t own the copyright in this music and the video is attached courtesy of YouTube so apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

It’s no surprise that musicians are leaving us almost every day, especially those who inspired my heroes. I’m just surprised that there are still 4 original members of the Rolling Stones still around. Especially with the excesses of the 60’s which took so many talented people from us too soon.

Anyhoo, this post isn’t about Dr. John or those who have recently left us for the after life. I watched a meme where Stephen Colbert put Keanu Reeves on the spot by asking him what he thinks happens to us after we die. The response was that those who love us are sad after our departure. Truer words were never spoken.

You may have to try and keep up with my train of thoughts today, because I am not sure what I want to say in this post since it was going to be about one thing, then another idea cropped up and I was away. I know my mind can flit like a butterfly from topic to topic so please bear with me since there are not going to be any tirades, no nastiness as I refuse to lower myself today to the level of the haters in control.

On Tuesday in London, two women were attacked by a group of thugs aged 15-18, males all, for refusing to kiss in front of them. The ladies in question are lesbians and a couple but don’t “perform” when ordered to. That was no excuse for them to be attacked and beaten by these thugs who have all been caught. My only hope is that they are given punitive sentences for their crime of hatred against these women.

Why is it that all those who said afterwards “How did this happen here?” are the same ones who say time and time again they don’t want LGBT+ taught in schools to their children. That’s why it happened here because LGBTQIA+ people are still seen as freaks by the majority of children brought up in “straight” households. Hate is taught by example, we should therefore look at the parents of these children and, maybe, punish them as well with registration on a hate register? After all sex offenders are added to the Sex Offenders Register and have to advise police where they are living to ensure the surrounding area is kept aware of the dangers they pose.

The same should happen for those who hate and spread malicious stories, inciting others to do the crimes they are afraid will get them into trouble with the authorities. The biggest threat is not those who carry out acts of violence, but those who incite them to commit these acts.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Farage has given a letter to 10 Downing Street stating that his Brexit thugs should be given a place at the table during the negotiations for Brexit. This following the resignation of the Prime Minister, months after the negotiations have ended, and without a single MP in Westminster.

If he gets a place at the negotiating table following the election of a new Prime Minister then I should also be given a seat at those same negotiations to try and stop a no deal Brexit ever happening since the majority of his very slender majority in 2016 didn’t vote for, and will not accept, a no deal Brexit.

In order for democracy to work, the politicians have to listen to the majority of the population, ahead of the referendum in 2016 there should have been a stipulation that anyone not voting would be voting to maintain the status quo. After all that was the way the 1973 referendum was run, where there was a massive majority in favour of joining the Common Market as it was then known. Those who didn’t vote had their votes counted as against joining, yet there was still a massive victory to go ahead and join to preserve peace in Europe.

The only reason people are still following the likes of Farage blindly is because they can’t see that the majority of foreign businesses in the UK were relocated here because our National language is English, the international language of business. Those companies came here to get a foothold in Europe so once we leave they WILL close their doors. Anyone who tells you differently is lying. Ford, Nissan, Steel companies from Japan, Technology companies from the USA and all the others, will close up shop here and move to Ireland. The Republic speak English as well as Gaelic so that gives them an advantage over France or Germany.

If America won’t impeach tRump today, they won’t do it next year since it will increase his standing in the polls. This will mean the 2020 election will again return him to the White House for a second term, since the Russians will continue to hack the American election process and results. As long as he gets away with his crimes he will get more and more bold until he has so huge a hold on America he will declare it is no longer a Republic but an Empire and himself as Emperor for life.

If we follow the path down the rabbit hole to it’s natural conclusion then we are all to blame in some small part for allowing the West to become an occupied Russian State. The cold war failed to spread Communism to the rest of the World, however, since the fall of Communist Russia and the disintegration of the USSR Putin has been successful at causing dissention and spreading hate throughout the English speaking countries on the planet.

If we don’t stop this soon it will become too late as his supporters are becoming more and more belligerent sensing that their lies are about to be discovered by the masses supporting the liars.

Have a great weekend dear reader and remember that Love is much more powerful than hate, so let the haters hate just love each other and we can catch up again soon.