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Month: October, 2018

It’s easier to tell a lie than it is to tell the truth

There has never been a more appropriate time for telling the truth than right now, we can hurt more than we heal if we keep on telling lies. Lies get bigger as people start to unravel them, so why not cut the crap and tell the truth from the start?

Someone said the truth will set you free, but we don’t want to believe that simple fact, lies and half-truths seem to be the norm today. There are women suffering in silence all over the world because they don’t have a voice. There are some here who can hear the sorrow in that silence and want to change it for the better.

I have said it before and I will say it again and keep on telling it to everyone who is within range, my brothers and sisters are fighting for survival but not alone, I stand with them and will die to protect any one of them. Who will join me in promoting the idea of only one RACE? The human race is special and we are all unique, men, women and children have the right to live in peace without fear.

I will offer my life to protect others who are threatened with hate, living in fear, trying to avoid getting attacked, raped or worse. Trust me when I say that straight men sure understand consent when faced with a gay man they think won’t take no for an answer. Education is the way forward, but how do we educate the fool who won’t listen? Treat him the way he treats others? That makes us as bad as him. Teach him to understand his fears are unfounded by our actions? That makes more sense to me. I saw a video on YouTube the other week which someone tweeted a link to, an elderly woman was paying for her gas (petrol if your outside the USA) with pennies when two black men gave her some money to pay for the gas and never wanted anything in return.

That selfless action has repercussions larger than anyone could have expected because it has gone viral. There are a lot of people out there who will do whatever they can to assist their fellow man, without any need for a reward. If someone were being attacked in the street there are some who would say no you can’t do this and jump in to help. There are those who will get out their phones and video the actions which go against humanity so that the people behaving in an anti-social way (whether it is objecting to a 7 year old selling water without a licence or complaining about mistreatment of an animal) so that they can later be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Racial hatred is a crime against humanity, targeting people because of their religious views is also a crime against humanity. Let’s not forget that when we stand shoulder to shoulder with the oppressed we can move mountains together in order to protect us all. If you want proof of that look back in history when people have been persecuted for any reason. There comes a time when enough people cry out against it to stop it in its tracks and reverse, sometimes centuries, of abuse and wrong doing. There is no such thing as a first world, second world or third world, only this world. Working together we can make things better for everyone.

Accepting we all have human rights doesn’t diminish our rights because it isn’t a pie, it’s a natural progression. We’re all human, we all deserve to live in peace and harmony, regardless of gender, who we love, which religion we follow, or which religion we don’t follow. The more rights we give to others the more rights we ourselves have. Respect is earned, respect can be given freely to another but if they do something to deny them worthy of that respect then it can be taken away again. Never forget you have a choice and a part to play. Do what you can for your fellow man and it will come back to you tenfold. I am not saying if you see a woman attacked then tackle her attacker, if you lack the conviction to do this then video the attack. Everyone now has a smart phone so there is a camera in everyone’s pocket.

Music today is by Georgie Wonderful and taken from his first Dark Horse album (titled as Thirty Three and a Third, his age at the time) and, as always, I don’t own the copyright in this track.

Cross the mountains of your chest I will sticker Union Jacks

The music to accompany my last post is provided courtesy of YouTube and Steve Marriott. The lyrics to today’s post are from a little known track because it was the B-Side of Urban Spaceman and will be attached to the end of this post as normal.

Can I just say how very impressed I have been with Goebbels words being taken to heart by one POTUS, the @realDonaldTrump who is posting such wonderful tales to the Twitter community as “Democrats want to unleash the criminals upon America that are currently incarcerated” and also “The recent spate of bombs sent to Democrat leaders are being concocted to hide the fact they want to hijack the election”.

Excuse me while I smile thinking of the words of Herr Goebbels while he was Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany: “To hide what you are doing blame your opponents until they are blamed and wiped out because any lie told loudly enough and frequently enough will be believed”. You’d almost believe Trump has taken this to heart and feels very strongly about it as he seeks to make it the truth in his warped America.

We see it time and time again where his followers will take his tweets at face value and make them real, the man arrested in connection with the pipe bombs sent to Bill and Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and others had a van covered in stickers endorsing Trump and his opinions about “FAKE” news and the media reporting it. I’m so sorry to speak ill of the damned but the one spreading fake news stories openly denying any involvement in his followers actions is currently trying to negate the upcoming mid-term elections.

People who openly criticised Obama while he was president and kept an eye on what Government was doing without any fear are now in fear of their lives for doing the same to Trump. America is falling foul of a bigotted, racist, misogynist and bankrupt who is seeking to rewrite the constitution to fit his own ends and will, if he isn’t stopped before hand, declare himself president for life (as Hitler declared himself the Fuhrer of Germany when it became obvious he would have been removed as Chancellor). Because the 2016 election was rigged when the Russians hacked the system and this is being investigated, Trump is making it hard for Democrats to vote, with early voting forms being “lost” – apparently only those from Democrat voters – he is seeking to hack this election himself.

Anyway, ’nuff said. I feel utterly betrayed by my own Government who are not fit to Govern during the troubling times ahead. It seems clear that they are prepared to force an anti-British Brexit on the people leaving us paying more to the EU than before for a period of 3 years following our divorce without having any say in the rules enforced on us by the club we are leaving. Before people say that I should have expected this to happen when I voted to leave can I just remind people that I voted to stay because no one knew for certain what would happen if we voted to leave.

I still feel that we were wrong to vote for Brexit, this Government is not the one to negotiate our future relations with those remaining states in a united Europe, they will do what is in their own best interests and not what is in our best interests. Since 2010 the Government has proved to be coming down on the side of the wealthiest in the country. When they declared that austerity measures were going to be implemented and we were all in this together, the once hit hardest, as always, were the poor, the sick and the troubled. Now that their lies have been brought into the open they are refusing to apologise but merely state that successive Governments were to blame for our current troubles. The UK is about to be split apart as any border agreement put in place in Ireland will, unless the border remains open as currently, force the people of Northern Ireland to leave the UK and rejoin Europe (which is what they voted for anyway) as part of a united Ireland.

Angela Merkel will welcome back Scotland into the EU should they follow suit and leave the UK, they also voted to Remain. What comes next? Will Wales follow suit and leave the UK? They voted for Brexit as did most of England, the main exception was London which voted overwhelmingly to Remain so if the capital left the UK what then for the UK? I don’t want to see the UK torn apart but that is precisely what will happen if we leave in March without any agreement and continue to pay membership fees to a club we no longer belong to.

Anyway, the rant is over for this weekend and hopefully normal service can be resumed soon throughout the West before the Russians succeed in weakening it too much for it to remain united as the USA and the UK remain divided.

I’ve had enough of reading things By neurotic psychotic pigheaded politicians

I found out something really remarkable today, I hope it’s not true because if it is then it makes an absolute mockery out of the National Insurance system in the UK. Apparently the immigrants wanting to come over here after reaching retirement age in their home country are receiving twice as much as those who have paid NI contributions all their lives.

There also is a system in place where anyone starting a business doesn’t pay any tax on earnings in the first year until year 2, however, immigrants are allowed to defer tax on any business they start (with Government grants to get them started) for 5 years. If this is true then the racism running rampant in the UK at the moment is the fault of the Tory Government and Theresa May.

I really feel that the doors should be opened for anyone to come in but they should not be given handouts, free health care or pensions unless they contribute to the Gross Domestic Product, paying taxes and NI contributions for a minimum of 10 years. How can the elected Government justify making the natives second class citizens in our own country? The Immigrants can offer a lot to our culture and way of life but not at the detriment of our own people.

Here we all are sitting in a rainbow

As promised I’m back again, writing this on my iPad so unable to copy the link here for Lazy Sunday. Hey ho, never mind. I’m thinking about anger and hate, there’s so much of the latter around these days it gives rise to the former.

Anger, when used positively, can be productive but hate only leads to violence. How do we combat hate? With love, that always takes the sting out and leaves the haters weak. I read on Twitter that a woman was assaulted on a plane and the guy told police “My president said it was ok to behave that way towards women”. If the President of the USA thinks it’s ok to assault women or any other human being he should be locked up and the key thrown away.

I’m sorry ladies, you deserve respect from everyone, as do Blacks, Asians, and the LGBTQ+ community. There’s only one race and it encompasses everyone, the Human Race. It costs nothing to respect everyone and awarding everyone the same rights is what makes us all better off.

When we abuse someone it speaks volumes about us. The only thing worse than abusing another human is thinking it’s ok to do it. It is never ok, I don’t care who is doing it. Anyway I’m going to finish now as I really am getting angry now and I don’t want to lower myself to the gutter in case I bump into Drumpf there.

I’m doing the best that I can

I was asked to provide a statement on domestic abuse to the Government so that they can legislate against this growing issue in the UK. There are a lot of different types of abuse and I’m subjected to physical, emotional and economic abuse by my wife.

It has been getting worse over the last few months since I lost my job, because I am unable to claim any benefit as we are together so she is refusing to allow me to spend any of the money we have in the bank. Just before I lost my last job I cashed in a pension fund which was going to pay me £953 per annum from the age of 65. As this was not enough to do anything with I decided to cash it in and received £45,000 and change. She has been spending this money as though it were her own personal fund and if I spend so much as a penny she wants to know what I’m thinking of as I don’t have any income.

When I try pointing out to her that her income doesn’t cover the bills, so we need the money in the bank to last until 19/11/2019 when I qualify for my State Pension, she hits me. If I move so she misses she kicks out or throws things at me, then it’s my fault that what she throws breaks. The emotional abuse is much less obvious as when we are out in public she makes a big thing out of holding my hand. When we are in the privacy of our home it’s a different story. If I try to instigate sex, she pushes me away and tells me that I’ve gone off her(?) Of course I have that’s why I want to have sex with her.

If we’re in the kitchen together, I’m in her way, even when I ask her to move so I can get things out of the cupboard. I can’t do right for doing wrong and she wonders why I’ve stopped applying for jobs? I was applying for 10-15 jobs each and every day until she started putting me on edge and then it dropped to a maximum of 5 per week, now I refuse to reapply for positions I never heard back about, or for companies who have knocked me back several times in the last 4 months. Of course this isn’t good enough for her ladyship so I have stopped applying for anything these days.

If I tell her that it will start another major row and I’m already on egg shells around her. If I could force her out I would, but without any income I can’t afford to leave. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get around this problem as I really can’t take much more before I either throw her out or kill her.

Music today is from the concept album that changed popular music forever in 1967, courtesy of YouTube, as always the copyright is owned by UMG and not by me but please enjoy nonetheless.

But when you talk about destruction Don’t you know that you can count me out

I saw something interesting yesterday, and the day before, so I thought I should really post my feelings on the topics and, at least for a while, try to post items more frequently than once a week.

The thing I saw the day before yesterday was a comment on using indicator blinking lights while driving (yes I’ve posted about this here before). It was actually a sign (probably not a real sign unless found outside a church) which read:

God moves in mysterious ways but you don’t have to, you should use your blinkers.

This was from a twitter feed I follow, and I had to like it and post a comment to say how much I liked it. That’s all I’m saying on the subject in this post.

The other thing I found yesterday was a petition on asking the Mayor of London to consider erecting a statue to remind people about Steven Lawrence, apologies if Steven should have been spelt with a ph in the middle. Steven Lawrence was waiting for a bus in London when 5 youths came up and beat him to death – because of his skin colour. So far only 2 have been jailed and the other 3 are still at large. This case proved how rife racism was in the Metropolitan Police, they didn’t want it investigated as it was a race hate crime.

I will repeat once again in case you missed it, it was racially motivated, Steven was black and all his attackers were white. Makes no difference if Steven was purple with yellow spots, the colour of his skin is no excuse to kill him. People from black, white, brown and Asian families were incensed and have been asking for the investigation to be made public so that we can have justice carried out for Steven. After all we are all of us one race, we are all members of the Human Race. My heart goes out to everyone who has ever been a victim of race hate or sex hate, violence is not necessary and we should all shout out together to end violence now, today.

There is one other thing I would like to say to all those campaigning tirelessly to end racism and racist attacks, whether they use the #BlackLivesMatter or not, we are all with you brothers and sisters. Black, white, red, or any other colour makes no difference, we can only make a difference if we stand united and together on the barricades. I don’t care if you are black, white, red, brown or purple with yellow spots, you deserve to be treated with respect. Whether you are a man, woman or somewhere in between, you also deserve to be treated with respect. Anyone who tries to take away the human rights of any one of our brothers and sisters tries to take our rights away.

We all have the right to love whoever we choose, without prejudice, we all have the right to live our lives peacefully, wherever we live. Anyone who commits rape, and that is having sexual relationships without explicit consent, deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law, makes no difference if they are the President of the United States or a homeless man, they are not above the law.

Music is celebrating the 50th anniversary super deluxe edition of The Beatles which will be released on 9 November 2018. The music was found on YouTube but I do not own the copyright, please enjoy.

I’ve had enough of reading things By neurotic psychotic pigheaded politicians

Is it just me? Is it just in my head? Or does anyone else feel the current spate of floods and hurricane force winds is Mother Nature trying to get us to stop destroying this planet?

Can I really be going insane? Is it really so well hidden that heavy rain and high winds are being caused by the melting polar ice-caps and destruction of forests on a massive scale?

There are too many psychotic pigheaded politicians today saying that global warming is a myth and the planet isn’t dying. I feel that the current state of natural phenomena is growing worse the more huge corporations are destroying the natural environment chasing ever bigger profits.

When our leaders bury their heads in the sand to appease the fat cats what chance is there for the rest of us? Especially when one of those fat cats is the leader of the free world. What can we do to stop the ever more powerful oil companies from destroying more and more of the natural defences we have around us?

Can we continue to sit back and do nothing when the planet is beginning to fight back? The time has come to choose a side, either destroy this planet so we all die, or fight those trying to annihilate everyone by destroying this planet to make another dollar and boost their bank balances even further.

I choose to support the planet and feel that enough is enough and we need to make a stand and say no further that’s enough. This has to be done while there is a chance we can leave something behind for our children.

There is time if we act now and all act together. Next year is the 50th anniversary of the biggest weekend in modern music history when for 3 days 500,000 people squeezed into a muddy field for 3 days of music and art and left without any trouble, fights or deaths and even 2 births recorded that weekend. Let’s try and get 1969 back on track for all our sakes.

Now, on a different note, I was in the process of doing a windows update for my wife yesterday when the manufacturer said the bios needed to be updated or the laptop would stop working so I did this update and since then I have been unable to get into windows 10. The laptop gets so far through loading everything up then a screen comes up advising there is an issue with the laptop and it has to shut down. It never gets beyond this screen and although there is an option for recovery nothing seems to allow access to the recovery files and windows want a product key from this laptop in order to allow me to download the files needed to a disc.

Need to get the laptop working for her but without being able to boot from the recovery disk partition there is no chance of doing anything.

Music today is from YouTube by John Lennon, as always the copyright is owned by his estate and Universal Music not me.

Live those dreams Scheme those schemes

Here we are and here we are and here we go. Well it’s time to write again or else I’ll get back into a bad spiral of not writing on here very often. I had things I wanted to say during the week so it was added on here before I forgot and now there is nothing to add but today is my day for writing a post so I am back again to do just that.

Normally, if I have nothing to say I generally keep quiet, however, in my current state of mind I know if I don’t get on here and post something then I won’t post anything else for a long time. I’m sinking in a deep dark hole, like I did in 2009/10 and this time I know I’m going so I am trying to avoid getting deeper into a depression.

Words are flying out like endless rain into a paper cup they slither as they make their way across the universe. I am not sure whether to tell you everything I am going through or to leave it as it is. I have added a music video to this post but the copyright belongs to ZTT and Frankie Goes To Hollywood not me.


This record was banned in 1984 for promoting homosexuality, there have been a lot of songs with innuendo in the lyrics since 1955 and they weren’t banned for being, generally, heterosexual oriented. Therefore, why was Relax banned for being laced with innuendo when the others hadn’t? There was a song in the 1970’s by Chuck Berry banned for being sexually blatant while it wasn’t to those who listened to the lyrics. Relax helped to bring the revolution to the forefront and did help to revise opinion in favour of gay men being given rights under the law. Homosexuality had been decriminalised in 1967, too late for Brian Epstein but made a welcome change in the law.

We need to realise that human rights belong to each and every one of us without exception. If we don’t then we will allow people like Trump to flourish and grow in stature and impotence. All it takes for evil to thrive is for good people to do nothing. We can’t allow this to happen again, we don’t want a repeat of 1932 Germany, especially not in the most powerful country in the Western World.

I try not to offer my politics in these blogs but sometimes I have to. When I see injustice which was blatant last week in a post on Twitter by Trump I feel that I have to point out the similarity between his video and one from 1930’s Nuremberg where Hitler’s supporters kept cheering and applauding for a full 20 minutes before he was able to start his speech. The similarities between the dumpster and Hitler are becoming more obvious the longer he is in power as POTUS. If re-elected, I believe he will outlaw Congress and declare himself President for life then it will only be his death which will allow the return to democracy.

Love and peace to all dear readers, and I hope we can prevent a return to the days of outright war between countries as the current world war is bad enough when the enemy hides in plain sight refusing to wear any uniform to identify himself as an enemy combatant. Especially when the biggest supporter of terror is running the most powerful Western Nation on the planet.

It can’t get much worse

Well, here I am again at a loose end. No music to add here as I’m writing this on an iPad not a laptop and Apple, apparently, don’t like playing YouTube videos outside the app. Ho hum, no prize offered for today’s song choice even though you will only hear it inside your head.

Anyway, I’m still out of work but thought I’d try something different, a cat visiting service for those people who work crazy shifts. Kind of like a dog walker only cats don’t need exercise. So far I have had no takers, hardly surprising since cats are very independent and don’t want anyone except their slave taking care of their needs.

Why do people wanting a pet decide on a cat? Me, I don’t like dogs, hate the thought of having to take them out late at night, when it’s raining, snowing or blowing a gale. I’m not cruel to any animals but there’s something about a cat that’s very appealing. They’re independent, own you not the other way round, and can be very affectionate when they want to be.

If you’ve never had a cat try visiting someone who has one at home and see how they take to you. Dogs take to anyone, even when mistreated they will return to their home, mistreat a cat and it will attack then disappear. Cats can’t be taught tricks like a dog so you’re never going to find a drug sniffing cat, or a bomb detector cat. It’s not that they aren’t capable of doing it, but they will only do it when they want to.

I have taken cats in when they came to me for food and shelter and they stayed for years. I have had a few dogs as well and they were never mistreated by me but I still couldn’t wait to get them returned to their owners or have someone take them off me. They were generally sorry to leave but I just don’t like the smell off a wet dog.

To change topic again, I have seen some strange things recently that defy logic. Seems not everyone with a BMW drives without regard for others. I have seen several actually using indicators to let people know where they are going, I know right? I used to think that if you wanted a BMW they gave you a lobotomy before allowing you to drive it away.

That’s not all, I also saw one keeping to the speed limit, doing 20mph in a 20 zone! I kid you not. But then I saw another BMW go tearing past and turn right into oncoming traffic without using an indicator. Seems there are still idiots driving around in BMW’s.

If you want to get in touch please leave a message on this post or email me, I will respond to every message and have started to visit this site more regularly than before. If you know the song which gave me the title please send the answer on a stamped undressed elephant to the usual address for your area.