About the Author

This blog was created by me, David Barclay. My contact details are:
email: barclay.da@live.co.uk

I currently live in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear and I love the North East, I was born on the other side of the Tyne in Newcastle, grew up and was educated in Scotland, not far from St Andrews, since the age of 17 I’ve travelled a lot, spent time in the Royal Navy where I was taught how to combat fear and run towards gun fire, swing across rivers and crawl upside down across torrents without losing my weapon. All the things you need to survive the rat race these days.

I am writing this blog to get down my feelings, it’s not a daily thing for me it’s merely a record of interest and remembrance and I only write it when I’ve got something to say, positive or negative it doesn’t have any political statement to make or any case to promote. It is all my own work and any similarity to any persons living or dead is unintentional. Please stop off and visit my sponsors, thank you for listening.

Oops, just re-read this and it has, on occasion, been political, controversial and occasionally it does promote causes which are close to my heart. For this I make no apology and will not apologise in the future, oh all right then, I’m sorry! Satisfied with turning me into a poor mans Nick Clegg.