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Month: July, 2020

Into the light of a dark black night

With the Black Lives Matter protesters being beaten up and arrested by cops in the USA how long before we see the number of unarmed black men killed by cops start rising again? The racist regimes in the UK and the USA cannot be allowed to use the police as their own personal bodyguard forces. Arresting or killing those who disagree with their policies. In any democracy the right to protest non-violently against injustice is written in indelible ink, anything else is becoming an autocracy. If we want to keep our Governments acting within the law then we have to protect our fundamental right to protest injustice with non-violent civil disobedience. Don’t let the Government infiltrate your protest with violent and criminal individuals who will incite violence.

If we are united in civil disobedience without using violence then our message will get out there. As soon as violence erupts the message becomes corrupted and the message gets lost in the violence. We have to be so careful because our leaders are starting to use the example set by the National Socialist party in 1920’s Germany (this group were not socialists by the way) which led to them gaining power and then taking more and more away from the people for themselves. If you don’t believe this then ask yourself how did a peaceful protest erupt into violence? Was it started by one or two protesters or the police? If it was a few protesters you can guarantee they were planted to do just that to get people killed in the name of creating an oppressive state.

When you can see what is happening all around you, don’t get angry and start fighting yourself, if you can remain passive when people around you are being shot then you make a very loud statement to the Government. I am not advocating getting shot for your beliefs but everyone today has a smart phone and they are capable of live streaming to YouTube, Twitter and FaceBook once the truth gets out there it is very difficult to stop the flow. How many of us still believe the lies published daily in the Main Stream Media? Very few, and how many still believe the lies spewed by our Governments? Again very few, but those few are the ones keeping them in power at the moment. If the majority mobilise while we still have a semblance of democracy then we can save our countries from the brink of destruction and oppression.

I’m tired of wakin’ up on the floor

There are a lot of people around today who believe all the bs from our politicians, not because it’s what they want to hear but because it’s supported by the MSM. We need more journalists to rebel against the moguls controlling the narrative, if the MSM had been this twisted in 1970 we would never have heard about Watergate. Where are the Woodward and Bernsteins today?

If we come together and shout with one voice we can still move mountains, the proof is in all the U-Turns made by the Tories in the UK recently. More and more we are seeing petitions shaping the way the Government behaves. The more people united behind an idea the more Government takes notice, that’s why one voice goes unheard but 500,000 voices make a lot more noise and get heard.

Petitions are being started to object to things, such as privatisation of our NHS, and the NHS being on the table during negotiations with the USA, when Johnson has been told repeatedly that our NHS is not for sale to America, Big Pharma or anyone else. We need to keep up the pressure because the new Leader of the Opposition is not fit for purpose, unlike his predecessor he is backing the Government rather than opposing them at every turn. There are also a lot of people complaining about the carers in hospitals having to pay to park again, we managed to get free parking for them during lockdown but now it has been eased the charges are back. Our carers don’t get paid enough, they aren’t getting a pay rise therefore they should not be charged to park their cars at work.

You can find information at of petitions which are currently doing the rounds, make your voice count with the masses who support you, together we can make a difference, although it didn’t work to stop a no deal Brexit there is no reason to give up hope. We can make a difference one day at a time, if the Government won’t listen and the MSM continue to back them then we should use our ability to make a change at the next General Election, if everyone voted Green then maybe we could have a Government committed to saving the planet and every species on it.

Mesh Days – Poem — unextraordinarybint

I hear the wind It reminds me of outside The outside I can see But cannot be. It reminds me of friends Of times gone past When I danced, socialized And had a laugh. I breathe in deeply Try to remember the smells. The greens, the scents, the stares, the charged air Walking out […]

Mesh Days – Poem — unextraordinarybint

The lunatics are in my hall

Why do some people want to risk death to save themselves 5 minutes waiting for a train to pass? Someone caused disruption this morning on the Metro because he thought he could get across the tracks ahead of the train, only to find the train was nearer and collided with his car. Please do not adjust your brain, the lunatics have taken over the asylum but normal service will never be restored again.

If everyone who has a death wish was laid end to end (especially during a pandemic) then they would stretch from the Earth to Saturn and beyond. If you have a death wish, though, please don’t take anyone else with you, do it quietly and alone because those you take with you may not want to go just yet.

I know people think me crazy, just because I’m weird, but although I may be mad I’m not crazy. I have met death and he is not as scary as I thought, both times he told me to go forth and not darken his door until my time is up. If my time is nigh I will meet him as you would an old friend you haven’t seen for a while, I am not frightened of dying because no one here gets out alive.

Those people who fear death, yet seem in a rush to meet him, are the crazy fools. Accidents looking for somewhere to happen are not my idea of people living life to the full. Can we please agree on this my dear reader? If you are always ready to meet death it doesn’t mean you are rushing headlong into the meeting, so why do so many seem to be in far too much of a hurry to die?

There’s someone in my head, but it’s not me

If ever there was a time to gloat, this isn’t it. If ever there was a time to say I told you so, this may be it but it’s not appropriate. If ever there was a time to say get out of my head, this may be the appropriate time to do it, but is it really necessary?

Way back in 2016, those of us who were awake, told the nation that voting Leave would leave the country crippled, we were labelled as Project Fear for this. Now we are being proven right, and what makes it even worse is the knowledge that both Leave.EU and VoteLeave broke the law in order to win, with help from Russia. The tRump campaign also had a lot of help from Russia to steal the Presidential Election from Hilary Clinton. Has anything been done to stop this happening again in either Britain or the USA? Of course not because both the CONservative Party and the GOP want to hang onto power at all costs.

The economy has taken a bashing from Covid-19 and it won’t recover from that until well into 2021, but ahead of that we are going to crash out of Europe without any deal, even though this Government told everyone they had an excellent deal all ready to be implemented, because they were told repeatedly that NO ONE wanted to crash out without a deal. We also asked them to get an extension to the talks in order to deal with one crisis at a time, they refused.

Who will people blame for the end result when immigration figures zoom through the roof because in order to get a trade deal with India, China and Russia the Government will have to agree to allow their citizens settle here in vast numbers. Our NHS is being sold to the Americans and our Food Standards are about to be slashed as well. Human Rights will be denied to everyone except those who can buy them, minimum wage, supposedly being increased to £15 an hour is about to be slashed to £1.50 an hour. The poor and those on benefits will find they cannot afford health care and are being left to die.

Everything we said would happen back in 2016 has now been put in place by this very same Government who promised the moon and delivered Hell.

A river a mountain to be crossed

Why do people assume that everyone in the UK is really well off? There are so many trying to scam us out of the little we have. The Government are looking for scapegoats before they authorise a public inquiry into the pandemic, if they can’t find one they will hold a private inquiry into their handling of it.

The Russia Report is being published next week, the Government were trying to rig the ISC so that it could be buried for 25 years but they failed so they are trying to divert attention by accusing Labour of accepting help from the Russians in 2019, but why would their backers try to help the opposition? They have such disdain for the working class and the middle class that they treat us all as fools who will believe any lie we are told.

The issue is that most people swallow all their shit and never question why they are being fed complete bull. The few of us who are awake know that they put so much spin on the truth that it comes across completely wrong and that makes us trust them less. Anyway, rant over for this post fun and games will resume next.

I have had some brilliant news this morning, my wife was in danger of losing her job due to her sickness absence, however, because she is being pro-active in trying to remain working from home they decided to re-issue the final written warning and they have offered her redeployment as well. Everything is falling into place finally, then I get a message out of the blue asking me for financial help (the reason for the first sentence in this post) from someone I don’t know. Anyway, I haven’t responded and feel that there are more people who deserve help and are much worse off, the person asking for help obviously has access to the internet so can’t be that poor really.

There are people in refugee camps who are separated from their families, no access to face masks, receiving a pittance from the Government and struggling to try and keep themselves safe in the middle of a pandemic. If we can help those who desperately need our help then I think we have a duty to do so, in whatever form we can.

If we were all to tell our Governments that we don’t want to return to life before Covid-19 but would like to make changes now that will benefit everyone in the long run, they would have to listen or suffer the consequences. We have a chance to work together with other countries to end war, slavery, greenhouse gasses to protect the planet and reverse our damage to the environment, not quickly enough for those species we have already eradicated but to sustain what species are left.

We can push for higher taxes for those who can afford them, close loopholes which allow non-taxable income to be stored off-shore. Together we can move mountains, individually we are but one voice crying in the wilderness. That’s why we have to come together as a global collective and become Global Citizens for the sake of everyone, we can eradicate disease and poverty by working together, taking from everyone what they can afford to give and building a global health service (to replace the WHO) where everyone on the planet has access to health care, when they need it, which is free at the point of use.

Our NHS used to be heavily funded until 1980 when the privatisation was begun, now there isn’t a lot going in because the successive Tory Governments have outsourced so much to private firms, who are only interested in their bottom lines that the NHS is floundering. We have to get the world to accept the notion that health care isn’t just for the privileged few but for everyone.

Spread the news and help the world go ’round

Still not willing to go out every day because there are stupid people around who don’t wear masks? Me too, I have heard so many people saying that even when it becomes compulsory to wear a mask they’re not going to. This is just selfish, a mask doesn’t protect the wearer from Covid-19 it limits the spread of the virus to others, especially since you can be contagious without any symptoms for so long.

I was going to write this post and fill it full of funnies, however, because I don’t feel very much like smiling because of the attitude of this Government, thinking they were born to rule and can therefore do whatever the hell they want with impunity. I’m so sick of the do as I say not as I do attitude from the highest levels in this country. I hate that we have left the EU and at the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020 we still haven’t got a deal because our lot didn’t want one (even though they said they had a great deal lined up ready to go during the referendum campaign). Of course, they have all put money on this country going bankrupt within the first 6 months of 2021. The Russians are now openly bragging that they have brought the UK to it’s knees and they can concentrate on the USA in November.

One thing that the pandemic has shown up is that Johnson doesn’t speak for the UK as a whole, he has succeeded in tearing the UK apart into it’s 4 countries, with Scotland and Wales being controlled by the SNP and Plaid Cymru I feel that their next steps will be to announce their independence, along with Northern Ireland, and will then apply to join the EU as separate countries in their own rights. Leaving England to go with the racist minority who seem to have taken over the country.

There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done

I don’t know if it is just me or if anyone else feels this way too, but the days are becoming blended into one. Is it really July? Feels like it should still be March because of the spread of the virus. If the government had locked down the country earlier, had waited another few weeks before easing the lock down once it was in place then the number of deaths would have been a lot lower. The reason for juggling with the economy and people’s lives is down to one thing – Brexit and the no deal they have wanted all along.

With the economy in free fall following the virus, they couldn’t wait and had to try and get everything moving again. They have not entered into negotiations with honourable intentions since from the very beginning the plan was to leave without a deal and blame the outcome of Brexit on the EU. This now won’t wash because everyone knows that the Government should have requested an extension to the negotiations so that we could concentrate on the virus and then begin negotiations at a later date.

Most of the deaths can be laid fairly and squarely at the feet of the Government because up until lock down was announced they were progressing with an idea of herd immunity. It was only once people realised that around 500,000 would die with that outlook, mainly elderly and young, that people asked him to change his mind and do something about it. He pretended to by introducing a lock down and 2 metre social distancing (4 metres would almost certainly have stopped the virus in its tracks). The Government, like the American President, are still following herd immunity.

Will people wake up to this fact soon? I doubt it because the majority haven’t woken up to the fact that this virus is dangerous because once infected you are contagious for up to 14 days BEFORE you develop any symptoms. This means that you feel fine, no outward signs that anything is amiss, and spread the disease to everyone you come into contact with. This virus is much more virulent than anything we have seen before, and still the Government only want to protect the super wealthy 1% who pay into their war chest and support them when things go badly and they lose power for a while.

In return they pay little or no tax, receive vast handouts and get away with crimes against the planet and the population as a whole. The government is not ruling out tax hikes to pay for the help being given to the rich to enable the economy to recover. You just know these tax hikes will be aimed at those least able to pay them, those most able to pay extra taxes will go untaxed, or be left alone. There isn’t anything the Government will do to correct the imbalance and injustice they have perpetuated since 1979.

On a sailing ship to nowhere

I have been meditating today while listening to some songs by Yes. This has helped to get me back on track, get my head in a better place and helped me to shift focus back on me. I only hope I can stay here without being pushed back into the dark recesses of my mind.

Anyway, the reason I’m on here is to say a huge thank you to everyone here who has been so kind, I would name you but you know who you are as well as I do, so thank you one and all for having my back. It really was appreciated.

Heaven must be missing an angel

If I don’t get this out of my system now it is going to drag me down into the darkest recesses of my brain. Here isn’t the right place to reveal my deepest darkest secrets, especially since you, my dear reader, have done nothing to upset me, you have mental health issues as well so it wouldn’t be fair to unburden my problems on your shoulders. Many of you would offer advice but it isn’t advice I need, I need someone to shine a light so I can see how much farther this tunnel leads.

I know the problem is mine alone, but when you live with someone with mental health issues and you have mental health issues yourself, how long does it take before your mental health suffers and you are no longer able to help? I have reached that point now, my mental health is beginning to take more of a pounding than I can take, more than I can cope with. If I get any lower how will I be able to help? I know I have to try and take care of me first before I can help others but the lessons I have been using to keep myself healthy (mentally) are being worn away now and I can feel myself sinking down more each day.

I have tried writing my issues down and burning the paper, but this time it didn’t help. I won’t go into details here because that isn’t fair but meditation doesn’t help with my issues, unlike before last week, I was meditating every day and it was helping me to remain positive, things happened at the end of last week which stopped me in my tracks and started the slide which I have been trying, and failing miserably, to stop.