We’re all included on the list

by davebarclay1954

With the rise of the bigots and haters this post takes a little known 80’s track from the breakaway group Fun Boy Three. Apologies if the video doesn’t play where you are but it is courtesy of YouTube and therefore subject to their rules.

Britain has left the EU, of course the idiots who were all in favour of this happening haven’t stopped complaining about the effects. Apparently, Spain closed their land border with Gibraltar and Brexiteers want to know why. The simple answer is Gibraltar is a British colony, Britain is no longer part of the EU therefore cannot expect to have a land border with any part of the EU. Had an exception not been made to leave Northern Ireland outside Brexit there would also be a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. Of course if anyone tries to change this by including NI in any future negotiations it will breach the Good Friday Agreement reached in 1997, restart the violence and leave Northern Ireland seeking to leave the UK.

Anyone who doubts the resolve of the Scots to Remain should realise that when the EDF arrived in Glasgow they were met at the platform and advised to get the next train back to England to avoid any bloodshed, theirs or Scots. So much for them saying “We know where you live and if you don’t accept the result of the referendum we will come round and break your skulls.” What did the Tories do to calm tensions? They called for everyone to unite with the racists behind Brexit. In the commons members elected because they promised more police on the street voted against increasing the numbers of police by 20,000 which is still lower than those sacked under austerity measures of 10 years.

When will people wake up to the facts? Tory promises are as fragile as pie crusts. They will promise you the moon to get into power then once there they will laugh at your gullibility in getting them into office, call you morons and continue to make those with billions even wealthier knowing the money will be held in offshore accounts taking it out of the economy. Indeed it has once again come to pass that the electorate will vote against their class in the hope of rising out of poverty when in truth those in power will push their heads further down into the shit until they die.

I would never vote Tory for the reason that I don’t have a lot of money, I don’t need a lot of money and I would like everyone to contribute to society in the manner it was envisaged when the Labour party introduced Welfare and our NHS. From each according to ability to pay, to each according to need. If this makes me a threat to the ruling class then that’s obviously good, let them be scared of me with my words and come after me because I am not frightened of dying, I’ve done it before and will do it again in the future and one day it will be the last time.

When the Tories spoke of the Big Society and everyone being in the same boat, what they meant was the poor making sacrifices in order that the wealthy few could increase their wealth tenfold. If we don’t fight back then we will never break this cycle any better than we did in the 1980’s and the Blair/Brown years didn’t seek a Socialist response to the effects of Thatcherism and selling off public utilities to their friends and sponsors so they could make huge profits at everybody’s expense. When chasing profit companies will NEVER act in the best interests of their customers. Don’t believe me look at those countries where the utilities are under public ownership, trains under the control of the Government, the utilities are priced reasonably to contribute into the common wealth of that country, trains run on time and are full because they are priced reasonably, roads are not overly stretched because more people use trains and buses.

If we adopted the same system in the UK, which we did until Thatcher, then there was not congestion on our roads, difficulty finding parking spaces and people using the commotion to make ever bigger profits. Think about that while you are waiting for every single proposal in the Tory Manifesto which got them elected to be broken.