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Month: September, 2022

While a nation mourns

No doubt everyone has heard by now that Queen Elizabeth II is dead and the UK is in mourning. I am sorry that she has died without naming William as her heir because with King Charles III we will also have Queen Camilla, the woman who split Charles and Diana Wales up. She is a marriage wrecker which ultimately led to the car chase in Paris which killed Princess Diana. In my opinion it is now time to do away with the antiquated Royal Family, the outdated Imperial Honours System and the House of Lords. Adopting instead the American system of a President, two elected houses and an end to Lords, Ladies, Dames, Knights and Royalty. Andrew should go to the USA to answer questions about his involvement with Epstein and, if found guilty of any crimes against children (the presumption is his innocence until proven BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT) he should pay the price for his crimes.

I have never been a staunch Royalist, I always felt that they achieved their greatness throughout history by killing more people, stealing more wealth and being capable of getting away with it through the size and skill of their armies. Recent events have shown that the current system of a Monarch works well as long as they have no power to rule. The time has come to end the sham and remove them from the pretence of power. If this is done with bloodshed then it is a wasted opportunity, Revolutions have been carried out in the past where the populace rose up against the oppressive monarchs of the day and, with an awful lot of blood shed removed any vestige of them from the country. We are more civilised today and the revolution can be carried out peacefully with the will of the people.

After all, peaceful protest against a regime leaves them unsure how to handle the protesters. As soon as you become violent then they will start smashing skulls and killing people, this is why they will get people to infiltrate the crowds and begin to protest with violence. That way they try to whip up the mob and then they know how to deal with them. Peaceful protest is the only way to achieve change and make the Establishment quake in their boots.

Freedom’s just another word for nothing left

To lose. (Me and Bobby McGee, Kris Kristofferson (composer).

Well, checking my email this morning brought to my attention that I am now divorced from my 4th (Narcissistic) wife. Once again single and available for dating, I wonder what the pandemic has changed about dating, I really don’t want to be alone forever but without knowing how the post-pandemic landscape has changed it is a very worrying time. When the AIDS pandemic hit in the 1980’s I was in a relationship and looking forward to my second marriage. I was also at college and didn’t give a second thought to what it could mean to me, especially as Paul Michael Glaser was having unprotected sex with his wife who had contracted AIDS from being given infected blood. He never contracted the disease meaning I didn’t have to worry whether my wife to be was being faithful or not.

Having had covid twice, and having long covid now so it takes me longer to walk anywhere, I really don’t know enough about my condition to know whether or not I can pass long covid onto others. No one seems to be able to tell me either, whether or not being tested as negative but having symptoms means I’m not contagious or I’m highly contagious. Please, if anyone reads this and knows for definite the meaning let me know in the comments.

People are strange when you’re a stranger

I’ve been MIA for the duration of the pandemic and for that I am truly sorry. A lot has happened since 2020 in my life and not all of it was for the best. Hence the reason why I’ve been taking time for myself and getting my life sorted before posting on here again. No doubt some of those who were following me will have left, some because they were missing my posts and others because they thought I’d gone for good.

I would like to say that, since I was last here, I have become single, applied for a divorce and the decree absolute should be granted soon. I am now free from the Narcissist I spent 21 years of my life with and I am gradually beginning to get back into the swing of things. I am not going to say everything has been a bed of roses because, last year, I caught Covid twice. The first time was while waiting for my dad’s funeral and to see if I could go, because I contracted covid I was unable to go. The second time was in January of this year and my breathing is still laboured and painful so, yes, long covid is a thing and it is worse than the disease.

I wish I could tell you that I was heartbroken when my dad died, but I hadn’t seen him since 2019, going up to Scotland to pay him a visit proved an impossibility because of the lock down restrictions in place in late summer 2020. By that time he was in a care home and was waiting to die. When the end came last year he was more than ready to go so it was a relief for him when his end came. I’m not going to lie and say I miss him every day because I don’t. I wish I’d been able to see him before the end but maybe that was better not to. I still miss my mom and think about her every day but dad, nah not so much.

Anyway, now that I’m back here again it is with heavy heart that I have to bid you all a good night because it’s getting late here now and I’m growing tired so I’ll bid you a fond good night and leave you with a quote from Mr Mojo Risin’: “Whoever controls the media, controls the narrative as well as those weak minded people who never fact check anything!”