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Month: August, 2017

Imagine there’s no countries no religion too.

The job I’m doing now means I come into (telephone) contact with people from all areas of the country. Some British, some European, some from the Commonwealth and everyone has an issue they need some advice and help with.

The job means that I am in a rather unique position giving these people advice, pointing them to other people who can help them when their need is urgent and offer a shoulder for a little while. When people leave me I never know how they get on, but I hope that where I have to point them elsewhere because they need help now, find that help and their lives have been helped by me. Even in a small way.

Anyway, here is todays song with a cover version by the guitarist I’ve admired since 1973, a vocalist I’ve been a fan of since 1970 and the songwriter I’ve loved since I first became aware of The Beatles way back in 1963, John Lennon. Brian May and Paul Rodgers was a match made in Heaven while not as flamboyant as Freddie Mercury (and missing John Deacon) this was a good match for Queen. Video is taken from YouTube and I do not own the copyright. Enjoy.


I live with thirteen dead cats, a purple dog that wears spats

Why oh why do so many people find it hard to explain why they do what they do. Watching the athletics there was a decision made regarding a Botswana athlete who has been refused permission to race two nights running by the IAAF because of fears over the norovirus. No tests have been done to prove whether or not that he is ill. His Federation have been on the tv to say they have had nothing from the IAAF to explain why he has not been allowed to run in his 200 metres semi-final last night or the 400 metre final tonight.

Why don’t people have the strength to say ok, hands up we should have run some tests and that was wrong that we didn’t. We were wanting to keep the other athletes healthy which is why we erred on the side of caution. It’s not ideal because the athletes train and race then prepare for the World’s and to be told sorry you can’t compete for a reason kept secret does no-one any favours and only brings the governing body into question.


Anyhoo here goes with the song inspiring this post, once again from YouTube/Vevo so I don’t own the copyright in this Lou Reed song from 1972.


Everybody’s down on their knees

Well, as promised I’m back with the result of the interview I had last weekend. I didn’t get a yes, but then I didn’t get a no either. How can someone recruit for 4 jobs and turn around to two people they interviewed to say “You both passed the interview however, there aren’t currently enough jobs to give you both a job”. Who does that to people?

Thing is, he has 4 vacancies to fill by the beginning of next week, 5 people passed the interview and two of us work on casual contracts (zero hour contracts) just now so we won’t need as much training as those not currently working for him. It’s us who were given the maybe decisions. There will be another position coming up in September so we will both have “permanent” positions then however, the person who is leaving hasn’t handed her notice in as yet but will be leaving the area to move 250 miles away so commuting won’t be an option.

That doesn’t ease the worry of whether or not I will have a job for the next 2 and a bit years until I retire. I don’t even know if I will be keeping my hours (37 a week at the moment) beyond the end of September. Unless the young lady does hand her notice in and leave before then.

Because this is quite upsetting this is a short post but I hope you enjoy the music from YouTube again.