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Month: November, 2012

Things that make you go “WTF!”

When goods are sent by ship they’re called cargo, when sent by road it’s a shipment, why?
Why’s it called rush hour, when it usually lasts over 2 hours and nothing moves at more than 2mph?
Why do some people moan about the weather, instead of dressing appropriately for it?
Why do they call it Global Warming when, for most people, it’s generally cold and miserable all year?
Why is English more prone to errors today than it ever was before?
Surely sit up is the same as sit down?
Why do you button up clothing yet you start at the top?
Why does the sun never shine until you’re ill and can’t go out?
Why does warm weather happen wherever you’re not?
When you decide to enjoy a winter sun break why does the country you visit have the coldest winter/summer in living memory?
Why can you stand down at the end of the day if you don’t stand up at the beginning?
Why are there so many stupid people in the world, when there’s no God?
If there was a god (or gods) would he really allow so many wars and millions dying in his name?
Why are terrorists and freedom fighters used to describe the same types of people?
Who is responsible for rumours?

Here I am, back once more

Wow, what a crazy few weeks since my last blog, the broadband service has been behaving like a pair of knickers in Essex, more down than up! Then I forgot my password to get on here, nightmare as I now use this for Therapy? (Remember them) anyway all seems to be working today so normal (?) service can be restored.

While I’m writing this I’m listening to Roy Harper, one of the more successful unknown artists ever to come out of England. Do I digress, I’m really not sure but I do know that I get sidetracked easily. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so. I was going to write a last willy and testicles but I think John Lennon did that better than I possibly could, if there’s a God then why does the world have to continually be at war somewhere? Why are so many children starving when some people have more food than they can eat? Why do politicians lie so that when one of them dares to tell the truth no-one believes it.

Have we been invaded by persons from another planet? The government of whichever country you are living in wouldn’t tell us if we were as the knowledge could cause panic, are we not men? (We are DEVO), that could actually explain a whole lot if you think it over. Why is there so much poverty, anger and war? Is this the end of days? Who said yes? Of course it’s not, there’s so much to accomplish before we’re through, as long as the ecological balance suffers no more destruction. Leave the rain forests alone I’m fed up getting soaked because some idiot decided the trees had to go.

Is there any chance that we could send machines up to Mars to give that planet new life? We have the technology to do it, but we need to sort out this planet before we kill it stone dead and it becomes another lump of rock floating around in Space forever. If we listen to the likes of the Mayans then its already too late for us, the damage has been done by needle and crack pipe alike.

In the words of Dave Allen, may you travel in peace and may your God always be with you, till we meet again, goodbye.