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Month: October, 2020

My word’s but a whisper your deafness a shout

I may make you feel but I can’t make you think, your sperm’s in the gutter your love’s in the sink. Ah, it’s been a long time since I listened to Jethro Tull Thick As A Brick. If you aren’t familiar with them you should check out some of their more melodic albums such as A before trying the operettas Thick As A Brick and A Passion Play.

Anyway, three weeks after being told to go into a second lockdown and include schools and universities since that is where most of the new cases are coming from, our industrious PM has announce a 2nd lockdown from Thursday 5 November 2020, but essential stores (supermarkets, bakers, greengrocers and other provision sellers) can remain open, cafe’s and restaurants have to be take away only, and, oh you already got there ahead of me? Ok but school’s and universities are remaining open, in order to continue the spread of the disease to the most vulnerable in our society, in the firm belief that they will die when they catch Covid-19.

What kind of hard headed moron would do such a thing to those vulnerable people he swore to protect? To push our NHS to breaking point so it falls apart under the strain? The imbecile in charge of England at the moment that’s who! Doris couldn’t control the giggles at 4, so he put the announcement back until he had stopped drooling at Dom’s Eugenics plan. Think I’m kidding? Who takes care of elderly relatives? Their children, who mainly have school age children living with them. So the kids go to school where they come into contact with the virus, then they wander around, ignoring social distancing rules because they’re immune after all. Then they walk home in a group and spread the virus to everyone they pass on their merry way. The teachers are also not immune and pick the disease up in their workplace because they have no access to PPE and wouldn’t be allowed to wear it in the classroom anyway.

These teachers will go shopping on their way home and spread the virus to everyone they came into contact with and before you know it our death toll will continue to rise exponentially and in four weeks time, after the horse has bolted and run away to join it’s friends, he will close the stable door, cancel Christmas for everyone and laugh all the way to the bank. He knows the bulk of the deaths will be people on benefits because there aren’t enough jobs to go around for people today, after 1 January 2021 it will be even harder as more people will cut down on their workforce to save money because of a no deal Brexit pushing up the price of everything in store from the EU. Lorries will be stuck in terminals in Dover and Calais as the line waiting to be checked by fewer Border Guards (Customs Officers) as most of them will be new and under direct supervision for 18 months. The amount being smuggled in will probably sky rocket as people will be desperate to get their perishables away from the docks and into the shops.

No doubt the EU, the public and the Opposition Parties will be blamed for everything going tits up next year, everybody except those who are really responsible, Doris and Cunnings (with 2 M’s, or possibly a T, replacing the N). Why? Because Doris never takes responsibility when anything he touches turns to shit, never accepts that he is capable of making mistakes and he, therefore, never learns from them. In the words of Albert Einstein “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different outcomes” anyone else see the similarity between now and February when the virus first hit these shores? Except then he was on holiday and now he’s been stuck in Downing Street.

Everybody’s talking about dragism, bagism, this ism that ism

Today, the clocks change at 2a.m. in the UK, this will give us an extra hour of 2020 which, according to our government is just what we need this year, an hour longer to get rid of the shittiest year I can remember – ever. Global Warming is bad enough, after all scientists believe it has caused this pandemic and yet forests are still being destroyed, wells and mines sunk to keep fossil fuels flowing and in use.

It’s time everyone switched to renewables but because this will mean destruction of profits for the vast majority of those backing Governments in most of the West and East, they will continue to attempt to destroy this thinking. That’s why we should all keep working towards changing every economy over to a greener revolution because, for the majority of us, there is no Planet B.

Nature heals and humbles…

Some thoughts on the natural world, and nature is beautiful to behold, please leave comments on the original post as this is not my work.

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There is something peculiar yet satisfying about nature. There are so many things to learn from it; most important being humility and harmony.

The towering mountains, humongous seas and oceans leaves you in awe. You are forced to bow in front of them. I feel awkward and dejected when people talk about “conquering” mountains. It’s actually the mountain that let’s you pass through it, with utter patience and humility. Hadn’t it been benevolent enough, people would never have climbed it and instead faced it’s wrath.

People living in the shelter of nature share a mutual understanding with it. They respect nature’s beauty and in return, nature cocoons them with tenderness.

Everything under nature lives in symbiosis. The first drop of rainfall cheers up the parched soil and quenches its thirst. The limpid glory which rests itself upon the soft glossy bed of a leaf, looks like pearls which embellish the…

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Lend me your ear while I call you a fool

You were kissed by a witch one night in the wood, yes that’s right it isn’t by the Fabs. It’s from Jethro Tull, a single called Witch’s Promise. I have just finished watching Season 4 of Van Helsing and it has more twists and plot changes than ever before, it kept me gripped as I wanted to get to the end, thinking everything would be tied up and yet, no, it ended on a cliff hanger presumably because they couldn’t finish the entire season before Covid struck.

I am disappointed with my Government’s handling of this crisis, seeking merely to get Brexit done and out of the way, given that Covid has caused an economic downturn which isn’t going to be corrected any time soon, we are rushing headlong into another economic meltdown which will see the economy crashing without a hope of recovery unless this Government pulls in it’s horns and reaches a deal before the end of this month with our nearest neighbours. The alternative is to renege on the divorce settlement reached two years ago, in breach of international law, and force every other nation on the planet to treat us as outcasts, pariahs for failing to uphold a bargain reached by an elected Government with another 27 Governments and the European Parliament.

Enough politics for this post, I think. In a post apocalyptic world, one where everyone on the planet is in danger of being wiped out by a pandemic, albeit a made up pandemic, just how close to 2020 is that vision? If we aren’t careful then we could begin to panic as we see everything we believe in crumble and fall. Because of the greed of some, the worthy must perish, because of the power-hunger of others those not quite so worthy will also perish. Until all that is left is a mere imitation of what the human race was and could have been. There have been so many programs made that follow that premise, trying to show us the way to our salvation but we did not heed them. Now we’re living through those days.

Ever since the 1960’s, when some of us woke up, we have been telling everyone that we need to protect the environment and not keep on destroying it, the more plants and animal species which we destroy the more vulnerable we are to diseases. No one listened and the planet is fighting now for survival. We should maybe write a new screenplay, one where a bunch of scientists discover a treatment for an unknown disease, stop destroying the planet because all of the wealthiest people have died leaving no one bent on destruction for profit. Nature has taken over most of the planet and has restored equilibrium again. Those few humans left are working with nature to protect and survive with the planet.

The end result would be an end to capitalism because profits can only be made, and continue to be made, by destroying the world around us. There is no planet B, this one is all we have that we are capable of living on. There may be others out there capable of supporting life but they wouldn’t have us there, at least not willingly. I still don’t believe that out of all the millions of galaxies out there, with planets surrounding each star, that this is the only inhabited planet anywhere. Maybe the other planets which have life forms on them aren’t yet capable of space travel, perhaps those civilisations which have visited us in the past have also died out, or maybe they saw us as primitives and therefore not worthy of them making contact with us.

As long as we continue to destroy this planet I fear that the last one is probably the most truthful, and honest reason why we have not been contacted by those travelling here across space. Maybe, every other inhabited planet ended war, poverty and destruction millennia ago? I don’t know any more than you do, but I would like to think that we can come out of Covid with a better understanding of what we did wrong, correcting that for future generations. Ending war on this planet, treating every single person left after the pandemic with respect and dignity. Ending poverty and homelessness, giving every single person here access to clean water and health care. Finding another way to get what we need rather than by working for a pittance in order to buy the things we need which should be given freely anyway.

The kind of world I would like to see post-Covid, is one where everyone is accountable for their own actions, no one is left alone to suffer and die. Everyone is fed, sheltered and kept safe, no one is left without health care because it is given freely and not for the privileged few to obtain. Wealth is not measured by big bank accounts, but how well you treat your fellow human beings. If we learn nothing else from this pandemic then can we at least learn to have (and honour) our humanity?

In the town where I was born

If only things would go back to normal, I hear that almost every day now, however, the truth is that we will probably never return to the way we were as long as greed and the pursuit of wealth continue to destroy this planet. I have been a follower of John Lennon for a long time now, watching as he and Yoko worked tirelessly for peace in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. I was probably more pleased than anyone when the new album saw the light of day in 1980, buying it within a week of it’s release. Then his senseless killing in December spoiled Christmas for me that year and every year since.

Why did such a proponent for peace die so horribly being shot with dum dum rounds (hollow points) designed to do just one thing: destroy everything in their path, flesh, bone, organs? The only person who really knows is Mark Chapman and long may he rot in jail unless he tells us why he assassinated John Lennon in such a callous and uncaring way. He destroyed more than just one families lives that day, he took a father away from two children, a husband away from a wife and an iconic figure for peace away from the world. Today, I don’t think John would be able to remain silent were he still here, because of all the damage being done to the planet, the wars still being fought and the way black Americans are being killed almost daily.

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones paved the way for the Civil Rights movement by refusing to play anywhere if their audience was separated, and backing it up by actions. After all, these two groups were heavily influenced by black Americans, they were both white, they both hated segregation and fought for equality for everyone. Doesn’t it state in the Constitution of the United States that all MEN are created equal? That means that the founding fathers didn’t see that black or white were superior but, rather, that all were equal under the law. What happened between then and now? Why are so many black men, most of them unarmed and not posing any threat to anyone, shot down, suffocated, stamped on by white society and killed in the 21st century?

After all the inroads being made in the 1960’s by black and white standing together demanding change, peaceful protests by Dr. King and violent protests by Malcolm X, looking to achieve the same end, an end to segregation and division of people according to skin colour. If the past teaches us anything at all then it should teach us that every single person on this planet is the same. If you cut any one of us, isn’t our blood red? If you strip the skin away aren’t our muscles and sinews the same? If you strip everything away don’t our skeletons appear identical?

We are all equal under the sky, we should all be treated with respect, until and unless we prove we are not worthy of respect. Skin colour, gender, sexual preference does not enter into the equation at all. Neither should religion, place of birth or where we would like to live. The fact remains that we are, all of us, entitled to live our lives in peace and harmony with the planet and the rest of humanity. If we are escaping war or persecution then shouldn’t we be welcomed anywhere to build a new and safer life for ourselves and our families? If we are persecuted for our beliefs then shouldn’t we be allowed to settle somewhere these don’t matter?

Imagine there’s no country

If we want a better world for everybody post-Covid19, then we are going to have to tell our politicians what we want to see. Capitalism has been tried over the last 40 years and it has failed the masses, failed the planet and failed to preserve those essential ecosystems we all relied on for millenia. That’s why the planet is treating us as a virus and seeks to destroy all human life on it – because we are destroying it quicker and quicker every year.

If we want to see a fairer world after this virus, or even while we endure it, then our leaders have to be made to see that what we want is not what they are giving us. The 1% have taken from everyone for long enough and it’s time they gave back to the masses for the good of everyone and everything on this planet. The only way forward is to help everyone by making every society fairer and more accountable for its actions. We can do this by getting rid of corruption at the top of the tree, kicking them out of power so they can stand trial for their crimes against the many to fund themselves and the 1%. All it takes to create an uprising is to convince 3.5% of the population in any country that there is a change coming if we all act in unison. That 3.5% leading the charge will turn the tide against the corruption all around us today.

The world is changing my friends, and it is in our hands to shape it as we see fit. We can either make it better or make it worse but it won’t stay the same, trust me on that. So we have to decide whether we want to allow the elite to take more and more money out of our economy and stick it in offshore bank accounts where it funds wars, destruction of rain forests and the habitats of our closest cousins leaving so many species extinct or in grave danger of it? Or if we want a more just and fairer society for our children and our children’s children.

Our politicians don’t care a damn about you and me, all they care about is how much power they have and how much money they can make from awarding contracts to shell companies set up to steal taxpayers money from us. In the USA, the UK and Australia our politicians are bought and paid for by the same people, Russian oligarchs and the rest of the secretive 1% and I for one feel that enough is enough. We have to take back control of each and every one of our democracies because they are broken and if we don’t do something soon about this it will be too late. Don’t let the government’s tell you that this is fake news because that’s what they’ve been pedalling for the last 4 decades, so much so that they wouldn’t recognise the truth if it jumped up and bit their arses.

You might ask what you can do to change things but you are already capable of bringing about change, real change. If you could see how easily it can be done, and has been done, in recent months you probably wouldn’t believe your own eyes and ears. The thing we have to remember is the crooks will try to provoke you into violent action because that they can handle, once you are violent you have played right into their hands. We have to remain calm in the face of violence, protesting peacefully they can’t handle because they don’t know how to. Which is why they will try insulting you, pushing you around, waving guns in your faces to try and get you to hit back so they can then beat you down and shut you up.

They will even put some of their own in amongst you to start fighting with them so they have an excuse to become violent to everyone. When the fighting starts push those instigators into the ranks of the police or the army and move back out of the way, let them be seen to have no support so the press is in no doubt that publishing pictures will hurt their cause rather than help it. Without pictures they have no story, without a story the lies don’t continue to be spread, without the lies you have won a victory and have to be listened to.

Would you believe

A thought for a Friday, the second in the month of October in this very strange year of 2020. Yes, it’s the 3rd decade beginning in the 21st century. Would you believe that this decade is already 21% through?

Thought for the day: Saturday 10/10/2020 Why worry?

You only have 2 things to worry about: either you are well or you are ill;

If you are well you have nothing to worry about, if you are ill you only have 2 things to worry about: either you will recover or you will die.

If you recover there is nothing to worry about, if you die you only have 2 things to worry about: either you will go to heaven or go to hell.

If you go to Heaven then you have nothing to worry about, if you go to Hell you’ll be far too busy catching up with all those friends who went there before you that you won’t have time to worry. So why waste time worrying about your life.

Some silly questions to put a smile back on your face:

Why do they call it rush hour when it lasts 2 hours twice a day and nothing moves?

Why doesn’t someone invent a micro-wave bed? 8 hours sleep in 12 minutes sounds good to me.

Why is Quality Street not an address but a load of chocolates? I’m not complaining I would just love to live on a street full of delicious chocolates.

Why do people get upset when someone tries to pinch their space in the parking lot? If it’s not busy find somewhere else to park, if it is busy park at the back of them and fence them in then make sure you’re away longer than them so that when you come back they’re fuming just as you were after waiting for the space while the car in it left.

If someone knocks on your door and tells you they’re from the Church of Latter Days Saints, ask them to call back at midnight as you’re missing a sacrifice for the Black Mass.

If you’re bored dial a number until you find it rings, when it’s answered tell them “Okay, I’ve done it, the bodies in my boot and I’m on my way over, make sure you have the rest of my money as I don’t want to hang around too long” then hang up.

Would you know my name

If I saw you in heaven? Okay so you got it already, never mind. I heard that the tRump has been tested positive for Covid-19, first time he has ever tested positive in his life for anything. Of course, Melania has caught it as well, probably Ivanka and tRump Jr, Pence and others have also been infected and I saw that he still went to a fund raising rally yesterday and was talking of going to another one today.

Since none of the tRumpsters wear face masks believing that Covid-19 is a hoax they are going to infect thousands of their supporters over the next two weeks, here’s hoping that unlike our inglorious PM they actually have caught the virus and suffer the consequences of having caught it so they can’t go out on the campaign trail ahead of the election.

On a lighter note, I wouldn’t wish ill on anyone (no not even the tRump) so I just hope he recovers in time to get his disgusting family out of the White House and into jail where they belong. If he gets bail, he’ll never stand trial because he’ll be off to join either Putin in Russia or Kim Jong Un in North Korea.