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Here we all are sitting in a rainbow

Cor blimey, hello Mrs. Jones, how’s your Bert’s lumbago? No music again with this post, however, there is a song attached to the title. Prizes as usual for the first 4 correct entries opened on Monday 9 January 1966. Answers on a postcard or stamped undressed elephant to the usual address.

If there is no further concessions to be made before 31 October 2019, we should follow the same example followed by Greece following their General Election when the Grexit Party won a resounding victory, did Greece activate Article 50? No! Why didn’t they? They realised they needed the rest of Europe more than Europe needed them.

Brexit was fought on the grounds that the EU would give us a fantastic deal before we left (Remain told them that we needed the EU more than they needed us). We said and have been saying ever since that a no deal Brexit is not in the best interests of our economy, the United Kingdom or any of the individual countries which form the union. Those pushing for Leave stated this was fake and a deal could be struck with the EU. The truth is now known and the burning question now is: why don’t the Brexiteers want a second referendum since they are so certain they will win in bigger numbers than in 2016?

They are worried that without Cambridge Analytica (and Aggregate IQ are tied up in an appeal against the ruling they breached EU rules on data protection) they will either lose heavily or be forced to admit the referendum was won illegally and Article 50 will be revoked ahead of 31 October. Those wanting a second referendum, one that adheres to Parliamentary Rules of Engagement, is gaining momentum every single day. That has to worry those politicians now eager to suspend Parliament, do away with the voice of democracy and proceed to bankrupt this country with no regard to those poor who will die without the safety net afforded by the Benefits system.

Those who voted for Brexit in 2016 were fooled into thinking the world is still the same as it was in 1973 when we joined what was then known as the Common Market. The truth is the world has changed since then and what little was left of the British Empire in 1973 has now gone completely. The Commonwealth no longer need us or will support us while we are trying to negotiate trade deals with the rest of the world. It’s now clear that Europe will not offer us anything short of bankruptcy after we leave.

Of course within 2 years of Brexit, a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland that country will be lost to the Union. Scotland will hold another Independence referendum within 18 months and this time they will win, leave the GBP and join the Euro once they are welcomed back into the fold. That will not surprise anyone since both those countries voted resoundingly to Remain in 2016. The United Kingdom then will consist of only England and Wales, but Wales may decide that since the rest of the UK have withdrawn they should too. Their only option then would be to ask the EU to allow an independent Wales to rejoin in their own right.

Now, if there is any doubt about the sense of this take a look at the mood in Scotland, Northern Ireland and compare that with England and Wales. Scots are totally fed up that their currency, despite guarantees made by David Cameron during their referendum campaign, is still not welcomed everywhere in the UK. I live 90 minutes away from Scotland and some places here refuse to take Scottish notes, those which do are in the minority.

If politicians were to tell the truth I don’t think anyone would believe them anyway. Of course if the public don’t trust politicians then turnout is depressed for elections. If you don’t vote for anyone then you have no grounds for complaint since the result is your fault for not getting out there and voting in person or asking for a postal vote. There are other ways to vote than just turning up at the polling station and marking a cross on the ballot paper.

If we changed the practice of voting from paper to electronic, as they have done in the USA then we would be liable to hacking as the USA found out in 2016. Since there are so many people complaining that they are worse off today than they were in 2010 you would expect the next General Election having more than a 60% turnout. The more people who actually vote in a General Election the more likelihood there is that we will get a Government for the many not the few.

BoJo is proud of the fact that he was the only MP sticking up for the bankers who crippled the economy in 2008, caused so many people to be laid off following this and having to wait years before finding other jobs. Those bankers who crippled the economy and were bailed out by you and me by getting hand outs from our taxes, still receive millions in bonuses every year, more if they cripple the poor with outlandish bank charges and refusing to lend money to those who need it, since they will default somewhere down the line when the money they earn is worth less and less. The Tory Government introduced 0 hour contracts to get people off the dole and “into work” regardless of whether they are actually working or not.

We have to change the way this country operates, those who can afford it should be paying more tax, those who are struggling should be receiving more from the state to help them to make ends meet. People on benefits don’t have enough to live comfortably, they barely survive. Minimum wage is not enough to survive on unless you can work around 90 hours per week. We need a living wage paid to everyone, adult, child, pensioner. The pension is not enough to survive on and pension credit is no longer an automatic right if you have more going out than is coming in.


Brexit: The Uncivil War by Channel 4

I missed this when it was shown on British Television but managed to watch it on Netflix yesterday and it asked more questions than it answered. As a film it stands alongside A Few Good Men and One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, for entertainment. As a documentary it fell short, it did not explain that the link between Aggregate IQ in Canada and Cambridge Analytica in the UK was much bigger than either company wanted to make public. On the Cambridge Analytica web site Aggregate IQ was listed as SCL Canada (SCL being the parent company of CA). Aggregate IQ has never accepted this as accurate although their hacking program was exactly the same code as CA’s. The two companies consisted of exactly the same board of directors but with different CEO’s (AIQ’s CEO was the CEO of SCL).

With every new revelation concerning, not only the Brexit referendum but also the Presidential Elections in 2016, is it any wonder that the tactics used by CA and AIQ have been questioned recently? AIQ is currently appealing against a decision of malpractice of user data usage in Europe against EU regulations. When this appeal fails, as it most certainly will, what then for the referendum results? Will the referendum of 2016 be, once again, declared illegal and overturned? What if we have already left the EU by then, will they welcome us back with open arms?

I think we should (at least our Government should) withdraw Article 50 until all the facts are known about the referendum and a final decision has been made as to whether or not we should have the referendum again or, as I suspect the Crown Prosecution Service will decide, that because of all the improprieties of 2016 we should never have another referendum in this country to decide anything as divisive ever again.

Since the referendum ended, we have become a divided and separated nation, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly to Remain with only England and Wales voting to Leave. During the campaign ahead of the Referendum we were told by every Leave group that we would receive favourable terms from the EU so a no deal would never be an option. Now that lie has been proven a no deal is becoming more and more obvious, with everyone telling us now that having to go to WTO trade agreements and tariffs will not affect the prices in the shops. Any economist worth their title will tell you this is bollocks.

When tariffs are added at the port of entry to everything coming into the country (and we import 95% of everything we consume) becomes more expensive in the shops. The average increase will be somewhere between £220 and £300 per week for every household. Who can afford that much of an increase every week for the next 20 or 30 years until we can negotiate trade deals with every other country on the planet? Not the ordinary man on the street, not the Leave voters who are up in arms complaining about immigration and not the few who are on benefits. Jobs will be lost with much greater impact on communities when companies move their production plants to continental Europe to avoid hefty tariffs on them being produced here. With less money to spend consumers of luxury goods will decline, more shops will close and high streets will become ghosts of their former glory before the credit crunch of 2008.

People are beginning to wake up to the fact that a no deal Brexit will cripple the economy, cause jobs to be lost when investors move to bigger markets (especially those which came to Britain in order to get a foothold in Europe). We have seen a mass migration of banks out of London, I still think that within 2 years of a No Deal Brexit the United Kingdom will be no more. Scotland has already been making progress with talks between some European Countries that they will be welcomed back into the fold should Scotland become a separate Nation within 2 years of Brexit. Northern Ireland won’t accept a hard border which a no deal Brexit will force. They will therefore separate from the UK, join with the Republic, and like Germany before them, re-enter the EU that way.

With the UK reduced to England and Wales I would be surprised if Wales didn’t leave as well so that only England will be left. If they then tried to rejoin Europe the gains that were made (staying out of the Euro, staying out of Schengen and limiting the numbers of EU migrants) would be lost. No English Government would ever be given the right of Veto after Leaving and a renegotiation to rejoin. As I said all the way through the referendum campaign the UK needed the EU more than they needed us, therefore any deal would not be acceptable to the Parliament parties or the masses of the electorate.

I was born a British person (mum was English, dad was half Scottish and half English), in 1973 I became European and want to remain European. I never voted for Brexit, I recognised the lies for what they were. I have seen the racism and violence that has erupted over the result. I did not predict that because I thought the referendum would have been fought legally by both sides. Because of the illegality of the Vote Leave and Leave.EU campaigns and hacking into Facebook members to target them with personalised advertising to push them into a Leave vote, I don’t accept the referendum result should stand.

As an economist I fear that this country will find out to its cost and detriment after a disastrous no deal Brexit, that they actually were much better off before leaving than they will be after leaving. The majority of Leavers voted that way because they believed the hype that Europe needed us more than we needed them. They now know that is a lie. They may have voted to leave to take back control but we will lose control when we are begging countries for trade deals since we consume more than we produce here. The current POTUS has said that any trade deal will take over our NHS, proving the lie that the money we send to the EU would be ploughed into the NHS following Brexit.

Farage has said we should dismantle the NHS in favour of the American Health Service model. This means that no one would be able to get Health Insurance to cover pre-existing conditions, the cost of medical treatments will sky rocket leaving the poor no access to any medical treatment at all. Boris Johnson has consistently voted to privatise the NHS as far as possible, leaving the most costly functions within the public domain. The NHS was designed by a Labour Government after the end of World War 2, this was only part of the whole socialist vision for a fairer Britain. The rest has been slowly eroded since 1979 and the first Conservative Government under Maggie Thatcher bought and paid for by the (at the time) top 5%.

Nowadays the Conservative party receives their funding from the top 1% and they want to keep control over the countries poor, forcing them to do as they are told. Anyone who doesn’t see this is not only blind but stupid (apart from the 1%).

Summer days are anything but lazy, hazy days

For a change to my normal posts, there is no music to accompany this one. I was going to write a post about the current state of affairs in the UK and the USA but decided against doing that since everyone knows what is happening in both countries today. I then decided to write a post about my state of mind today, but I don’t think that is very pleasant to share. This post will therefore probably be a short one.

My wife spotted some wind spinners which she decided to buy for our garden, it was therefore down to me to charge my drill, get them put up by putting up the holders on the fence. Placing the spinners in place and then closing the hooks so they wouldn’t blow off easily. She forgets how unfit I am and thinks the work should be done much quicker than I can manage it and also, because of me being unfit, results in me being short of breath and sounding as though I have run a 3 minute mile.

My nasal passages being blocked (they are within 5 minutes of using Olbas nasal spray) the sound is worse than it should be. My nasal passages have not been clear for several years and I still don’t know why. I feel that I have an eternal cold in my nose, not possible I know, but that lets you know how it feels to be me.

I am in a dark place but determined to keep going and I refuse to let it drag me down today. I need something more than I am getting but not sure what that is. I am keeping my vitamin C intake above the recommended levels. With no visible results in my breathing easing off. I would love to be able to breathe easily and then I might exercise more, the nurses at my GP practice have told me that exercising more may relieve the symptoms of my blocked nose. So far it is difficult to exercise a lot.

For those who know how this feels it is not very conducive to exercise, since breathing is difficult enough from resting, doing any exercise means that breathing becomes even more difficult. If anyone knows a work around for this please let me know. If anyone has any other suggestions for improving my breathing so I can go for longer walks, or leave more often to walk around here please let me know.

Life is one long enigma

No idea how this post is going to go (hence the title) a little known track from the late great Hari Georgeson, music copyright is owned by his estate (Dhanni and Olivia Harrison) as well as Universal Music/Apple/EMI and video is courtesy of YouTube so apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

I had an idea today for a post and wanted to share it with you, now it may not take long as it is a very short discussion when it is one sided. The thing with a discussion is that it grows, we share ideas and then bounce off each other. With a blog it is only one person’s perspective and then we can read it and comment so the conversation starts there.

Here we have had some really hot days, temperatures up in the high teens Celsius. Today it is cloudy, rainy and the temperature has dropped to 18 C. My wife has read out a post from facebook and I would like to share it with you since I find it funny but would like to know what you think of it, feel free to use the comments to let me know if it offends you, makes you laugh or however it makes you feel:

America has a President named tRump which, here in the UK, is a polite way of saying bottom burp. Britain now has a Prime Minister who is called jOhnson and this is an American polite name for a penis.

Going with the politics for a few minutes (I promise it isn’t going to be a long winded affair today). I just read that Robert Mueller III’s sealed records have been requested, unsealed, by the House Judiciary Committee to see if there is anything contained in there they can use for impeachment. About time.

OK, this is the area I wanted to discuss now that “I Am Cait” is back on British tv, why is it that not every LGBT+ person speaking out on behalf of others receives praise for their actions from the LGBT+ community? I am asking because I don’t think it is fair. Cait is outspoken and is fighting for the same rights as every woman in the US. She is a woman and may not have been born a woman but that has no bearing at all on her gender.

If you disagree with me then tell me why you disagree, but she has been through the operations necessary to become the woman she always was. If you think that gender assignment should never be changed then tell me why you feel that way. If there was never a case for someone to be born with one set of genitals feeling that they were in the wrong body then I would probably agree with you.

I have never felt that people were wrong to be gay, after all, love is love no matter where you find it. When one of my friends came out as gay to me when I was 15 I said okay, but why are you making it a huge deal? I didn’t realise how big a deal it was in 1969, even today it is kind of a huge deal. It seems to be a bigger deal for black men than white men today, similarly for trans people to come out and date someone it takes an awful lot for them if they are black than if they are white.

I couldn’t care less about the colour of someone’s skin, to me they are a human being and deserve to be treated as such. I hate that some people on this planet look at someone and judge them on their skin colour, to my mind there are as many white criminals as black, in the USA today the chances of being found not guilty still often depends on the colour of your skin. This may be the status quo but it is not true to life. I have known white people who feel ashamed to speak of their feelings, but more blacks suffer racism than white. In the time I was living and working in London I felt I could go anywhere since going to visit a workmate (a man I called friend) one Saturday afternoon and walking down the street he lived on bouncing to the Reggae Music blasting from windows on either side of the street, until he came out and asked me what I was doing on the street. I told him I came to see him but was enjoying the music. I hadn’t noticed the crowd beginning to follow me down the street.

It was only when he waved and I turned round that I realised I had a following because they were not used to white people wandering into their area AND getting off on the music. When they all gathered round us, Glen said I was cool and they sat down with us on his door step and we talked for almost half an hour about music and the artists from Jamaica. Then Glen invited me in for a cuppa and to meet his folks. One of the most rewarding afternoons I spent in London.

As I said before, if we were together, sharing a coffee then the conversation would probably keep right on going, maybe change of topic coming up but the conversation would not be stopping here. Anyway, if you want to keep the conversation going please leave a comment and I will reply to you.

Garbage In, Garbage Out — Not Sheep Minded

A professor of mine used to say this. Frequently. It was as if it was the most important thing he was trying to convey to us. I wasn’t fully sure what he was talking about at the time. Twenty years later I might be suffering from a full garbage dump. The rubbish I was seeing […]

Garbage In, Garbage Out — Not Sheep Minded

A love for each other will bring fighting to an end

A title which most of us can get behind ahead of the fighting which is happening everywhere today. Song is about loving each other and copyright is not owned by me, video is courtesy of YouTube so, as always, apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the moon landings beginning. In 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first human being to set foot on another heavenly body. A lot of people on this small insignificant planet watched that first foot being landed on the moon. Of course people will say that it never happened, there have been conspiracy theories surrounding a lot of happenings in the 1960’s, from JFK’s assassination to the moon landings.

It was able to send the pictures back of Neil going down the steps from the Eagle because there was a camera on the leg of the Eagle which was turned on prior to the astronauts entering into the lunar module and flying down to the surface. That is also why you can see pictures from the outside of the moon’s surface growing in the camera lens.

I won’t get into the conspiracies here because I don’t think it was right to try and limit the level of the success for man. When you realise that most phones today (whether you call them mobiles or cells) have more computing power than the entire Apollo 11 event it really lets you see how determined they were to fulfill JFK’s premise of NASA, that before the end of the 1960’s America would put a man on the moon.

I was so proud to be alive in 1969 but on July 20, I was at my aunt and uncle’s home in Wallsend, their tv broke down and, being a Sunday, there was no way to get it repaired before the moon landing and the walk on the surface of another orbiting piece of rock. I missed the first moon walk and there was no chance of a repeat when the news showed the landing and walk during the broadcasts that day.

There were a lot of things which happened during the 20th century which are being repeated today, and not all of them are good. There were wars, there have always been wars right through human history. There were atrocities committed against human beings by other human beings, and this is still continuing today. There was genocide by a regime on a scale never seen before, but it is happening again today.

As well as all of this happening throughout the 20th century there were good things happening. There was a rise in the numbers of people who were against segregation (in the USA) and apartheid (in South Africa). Both of these were repealed. Blacks and Whites both bleed red when cut, everyone has the same basic human rights. There was also an idea which was brought out of the end of the Second World War to be fought on European soil. This was to unite countries together, make them dependant on each other so that they would not go to war again. Because of this there has not been another conflict in Europe which pitted European against European.

If we don’t learn lessons from history then we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Britain and the British Empire used concentration camps to put down sedition in the countries they occupied. Germany, under Adolf Hitler, put this idea into practice in order to round up those considered dangerous by Hitler. More and more concentration camps were built (all of them by the inmates apart from the barbed wire around them to keep people in). In 1941 when the war was going against the Allies and with the Nazis, these concentration camps were changed to become extermination camps.

Where are we seeing modern concentration camps being built? On the Southern Border of the USA, that’s where. At the moment there is still a chance to stop these ever becoming extermination camps. In the 1960’s there was a war being fought on foreign soil which was as popular then as Iraq was in 2000’s. The battle was not over oil reserves, it did not involve evil people like the second world war had. What this war was fought over was ideology, Communists in North Vietnam wanted to bring the entire country under a communist flag. South Vietnam asked the USA for help and more and more troops were sent over to Vietnam, at first the role was to train and aid Southern Vietnamese troops to fight their countrymen from the North.

Within a few years it became clear that the South Vietnamese Army were reluctant to fight their countrymen from the North so more and more American troops were sent in to fight on their behalf. The conflict escalated quickly into a full war fought by troops from America, Australia and New Zealand. Our Government refused to get drawn into a conflict in such a far flung part of the planet. The war in Vietnam coincided with Americans getting television 24 hours a day seven days a week. There were correspondents sent over with camera crews to go out with the US Marines and the indiscriminate killing of villagers by these troops were reported daily on American tv which fuelled those against the war.

Would that happen today? More so, there is no longer any privacy so if atrocities are being committed it is very easy to film and show these. Everyone today has a smart phone and the ability to post videos on social media and once it is out there it is hard to get it back. More often than not it is not able to cancel a video once it is on the internet since it becomes shared by others very quickly. With all of the technology at our fingertips today why don’t we use this to promote peace more and end war once and for all? Could it be that war is profitable? Peace also sells but none of the major players want to buy.

May you always do for others

and let others do for you… A song that I have been humming for the last few days so it is posted here for your delight and enjoyment. Copyright belongs to Columbia Music, Sony Music Corporation and Bob Dylan. Video courtesy of YouTube and apologies if it doesn’t play where you are but this is out of my control.

When does a war become so expensive it is conceded that it can never be won? The war in Vietnam was deemed to be lost in 1975 when the US stopped fighting on two fronts and pulled the troops out and Vietnam fell to the communists in that same year. Who decided to pull the plug on a war which was only supposed to put American boots on the ground to train South Vietnamese troops? The President of the USA, that’s who. President Johnson no less since Nixon resigned the presidency in 1974 so his VP took over the reigns.

If we do nothing to prevent tRump from running in 2020 he will become POTUS again because he has made sure that the hacking door has been left wide open for “someone” to manipulate the vote again, exactly as happened in 2016. If the Democrats in the House won’t begin Impeachment straight away then 2020 will be the end of the greatest democracy since Rome. The end result of 2020 will be a manipulated win for tRump and his first act will be to declare himself Emperor, blackout the concentration camps at the Southern border and turn them into extermination camps.

If you don’t believe this is possible think about the latest reports from the border camps when VP Pence visited them and the looks of disgust on his face and that of every officer there. They don’t see the people interred there as people but as some kind of animals to be used and abused as they see fit. They have already started moving teenage girls from these concentration camps to Florida, 8 miles away from Mar-A-Lago, you should know these are not by chance. If you had any doubt about the relationship tRump and Epstein share you should be aware that Epstein was operating with the full blessing of the current POTUS.

Anyway, enough of this criminal now, every decent human being on the planet knows how to stop him but is becoming frustrated with the dragging feet of the Speaker of the House. Anyway, as I said, enough of him as there will be bigger scandals coming our way soon.

If we can have some semblance of normality in the dark days ahead then we should use that to illuminate our lives and give what help we can to those facing the full force of the dark times ahead we should know that we have still some light left to give.

You should always be who you are because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. A word of wisdom from Dr. Seuss. If we all pull together is there any limit to our power? Of course not, we can do more together than any one of us alone can achieve. What then of the dark days ahead, rain, storm and the weather deteriorating until we end the destruction of the planet – or the planet ends us? Or can we work together to bring the destruction to an end and make the planet healthy again? I believe that as long as we act before much longer then we can save life on this planet before the planet ends everyone on it.

The British Police are the best in the world

Today, for a change of pace, I have used a line from TRB and a song which is, thankfully, no longer true in the UK. That doesn’t mean that there is full acceptance of everyone here at home, with racism and other discrimination going on around us every day and too few police to deal with every crime being committed we are in a far worse position than we were when the album (Power In The Darkness) came out in 1977. As always I don’t own the copyright, video is courtesy of YouTube and apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

Parts of the song have become untrue but the sentiment it conveys of police brutality, while no longer everyday in the UK, is still true in most of the countries around the planet. The law is changing so that everyone is being given equal rights with everyone else. Since it isn’t pie that doesn’t mean anyone is losing out on their rights. With so much hate and violence in the world today I am reminded of my youth and the demonstrations against the war in Vietnam, which the American Government refused to recognise as a war. Today we have the war against terrorism (which is a world war no matter which way you cut it). The war on drugs (which is failing) and other wars going on all around us.

If you don’t think I am right about the war on drugs take a look at how big and powerful the cartels have become and how much money their illicit trade generates for them. We should press our Governments to end this war and put the cartels out of business by taking over the drug production and distribution through legal channels. If they control the quantity and strength of the drugs available on the streets what will happen to the cartels in (so called) third world countries? Their power base will be weakened and their cash supply stopped overnight. The Government will then have increased revenue and the danger of an overdose will be lower.

The extra revenue can be ploughed into the economy in the form of additional funds for threatened services like police and fire. This will also prevent terrorists from making money from selling and distribution for the cartels. However, no Western Government wants to admit defeat even though they are losing this particular war with more and more drugs finding their way onto our streets. The people buying don’t know what it has been mixed with and play Russian Roulette with every injection and every tablet they pop.

As an example of dangerous mixers, I have heard of heroin being mixed with rat poison to make it spread further, while this will only kill in high doses do those idiot pushers know how much is safe? Do they know what the heroin they bought has already been mixed with? The answer to both of these questions is NO.

Some people in power know the war is not being won, for every reported bust recovering millions of pounds worth of drugs at ports, airports or in chemical factories, there are around another 90% out there making their way onto the streets. If we are unable to stop them all then we should hold our hands up, admit we have lost and do something about getting the income ourselves, ensuring the product is safe in the process.

Everyone is entitled to benefit from police and fire services being able to do their job and keep us safe. With numbers being reduced at every turn they have to decide what to prioritise and what to let go. This is not keeping anyone safe and it leaves crimes going unpunished. Yes there are different levels of crime at play, human life is not protected when criminals can get away with their crimes due to a lack of officers. Fires are started deliberately in order to cover up crimes and with so few firefighters around today a lot of these are being left to burn unless there is a danger from toxic fumes.

Successive cuts to services don’t help everyone, they only help those who follow a life of crime. Someone is killed today there is a very huge chance the killer will never be caught because there aren’t enough police to catch them. Someone is robbed today they can kiss goodbye to their memories since the police are too overstretched to chase down the items stolen. This is a sad fact of life in Britain in the 21st Century. The leading contender for the vacant position of Leader of the Conservative Party, and Prime Minister, is wanting to take the country out of Europe because a rigged referendum 3 years ago said that was what England wanted. A no deal was never put to the people and a lot of those who voted to leave will not accept a no deal exit. Now that the lies have been shown to be lies (the biggest one of which was that Europe needed us more than we need them) the majority now want to remain.

When the referendum and American elections were hacked by Russia in 2016 there was an outcry for an enquiry into both. Now the truth is known there is no guarantee it won’t happen again in either country. Russia is trying to destabilise the West so it becomes the only super power on the planet. Why is not yet known but you can bet on it not being to maintain peace and stability. Once it is done then it will be too late to go back.

If you got the money, honey we got your disease

Today’s song is from a mid 1980’s debut album. Welcome To The Jungle from Appetite For Destruction. Copyright is owned by Geffen Records, GNR not me, video is courtesy of YouTube and, as always, apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

There is no strategy for this post, no theme going through it, no theme uniting it. It is just me sitting here thinking about nothing and writing my thoughts down on here for your delectation and enjoyment (at least that is my intention).

There is a lot of shit going on at home and abroad just now and I want to try and take my mind off that, so hopefully taking your mind off it as well in the process. If we were to chew the fat face to face over a coffee would we find more to laugh about than there seems to be at the minute?

I hope you are enjoying the music, if it is playing for you. Sitting down reading this with a cup of coffee, tea or something stronger if that is your poison. I haven’t been here for a while and that was remiss but hopefully this post will be a longer one and bridge the gap between my last post and this one.

I hope you are keeping well, nothing bothering you too much or giving you too much grief. I am quite well today, for a change, which means fewer meds today, hopefully this will continue tomorrow. Pain levels are back to manageable levels for the first time in several months. I hate having to take so many painkillers for the pain that I fail to function as a normal human being.

If we can do something to help another human being without going out of our way or giving more than we can afford, how many of us do that? I would do anything for anyone that it is in my power to do. I once walked 4 miles home to get some sugar and pain meds for a work colleague the day before pay day. She was diabetic and had a severe pain in her leg which was causing her severe pain along with her low sugar so she was about to go into a coma. After running all the way home and getting what I needed then running back to the house she was at I was too knackered to go home again and we shared a bed for the night. I was a complete gentleman and didn’t touch her but did keep an eye on her all night.

I would do this for someone I barely knew because she needed my help, or at least help from someone, and I could help. I don’t know if she would have accepted sexual advances from me or not that night but thought that given she had been seriously ill I would let her sleep and keep an eye on her overnight. Nothing else happened and her blood sugar was restored to healthy levels and I was so relieved by that. I know that helping her was the right thing to do, it helped her to maintain her health and it meant there was no late night visit to A&E in order to relieve her symptons.

If I had the opportunity to do it again I would without hesitation. I was trained to run towards gun fire and if, hopefully never but these days you never can tell, I was on a night out and some idiot opened fire on a crowd I would try and take them out before too many died at their hand. How many would do that? I hope those who had the same training I did would, but no one else would. If you haven’t been trained then you are better off lying under dead or dying bodies to avoid detection and stay alive.

Anything can be used as a weapon but only stand your ground if the gunman is directly in front of you. If he is looking right at you and you run away he will shoot to kill. Standing your ground will disorient him and put him on the back foot. He is a coward who prefers shooting people in the back so standing your ground and staring him down will startle him and make him panic.

If we do nothing against the criminals stalking our streets today then we will never be safe again anywhere. I would like to see a time when everyone is free to be themselves, living without fear. I doubt I will ever see that day but you never know.

You know what you can do

Music today is from the King of Weird Rock ‘n’ Horror, Alice Cooper, the track which closed their second album, Easy Action. Copyright is owned by Warner/Straight/Alice Cooper and video is from YouTube with the usual apologies if it doesn’t play where you are. If it does and you don’t like it, remember you are the only censor. If you do not like what I am saying you can turn me off.

This post was inspired by those workers who asked their company to stop selling beds to ICE for use in the concentration camps recently set up at the southern border of the USA. Today they walked out because the company refused to stop.

In part we need to decide what is right for us and then do it. The workers walked out en masse because they didn’t like the fact that their products were being bought up for the wrong reasons. Children should not be ripped from their parents just for looking for safety. The reason there are so many criminals getting away with their crimes in the USA is down to the fact that they see their POTUS getting away with worse.

Of course here in the UK there are a lot of criminals getting away with crimes because of the lack of officers on the street due to austerity cuts from the Tories since 2010. Why is it that the bankers destroyed the economy in 2008 and since 2010 the poorest in society have been hit the hardest with austerity? Cameron said we were all in the same boat while allowing bankers to receive unlimited bonuses for destroying the economy, cutting back on public services and benefits for those who need them.

There is a new leader about to be unveiled, an elected politician who will be the next Prime Minister. Depending on who wins will decide when and how we leave the EU, neither of them is committed to a second LEGAL referendum on whether we should leave without a deal or withdraw Article 50 and remain within the EU so it is unlikely that the majority will have a say in whether we leave without a deal or can, at the eleventh hour, produce an acceptable deal out of the hat.

Those who have been following my blog for a while will know already where I stand on this issue. If the 2016 referendum had been run fairly then I would have accepted the result, because leave cheated and didn’t win by a landslide no-one should take this as the will of the people. After all Remain obeyed the rules for a referendum while Leave spent almost double the amount allowed, lied and told half truths all the way through. Now they are claiming they warned about job losses, however, when Remain said there would be job losses the Leave campaign accused them of over reacting since there would be no job losses.

Of course that lie has been proven to be false since jobs have gone to France, Belgium, Germany and the Republic of Ireland already and other firms are cutting back on staffing levels ahead of moving to countries not leaving the EU. Once Brexit has occurred then we will see more jobs being lost, companies who are here to get a foothold in Europe won’t stay when we are no longer part of the biggest club in the Northern Hemisphere.

Those who pushed hardest for Brexit, Farage and Johnson among them, will be only too happy to see the Welfare State reduced to ashes and no one being allowed a safety net. No Pension, no dole, no free health care. What we need to remember today is that there are 3 parties who will be capable of forming a government, Tories or Labour if they get a large enough majority on their own, if not a coalition with the Lib-Dems who were the originators of the austerity measures following the crash of 2008.

What we need in this country is for people to recognise that a vote for an independent candidate or the Lib-Dems will not stop austerity. Only a vote for Labour can halt the rot. Of course Labour are committed through their manifesto to go back to the country for a second referendum ahead of Brexit. However, Jeremy Corbyn was silent during the referendum when Labour were supposed to be campaigning for Remain. The reason is that he has always been against the EU. Will he support a second referendum or take the UK out anyway?

Anyone who doesn’t know what they want out of a General Election will probably vote for someone who promises to deliver whatever is important to them that day. However, the choice is much clearer than that, Labour will end austerity and start taxing those avoiding tax under Tory mismanagement while under the Tories it will be more of the same, higher taxation for those who are taxed heavily with less tax for those better able to afford more.

Like the USA British politics are dominated by the two main parties who are the only ones able to form a majority Government. Who we end up depends largely on how we view the politics of them. There are many other parties but since none of them put people up in every constituency they are not going to be able to form a Government. The Brexit and UKIP parties both want to see the UK as a three tier state, poor people with nothing left to die on their own, the working class who are kept down by having too few jobs to chase and the ruling class which is where they see themselves. These people are dangerous because they will blame anyone for the ills of the country in order to divide and conquer.

Can we have a change to the power structure in the country? Not while we have the first past the post elections with the party leader of the majority party becoming the Prime Minister. However, any other form of electing our MP’s will take time to put in place and neither of the two major parties want proportional representation since that would reduce their influence and numbers of MP’s. If we continue with the current format then we have to accept that there are only two options for Government in this country and the lesser of the two evils is Labour for the masses and Tories for the 1%.