Sorry for the delay

I know I’ve been away longer than anticipated, this was due to starting at HP and struggling to get used to going to bed at night instead of early morning, travelling for almost 3 hours a day and working for 7 and a half hours every day Monday to Friday. This has been a mind blowing steep learning curve. I have tried going to bed for 23:30 but sometimes I slip up and go to bed at almost 02:00. When I’m up at 06:30 every weekday morning this leaves me feeling tired.
Now that the training is over I will be joining a team on Monday and will be notified of my shifts then. As long as I don’t start at 08:00 straight away I should be able to adjust to shift working after over 11 years with not working shifts.
The training was good, but I found some of it pretty heavy going. I do know more about the company than I used to, including the name (Hewlett Packard) came about by chance, Dave Hewlett and Bill Packard decided to rename the company in 1939 and tossed a coin to decide whose name would appear first. The coin landed on heads and HP was named and founded.
Today they are beginning to regain some of the position lost since the credit crunch. This has been done by reducing costs (allowing prices to remain the same or drop) which means that the quality products produced by HP are becoming better value for money. This is only the beginning as R&D are working on eco-friendly low power packs for desktops and laptops. They are continuously trying to make life, and computing, more affordable and accessible and I feel honoured to be working for them.