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Month: March, 2020

Tell a lie, make it a whopper

Keep repeating the lie over and over until people begin to believe it is the truth. Supermarkets up here are limiting the number of items you can buy per trip to 3 of anything, this to give them a chance to restock. There is enough stocks in the warehouses and distribution centres to restock most of the supermarket shelves.

Also, once this is all over, we will remember that it was the Tories who screwed up our lives and, unless by some miracle they produce many rabbits out of their hats, this will be reflected at the next General Election. The only voice of reason since the crisis began was that of Jeremy Corbyn, vilified by the Tory Government ahead of the last election, the lies were picked up by the MSM and some members of his own party gave credence to the lies so he was an unelectable force in the eyes of the masses.

Before campaigning began it looked as though there would be a major upset with Labour winning the bulk of the country and having a much improved majority over 1997, alas it was not to be and the only big difference was the number of Labour Politicians who called him out as something he isn’t – racist.

On a slightly lighter note, when we are being told to remain at home and stay indoors the weather takes a turn for the better and some stupid people start congregating on beaches and in parks making it necessary for the police to advise them to keep their distance or be arrested for mass gathering. Some people are just so selfish it is unreal and the latest news from the UK is that a 19 year old with NO health problems has been the latest victim (yesterday but now there are a lot more deaths) to covid-19. When will people realise that going out and gathering in groups is inviting trouble. If they were aware that there was a serial killer on the loose but no one had been able to give a description so it could be anyone, would people still go out or remain indoors then?

People who have stockpiled from the supermarkets have been the wealthy and those with savings, not those of us who live pay day to pay day, yet it is those of us living pay day to pay day who have had to suffer the shortages when our pay day rolls around again. It’s just not the thing any normal human being will do, only the truly selfish and narcissistic among us would do. There are reports from the bin men that they are seeing a lot of food waste from certain quarters, items that were bought have since passed their best before date and thrown out untouched. Obviously people were stockpiling and couldn’t eat everything before becoming worried it had gone off. Makes you wonder why people buy in bulk things that have a very short life span? What is their mental status?

If we only bought what we needed then the false shortages would never have happened and supermarkets wouldn’t have had to introduce rationing in order to keep stock on the shelves. That is the end of the rant caused by self imposed exile and imprisonment to keep myself safe.

Deaf dumb and blind, they that will not see

Good morning my friend, it’s been a while since my last post and it is beginning to look as though the four riders of the apocalypse are riding hard and fast. Death, pestilence, plague and famine have taken to their horses and, while Fred is no longer with them, running rampant round the globe.

In case you haven’t been out of your house for a while there are empty shelves in every UK supermarket up and down this fair island. Basic essentials have been bought in bulk by those wealthy enough to do so. Resulting in a shortage of bread, milk, rice, pasta and other basics needed by the most vulnerable in our society (myself included). I have cereal but no milk, sandwich fillings but no bread, things necessary to help me to stay in and isolate myself. I went out yesterday and found people coughing and sneezing near freezers, fridges and empty shelves. Everyone of us looking for the same or similar items to keep us going for the next week.

For weeks there has been no toilet rolls, cleaning products or hand sanitiser because some ignorant wealthy ba$t@*ds have been stock piling them in order to force a shortage so they can sell them at inflated prices. Several shops are also price gouging because of the shortage. This is uncalled for and is hitting those on fixed incomes hard. The elderly and vulnerable among us are having difficulties finding things we are running out of and if you have marked things up by 1,000% we will remember once this pandemic is over and when you need us to shop with you we will not be there.

There have been items on short supply for days now, but people are selling some of these items on ebay so they obviously stockpiled but now are running out of storage space yet are desperate to sell at a profit. I think that ebay (and to a lesser extent) Amazon Marketplace should be refusing to allow these people to sell anything at an inflated price.

Sorry for the rant but some people are so selfish in times of a crisis, the upside though is that some people have remembered that we live in an area with others and this crisis has brought out the best in them.

When is a flu not a flu?

Here in the UK, our absent (NotMy)Prime Minister and his chief advisor (puppet master) are blindly following the dumpster into the abyss. With the latest health threat already hitting the UK (COVID19) they want to get drs and nurses out of retirement to help with the perceived epidemic. They are also denying the scientists (no surprise there as they have been doing this for years) about the death rate, how to combat the disease and how to quarantine people who are infected.

Enough on that score, I have been in Seahouses since Saturday in order for my house to be rewired, I have lots to do when I get home so my wife wants to go home today, although we have been told the electricity won’t be turned on again until tomorrow, which means no power to the boiler so no heat. No shower, no chance either of a bath and the downstairs is in a complete upheaval with plastering needed to be done on the walls where the wall lights have been removed, new sockets have been put in and this also needs to be replastered, there is also nowhere to cook as the kitchen looks like a bomb site.

How can I get through to someone who is becoming more and more anxious as every day passes that the best thing for us to do is wait until the power is restored before going home? I know we have lots to do but without power we will have to do these all manually in the cold and all our bedroom furniture is out of the bedroom in the spare room. No chance of stopping off putting everything back or we’d freeze because it is extremely cold up here at the moment (forecast says snow is possible today or tomorrow).

If anyone has any ideas on what I can do to stop her rushing headlong into the fire in order to get out of the frying pan please tell me, no matter how silly you think it is as I have been trying to get through and am now getting the silent treatment which usually means she knows I’m right but hates that I’m right.