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Month: November, 2015

I need this!

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Xmas 2015

Last night I went out with a few colleagues from work, I knew them by sight and some have been teaching me my new role. It was an opportunity to get to know some of them better and learn the names of those I knew by sight. A good night out turned into a great night as the alcohol loosened up the inhibitions (I was one of the few sober ones when we ate, and the only one left by 9pm). I decided to leave as my wife seemed really down being home alone. The night was terrific but the downside was that 2 of the group were leaving (or in one case had already left) but it really helped getting to know everyone outside work.

The reason I’m sharing that bit above, I had a job before where the manager would take “newbs” around to introduce them to the team on day 1 and leave us to our own devices as far as getting to know people we came into contact with on a daily basis. Other managers would actively build the team by having regular nights out, drinks and a meal, so that the team members had a chance to bond. The current situation I’m in at work is not the one I’d have chosen. My manager introduced me to 1 person and left me (a social misfit with paranoia and anxiety) to introduce myself around. Not the best introduction to a team of around 50 people. Hence my reason for accepting the invitation for last night. A few of the team I could handle, more turned up than I expected (another reason why I left early) but they all made me feel welcome.

Would I have stayed longer if I knew them better? Who knows, I would have stayed later had my wife not been ill regardless, although I did want to stay longer after I left. Who can say whether I will still be there next year to have another Xmas night out with those same 10 people?

A Symbolic Chain of Love to be spread Out There

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Les Petits Pas de Juls

Inspired by Erika Kind right after last week’s events in Paris, France.

I need to believe.  I need to trust.  I need to know I’m not the only one living in a beautiful world.

Please share the picture.

Let’s hold hands virtually for now, but also out there, extend our hands to our neighbors, to our friends, to our family, to strangers in need, to strangers not in need, to the old, to the poor, to the refugees, to those who are scared, to those who are on the verge of not believing anymore, to those seeking our hands, to those sharing our values, to love.

Enjoy the Day and Be Awesome!

[Es]  Inspirado por Erika Kind justo después de los eventos en París, Francia, la semana pasada.

Necesito creer.  Necesito tener confianza.  Necesito saber que no soy la única viviendo en un mundo hermoso.

Por favor, comparten…

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Nous Sommes Tout Paris.

Although the President of the United States won’t say it, we are at war with Radical Islam.  I’m sure that he has his reasons, whether they be ideological, religious or simply wrong-headed.

The fact remains that we are engaged in conflict and we must now face some hard choices.

This post is based on my opinion of events as I have observed them and I welcome your comment or differing opinion.

As witnessed by innumerable events, Paris being the latest, the enemy is implacable.  He places no value on human life, not even his own and he seems to be willing to destroy all human life on earth as long as one of his own is the last person standing, there to give praise to his theology.

We approach this battle from a Judeo-Christian worldview with rules of engagement, restrictions on what can and cannot be…

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One More Time

Memories are better than being there. You forget the boring bits and concentrate on the good bits. Please leave comments on the original post and not here, thank you.

A Momma's View

I find it interesting how moving around in time seems to be a theme for so many people. It’s either about heading to the future or back in time. And I wonder why this is the case? Why is it so hard to stay in the presence?

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When You’re The Only One Who’s Struggling to Make the Relationship Work..

If you have found that special someone, your soul mate, life is wonderful and you know that even in the hard times they want your happiness more than anything else. Had to share this but please leave comments on the original post not here. Thank you.

Global Followers

Peace and love are in short supply. Pass this on and leave comments on the original post not this repost please.

The Tony Burgess Blog

I appreciate all my fellow bloggers who are following me here from around the globe. One thing I love about this thing called blogging is how we can be connected in a very unique way. We can discover more about ourselves by seeing the lives of people from different places from Australia to Zimbabwe and inbetween. My world view has been expanded by some great bloggers who have shown me the places they call home and in their communities. I wish you peace and grace my friends from far away. I hope and pray for peace and that we will have the freedom to keep on blogging no matter where we are.

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Un Islamic State and why they’re finished 

Yesterday I read an article about the un-Islamic State and why they have defeated themselves. Brutality is always a last resort of an unworkable doctrine. When they target unarmed civilians, members of their own religion and try to rule with terror not one dictator has lasted more than two decades.

Even Hitler only had 13 years in power and 10 of those trying to rid Germany of Jews, then Europe was targeted. He wore a uniform, as did his soldiers, airmen and sailors, even when targeting the innocents. Why doesn’t un-Islamic State wear a uniform and target armies? Because they’re cowards, they stand up with automatic weapons and fire into crowds of unarmed innocents killing indiscriminately because they’re cowards. They want to draw the West into putting troops on the ground so they can say to their neighbours look at them strutting around our countries join us and kill the Infidel.

We are stronger than that, we are braver than that, we will help those oppressed Arabs and Muslims to defeat this blight on humanity. We will not commit troops to a ground offensive, why should we when current tactics are winning. They attack us in Europe to get us to distrust all Muslims but we won’t. They want us to help them radicalise more and more to their cause but we won’t rise to this bait. They haven’t targeted the States, why? Could it be because more people bear arms than any other country? Cowards all jihadists, let’s not forget most Muslims are good people, let’s weed out the bad apples before the barrel is destroyed.

Just A Reminder

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Disgusted: Paris and More

I agree wholeheartedly with this post. Let’s remember our humanity and weed out the cowards. Please leave comments on the original post and not here.

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun


Sometimes, it takes an event like the terrorist attacks in Paris to make people think about how completely screwed up the world is today. Paris is a reminder that this kind of thing is happening in many parts of the world. It’s not the deadliest attack by a long way, but it is very high profile, and it happened in a country where people should be safe. If it can happen in Paris, it can happen anywhere.

People are complaining that this is getting a lot of media attention while the attacks in Lebanon, Palestine, and Africa are getting little attention. The problem is, it’s always happening in those places, and we’ve become desensitized to it. When it happens in a place like Paris, everyone notices. But whether it happens in Beirut, Lagos, or Paris, all of the lives that were lost matter.

Look at the deaths due to terrorist…

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