Black Lives Matter

by davebarclay1954

Yes, we all know the slogan but have you given any thought as to why it was necessary? If we could stop racism wouldn’t everyone’s life improve? Yes! If we can accept people from any background would their lives turn around? Again, yes, but so would ours.

Every life matters, man, woman and child. Black lives are being taken away in the US (other countries also have racist or non-inclusive policies) and that is wrong. BLM is a movement designed to highlight atrocities and brutality, as a white male I may not be at risk even were I in the US but that doesn’t mean I don’t care.

Black Americans, in the main, didn’t migrate willingly but were forcibly taken to work as slaves. Slavery was outlawed by every civilised country centuries ago, yet it is still being done today. We need to support BLM regardless of our skin colour because it is RIGHT to get behind it and change political minds so that the racist police officers (these are the minority) are prosecuted for their offences under the law and no crime is unpunished.

Native Americans are no longer in the numbers they were when the white Europeans decided to settle that enormous continent, why treat them differently? Because the majority of racists in the US are targeting Black Americans, shouldn’t we get behind this movement and make a stand against racism? I think this is a just and valid cause which is why I stand (proverbially) shoulder to shoulder with those oppressed and victimised by the current minority of Law Enforcement Officers in every US state, this has to stop and the sooner the better.