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Month: August, 2015

To My Fellow Bloggers

Real bloggers are those who post, please comment on the original and not here, free or paid for makes no difference: in the end we all blog for ourselves.

Creature's Art

This is a question to all of my blogger friends out there.

Let’s take, a well-known blogging site. You have various different options when you create your blog (or website as that seems to be a new feature) you then have the option of creating your websites name and receiving it free or paying for it to be upgraded to remove the .wordpress from it. You also have the option of various different plans, the first being free and every one after that offering you more at an additional cost.

My mother and I both blog, neither of us pay for any of the features on wordpress because neither of us are to the point where we can justify paying for those premium features we don’t really need.

However, today another blogger told my mother that she would never be a real blogger because she didn’t pay…

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Blogging For?

Why do we take time to write our posts, read the posts of other bloggers and comment/reblog those we find amusing, inspirational, funny or thought provoking? I do it because it’s a good way to meet others without the trauma of a face to face meet.

Would I charge people to reblog them? No, I didn’t even know that was going on but why would I seek to do this for gain? To me this is therapy, and I do need therapy and help.

A little anecdote for you: a physiotherapist moved to a new town, hired a sign painter and left him to his work erecting a sign above the door to say “Physiotherapist” after a week with no-one coming through his door he decided to go down and see how many were passing his door. He noticed fairly quickly his door was getting a wide berth so he moved out to look and see why. The sign above the door was on 3 lines and read: Physio -the- rapist. When he contacted the painter he was told it wouldn’t all fit on one or two lines that’s why it had been split that way.

The power of advertising. We’re all broken and need help putting the pieces back together so that’s why I’m here. For assistance and help to heal. Any comments should include why you’re reading this and a link to your blog wouldn’t go wrong either.

Five Tips to Start the School Year Peacefully

Interesting anecdote, we could all use some of this when starting a new job role. Who said you can’t learn from children?

Laurie Woodward

Well, it’s getting closer to that time we teachers both dread and look forward to. The beginning of a new school year. Along with the mad rush to get everything ready, I try to also think of how I’ll promote peace this year. Here are a few things I do that you might find helpful.

1. Create a Peace Zone. Here I have a small table for both peace and discipline cards below inspirational posters.


2. Plan your reward system. What rewards will you use?  Personally I have two reward systems: cooperative and individual. My students sit in cooperative groups and get points for on-task behavior. That group with the most points receives a prize at the end of the day. For individual behaviors, each student has the opportunity to get two tickets weekly: one for completing all homework and another if they did pull their card. They can use these…

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Hello, new friends!

And I’m not your mom either, so must be a few now reading your blog. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I hope you like it here and stay, us fatties could do with reminders of our fit and healthy (or not) youth.


Or perhaps just the two of you that are reading this (hi, mom). Or perhaps the none of you that are reading this. That’s okay- this isn’t for you. This is for me, at least for now, and maybe someday it will be for you. I hope someday it’s for you! Let’s hope for that together. Dear Lord, I pray that someday anonymous online strangers get into arguments after sharing my controversial post on the consumption of whey protein on a paleo diet (to come).

Anyways, hi. I’m Hannah, I’m 18 years old, and all I care about is health. Well, it’s not all I care about but it’s a lot of what I care about! I’m starting this blog as a food/exercise/fitness/life/college journal so maybe one day I can look back and remember how full of vibrancy and energy and healthy fats I once was. I’m super inspired by…

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Movie Review: AMY (Directed by Asif Kapadia)

In depth review of Amy. If this doesn’t hit you, then you’re already dead. RIP Amy Winehouse, a hugely talented but ultimately flawed, superstar and vocalist whose songs touched us in ways she never knew.

You Reader, Me Jane

Many of us in the United States did not know who Amy Winehouse was when we learned Amy_Winehousethrough media reports of her tragic death at the age of 27. I was one of those. Asif Kapadia’s moving 2015 work of cinematography, AMY, ensures that we know who, and what, we lost that July day, 2011, and that we feel that loss intensely. It also unapologetically asks us to understand when sudden fame – and its associated institutions – projects itself, full blown, on young, talented, and vulnerable artist and ultimately contributes to the demise of those very artists.

The documentary is full of home videos, photographs, and films of professional and amateur performances of Amy singing live and in studios, and we hear interviews with her best friends Juliette Ashy and Lauren Gilbert, her managers Nick Shymansky and producers Salaam Remi and more, her keyboardist Sam Beste, her bodyguard Andrew…

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What a wonderful way of expressing our capabilities. If we are tomorrow then we are here because of all those yesterday’s. Please leave comments on the original blog.

A look into the life of a preschool teacher

Thobi - Berkley square 20150616_143822












Growth &


Tapping into





For granted


That those

who went

before us

Laid a path

However crooked

It may have seemed

We are – Tomorrow


They were – Yesterday

© Melanie Arendse


Photo credits * (Hector Pieterson’s dead body being carried –

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Letter from a narcissist’s true self.

luckyotter has a wonderful blog, if you haven’t checked it out yet you really should.

Hate Goes, Love Comes

Love is a positive more powerful emotion anyway. Please continue the good work by following and re logging the original.