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Month: October, 2013

Subtle as a flying mallet

Whenever I think of what needs to be done
I try to do it with a lot of fun
Then time flies by with no fear or rhyme
No parsley or sage I’ve only got Thyme

Why do we talk so much about right and left?
They’re both the same, waste of time
Politics differ but all want cash for nothing
Could that be the reason Mick Jagger sings?

Everything boils down to political might
Whether on the left or the right
Just remember Adolf Hitler’s right wing policies
Death and destruction or slavery in chains

Something is happening but you don’t know what it is

Do you Mr. Jones? Bob Dylan’s ballad of a thin man, what is it about Mr. Jones that has attracted so much attention? John Lennon mentioned him in a song which appeared on The Beatles White album. David Bowie portrayed him on his Station To Station album (the thin white duke). There have been countless interviews, with and without, the unmistakeable Bob Dylan, who leaves it entirely to the listener to decide who and what the thin man is all about.

So much of the music being produced in the 1960’s was protesting (civil rights and Vietnam). And the best has, as is always the case, withstood the march of time in spite of the sentiments expressed being rooted firmly in the decade of change. The catalysts for this upheaval were the musicians. Why was that? Rock and Roll started in the 50’s and inspired so many across this small rock I suppose it was inevitable there would be people, like Mr. Dylan and the Beatles, who would take this beautiful art form to places and times to reflect the ongoing struggles across the planet. While Brian “Eppy” Epstein was alive he stopped the Beatles talking out against the atrocious behaviour of some white Americans. No doubt Paul would be able to shed more light on how the Fabs felt at the time. After all, the music leaving Britain and winging its way across the Atlantic owed more to Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters and black blues music than it did to white Rock ‘n’ Roll artists of the 50’s.

Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Robert Johnson and Fats Domino continued to influence more young white Brits than Elvis, Buddy Holly and Carl Perkins at that time. The artists and groups around Britain at that time were playing their own brand of music, rooted in the Blues but with a distinct Rock ‘n’ roll beat. We knew what was happening, thanks to our news bulletins. Vietnam was being taken to a new level of warfare, televised coverage of the conflict was new and Americans found out things as they were happening thanks to 24 hour television. The fate of blacks in America also found its way to these shores and, funnily enough those shouting out against segregation, both here and in the U.S., were the white musicians. I think that was what kept it in the spotlight and gave Black Americans the rights and Freedoms fought so hard for a century before.

It’s been a long, long, long time

I know I haven’t been around here for what seems to be ages, I’m so sorry for neglecting you, dear reader, but I haven’t had any energy to do anything for such a long time. I’m not making excuses, or asking for sympathy, merely stating a fact.

I’m back but, again just a fact not an excuse, I’m not sure how long I can keep going. Everyday is a struggle, an uphill battle, my body seems intent on letting me down. The distance I can walk is getting shorter and shorter. I’ve had a sore throat for two months now and can’t shift it, I keep getting pains in my chest and they don’t feel good. I struggle to get dressed most days, so find I don’t bother, I am spending more and more time in my bed.

If this continues I don’t know what I’ll do, I lack motivation, the dull days don’t help, the rain doesn’t help and I don’t see any way out of this current depression. The government don’t help, the NHS haven’t got funding to care. Mental illness isn’t seen as an illness at all, at least not by this regime. They tell me I’m fit for work so have to look for a job, I’m getting no support just told that if I don’t apply for at least 10 jobs a week I will lose my benefit for 3 years. How is anyone supposed to live with no income? At least my laptop is portable so I can apply for jobs online. The problem would be how could I get to an interview in my current state of mind? The answer seems to be cross that bridge if it ever happens.

Every day feels like a good day to die, I pray I won’t wake up before going to sleep, every morning I curse the fact I’ve woken up. Is this a good way to live? I don’t think so, but what do I know. I’m only one of the people in my head. Schizophrenic? I don’t think I am, no. Bi-polar? I think I could be, in fact I’ve thought I might be a candidate for study. Manic behaviour patterns? Hell yes, I lash out for no reason, hurting the people I live with, hurting myself, but my GP thinks this is all normal.

What do I have to do to get help? This seems to be a country which doesn’t care, unless you are an asylum seeker, immigrant, or illegal alien. Yes the benefit system requires an overhaul, after all foreign nationals are coming over here and being given preferential treatment. It seems it’s now a crime to be ill unless you have contributed nothing to our economy. Why is it one rule for natives and yet the government bends over and asks to be f&@%ed up the anus, without lube just to ensure immigrants are well taken care of? We should be telling them all, come into Britain, we turn no-one away, but before you take anything you have to work and pay taxes for a minimum of 10 years before you can access free health care, any kind of benefit, and you go on a waiting list for social housing.

We need a government here which isn’t frightened of the backlash to make things tougher for foreign nationals to arrive here because our benefit system is a soft touch. I would gladly open the borders to allow anyone access as long as they’re prepared to work. Those are the immigrants we need, they are all hard workers and, in many cases, set themselves up to expand and create work in the future. Those who come here to claim benefit, housing, and handouts of cash, cars, free energy, these are the ones we should be telling work or get nothing.

Been down so long it looks like up to me

Cars hiss by my window
Cats creep round my door
Chicks don’t call round here
What am I living for?

If I was rich or some kind of superstar
They’d flock to see me
But I’m a nobody just like you
Let’s hang so we can see

I’m not looking for a girlfriend
Just a friend to chill with
We could take a walk together
If you would like the company

Sorry for messing up, dressing down
Being a clown, but what you see honey
Is exactly what you get from me
I know I’m not funny

I’m serious as a heart attack
And just as much fun
Unless I like you and you like me
No I’m not gonna run