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Month: April, 2013


An ending is only a new beginning

This is the last day this year
Ring out the old, ring in the new
An end of trials and fears
Ring out the false ring in the true

Tomorrow starts anew at sunrise
There’s no need to worry
There’ll be no surprise
If you wait you’ll be to late

A new start, a time to put failure to bed
Ring out the old ring in the new
Won’t you listen to what the man said
Ring out the false ring in the true

The year ends as it begins
It doesn’t care if you lose or win
It’s all the same anyway in the end
So come on we’re going up around the bend


Here I sit surrounded by blue
The colour of sadness that’s so true
It’s also the colour to relax and chill out
So keep it a whisper and please don’t shout

The sky is blue,
The ocean is too
Lets see how far we can swim
Without getting lost out at sea

They call it the blues
When your down and alone
Then if you tell them to mind their own
They get all ratty and show you the door


Here I am falling asleep
Sinking off into the deep
Oblivion of the day that’s gone
Preparing for the one to come

If this is what my life has become
No joy, no hope, no fun
Is it any wonder I should be
In the park under this tree

People think I’m bored
Forever trying to make sense out of none
If I could tell them what I’m up to
They’d never believe me

National poetry month is almost done

I’m feeling really pleased with this month, I’ve written a poem every day apart from 2 and both times I’ve written 2 the following day. I’ve also written a few blogs, which, considering the month I’ve had, is pretty good going.

I will try to keep the momentum going into next month and beyond as I want to improve as a writer and the only way to do that is to keep writing. Of course, if I’m not here then I can’t keep going, but as long as I’m drawing breath and can sit comfortably then I will keep going. Over the next 3 days I want to finish reading some of the new blogs I’ve found this month, post 3 more poems at least and find some topics for new posts so I keep writing myself.

Life seems to always be a struggle for me, whenever it seems to be on an even keel and I’m improving my lot, I end up worse than when I started. I can’t keep on this way lurching from crisis to catastrophe every few years, today I’ve turned 59 which is why I’m taking stock in this way, I have made mistakes in my life but only have 1 regret.

I don’t regret anything I’ve done, my only regret is that aged 17, I didn’t follow my dream when everyone else backed out I should’ve gone to Australia, my life would’ve taken a different path if I had, which wouldn’t have been so bad really. I love my children so much, which is why I have no other regrets. I think I’ve run out of happy thoughts so will leave you till tomorrow, dear reader.


Today is my birthday
I’ve turned another year older
Seems they move so fast today
Don’t think it was 12 months ago

I seem to have 2 birthdays each year
In my mind I’m still eighteen
I find old age arriving I fear
But when I look back I can’t be seen

I’m invisible, the one in ten
Number on a list that grows and grows
Nobody knows me, I don’t know myself
Look at my head can you see the scars

I’ve had more spills
More thrills
Than anyone except Evel and Eddie
But now it’s time to dance with Mr. D.


Seems like a long time ago
When life was easy and things would flow
Now it seems as though life has passed
What could I do to make it last?

If life’s for living why doesn’t it end
When the quality has gone without hope to mend
If I should go before I wake up
Can I ask you all to raise a cup

Toast not my passing as that was fast
But celebrate life while it does last
So soon it’s gone and to earth we go
Ashes and dust through time so slow

The worms may eat the bones and eyes
But please don’t ever sigh
The dead are gone till the end of days
No matter what the preacher says

Is the world safe now the Cold War has ended?

Those of us who remember the days of the Cold War between East and West (Communism against Capitalism) and thought the world was moving into a peaceful era when, as Rasputin had prophesied prior to his death, after 70 years Communism fell throughout the former Soviet countries. We are now seeing a new threat in the form of North Korean Communism.

Does the regime there really want to antagonise a country hell bent on taking out terrorists wherever they may be found? Does Kim Jong-Un think he will get the chance to launch his warheads first? I don’t doubt for one second if the USA feels that he is about to launch they will pre-empt a strike by nuking North Korea first.

Why would this be a disaster? For one thing, the Eco-system of this planet has been eroded to the extent where it will take decades for the planet to repair itself. A nuclear strike anywhere now could devastate the Eco system to the brink of collapse and kill off this planet. In the violent nature of the universe this has probably happened on other worlds before now, but do we want to cause the death of the planet we’ve called home for such a short space of time?

Personally, I don’t think we’d have time to worry about dying rather we’d welcome it if faced with radiation poisoning killing us slowly and painfully or the planet dying and killing us quicker.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on this topic, either pro or anti the bomb and the fact it will kill off almost every living being on this planet.

The new deal

What’s going on here today
When no-one makes any sense
Or is it just my addled brain
Which seems to have caught the train

It never seemed that bad to me
When, as a child, I wandered free
These days, so it seems, no-one’s safe
With evil lurking behind every door

Shooting in schools or in our parks
Bombs at the finish line of a race
Drive bys every other day
Was it meant to be this way?

If I could do one thing for all
It would be to destroy all weapons
Hatred wouldn’t be allowed
If you like me have had enough
Cry we won’t take it anymore
And shout it so very loud

Next day

Went to bed tired this morning
Woke up feeling the same
Can’t be bothered getting out of bed
There’s a pain rolling in my head

Feels like someone is playing my brain
Think I’m going insane
Why do I get these feelings often
Killing me slowly when?