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Confusing no more

Well, I had my first Compulsory Redundancy Meeting on Friday and that’s when I was officially told that my last day with the company will be 29 March 2017 although I will be paid up to the end of March.

Talk about a kick in the teeth, the reason behind this is: I am occupying a Technical Position as a Non-Technical candidate so my role is disappearing. What could be further from the truth, I have been building and programming computers since the dawn of the personal computer age (1988). True I don’t have a Microsoft or CISCO qualification as I never saw the need for them since they change every 3 months or so.

I have been helping others in my team to carry out their work and was going to help with the on-call rota so that the other two doing it permanently can get 1 week in 3 off. Then I find that one of them could be redundant as well, so doesn’t this get better? His “pool” is 6 big with only 1 going. If it’s him then I doubt if the person left will gladly forego his holidays to cover the work 24/7. No-one is allowed to work from home because when it was allowed a few abused the system.

Not my concern any more and I have been applying for anything at all to tide me over from the beginning of April until I retire in November 2019 (yes that’s right I get my wonderful state pension from the young age of 65 years 6months and a few days). I can’t afford to not work and will gladly take anything that isn’t offered on a zero hours contract. I do have bills to pay and no family to scrounge off. Plus, the person in charge of the team (manager, if you will) is giving us all this wonderful news and she is going to a new company in March when her role is taken in-house. She has therefore avoided all the stress caused by the “Work Force Management” proposals for Q2 (and final in FY17). From April those left move to a new company and will be in FY18.

As if the news of a redundancy pool wasn’t bad enough, to find out you’re the only one in yours and that your definitely finishing come March is a real eye-opener to find out the company you’ve been loyally supporting couldn’t give a flying one about you. Anyhoo, this could be my last post for a while as I am pushing myself to look everywhere for another job and apply for everything out there.

Confusing me this is

I have been placed in a redundancy pool at work and have no idea how many are in the same pool, how many will be earmarked to go and how many will be left. Apparently not everyone is in the same sub-pool and there are 4 out of 6 in my team who could face redundancy, leaving 2 to do all the work and impact the customer.

My team cover the hours of 07:00 to 17:00 Mon-Fri and outside these hours offer an on-call service for major issues impacting the customer. If the team is cut back by 2/3rds then this will obviously have a negative impact on the customer relationship. But if this happens can the company then recruit young staff at a fraction of the wage bill? They never used to be able to, at one time if you made someone redundant then that job effectively disappeared and could not be filled, however, in these days of zero hour contracts of employment can employers realise they are overpaying people and make them redundant to cut down the wage bill and then employ cheaper labour to fill the gaps?

On a warmer note, my friend is (hopefully) on the mend and after a long battle with cancer seems to be making some headway against the disease. She has started gaining weight (not much but anything is good, isn’t it?). The doctors and nurses treating her are now talking about removing the feeding tube and allowing her to eat and drink normally again (difficult without a tongue I know). She is deserving of our prayers and warmest wishes so please join me in that endeavour.



Heil Drumpf making America a bigger joke than Nixon could have dreamed.


Week 12 of Donald Trump’s presidency: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember.published February 4, 2017

An observation on Week 12: several of the most important items in this very long list are the ones not getting coverage: including Ukraine, and the many abuses of power to silence dissent and stomp on ethics. Conflicts of interest abound, unfettered.

Protests over Trump’s Muslim Ban took place all over the country and around the world. Thousands protested in major airports and cities, including many red states.

Trump’s EO was criticized by many, and supported by few. Christian leaders spoke our voraciously against prioritizing Christian refugees.

Innumerable horrid stories about the impact of the Muslim ban surfaced during the week. Spicer minimized its impact. Presidents of 598 colleges and universities wrote a letter of concern about the Ban.

Trump promoted Bannon, under…

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Valentine’s Day


Today is Valentine’s Day

A day of love celebrated around the world.

Valentine was a Roman who liked nothing better than killing and watching people die.

This song by David Bowie is beautiful (nothing less than I would expect from him really).

If we all get together and help those we can and leave the war behind with all the hatred and misogyny that is running down the streets in floods these days.

Can we try to find the best in others and show them the best in ourselves let others know we care. Let them take us as we are or leave us alone. If we leave ourselves open and vulnerable is the world going to stop turning and send us floating into space?

If Major Tom met Ziggy Stardust what would they find to discuss? Both having been inside the brain of the thin white duke and sent into space. Would they find mutual enjoyments or disappear inside their own spacesuits?

Five minutes of film

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The Silent Eye

He wasn’t feeling too good so I carried his breakfast through into the lounge where he was watching TV and sat down with him on the sofa for five minutes. He was watching a wildlife programme and, as the small polar bear weakened and failed through starvation, I watched through a veil of tears. My own son beside me, it was easy to recognise the encouragement in the way the ursine mother tried to raise her cub to his feet. That was bad enough. Realising the little one could no longer stand she and his twin snuggled up with the dying cub, sharing warmth and comfort; nuzzling him gently and curled around the little body. Just waiting until the end. I can’t even write it without tears.

There was the debate about how the camera crew could simply stand by and watch, filming the tragedy, but the general…

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February made me shiver

Why does it take something simple like the bright light of the sun, to cheer the day, dull the voices and make me feel good? I know I suffer from a multitude of mental disorders, bi-polar, S.A.D., and deep clinical depression with anxiety. That still doesn’t help me to understand why Vitamin D eases all the symptoms and makes me feel I can float on air.

Anyone not similarly affected won’t understand, most people compare me to curtains when I try explaining how I’m feeling. (Pull yourself together man). They don’t know how that one phrase can push someone like me over the edge, make me stop thinking of committing suicide and doing it instead.

A cuppa, a soda (fizzy pop to us Brits) and a friendly non judgemental ear go a long way towards helping. I find myself drawn towards the darker side of town sometimes. I don’t feel afraid anywhere because I died young and every day is a bonus. Death is a companion on my journey so why do people fear him? When my time is up then I will go back to the earth willingly. All I ask is a pyre with me on top and flames licking my corpse until I’m gone.

What happens afterwards will happen anyway, either I’ve lived a good life and progress or else I haven’t so will come back to try again. Everything is nothing anyway so it matters not. Sun disappears and the mood turns black so this is where this post ends.

First month of the year

Wow, where has the time gone? Here we are at the beginning of the last full week in January and New Year celebrations feel like yesterday!

Okay dokey, January 2017 saw the inauguration of the 45th POTUS, followed by women demonstrating against the misogynistic SOB. In other news I watched SNL reporting his first press interview and was amazed how much Alec Baldwin captured the personality, if not the shouting.

We had the first anniversary of the death of the Thin White Duke and I celebrated his life by watching the documentary “The Last Five Years”. Amazing insight into his battle against a disease which takes so many people every year. We have the minds necessary but they are only beginning to work together to understand the disease, how it grows and how to beat it. 

Can we just find it in each and everyone of us to come together learn about each other with love, help others out when they get into trouble and try to remove the reasons for war? The biggest of these is ignorance, but greed and hatred also play their part.

This ends us or we can come together and end it.

Have a very happy New Year

This is my first post of 2017, it has taken me a while to get my thoughts in order for this post. That seems to be my biggest problem when sitting down to write a post for this blog, not procrastination just trying to get my thoughts together to start writing a post. You see once I start the post tends to write itself, not sure why that is exactly but still it does happen. Not always as planned but hey we can’t all be perfect can we?

Anyway I start with an idea and then plan how to start the post once it starts it seems that the words just start to flow out of my hands onto the blank screen and then hey presto! It’s done.

I have just one wish for 2017, not for myself but for all of us, that we can see the world change for the better, where man starts to take care of himself. A peaceful world where we finally start treating everyone with respect and as equals. Where the colour of a persons skin no longer matters and their sexuality and sexual preferences never come into consideration for the way we see them.

I would like to see an end to hatred and division, for us all to get to know each other and love to finally come into its own so that we all take care of those unable to take care of themselves. Everyone to be made welcome everywhere whether they are looking to resettle or merely have a holiday there. A world where everyone is welcome and religion has no bearing on the way we treat each other. Embrace our differences as that is what makes us unique and we all have something to offer.

Love and peace replacing war and hate can only make us, as a species, stronger. Please let’s all work towards ending the hatred and embrace our neighbour as a friend.

Xmas Eve 2016

I had a rant about 2016 in my last post so didn’t want to finish that with warmest heartfelt wishes to everyone who lives anywhere on this small insignificant rock flying round our Star. Love, peace and warmest wishes to you all whichever God you follow. May you enjoy the best this season offers and not know the horror of war (that will take a miracle) and here’s to a safe, peaceful future in 2017, despite the terrorist attempts to disrupt our way of life.

2016 comes to a close

Okay, 2016 was the year of shocks. Britain (or at least 2 of the 4 countries making up the United Kingdom) voted to leave the European Union. All through the campaign ahead of the vote neither side offered any clue as to what would happen if we voted to stay or leave. People at the bottom were becoming less enamoured by Brussels overturning our right to self government. (This reminded me of a colony we used to have on the other side of the Atlantic). Anyway, we voted to leave and that meant a change at the top.

Then came one of the dirtiest competitions ever to elect a President for that same ex-colony I mentioned. Every positive change that has happened over the last 50 years was under threat by one of the candidates, the Republican one. Of course his campaign was partially funded by the Klan who want to see every American with rights being White. The thing is, when Trump spoke of illegals taking what doesn’t belong to them was he referring to those thieving white Europeans who stole from the Native Americans? Those same thieving Europeans who fought and almost wiped out the Native Americans? Of course not. Was he referring to his over-staying wife? Who had overstayed her visa just to be with him?

Of course, 2016 will long be remembered for the losses we felt over the deaths of people who had given such joy to so many over the years, it seemed to be escalating after David Bowie in January but slowed down and there were no more sad deaths than normal when looked at in total. Of course Alan Rickman and others who died young after giving pleasure to so many for such a brief period will be missed but, wouldn’t the world have been darker without them?

Then there was talk of World War Three during the Presidential campaign, what people have failed to see is that the world has been involved in a world war since 11 September 2001! This time around no country has been allowed to remain neutral. Will 2016 be remembered as the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? Only time will tell.