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Month: October, 2014

Please help me

“Ich habe einen Bachelor & einen Master”

“Ich auch”

“Meine sind von der Univerity of Florida”

“Meine liegen gefesselt im Keller”

Can someone please translate this for me? It’s been such a long time since I was in Germany that I can only get some of the words, I think the first line is talking about a degree but after that I’m lost.

Once more, dear friend, before the end

Is this really truly what I’ve waited for these past few years? The chance to revive my fortunes alongside a company I’ve long admired. Working on a project at its inception?

Life would only be better for me now if it didn’t involve long spells away from family and home, learning as much as I can in a short space of time before this project goes live on October 25. It’s exciting, scary and such an adrenaline rush to be here and happy in my work as I’ve not been in a long time. The fact is that eventually the eyes of the world will find another focus and I will still be involved with this work.

While I am happy to be productive after a long lay off I can see there is a whole lot of tragedy in the Middle East and Africa most of it unreported by the Media in the West. UnIslamic State are surpassed only by the Nigerian terrorist group who are committing acts in the name of Islam that are as abhorrent to Muslims as they are to the rest of us. These acts go unpunished by the West but is it because of the atrocities in the Middle East? I hope it isn’t.