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Month: October, 2016

Clinton is going to start World War III next year

So where does Trump get off? Doesn’t he know World War III started on 9/11/2001 on George W Bush’s watch? Or did he just choose to dismiss the war on terror (which has the entire planet taking sides) as another small conflict like Vietnam? If the world is at war with each other isn’t that a World War by definition? Maybe Barack Obama was the POTUS when Osama Bin Laden was executed for crimes against humanity (war crimes by any other definition) but the war is still proceeding.

World War III my dear Trumpster, started 15 years ago and is still not finished yet.

Something for the weekend?

Yes I know it’s Tuesday but, who doesn’t enjoy their weekend? If we share our most intimate dreams would that make them more or less likely to come to fruition? Dilemma is always a long horned beast.

I have a vision of everyone working together to conquer famine and drought. Providing energy from sustainable sources to power every village, hamlet, town and city on this rock we call home. If we work together surely we can survive and thrive? There are areas where nothing grows (deserts) but the sun beats down, couldn’t we have solar farms there to provide power to everyone? There are vast expanses of ocean with tidal movements which can be used to power turbines and generate power, couldn’t governments work together to achieve this?

The internet brought us together so shouldn’t we try to build on that? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Nailed It

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If we can share we can grow

Recently, I’ve gained new followers and this isn’t just to those new followers but to everyone who is following this blog, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

A huge shout out in appreciation, I am so humbled to know so many have read, are reading, my humble sorry ass blog. The point I want to make with every post is that war and hate have failed to unite humanity so maybe it’s time to try peace and love instead.

In the immortal words (I read somewhere) it’s easy to love a friend, but if you can love your enemy and show him you are tired of fighting you may gain an extra special friend.

Is the world ready to truly Give Peace a Chance now? It’s what we need to allow our fellow humans to grow and develop. We should educate our children to perform as citizens (respect each other) and enjoy diversity, after all we’re all unique.

Trump = Liar

Has anyone else noticed how loudly Trump shouts when caught in a lie?

He is the most dangerous person seeking public office since the 1930’s.

He hates himself (obviously) or he’d tell the truth about his affairs, and share his tax returns.

He has called out blacks, Hispanics, women and is boasting that he has avoided paying any tax for 18 years.

America it’s time to wake up to this racist, sexist freeloader and tell him to get the hell out of Dodge. He’ll have you bankrupt before the end of his first term, and will probably try to declare himself president for life.

Why I Speak

We need an America we can trust, their Constitution requires an overhaul but so does ours… Please comment against the original post so the author knows what you think, thank you for reading.

The PBS Blog

Why I Speak

“We often forget that the current state of Black Americans is directly related to history.”

Black Then Staff

It is clear that we live in a system that is unfair and a civilization that is not just. I speak of these things not because I want to focus on the negative experience of blacks in America only. I speak of these things not because I’m a dark person who just wanna keep bringing up bad stuff. I speak of these things because we’ve become comfortable here in this land. We have been blinded from the truth as a people. We’ve forgotten that the constitution did not include us and that civilization for us is outside of this system. We’ve been tricked into believing that we are citizens in this land and that we have some kind of rights here. We’ve forgotten that when “All men were created equal” that…

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President Barack Obama Signs Rape Survivor’s Bill of Rights Into Law

We need all these rape kits tested, not just in Detroit. Rape is worse than murder in my eyes so please help the women who have been violated in the worst way possible, they need our help to recover and see that not every man wants to force them to have sex. If you see a sexual assault then it is your duty to report it and do what you can to help stamp this out everywhere. Women are entitled to say no and mean it, to feel safe when saying no and protected against anyone trying to take away their right to be human.

Mr. Trump, It is not ‘Trump Estates of America’; It is the ‘United States of America’ — Vinod Narayan

Dear Mr. Trump, The Second Presidential Debate between Hillary and you is on Sunday. Since last election you have managed to make your journey to white house even tough. Another of your actual self and demeaning outlook towards women has come out. But are we surprised that you as a person would say so? I am not, I would be […]

via Mr. Trump, It is not ‘Trump Estates of America’; It is the ‘United States of America’ — Vinod Narayan

Libra Crone Moon, the power of Lilith to shed and to rise up.

This is a powerful message, Lilith was the greatest among us and the Goddess deserves her say that all are equal. Love and peace to everyone whoever you are and wherever you live. Society has to end the killing and that starts with you and me #BlackLivesMatter and #WomenMakeTHEDifference


Tonight’s Crone Moon is a rare one, it is the second time this month that the Crone Moon has visited us. This happens once every 32 months and this month is one of those moments in time when the Crone comes back to see us again before a whole new lunar cycle begins.

This Moon is being called the ‘Black Moon’ because it is the second Crone Moon, this struck me as odd as I always associated the Crone Moon with a black Moon, however, tonight’s Moon is hidden in shadow and makes it darker and more hidden than usual.

Black is a powerful colour in Feminine Mysticism, it is the colour of the feminine, the mystery and all that is hidden, our shadow and social taboo’s live within the dark mystery of the Goddess. All that the patriarchy attempted to assassinate went deep into the dark void of the…

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Stranger than strange

This morning just a little after 9 in the a.m. I was woken by a voice saying “Dave, I need your help”. Of course the bedroom was empty, apart from me, my wife hadn’t called so who did?

Answers please on a stamped undressed elephant to the usual address.