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Month: May, 2020

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR MIND – There is a fault with reality.

In Paris in 1968 this was plastered everywhere, unfortunately it has since become true throughout the West ever since the Russians started meddling in politics to hack their way into bringing down every major power that has been pushing sanctions against them for their incursion and annexation of the Crimea which should still be under the control of Ukraine.

The outcome of this was tried and tested in the United Kingdom by hacking the referendum, otherwise the Russia Report would have been published straight away and not buried under the guise of fighting Covid-19. Having succeeded in destroying (so they assumed) the entire European Union they moved onto the US and hijacked their Presidential election in 2016, and are prepared to do so again in 2020, although tRump lost to Hilary in the votes of the people, he won the backing of the electoral college and took the election through the backdoor.

In times like this a lot of people are talking about gas lighting, this means lies are being spouted slowly taking the truth and wiping it away as fake news. That is not what is happening, if you watched the car wreck that is Dominic Cummings using a get out clause designed to help women escape being locked down with an abuser, not him breaking the rules he had written. This is pure and simple propaganda, twisting the truth until it is unrecognisable in order to maintain the status quo.

This proposal was originally put forward by the biggest liar in the history of the 20th Century, Joseph Goebbels, he took propaganda to a new low in the cause of conquering the planet by Nazi Germany. Not ever German in the 1930’s was a Nazi but they were forced to join the party and elections were cancelled once Adolf Hitler had been given a majority in the Reichstag it remains to be seen if the same thing happens here once Britain becomes the dumping ground for the world’s inferior products, with no health and safety and minimum wage abolished.

Strange days with a feast of friends

This country is going downhill faster than a handbasket going to hell the outpouring of animosity towards this Government hasn’t taken long to turn around. All it took was the leaking of a story that Demonic Cummings travelled from London to Durham twice during lockdown. The Government started off by saying it was all lies then admitted he had done it for child care reasons, his sister-in-law lives 2.5 miles away from his address in London and he has an aide living 2 streets away so he must really hate his parents to drive all that way when him and his wife were both displaying signs of Covid-19.

He thinks nothing of trying to dispose of as many people as possible since the original plan of herd immunity by killing off 500,000 people (a CONservative estimate by the Governments scientists) was only knocked on the head when people realised that no one in Westminster would lose anyone and it would only be the plebs that were dying. After all those with money could easily work from home and didn’t need to run the risk of catching the disease.

Why is it always one rule for the rich and another for the masses? My heart goes out to all those sticking to the rules no matter what the consequences and missed out on spending the final hours with loved ones who died because of the virus. We have lost far too many because the Government was to slow to react, while we were away from home because of the rewiring being done one of my wife’s colleagues at work was tested for Covid and the result was positive so everyone there started working from home the next day. My wife didn’t find out until she arrived at work on the Monday and was told to work from home from the Tuesday (the 10th March) until further notice. She has now been advised that the office will not be reopening until at least the 10th July but that those with underlying health conditions (my wife falls into this category) will not be going back in the first wave.

All this while the death toll in the North East is still rising every day there should not be talk of easing the lock down up here. However, it seems that a lot of people from London keep heading up here (Londoners have never kept to social distancing therefore there are presumably a lot of them who have survived the virus) are coming up, heading to our beaches and refusing to maintain social distancing rules.

Couple that with the stories of Demonic and you have a lot of pissed off people on this little island who are completely fed up with the rich thinking they can do whatever they want.

Going into month 3 of my lock down

When I first became aware of the dangers posed by Covid-19 and the way it is spread I decided to become locked down from the beginning of March. Because of this and the fact that Seahouses was really beautiful while we were up there, we went out twice, once for food and fridge magnets and the other for exercise. I don’t mind staying in when there is something to do but my wife is unable to cope with not going out, however, now we go out for food once a week and she will stay in the car while I go and fight stupid people eager to spread the disease far and wide and kill off even more with the full backing of this lazy Government we have been lumbered with.

When Johnson was asked to lockdown the country in February (because of one known case of covid-19, he said that maybe we should just take it on the chin and let the disease go through the country with almost everyone infected and accept the hundreds of thousands of deaths (up to half a million according to papers leaked to the press) and look for herd immunity. It was only once people started putting pressure on him because it turned out the death toll was rising more quickly here than in Italy where they had no warning ahead of the cases hitting their hospitals.

I would like to know what the country were thinking of by electing him in December 2019. Of course Brexit was the big thing he was elected for but he is still not prepared to fight the virus and try for a deal with our European neighbours after wards. He is the laziest PM I have ever known, he takes holidays at the drop of a hat, does two days work a week and needs to disappear from sight for a further two weeks in between.

We needed a leader and we got a lazy liar, a total bizarre turn of events because during the electioneering process he was invisible for days at a time and was also seen hiding from the press because they poked fun at him for his bluster and humming and hawing. If we hadn’t relaxed the lock down then people were getting fed up with staying at home and had already started going out and socialising which may have prompted his action. Going from a yellow and red slogan he has gone to a green and yellow slogan which is meaningless and leaves people thinking the virus is almost done, or at least going away, leaving them free to return to life as normal as it was before the lock down.

Covid-19 isn’t affecting every country the same

From the New York Times

This is a very interesting article without any answers, it seems some populations are being devastated by the virus while others are not. The result of early lock downs explains some of the results but does not give the entire picture.

If the restrictions are lifted too soon then there will be a huge rise in cases when they are still rising in the country. Countries which locked down early and are only now beginning to ease the lock down because no new cases have been reported, are likely to have another lock down should any new cases be reported. Why has quarantine only been put in place today for people returning to the UK? Other countries introduced those measures at the beginning of their lock down.

Seems like the two countries with the highest death tolls are being led by complete morons who care more about the economy than people. Is there anywhere else on the planet where greed and avarice have been so disruptive as to lead to so many deaths at the hand of the Government by what actions they took, or didn’t take? Racism had almost completely disappeared underground when the referendum in the UK and the Presidential elections in the USA were won by the racists, since then racial deaths have been on the rise.

This pandemic should be the end to all hatred, since it doesn’t care who you are, which level of society you are from, your skin colour, your sexual preferences or gender. The wars in the Middle East are still ongoing, the borders between countries still have tensions so maybe we should raise our voices and tell those countries responsible for continuing to bomb, shoot at and kill people for no other reasons than expanding their borders. Now is the ideal time to stop the killing, wars and put crime firmly into the number one slot in every country with law enforcement having the power to pursue criminals wherever they go. Co-operation and changing ways has to be the way forward, we cannot go back to the way the world was.

We have an excellent chance to make the changes needed to ensure everyone can have access to free health care, funded by the wealthy who can afford it since they have been taking advantage of working people since money was invented. They used to steal with force before then, taking whatever they wanted and killing everyone who stood in their way. That’s how kings and queens were born, then they fought amongst themselves in order to take greater control of an area until they had an empire, but even that wasn’t enough to satisfy them.

If you look back in your history books, then you will see that the conqueror always enslaved the conquered. It’s time to end slavery, hatred and bigotry forever now, if we shout it loud enough (in other words together) then we can achieve this and so much more today. We are influencing Governments more now than ever before thanks to the power of the internet. We can’t stop now without returning to the darkness of the past with the wealthy stomping over the workforce. Instead of reducing ourselves to nations we should be transforming into a global network. We didn’t need a virus to make us suddenly care for our neighbours, that was always there under the surface, the wealthy on the other hand think they were born to take advantage of everyone else.

Those days when we were slaves to the wealthy has to end now, we should all have the right to health care, a home, and enough food to feed everyone, because at the moment more food is wasted than is eaten. If we stop waste and start revitalising the planet there will be more than enough food to go around, if we pool our resources globally then everyone can eat, everyone can have a home with rents or mortgages easily affordable, no one should be allowed to own more than one home for their own personal use. Immigration should not be a barrier, people should be free to go where the work is, and be paid decently for doing it.

Warning: there is a rant coming

Why is it that people will keep at least 2 metres apart while waiting to get inside a supermarket then as soon as they are inside they will bump into people, go the wrong way down the aisles when the staff have put arrows to indicate a one-way system? It’s getting worse every week and soon I won’t go out and, since there aren’t any delivery slots for the next 6 weeks I will starve to death. The latest news in the UK is that if BoJo doesn’t ease the lock down restrictions from Monday then people will go against his recommendations and start congregating (as they have been doing anyway in London and other towns and cities across the UK).

Every Thursday people go outside their doors to show appreciation for the carers and hospital staff, some of them refuse to practise social distancing and remaining at home. They are applauding the efforts of the nurses and doctors while doing their utmost to infect as many people as possible to try and bring the NHS down. We need to have a properly funded, managed NHS in order to avoid pandemics like this one killing it off completely, which this government is determined to do.

If we want to save our NHS and show every other country on the planet that it is possible to have a health service free to everyone in time of need then we have to stop privatisation immediately and reverse it by re-nationalising the entire NHS today. It will only last as long as people are prepared to fight to keep it, our Government don’t like it although they will use it. The Labour Right (Tory-Lite that they are) won’t re-nationalise it and make sure it is completely funded correctly. Able to survive the next wave of Covid-19 which is going to come within the next 3 weeks.

The worst country in Europe, highest deaths, slow to act and quick to ignore scientific advice from the World Health Organisation by removing some lock down conditions far too quickly because of pressure from big business and the Americans. Of course the dumpster is going out come November if the elections are fair and not corrupted by Russian hackers to keep him in the White House, after all he lost in 2016 but the Russian hackers made out he won so he could help them to destroy the capitalists (in case you thought he was one he has been bankrupted more often than anyone else, refuses to pay his bills or employees).

OK, the reason for this rant was the stupid woman in Tesco this morning/afternoon who told me to get a life and ignored me when I said I wanted to be alive to enjoy it when I could have a life again. I also said that if she wanted to kill herself then to go ahead but leave others out of her death wish.

Here we all are sitting in a rainbow

Yes, it’s finally happened here as it came to pass in the USA, the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Crazy is now so normal that when the MSM report that the lock down IS ending on 11 May 2020 (courtesy of the right wing press and BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg, people start congregating to congratulate each other on avoiding the virus as they have done every day for the last four weeks.

Even if the lock down is relaxed from Monday, then we should not be rushing out into the street, filling buses and forgetting about social distancing because everyone infected over the last week won’t be showing symptoms for another week to 10 days. The killer has not gone, just that those businesses who pay millions into the Tory party coffers, and even more into BoJo’s pocket, are watching their profits disappear while the lock down lasts and they are bringing the power of their money down to force the Government to get staff back at work so that profits will be coming in again. Not for us the people, but for the wealthy idiots who want profit over lives.

If we continue to allow the right to move further right then we have no one to blame but ourselves when the opposition start moving further to the left, after all capitalism is all about profits, capitalists don’t care if you die as long as you increase their profits before you do. Brexit is not being delayed and we will be crashing out without a deal because even without the pandemic there was never going to be enough time to reach an agreement by the end of June 2020. (BoJo announced this earlier date when he had an 81 majority in the Commons). Following on from the pandemic’s first wave this country will be sinking faster than a bottom less boat in the middle of the Atlantic come July.

If we don’t join together and force him to listen to our voices rather than the voices of the few then we are the ones who will lose out, minimum wage will be scrapped when jobs are being lost hand over fist, rights for workers will be scrapped when the unions complain about their influence once again being weakened. Those of us who lived through the disastrous Thatch years (1979-1990) don’t want to see a return to the time when profits are everything and the few are given powers to minimise disruptions and pay whatever they can get away with, with the many having no recourse in law against unfair dismissal because the employers will be able to hire and fire at will.

Some of us predicted this would be the case from 2017-2019 but it fell on deaf ears, now I’m so pleased that I have retired from work because I would not want to be a youngster today who will have to work until they die because there will not be a state pension for them. I just hope those working class people who voted Tory in 2019 are pleased with this outcome, also those who allowed the Tories in with a massive majority by voting for the Lib-Dems and splitting the anti-Government vote to allow a party polling 47% of voters to form a majority Government.

Good morning everyone

Still under lock down and the lies are still coming in thick and fast from our Governments, why is it that in a time of crisis when we should be hearing the truth about the virus and deaths from it, our politicians continue to lie, deceive us every day with the figures of tests carried out and deaths from Covid-19? The state in the world today is that more and more people are being infected as people become frustrated with lock down and go out and refuse to keep any distance between themselves and me.

I wouldn’t care if I didn’t have 3 underlying health conditions which mean that if I do get the virus then it will kill me. I may have survived against the odds as a toddler, doctors told my mum that when I contracted meningitis there was an 80% chance of me dying, six months later I was fully recovered and am still living today by trying to minimise my contact with others.

When people refuse to keep to social distance they should realise that they are increasing the chance of the virus continuing to spread and kill more and more people. If they are fed up then why don’t they stay indoors and maintain social distancing in order to end the lock down sooner? These are the same people who voted the lying bunch of thieves into power and wanted to “Take it on the chin and rely on herd immunity” without realising that this measure would have led to hundreds of thousands dead, all of them someone’s nearest and dearest.

Right that’s enough of a rant so here goes with something I’ve found on Amazon Prime: Star Trek Picard. It’s every bit as good as the Next Generation was (I’m also watching that again on Syfy here in the UK). Jeri is still amazing as 7 of 9. (not that she appeared in Next Gen in the 80’s). Data aged and it showed when he was re-introduced in the final episode of Season 1. For those who don’t like Science Fiction, there is a welcome relief as Star Wars the Skywalker saga has now finished with the 9th movie now being out on DVD and Blu-Ray. I don’t know what I will be doing now that there are no more episodes to watch out for.

There isn’t a lot on tv that hasn’t been seen before, however, last night I watched the Untouchables with Robert De Niro as Al Capone, Kevin Costner as Eliot Ness and Sean Connery as Malone. It’s only the second time I’ve seen this movie (first time was in the cinema, remember them?) and it gripped me from the get go. Surprising that I haven’t seen it since the cinema until now. I can’t remember when it was made but it still is a fantastic film. I have also tried to watch NCIS from the beginning but get bored when they show episodes that have been on hundreds of times before, maybe I should have waited until they started again and then started watching completely from the beginning.

What is wrong with me?

I don’t intend to write a diatribe and have a go at anyone. If it goes that way please forgive me but I will try to get back on topic and cheer everyone up as quickly as possible.

Every day we are seeing people congregate in groups (with social distancing being practised) to clap for the key workers (carers and others keeping the country going) as well as people in Italy, Spain and other countries (not forgetting New Orleans) to make people smile by bringing music to them in these strange days. One thing that most people are doing is trying to spread cheer to others, some areas there are those who will ask if they can get anything from shops for others in their community when they go out later that day.

The main thing around just now, even with social distancing, is that communities are beginning to come together to make life more bearable. We are seeing a resurgence in socialist activities and ideals, where everyone takes care of everyone else and no one feels that they are alone. If we can maintain this feeling then we may yet get together and provide free health care for everyone. I feel that life has to change because of this, we can’t continue to destroy the natural habitat of our wild neighbours because if we do then other viruses will transmute to infect us from those animals we make homeless.

Yes, with social distancing measures in place for the foreseeable future it is going to be a strange time for everyone, but there are ways we can still connect with others, using the internet we can have video calls, often with multiple people getting in on the call. We are unique in that respect, we have the technology and we are using it so that everyone can feel inter-connected. If only there was some way to unite the planet so that the rich could pay for free health care for everyone everywhere, not that they will willingly do this but if Governments came together then we could all clamour for this to happen.

A lot of countries have adapted our National Health Service to fit their own countries needs. Raising the money to fund this from taxes on corporations and taxing wealth. However, as long as there are tax havens out there operating in secrecy then there are always those who will flout the law and keep money in offshore secret accounts which go undeclared and untraced. People power has to be brought to bear and, if we act together then we can move mountains, stop these tax havens from operating.