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Month: April, 2017

They say it’s my birthday

Well, I had an unexpected turn of events yesterday. Allow me to start at the beginning and then bring you up to speed with what occurred…

I received a phone call from my estranged wife asking me if I wanted to meet her after work and go out for a meal for my birthday. I said ok that sounded good to me so I jumped in the shower and dressed before settling down to watch the Ding Junhui v Ronnie O’Sullivan snooker match. After this finished I quickly tidied up and left to go and meet up.

We went into Newcastle as she had an eye test booked in for 17:45 and then we went to do a little shopping before heading to the restaurants in Eldon Square for TGI Friday’s. We were seated quickly and spent time choosing our meals from the menu, several people were shown past us to tables and one person was shown to the table next to ours. A waiter came straight over to this person and took his drink order while we were still waiting to give our order. When his drink arrived and the waiter still ignored us we decided to leave and go elsewhere to eat.

On the way to Fridays I mentioned Bella Italia as we walked past but my wife said she wasn’t in the mood for Italian, anyway we couldn’t agree on anywhere so I said it was a nice thought, but I’d head home and see what was in the cupboard. That’s when we decided to try Bella Italia so we went and looked at the menu before going to the door. When we arrived we were quickly shown to a table and the waiter came over and took our drinks orders straight away. When he came back with the drinks we had already decided what we were having as starter and main so ordered these.

Within 15 minutes our starter arrived (caramelised red onion garlic pizza bread) and that was absolutely delicious. Our mains arrived shortly after the starter was cleared and I ordered another drink. At this point we became aware that although the restaurant was beginning to fill up there was only our waiter and the female Maitre D’ working the floor. Because of this I decided that no matter how long the drink took it would be fine, the waiter walked past our table on his way to the gelato by the door with a young girl and said he hadn’t forgotten the drink but he was really busy so it would be another few minutes would that be okay?

Little touches like that to let you know you’re not being forgotten or ignored make all the difference between good customer service and great customer service. Anyway, the drink came and we were still ploughing our way through the mains. When the waiter came to clear the table again he asked if we would like to see the dessert menu or just have coffees? We asked for the dessert menu and looked it over, there was a lot on there that I wanted to try but was too stuffed so I opted for alcoholic lemon ice cream, which was absolutely gorgeous and so light it went down in no time flat.

When the bill arrived we fought over who was paying and I paid but she tipped the waiter, from a disaster in one restaurant we ended up having a totally fantastic meal out and I for one will definitely be returning to Bella Italia again in the not too distant future to repeat the enjoyment. If you live anywhere near Newcastle upon Tyne then Bella Italia comes highly recommended by me and it’s located in the food area of Eldon Square upstairs, almost next door to Fridays.

Me & My Shadow

Elton John has been seriously ill but seems to be over the worst of it (apparently he’s out of danger and grateful for all the goodwill messages he has been sent via twitter). Yet he remembers a time when it was a criminal offence to be gay (even I remember those horrible dark days). This, my dear reader is in praise of the enlightened times we live in today.

When it was decriminalised in the year 1967 (Sgt. Pepper, Satanic Majesties, Are You Experienced) we knew that it was the beginning of an age of Aquarius. A time when all men would be accepted as equals, regardless of sexual preference, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately not then, that has only come at the beginning of the New Millennium. We still need to see women as equals, and treat them accordingly.

I’m not saying I don’t find women attractive or see some of them as prospective sexual partners, that would be a lie and no-one would believe me anyway, especially if they know my past. I try not to view women as sex objects but as equals, I would like to get to know any prospective partner well before trying to get her (or him) into bed with me. I have always been colour blind, and could never understand why some countries had to treat people differently based purely on skin colour.

Yes, I’m white but I feel as much at home with black, yellow, brown, blue or even purple people, why? Because I see them as people, equals, better than me more often than not. But I digress, women need our support to become everything they can be, after all men are now accepted everywhere regardless of skin colour or sexual preference so why can’t women be treated the same? Don’t tell me that it’s because they take time off work to raise a family as most women these days will take a few months off work and then return to the work place working as hard as, if not harder than, the men doing the same job. Women are becoming stronger but are still paid less for doing similar work, this isn’t fair and the time for change is upon us today my friends. After all we did it from 1967-1999 for men so now we have to do it for women, especially as they are no longer being treated differently for the State Pension in the UK. (From 2018 women and men will have the same retirement age and this will change upwards from then on.)

Women working in factories alongside men do the same work for less pay, yet the minimum wage isn’t set to different amounts depending on your sex, it varies according to age until you reach 21 then it’s fixed at £7.50 regardless of sex. Why can’t we see this being progressed upwards to every women working alongside men? There is no difference to the work they do, they all put in the same effort and hours. Because there has been a snap election called for June this should give us a chance to speak out against injustice wherever we find it. Tactical voting won’t make any difference unless we use it to protect our society and that has to be all inclusive. Women deserve better treatment than we have, so far in our history, afforded them. Equal pay for equal work is a small price to pay and will take women out of slavery once and for all.

How to (try to) control your anxiety 

Some interesting tips for coping with a panic attack. I couldn’t have said it better. Please leave comments on the original post and support the author by letting her know you enjoy it, thank you.

At first you don’t even realise what is wrong with you. Overcome with a cold shudder, accompanied by fluttering palpitations, palms sweaty and confusion. Utter confusion. You can’t move. But hold on, 5 minutes ago you were fine? But now, now you can’t move. You can’t get up. There is a heavy invisible burden upon you. If you do attempt to get up, what if you fall? What if everyone around you bursts out laughing at you falling?

Silly silly silly intruding thoughts enter your mind at this point and you wonder if it will ever stop. Until you get up, walk for a bit and realise you will be ok. That was it. Your first panic attack.

The problem is, sometimes we don’t realise we are having one – or worse still we don’t know why they happen. I am referring specifically to panic disorder, whereby sufferers will have…

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Still no air

Well, another interview last Friday, another disappointment. Not sure how many more of these I can take, not feeling bad but it’s very disappointing when you apply and get rejected without an interview but it’s even more disheartening when you go for an interview and then get rejected, you feel like you wasted everyone’s time.

Still, I can go on for a little while yet I guess. I just wish that someone would want to take a chance with me as I have a lot to give. I’m not ready for the knackers yard yet but it seems as though everyone wants me to just drop out of sight and disappear. Then again, I’ve never been one to do what others expect or want me to do.

As far as I’m concerned I will never take the easy option just because it is expected. I will do things my own sweet way and damn the torpedoes. If anyone knows where this will lead then please drop me a line on the back of an undressed elephant to the usual address.

Thank you for reading, my dear friends and rest assured, I’m not ready to hang up my life, no-one can bring me down when I have so many people wanting me to go from strength to strength. I will keep going and who knows what will come of my down time? I may even manage to finish a book and get it published :).

Black Lives Matter

Yes, we all know the slogan but have you given any thought as to why it was necessary? If we could stop racism wouldn’t everyone’s life improve? Yes! If we can accept people from any background would their lives turn around? Again, yes, but so would ours.

Every life matters, man, woman and child. Black lives are being taken away in the US (other countries also have racist or non-inclusive policies) and that is wrong. BLM is a movement designed to highlight atrocities and brutality, as a white male I may not be at risk even were I in the US but that doesn’t mean I don’t care.

Black Americans, in the main, didn’t migrate willingly but were forcibly taken to work as slaves. Slavery was outlawed by every civilised country centuries ago, yet it is still being done today. We need to support BLM regardless of our skin colour because it is RIGHT to get behind it and change political minds so that the racist police officers (these are the minority) are prosecuted for their offences under the law and no crime is unpunished.

Native Americans are no longer in the numbers they were when the white Europeans decided to settle that enormous continent, why treat them differently? Because the majority of racists in the US are targeting Black Americans, shouldn’t we get behind this movement and make a stand against racism? I think this is a just and valid cause which is why I stand (proverbially) shoulder to shoulder with those oppressed and victimised by the current minority of Law Enforcement Officers in every US state, this has to stop and the sooner the better.

Chapter 4 – 1967

1967, started as normally as possible for a youngster approaching the onset of puberty and teenager-dom. My voice started breaking which meant I spoke high, low and often in-between croakily. My hormones were all over the place and I started noticing that older girls, as well as women, had breasts. I was still meeting with the girl who I was cross-dressing with only not as often as we had been the summer of 1966, owing to it being winter and dark after school as well as too cold to meet outdoors. She was developing quite a pair of breasts herself and I found myself wondering what it must be like to have tits, did it hurt when they were developing? Could I have some of my own? Were they all as nice as hers? Did all women get turned on when the nipples were sucked and played with? The moans she made when I was rubbing her nipples and massaging her tits did that have anything to do with her wet knickers?

I found that I was masturbating on my own and with friends more often, bunking off school at least once a week (we’d turn up in the morning to registration period and be marked in then wait until the morning break at 11 before slipping down the playing fields and escaping through a hole in the fence to the den. This was an amazing place full of hills and trees with a stream flowing through it. There was always somewhere to hide away from prying eyes and the wind to see who could last the longest before shooting their load onto the grass.

None of us thought this was strange or gay, we weren’t playing with each other’s cocks after all, only our own. I never mentioned the fact that I was cross-dressing or that I would have liked to touch anyone else’s cock, those secrets were mine to keep. Anyway, this was 1967 and times were indeed changing, homosexuality was de-criminalised (I didn’t know what this meant at the time but I sure do now). I was hanging around with other guys most of the time and knew that some of these were different (they didn’t seem to look at girls the way I did, nor were they interested in the lingerie and swimwear section of the catalogues our mums borrowed or ran).

It was around the spring break for Easter that I started hanging out with an older lad from my school who lived about a mile, or a mile and a half, away. He looked a lot older than his 15 and he managed to buy Playboy and Penthouse magazines. This was the first time I had seen women naked (my clothes swapping friend was only a year older than me with no pubic hair and only size A/B tits). This really opened my eyes to the female body. I noticed a lot of my friends mums in a new light, I must admit that had any of them asked me to fuck them I’d probably have run a mile because they were my friends mums. Not because I had anything against sex, just that my friends mums???

I noticed that when we went back to school there were a lot of women from the nearby housing estate who had taken to walking through the den during the mornings, so our wanking sessions took on an element of risk of being seen, this however only added to the thrill. One morning there were two of us who had gone to the den after 11 and, we thought, we were hidden from view watching two women sitting below us talking. One of them kept pushing her hair away from her face and we could see her breasts straining to get loose from her bra and force their way through her jumper for us to get an eyeful of those pert perfect tits with their hardened nipples. Her friend was wearing a mini skirt and kept pulling at the hem as though she knew she was being watched. Of course she pulled the hem down and let it go so it shot back up and revealed her legs almost right to the intersection where her pussy was.

Bearing in mind we were watching them through the branches of a low hanging tree with our trousers around our ankles and our cocks hard and being pumped so we were desperately trying not to make any noise at all. My friend had a habit of coughing at inopportune moments so I was away from him but still in his view as he was in mine. We didn’t talk as we weren’t sure they wouldn’t hear us if we said anything at all. Anyway, I shot my load and was just about to get dressed when my friend coughed and shot his load all over the buds on the branch and this caused the branch to move and I swear it left us visible to the two women below.

I dropped down and was still trying to get my trousers up when I noticed it had gone very quiet. My friend was still standing with his cock erect and proud in his hand and his cum shooting out of the tip making the branch shake and glisten. I looked a real sight but my friend was more of a sight with his trousers round his ankles, his hard cock in his hand but going limp with the last of his cum dripping to the grass by his pants and underpants. I looked to see where the women were and they had moved away from their seat on the grass and were now watching my friend’s cock as it started to harden again.

“Are you boys alone?” One of them enquired.

“Yes, just the two of us” I croaked out.

“How would you like to show us what you can do then boys?”

“What do you mean?” from my friend.

“I live near by so if you get dressed and follow us we’ll go to mine and then you can see what I mean!” came the reply followed by a dirty laugh from her friend. We rushed to get ourselves straightened up and then went down to join them. The one who had offered to take us back to hers said that not everyone in her street worked so if we waited at the edge of the woods hidden in the tree line to see where she lived we could then go over and knock on the door.

We did this and followed them to the edge of the trees, watched where they went and after the front door was closed we were daring each other to go first and knock on the door. Anyway, I ended up being the one who approached the door and knocked, not knowing what to expect. The door was opened and we were invited in. The woman who had opened the door took us through to the kitchen and sat us down while her friend put the kettle on. While waiting for it to boil she lifted her skirt and asked if one of us would like to look under her knickers. I was over beside her in a flash, up to then I’d only seen a pussy covered in fair downy hair so this was my first sight of a full bush in the flesh as it were. My friend meanwhile was also busy getting his eyes feasted on the pussy by him. I started to put my hand into the bush and felt the crack open up eager for my finger. Anyway, the kettle boiled so drinks were made and we took these into the front room where we could be more comfortable (so the ladies told us anyway).

Once we had settled onto the sofa and the ladies had settled onto chairs they told us to remove our clothes so they could see what we had to offer some lonely housewives who were desperate for male attention. As you can imagine we were only too happy to oblige thinking that we were onto a good thing here. The ladies meanwhile were sitting drinking their tea and watching us strip. They told us to take everything off (including watches and socks) while they smiled and nodded to themselves. Once we were naked they asked us to walk over to them on the chairs so they could get a good look at our bodies. We slowly obliged and then they stood up and pushed us down onto the chairs quickly sitting on our laps and naked cocks to see if we would rise to the challenge through their clothing.

They needn’t have worried about me, I was hard before she had made herself comfortable while my friend shot his load almost as soon as his lady sat on his lap. That’s when the friendly mood evaporated, the lady had a new skirt on and would never be able to get the spunk stains out (so she said), while mine said that I was behaving myself so she would take me upstairs and leave them to resolve that predicament on their own. So upstairs we went with her leading me from behind with her hands placed on my bum and fingers moving in between my legs. As I walked the hand between my legs was finding my balls then a finger went up my bum crack and started fondling the hole. This was getting me so turned on I almost came on the stairs. Anyway, she took me into the bathroom (told me as it wasn’t her house she didn’t want to use a bedroom). Once there she locked the door, sat down on the toilet and told me to start undressing her. When I put my hands on her skirt she slapped them away and told me not to undo the skirt but to start with the blouse. I duly obliged her and undid her blouse with a lot of fumbling and it seemed to take forever. Once her blouse was off I went to undo her bra but again my hands were slapped away and she told me again not to. She said now I could remove her skirt but nothing else as she wasn’t comfortable being naked with a schoolboy.

Once she was down to bra and knickers with tights over the knickers she told me to sit on the bath and she would let me take the tights off as long as my hands didn’t touch them. I asked her what she meant and she laughed and said how naïve I was. When I sat on the bath she came and stood over me and told me to use my mouth, teeth and tongue to remove her tights but if I started moving her knickers she would spank me hard. Anyway I gripped the top of the tights in my mouth and started moving my head down. When the knickers started to slide I let go and moved to the back of her and started again from the waist band. Gripping with my mouth and slowly moving them down until the knickers started moving again. This time she must have felt them as I got such a shock when she smacked my bare arse hard with her hand. That was it, I stared at her and said “It’s not possible to move the tights off without disturbing your knickers! What do you want me to do? Get you undressed or leave you as you are?”

Her reply took me by surprise though, she said “Leave my tights where they are and just have a wank then come over my tits, you fucking stupid young wanker”.

With that she prodded me in the balls and told me to stop mithering (feeling sorry for myself) and just get on with it before she changed her mind again. With a rock solid cock again I started to tug it when she grabbed round and pulled me in so my cock went into her mouth with me still pulling it. She gave me my first ever blow job there and then and it took me only a couple of minutes to shoot my load into her mouth.

She seemed to enjoy that (although she didn’t swallow) and pulled me down next to her before opening her mouth and dribbling my come onto my neck, chest and belly mixed with her saliva. Telling me to wait, she finished undressing herself and climbed on top of my chest. Then she began rubbing herself while moving up and down on my chest before she exploded on top of me and mixed her cum with mine using her body. She came another few times before climbing off and lying next to me on the bathroom floor.

My first introduction to mutual masturbation in mixed company and I was soaked and ecstatic I was also hard again (courtesy of a teenage male body). When she noticed I was hard she told me “Sorry, but I don’t have the energy to bring you off again but have a wank and shoot over your belly if you must.”

This was becoming a day of firsts for me, after we had recovered our composure and I had completely spent everything I had, we had a bath together and she washed me front and back before getting me to wash her front and back. Once we were dry and she had got dressed we went downstairs so I could also get dressed. Back in the living room her friend was on her own and told me that my friend had disgraced himself completely, as well as coming all over her dress he had then proceeded to shoot his load every two minutes over the floor and furniture. Now, with her husband due home in 4 hours what was I going to do about that?

I told her that I was sorry but I was completely spent and grabbed my clothes and shoes putting them on as I was heading for the back door. Leaving her complaining away to her friend. Needless to say, we never saw either of those women again. My first (and, so far, last) one night stand.

During the rest of the time at school things became less eventful, my friends and I didn’t bunk off classes half as much, hormones were racing and we had enough with smoking and carrying on (as well as trying to keep out of the way of the teachers). Things had settled down as well for the younger kids as the older ones knew to stay away from them or they’d have Mike and me to deal with. Some of my non-smoking class-mates didn’t like the fact that we were getting a reputation, although it was rubbing off on them as well. I started to feel some resentment coming our way and felt it could only be a matter of time before things started to come to a head. When I mentioned this to Mike he told me not to worry about it as he had my back as I had his. I wasn’t worried about that just wary about being around them since we would have no warning of any attack coming.

After the summer holidays things became very boring, that year we had an Indian Summer where the temperature remained high until the end of September but we also had a lot of rain so playing outdoors was not an option. Christmas 1967 brought me my first long playing record ever, mum bought me Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band that year. I had heard it over and over again round at my next door neighbours since it had been released in the summer.

Just Abust With Lust

Amusing and very witty. Lust is all of this and more…
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The Müscleheaded Blog

I just got in
from places
far-flung and remote.

And boy,
are my arms tired.

And I’m too tired
to figure out
what exactly is wrong
with that joke.lust


As usual, when I
finally returned to
my boring old desk
this evening to
set pen to paper —

(or finger to keypad,
I guess I should say)

I found myself once again
struggling to find
something to blog about ….

It struck me that perhaps,
…. just perhaps….

That all my choice
subjects have been
just run over bigtime
by this blog
time after time,

which I guess is natural,
… doing a daily blog for
as long as I have been
doing one.

So, I decided
that I shouldn’t really
even worry about it,
and that I should
slog on regardless.

today’s post
— about
one of those subjects,
that I have completely
beat to death already ….


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Inspirational quote for April (my birthday month)

When the power of love takes over from the love of power the world will truly know peace.

Jimi Hendrix