I sit and watch as tears go by

I remember everything, the things we did and the games we played. I watch children playing today and it seems funny that the biggest selling toy at the moment is the loom and bands to create a multitude of pretty designs.

Even though most homes have games consoles children still want to stimulate their creative streak and explore. I think this bodes well for the future, if only we could remember the games. In these cold and dark times I’ve found myself relaxed, contented, fulfilled and happy for the first time in years. Why is that I was asking myself a month ago, the only answer I have come up on that we both agree with, me and I, is that someone took a leap of faith in me and gave me a job, funny how that one act can transform someone’s self-confidence and give them the belief that, maybe, just maybe, somebody up there likes me.

If someone has my back then I can achieve so much. The company I work for started out like Apple, in a garage in some yard in California. No it’s not like Apple because it is Apple. It’s also in the technology business, making computers and how good they are can be found in the number of items shipped. Sure they hit a slump when the market crashed but they’re coming back stronger, leaner, and fitter than ever. Here’s hoping they can continue pushing the boundaries of possible, making science fiction into science fact.