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Month: September, 2016

Chapter 3b – 1966

Well, 1966 there was a new bubble gum available with collectable cards celebrating the centenary of the end of slavery in the USA. The packs also included Dollar Bills from the CSA, and my friends and I used to buy them and swap cards we had more than 1 of for ones we were missing. I learned this year that although the Civil War had ended slavery the Blacks had not won their freedom. That would take more than another 100 years and several Presidents would strive to end segregation, racism and bring a feeling of one nation to the USA regardless of the skin colour.

I started to champion for a change in attitude and refused to be drawn into racist circles. I may have only been 12 but I think I was, possibly, more aware of what was happening in the world and tried to make my own mind up about everything. I also started to notice the wars that seemed to be everywhere at this time, I also started watching boxing with my dad (of course we spent more time watching Mohammad Ali). I knew he had beaten Sonny Liston in 1964 but wasn’t sure what to make of that as Heavyweight wasn’t something I had previously watched. He claimed to be the Greatest because that’s what he was, the greatest athlete and boxer of all time.

I also learned that a few of my friends were “different” and spent more time with me than I did with girls, which I’d started doing at the end of 1965. I didn’t know that this was wrong, to be attracted to someone of the same sex. To me it was all normal, spending time with boys and doing things with boys as well as spending time with girls, talking to girls, kissing them and wanting to hold them and be held. This was an exciting time for me, there was war in Vietnam, I didn’t have a clue where that was but felt that our Government was right to stay out of it. There were lots of groups starting up in the wake of The Beatles and The Stones and rumours were starting to feed in of the Anti-War movement coming from the USA.

How was all this affecting me at the time? I really don’t know whether I would be the same person today without all these outside influences coming to play in my life. I think I may have been a child of my time but how far that influence took me is still a mystery 5 decades later.

In 1966, The Beatles started, what would really come to be their last, a tour in the USA. I was 12 and thought when they announce dates for the UK I might get Ann to take me to see them live. Then at the end of their North American they announced the touring had come to a full stop. This came as a blow to all of their UK, European and Asian fans. I again discovered a “new” group of musicians (The Band) who had been backing Bob Dylan on his electric albums thanks to Ian and Jeanette from next door. Jeanette also told me about her next door neighbour in London, Julie Driscoll and said she was in a group called The Trinity with Brian Auger. I listened to some taped recordings that Jeanette had of The Trinity and they sounded amazing to my young ears. What would I make of them today? I still think they sound raw and have an amazing depth, but then other groups from the USA started to amaze me, most notably Country Joe and The Fish. I listened to their first album when visiting Ian and also listened to the next chapter in Eric Clapton’s career. I knew of him through The Yardbirds and John Mayall, but Cream were something else completely. The drummer (like The Stones Charlie) had a jazz background, as did the bass player (Jack Bruce from Scotland), but they played Blues like my heroes from the USA (I was introduced to this music by another Ian who loved Canned Heat).

Again, influences which have stayed with me over the years. I still enjoy listening to Blues music, Rock ‘N’ Roll, Soul and Pop music today. I discovered that as much as things change they do tend to stay the same. This should not surprise anyone who lived through the turbulence and student revolts of the late sixties. This was the year that formed a catalyst for what was yet to come and also when youth started to find a voice against war, corporations which made millions from war and governments too eager to go to war.

There was also a tv serial which came over to the UK from the USA which showed a futuristic vision of the world (yes it was Star Trek). This showed a future without racism and sexism, where East and West worked together for the common good and where the only demand placed on each and every one of us was to be the best we could be. This was the beginning of diversity although we didn’t realise that at the time. The only sexual stereotypes which were still taboo were trans and homosexuals. (George Takei didn’t play a homosexual even though that was how he lived).

I knew that there were men who were attracted to other men and women who were attracted to women, although I didn’t realise at the time that this was “homosexuality”. I felt as though we needed to address these one at a time and racism and sexism should be addressed first. I never based my feelings on any other human being on their sex or skin colour. I also never chose my friends by their sexual persuasion or whether or not I fancied them.

I knew some of my friends were “different” but they were still friends of mine. Yes some of my female friends I wanted to get to know intimately but not all of them. It was also about this time I started to experiment with my feelings. I had a girl-friend who wanted to wear trousers rather than skirts so we would find quiet spots near our homes and swap clothes for a while. Something which has stayed with me over the years, although not being an important area of my life it is still something I enjoy from time to time.

Also this year of 1966, I learned the art of masturbation and also the facts of life (how babies are made, how to bring a girl to orgasm, all the tricks which make life and sex worth it). Although I didn’t have full sexual intercourse with anyone I did learn the art of mutual masturbation with another person this year. More to come in Chapter 4.

monsoon hues

Wandered across this amazing poem, please check out the original blog as it is full of all kinds of imagery and poetry. Please leave comments on the original site to let Yas know how much you enjoy her poetry, thank you.


I dream of water pouring from the sky
Colors that touch the eye and fly.

Everything has been suffused
In tints of violet, indigo, blue, green, red.

Glistening downpour, a ruddy outburst
Of water varnished and dispersed.

Bringing in cascading shades of blues
Turquoises,indigos, sapphires, azures.

A prism of shades flying loose
Enwrapping earth in various hues.

An achromatic wind says its adieus
Enfolding in showering tinges that allures.

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How amazing times are made

Without thinking, no reason to complain

Pictures taken through the pain

Of one then another making a funny face

Still shining with the smiles of kids and grace

Shows that they are enjoying the moment

At last we get one where they look at the camera

The final picture captures the moment for posterity.


My grandchildren (3 families) the youngest is in the front and the oldest is at the back.

An Invitation: JOIN ME on SEPT 10th to Honour ULLA’s Life

Although I never knew Ulla, I know bi-polar first hand. Always sad to lose someone, please join in today if you can

Time to go home again

We’ve had a full few days in the Kingdom of Fife, including a visit to Edinburgh and Holyroodhouse Palace which is amazing and steeped in the history of both England and Scotland. The tour guide we had for the gardens, Andrew Buchanan, gave us a history lesson of the area, the Royal Menagerie and the Young Pretender (Bonnie Prince Charlie) as well as bringing us up to date with the return to the Palace of the Royal Family from Queen Victoria to our present Royal Family. Our Queen at 90, apparently, notices any changes made to the gardens and has also declared some areas be left for wildlife. I thought Prince Charles would have done that so was quite surprised when told it was his mother.

Then again, he must have been educated to believe in conservation, so really not a surprise if you think about it. The Duke of Edinburgh has never been one to hide his feelings either, so that’s another person who has taught Charles to speak out against wrong-doing to the environment.

A Little bit of Fun

Dave Barclay at and John Howell at got to fooling around one day on a few comments back and fourth. The subject turned from the serious to the ridiculous with a couple of iterations on the question, “What are the curses of mankind?” We had to admit that after we developed our curse statement we had a good laugh and thought you would like to join in on the fun.

Here are the curses we identified

“Work is the curse of the drinking class.”

“Sleep is the curse of the drinking class.”

So how about you? Think of a curse and put it in the Reblog comments and then reblog. It is that easy.

Don’t forget to add another fun “curse” to keep this growing.

'It says: Cursed be they who kiss and tell  to the tabloids.'

‘It says: Cursed be they who kiss and tell to the tabloids.’

A life of fun a world full of comedy

The other day I was having a conversation through here, and it got me thinking about social media. If you look at Facebook and Twitter (two of the biggest known sites) they have one thing in common which they’re trying to change and that, my dear reader, is trolls. This site seems to attract a lot of love and tolerance and I think the reason behind that is down to the sense of community.

I, along with everyone else on here I think, has come into contact with said trolls at some point. However, once I had two visits from trolls following a comment I made but when I tried to report said trolls their accounts had been disabled. Not sure if someone else beat me to it or if WordPress monitors our comments looking for malicious content.

Anyway, to get back to the point I was making, other social sites seem to require more and more personal information from you to maintain your account which means lots of your data is at risk if they are hacked. We only share on here what we want to share which means it is less likely hackers would be interested. I know a lot of people around the world use this blogging tool but there is such a strong feeling of love from each and everyone on here whether you know it, dear reader, or not. I love this site because it reduces boundaries, brings people together and we all share love.

What makes a man think he knows what women should wear?

Practically every day this week I’ve read that this Indian politician or that Polynesian politician (always a man) say that women should cover up more to avoid being raped or sexually assaulted.

I’m a man and I think that the problem doesn’t lie with women but with men! We should be teaching our male offspring that women aren’t second class citizens, they are our equals and as such should be honoured and respected. If a woman goes out wearing only her underwear does this mean she is begging to be raped? No, it definitely doesn’t it only means that she is going somewhere that mode of dress is allowed.

We really need to educate our children that it is ok to wear whatever they want (as long as they maintain an air of decency and don’t wander out in public naked, unless they are naturists and the majority of people where they are follow the same principles).

If a man wants to wear a dress then who are we to say he can’t? I believe that even if a woman is naked she still has the right to be respected, treated with dignity and if she tells you to get lost then take the hint buster and do one. After all we have laws to protect everyone from harassment and we should all be prepared to do our bit to protect each other.

Similarly, if a woman is out walking with her friends, or alone, and sees someone she likes the look of then why shouldn’t she be the one to make the first move? I’ve had lots of relationships start with a woman giving me her number and asking me to call her. (I’ve never yet had a one night stand whether I’ve made the first move or not).

Ladies, if someone starts following you at night please think carefully before walking into a dark alley, stay where it’s lit and, if possible, try to alert someone to your predicament. I’ve walked people home because they would be going across a dark area or down a dark alley to ensure they would get home safely. I would hate to think I could have done something that easy for someone but didn’t and they ended up being raped or worse.

I don’t expect a good night kiss or sex for doing a good deed, after all I would hope someone would do the same for my baby girl if she was walking home late at night. The last time I did it I waited until the woman was safely indoors with the door closed before walking home myself. I wasn’t expecting anything apart from a thank you (which I did get).