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Well here we are, ladies and gentlemen

Music today is from someone we lost in 2016, his presence was a blinding light and I’m so pleased to have been to see him live. Courtesy of YouTube and apologies if the video doesn’t play for you, copyright is owned by Paisley Park and Warner Brothers so please enjoy the music.

There is a post going the rounds on twitter at the moment from someone called Mando, responding to a tweet from @thehill regarding a rape. The victim was an unconscious virgin who had blacked out for reason(s) unknown. The rapist is an ex-frat president and he will serve no jail time as part of his plea deal. Mando (@WarriorSix11B) tweeted and this is a quote:

“Let this be a lesson, teach your daughters not to become victims, they are not men, men can pass out drunk/drug and typically don’t get raped, some may, but guess what, that man will accept responsibility for his actions and live life accordingly. Women are not men!”

I responded telling him that anyone here would do jail time but I think it’s about time we all started standing up for each other again. If I saw a woman passed out I wouldn’t rape her or leave her lying where she could be raped. I would try to help her and, if I knew where she lived, would help her home.

We need to ensure anyone who rapes a woman does not get off without jail time no matter the plea deal struck. This is assault pure and simple and we cannot allow the perpetrator to get away with it. Enough is enough and women have suffered more than enough. I think that rapists should be tried in a court presided over by a woman, the jury pool should be all female and the DA (in the USA) or CPS prosecutor (in the UK) should be a woman. That way victims will not feel intimidated by her attacker as much and has a much better chance of seeing him locked up so he can’t repeat his crime with someone else.

Letting him off without jail time is an insult to his victims he has already assaulted and also to the victims he will go on to assault in the future. Jail time is the only deterrent currently available and if he doesn’t do jail time then what message does this send to women? They may be believed but if their attacker pleads down he can get away with the attack with only a slap on the wrist.

Assault is wrong, we cannot condone this and be seen to condone it. It is unacceptable in a civilised country to think that you can get away with assault and rape. A message needs to be sent telling anyone that if they take advantage of a woman they will do jail time for it, in the general population, with fathers of girls and deserve everything that happens to them in there.

I have said it before and I will say it again, if a woman says no it means NO. If a woman has passed out that means NO, unless she absolutely says YES then having sex with her is rape, pure and simple. Married to her or living with her makes no difference, NO means NO and if you ignore that then you are guilty of rape and deserve jail time. The only thing that means it is consensual is when she tells you YES, verbally or in writing if she can’t speak. Anything else is rape, rape is assault, assault is illegal (rightly so) and when the victim was a virgin then jail time is the only logical course of action.

Not even the POTUS should be above the law and he should do jail time for all the rapes and misogynistic comments he has made during his life time. Never before has someone so full of hate for everyone except himself, who openly uses drugs, been in such a position of power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Anyway, to finish up this post, I am definitely not the only one who feels that rapists should be punished, nor am I the only male who feels justice should be seen to be carried out especially when it comes to rape of a woman. Let me know whether you agree with me that every one who rapes another human being deserves to serve jail time for his crime, whether he pleads guilty or not. Thank you for reading.


All the colors of the world should be lovin’ each other wholeheartedly

Here we are, less than 3 weeks left in 2018 and hate is all around us still. Here is an uplifting song (apologies if the video doesn’t play in your neck of the woods but I don’t have any influence over YouTube or Google). The Jacksons with a very uplifting message for everyone. Copyright is owned by Universal Music not me and the video is courtesy of YouTube.

I have noticed politicians come in for a lot of hate, some of them deserve to feel this but, friends and colleagues, do we have to drop to their level? There are a lot of people, like myself, who don’t trust politicians to do what is best for anyone except themselves. That is the nature of the world at the moment, when you see the leader of the free world colluding with a foreign power to grab power and then try to hold on to it any way he can, even if it means acting illegally, it does not bode well for anyone except him.

Politics and politicians in recent years have come under increasing scrutiny and rightly so. Those with nothing to hide have been completely above board and open in everything they do. Those who lie and cheat their way to the top don’t want anything they do to come into the public domain so they keep everything locked up and hidden. An innocent man welcomes an investigation into his dealings because he has nothing to hide, the guilty are the ones who try to stop the investigation any way they can. Even down to criticising those carrying out the investigation.

The ones who yell “Witch hunt” loudest are the ones who have the most to hide and they are the ones who will lose the most if their illegal activities are discovered. When tRump shouts that the investigation into his dealings with Russia won’t find anything he knows they will if they keep digging. If he said those responsible for ensuring that American politics are on the up and up and no collusion took place to influence the voters by a foreign government, which he won’t do, you would know he has nothing to hide as it is all out there for anyone to see.

Here in the UK we have a Prime Minister who is hell bent on holding onto power regardless, knowing the Brexit negotiations only benefit the top 1% she wants this pushed through and accepted to stamp her mark on history. During the referendum she pushed for Remain, now she has done an about face, the referendum was too close to accept any deal and the people should be given the chance to decide whether or not to accept the deal on offer, leave without a deal (and bankrupt the country) or withdraw Article 50 and Remain at the heart of a united Europe. Sovereignty and keeping control of our borders doesn’t enter the equation at all. The truth is we are a middling economy with no hope of standing in the modern world on our own.

You know how bad things are when a former deputy Prime Minister who was all for pulling out of Europe in the 1980’s tells the country we will fall on our own in the modern world there is something to be gained by remaining part of a united Europe and a whole lot to be lost by leaving. The parliamentary vote to accept or decline the agreement for Brexit was postponed indefinitely, but we only have until March to decide whether or not to accept the offer, decline the offer and leave anyway, or withdraw Article 50 and Remain part of something which is needed in the modern world. This has to be passed back to the people and we can decide now that we are better informed of what Brexit will actually cost this country in jobs, economic importance and standing in the modern world. You know tRump won’t back his promises of a free trade agreement with the USA because he has enough problems at home.

We deserve a better Government, one which will unite the people, and equalise society so that 99% of the wealth is no longer controlled by 1% of the population. As long as we maintain the status quo of a Conservative Government bowing down to the 1% we can not have a fair and just society. America is no longer the outstanding country it once was, it has become a joke thanks to POTUS45, he has been bankrupted more often than any other president before him. He was a draft dodger during the Vietnam War, yet talks of patriotism, he has never shown any signs of patriotism. He shouts and bullies anyone who stands in his way of holding onto power, he is completely paranoid and is, supposedly, the leader of the free world yet he allows Russia and China (the modern Axis of what is wrong in the world) to listen in to every conversation he has about security in the US.

We need to get rid of the current Government in the UK at the next General Election and the US has to change the current regime as soon as they can, either by impeachment and indicting the POTUS and forcing him and his VP out of office, or in 2020 by electing whoever stands for the Democrats. GOP won because the opposition was divided in 2016, the opposition has to unite in 2020 if tRump is not going to get a second bite of the cherry and completely bankrupt America and destroy the planet once and for all.

On a much lighter note, I feel that today is the first day in a long time that I can relax, take some time for me and not feel guilty doing it. I have some really good friends and even though I don’t always tell you, dear reader, I do appreciate all the love that comes pouring back to me from you. I feel blessed to have such a positive and loving family on here, most of whom I won’t meet, but really you all help me to get by and take each day as it comes. No need to worry about what is happening around me when I have friends in every corner of this planet we all call home. If I can help someone to survive these troubled times it is because of all of you helping me.

Please share the love with those around you, we are all travellers on this small insignificant rock revolving around and circling the sun. I thank each and everyone of you for making me who I am, reminding me what I can achieve and looking out for each other is the most important thing we can do. There was a video I saw this morning of an elephant stuck in a trough upside down, his mother was panicking as there were lions around but a nearby herd came and distracted the lions long enough that the baby elephant was saved. That is what makes a society, and a neighbourhood, helping one another to survive and live to tell the tale of our struggle.

There was also something yesterday which struck me as a human being and it was from someone ordinary, not a celebrity, he said that if you get a flat tyre and end up missing an important meeting that is going to spoil your day. If asked how your day was you will probably mention the flat tyre, you may also mention how things turned out because of that flat tyre but the flat will come up as it was what affected your day.

If asked when you are 90 what your life was like, you know that flat tyre won’t come up because it was only one day out of a lifetime. Why worry about the little things? We make them important at the time but learn how to get over things and you will lead a much happier and more fruitful life than you currently do. I am trying to learn that lesson and focus on the positives which happen every day and drown out the little upsets from my day so I don’t end up back in the blackness of my mind, listening to that bull snorting and scraping its legs because I can’t do things. One day at a time and one victory at a time, that’s really all any of us can do.

Hate has been winning for far too long, love is the new power in the universe and we can achieve more with love than anyone has ever done with hate. Please let me know what you think, what you feel and what you love, together we can survive and thrive. Do something for someone else and let’s make a difference in one life at a time. Once again, thank you for listening, reading, and making a difference in my life. Here’s to the next 12 months and hopefully we can all make a difference every month to turn someone around.

No sense in sitting there hating everyone

Music today is from the kings of prog rock, Jethro Tull, and the song Teacher. I don’t own the copyright to this song and the video may not play in every country, for that I apologise if it doesn’t play in your neck of the woods. If you can watch it then please enjoy.

I have almost finished the book I was sent to critique and will be reviewing it on Amazon and iBooks once I have finished but thought I would share with you my thoughts on the author, before getting into a discussion (if people respond then we can get a dialogue going) on the demise of democracy.

The book is Ascent by Morgan Rice, she is a wonderful teller of stories and writes over a few genres, I know what you think Jack of all trades master of none but you’d be wrong. Her writing is powerful and her characters are full of honesty, even the bad ones. I have read a lot of different authors and Morgan is definitely up there with the best of them all. While other authors have based most of their stories in one distinct genre of writing they can all write in other genres as story-telling at its best is universal.

Morgan Rice always makes her characters seem 3 dimensional, it is too easy to leave things to the imagination in regards to a characters descriptions and back story. Morgan doesn’t give the back story in full at the beginning of a series but adds to it as the tale goes on. Most of her stories are not limited to one book but will form a series, indeed Ascent is Book 3 in The Invasion Chronicles but is the first of this series I have read.

Having read a few of Morgan Rice’s books I have begun to appreciate the depth to her characters. You know that all of the main characters in her series will be given more of the back story as the tale unfolds and that means you can become invested in them, their trials, tribulations and suffer with them when things go wrong as well as celebrating with them when things go well. If you want to read her books they are widely available through book-stores in paperback and online in e-readers format from Amazon and Apple.

I currently have two books on the go, the one mentioned above, Ascent, and Harry’s last stand mentioned earlier this week. To return to Harry’s Last Stand, he has said that democracy demands that we all use our vote to make our voices heard. Americans learned that lesson in 2016, when POTUS elect 45 turned out to be Donald tRump. Since then there have been allegations of voter fraud, some of which have now proven to be correct, sour grapes actions to limit the teeth available to incoming senators and representatives who are Democrats by the displaced Republicans.

Like America, Britain has a first past the post system for elections which means that we also have a 2 horse race for control of Parliament. Labour have now returned to their origins under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, while New Labour were elected for promising more of the same old Tory mis-management of the country to favour the 1%-ers who seem to control the current Government.

For democracy to work it seems so obvious that people have to use their vote and create the change they want to see. Yet to most of the people able to vote they sit at home and refuse to use their vote. This leaves our Parliament run by a party which may not be the best one for the country as a whole, but they are the one who got the most votes through the ballot box. It seems strange to Harry Smith, and myself, that with online banking we still have not got the option for online voting from home. There are ways to ensure the system is kept secure and this would give everyone the opportunity to vote when they have time rather than having to go out in person, either to vote or else to post a ballot paper back when they have a postal vote. Postal votes would become a thing of the past if there was the opportunity to vote online.

I know we have several parties here in the UK but there is not a chance that the smaller parties or independents will be given enough votes to form a Government. In times of trouble we have ended up with coalition Governments which do not work in the best interests of anyone as Government is strained. We had austerity measures put in place following the introduction of the coalition Governments in 1929 and 2010, these made the poor poorer while the wealthy increased their profit margins or went to the wall. Who missed the companies who were destroyed? The poor, as the ones which didn’t survive the Great Depression or the Credit Crunch were those offering quality goods at reasonable prices with very low profit margins.

If we continue to sit at home without voting then big business will continue to influence Governments in order to avoid paying their way. Avoiding paying the taxation businesses are able to pay but only what they want to pay is legal but wrong. Government should be taking higher taxation payments from those able to pay and less from those who have less disposable income. Unfortunately, at the moment, this is not the case. The rich who earn billions of pounds every year will send most of their earnings to offshore countries offering tax relief rather than pay tax on their earnings.

Anyone with savings doesn’t want their savings taxed, quite rightly if they have less than £1m, however, if they have more than £1m why not agree to pay tax of 10 or 15 per cent on this to help the Government to balance the books? After all they will get interest of more than that on their savings. They are not subject to the same constraints as the poorest in society. The reason they don’t want to pay tax on their savings is because they pay tax on the interest, however, it is not fair that they have savings when the poor don’t manage from pay day to pay day on zero hour contracts.

There is so much injustice today I can understand why people don’t want to vote for either of the main parties because there was nothing to choose between them. Both Tory and New Labour were listening to big business and the 1% and made laws and passed bills to protect their profits. Jeremy Corbyn wants to return to the Labour practices which levelled the playing field by sharing the wealth around among everyone in the UK. Why shouldn’t everyone pay according to ability in order to promote the ideals of society as a whole?

Is democracy finished as a force in the modern world? Can we not do anything to promote our leaders to consider everyone and not just the elite when passing laws and gaining revenue from all to pay for the services to benefit everyone? Please add your voice to the discussion by commenting or linking this post to a post of your own. Let’s see how the majority feel in the UK, the USA, Australia and NZ about democracy in their countries. Thank you for reading.

Be nice and have fun in the sun

Music today is from the Small Faces in 1967, copyright isn’t owned by me and the video is shared courtesy of YouTube from a German tv show, hope you like it.

There are a few petitions taking off on regarding the Brexit agreement, most call for a peoples vote on the proposals because the electorate in the UK now know the Leave campaign lied to them about the savings to be made if we left the EU. However, there are also some calling for Brexit at any cost because “That is what was decided in 2016 when there were only 4% more in favour of Brexit than Remain.”

Democracy has to be seen to be effective and the Tories, under Theresa May, have not negotiated a package we should be happy with. The Tories have never been the party of the common man, and they are trying to sell us out by taking us out of the EU while leaving us in. The proposal on the table will leave us subject to the laws passed by the EU, and paying for the privilege, while not having a say in what those laws are. This will continue until the EU decide we can leave, the end date will not be set in stone so it could go on for decades, or longer.

Now the facts have become clear we need a peoples vote with 3 options on the referendum:

1 – To accept the current proposal which is not in our best interests as a Nation,

2 – To opt to leave with no agreement with the EU, and

3 – To Remain inside the EU giving us the power to decide which laws get passed by the EU to become law inside the member states.

While I have no wish to go against the referendum result from 2016, much has been discovered since then to negate that referendum decision. We were told that we would be stronger outside the EU – false. We would have more to spend on our welfare state, neither recent Tory Governments or Labour have agreed to this and they have both tried to destroy the safety net of the welfare state since 1979, this also is false. We were told that immigration is an issue and we should take back control of our borders, the biggest issue facing the working class in this once great country of ours isn’t immigration but rather the ruling and upper class. Wages have stagnated, zero hour contracts are now the norm in retail, poverty is on the rise and more people than ever face the prospect of going cold and hungry because they haven’t got enough money to cover their bills never mind feed their families.

The Great Depression following the crash of 1929 should have showed us that austerity didn’t work. Profits rose among the companies who pressed their workforce to accept reductions in staffing and wages, other companies who tried to weather the storm went to the wall throwing millions onto the scrap heap. The recession caused by the so-called Credit Crunch in 2008 has shown the same things happening today. Luckily we had the Welfare State to soften the blow, but it is no longer fit for purpose as successive Governments since 1979 have watered it down.

Benefit cheats are not costing the country billions, no matter what the media want you to believe, the few people who cheat the system are not millionaires, no the millionaires are now billionaires because they still generate wealth on the backs of the poor. Benefit cheats are not trying to make a buck, they are trying to survive by milking the system. The system would not be there at all if Thatcher had had her way, she wanted a return to the days of her past when the middle and upper classes were the only ones who could save money, the working class “knew their proper place – on their knees” and only the wealthy could afford health care, food and somewhere decent to live.

You don’t have to believe me, take a look at the people using food banks, they are those who should receive benefits but have had sanctions placed against them for not following the rules. They are working people on zero hour contracts who have not been given any work, or reduced working hours, and can no longer pay their way. People are becoming homeless because they can’t afford their rent. Prescriptions are uncollected in England because people can’t afford to pay for them.

This is not the England I signed up for. I want to see a return to the England which cared about people, shared the wealth around and didn’t use scare tactics to keep the working class down trodden and feeling grateful for any work at any price. I want to belong in a country which is fair and just. Feeding its people as a matter of course, the current Labour leadership may be weak, but it is the only alternative open to many of the working class, retired people from my generation who didn’t have the money to pay for private pension pots to keep them in luxury.

Jeremy Corbyn is a good man and he is trying to keep the Government in check and responsible for everyone’s welfare. I urge the working class to get behind him and remember that they have been lied to by successive Governments since 1979, all we want is a fair days wage for a fair days work. No more, and certainly no less. We need to let Parliament know that the politicians are there to do our bidding, if they won’t they need to feel the wrath of the electorate and be out of a job come the next election. My MP is Labour and she is doing everything she can to protect this country from the Theresa May’s and David Cameron’s who want to build on the work started by Margaret Thatcher to destroy the welfare state and divide the working classes. After all it is easier to subdue a divided working class than it is to control a united one.

We were destroying the old class structure through the 1950’s and 1960’s, unions were strong and wanted to promote the welfare of their members, then in the 1970’s that started to go awry, not because the unions were too strong but because they tried to use the strike as the means of first resort rather than the last resort it should have been. The unions were not the enemy of the people, the enemy of the people were the faceless corporations which sought to keep their high profit margins and wanted Thatcher to take on the unions and get the working class back on their knees in their proper place.

We need strong leadership to get back on track with the reduction of the class system in this country. We need to be allied with the rest of Europe to give us a strong voice in the world. Without Europe we will be nothing, ignored, forgotten and downtrodden. This nation has to be rebuilt from the bottom and the best man to do that is Jeremy Corbyn. We need, as working people, to get behind him and make him stronger. We have to have the courage to back our principles for a fairer society. When David Cameron said we were all in this together, what he meant was the poor had to suffer hardship because there were too many who wanted to preserve their profit margins and even increase these.

We are not all equal any longer, education is once again being placed fairly and squarely in the hands of the elite, if you can afford to pay for it then you can get it and get on, if you can’t then you will be left behind. This is the 21st century, welcome to the politics and realities of the 18th. Wake up Britain before it’s too late and take control of your future before you end up unable to get health care unless you can pay, dental care is only available now to those who can afford it. Benefits will be phased out in the coming decades because the Government will tell you there are too many trying to take more of a reducing pot. If the welfare state went back to the initial ideals of everyone paying what they can afford so that those in need could receive the benefit there would be no shortage of funds available for doctors, nurses, dentists and teachers. Education should be open to everyone not just the elite who can afford it. Education feeds us all into the same system and encourages more people to become better citizens because it levels the playing fields, that’s why the elite want to stop the working class having access to education.

But if you want money for people with minds that hate

Music today is an inspired choice based on the book I am currently reading: Harry’s Last Stand (cover illustration above) and is by the Fab Four from the B-side of Hey Jude and (slowed down) from the White Album. Not sure which version this is but please enjoy it anyway, copyright is owned by Northern Songs and Universal Music and is used courtesy of YouTube.

This morning I woke up with buzzing in my ears and no other sound audible to my ears. I tried cleaning them out (against Doctors Orders) and have succeeded in making them much worse than they should be at this time of day. I can hardly hear anything at all but thought I should let you know of a book I am reading at the moment. The cover is shown above and the tale is one man’s story of growing up in poverty during the years before the Great Depression, fighting during the Second World War and the beginnings of the Welfare State.

He has lived through the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s before witnessing the dismantling of the Welfare State in the 1980’s and the introspection brought on by the capitalist ideals of Thatcher and Reagan which almost destroyed any feeling of society that had been built up since 1947. His words will show how dangerous Thatcherism was (and is) since it favours the rich at the cost of the poor. Of course, tRump is doing much the same thing in America today. His slogan may have been Make America Great Again but all he is doing is making tRump richer at the expense of the poor idiots who put him in the White House. The irony is the Resisters saw through him and his lies along with his alliance with Putin, his supporters believe all the lies he is still telling.

Reminds me of 2 families in Italy who almost destroyed the Roman Catholic Church by becoming Popes one after the other, the Borgias and the Medici’s. He, however, seems worse than either family on its own and is trying to become a mega billionaire at the American tax payers expense. Certainly, not his own as by his own admission he has not paid any tax in years, and some argue he has never paid tax in his life. He should remember that the FBI got Al Capone on tax fraud and evasion.

His story reads like no other in recent memory, in fact the nearest any previous POTUS came was in the early 1970’s when Nixon was investigated for voter fraud and was found guilty. In that instance his VP became President and pardoned him for his wrong-doing. Pence won’t be able to do that as he is just as guilty as Donny, his hands black and he is as big a racist and misogynist as his boss.

The investigation being overseen by Mueller is being lied to by the tRump family and others in the know (who admitted they knew about Russia money buying the Presidency but so what?) Every politician gets funding from dubious sources so it should be no surprise that Russia gave money to back pledges to the election fund from the NRA and others in 2016. The hacking of votes so that Hillary Clinton could not be seen to win (everyone of the Resistance is now demanding she be declared POTUS45 when tRump is impeached and imprisoned).

Anyway, going back to the book and the Welfare State in Britain, it was set up to take from all, according to ability to pay, and given to those in need in their time of need. Since Thatcher, every Prime Minister has destroyed that more and more by lowering the threshold at the top where people stop paying, also lowering the bottom threshold similarly, leaving the system with less money than it needs to function. If the rich were to pay what they can afford then the NHS and DWP would not be clamouring out that they need more cash as people are living longer and using the Health Service more as well as needing a pension longer. Thatcher, Major, Blair, Cameron and now May are continuing to punish the poor for not having enough money to live on when they do everything they can to promote the wealthy and increase their wealth.

Zero hour contracts mean that a person is off benefits, if they don’t work and don’t earn anything they starve and can’t pay their rent, buy food or live decently. This is being done in the name of the country by the Government. The country is being turned back into racists because the media have once again started to report immigration levels as unsustainable. The thing is, we should open the border up but change the rules about when someone can claim benefits, housing and furniture off the state. At the moment it is one rule of the natives and a completely different set of rules for those who come here to work and, therefore, increase the GDP. Someone born in the UK who becomes self employed has 12 months to make a go of things before they become liable for tax. They, however, have to pay NI contributions from Day 1. Someone coming into the country to start a business has 5 years tax free and a long time before they make any NI contributions. (These NI Contributions are what are supposed to support the Welfare System in place). While successive governments have been screaming austerity affects everyone and we are all in the same boat, you can bet they don’t have to spend time without income while living payday to payday. The recession has been caused by the banks lending money to each other to offset those mortgages which they knew were going to default. The bankers at the top are still getting huge bonuses even though they no longer have the funds available to pay them to themselves.

How is that all being in the same boat? Some of us are in the water and our life jackets are deflating while the fat cats sit inside the boat with plenty of room passing round the brandy and cigars. They can only afford these luxuries because of those outside the boat in the water bailing like mad to keep them afloat. If they don’t care about the working man and won’t guarantee a decent living wage to everyone how long do they think it will be before a revolution takes place?

Look back in history and the Peasants Revolt, the Industrial Revolution meant the fat cats were getting fatter on the labour by the working classes. In 1917, Russia was faced with a Revolution and the working class took over the country and spread to neighbouring countries very quickly to form the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Don’t think that would happen here? We have had riots in recent times to protest about Government policies which were unfair to the poor, next time it won’t be a riot it will be a revolution and I would hate to see the UK destroyed because politicians ignored the people who put them in Parliament and can remove them just as easily.

The common man is complacent until things get really bad but then they will speak up against the inequality, this has been happening now for decades, before looking for a leader to help guide them to victory in a revolution. That leader is here now, but his following is small but growing. That leader is speaking out against tyranny of the rich and wants them to pay their fair share, not more than they can afford but it will reduce their profits. Tax breaks given to the rich never filter down to the bottom. The rich will take their tax break money and buy a bigger yacht, bigger house abroad for holidays, anything to show off their wealth to their friends and neighbours. We need to wake up and see that the rich will do anything to keep hold of their wealth but there are more of us than them and they should be frightened of losing the propaganda war they are waging to keep the poor divided. As Thatcher found out, keeping the poor divided and reporting on each other is a good way to keep power for yourself.

Someone else did that earlier in the 20th century, he took it too far though and the World fought for 6 years to prove him wrong. That man was Adolf Hitler, and he knew that the majority of decent Germans would remain quiet until it was too late to stop him, that much he was right about. Ordinary German citizens were encouraged to watch their neighbours and report any behaviour likely to disrupt the Nazi party. Thatcher started that off here, others have taken up the baton and run with it since, enough is enough, benefit cheats may cost the country a lot when taken together but the Government is costing the country more every day and there are less of them doing it.

You were the one they backed up to the wall

Hello again dear reader, before I begin I want to introduce the music video to accompany this post and it is from Georgie Wonderwall in 1981, months after the death of his friend and band mate from the late 1950’s right through to 1970. Video is courtesy of YouTube and the copyright is owned by Warner Brothers Music and Dark Horse Records. I hope you like this one and it’s significance will become clear soon, I promise.

Those of you who have been following my posts for a while now will know that I use song lyrics for my regular posts and in between times I write posts about my life to date and I have posted up to 1968. 1969 was quite a tumultuous year for me and the post is refusing my efforts to condense it down so when it does come on here it will be quite long, apologies for that. The thing is, I had a major breakdown in 1969 and fought with my best friend and band mate (hence the use of All Those Years Ago here). The end result was I left home for several weeks in an attempt to “sort my head out” although that wasn’t the phrase I used. Anyway, I will finish the year off and post it in one huge post as soon as I get it finished.

The thing is the next chapter of my reminiscing will be 1970 which was another year which upset me greatly so that chapter will be another long one unless I can manage to edit out some of the pain and produce a much shorter chapter. I did say, however, that I was going to publish and be damned, show you the true me, warts and all, which is one of the reasons I don’t want to leave out my fight with Ian. I also don’t want to leave out the pain I felt when we fought and the joy at making up with him again.

I don’t know whether or not it makes for a good story to tell things in detail but that is what I have to do with 1969 and 1970. These years were not easy to live through and should be difficult to write because of that. 1969 certainly is. I wonder if those who know me the best can see beyond the words to the pain I felt, the pain I caused hurt me so much more than I wanted to let on. Anyway, that chapter is almost done and I will check it for spelling and punctuation before posting it in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, thank you for having my back, your support means the world to me and it is the reason why I am able to support others going through similar experiences. I know I can help people to cope with pain, after all I was bullied at school and someone stepped in to save me. When I could reciprocate this action I did so alongside another friend at school and we used to beat up the bullies when we could and take a beating when we couldn’t. It showed though that the bullies were nothing to be scared of and that frightened them more than anything.

I still hate bullying and, I believe I mentioned the viral video going around showing racism and water boarding of a Syrian Refugee at his school here in England. Most of the comments I have seen regarding this video have been in condemnation of it so I know there are people out there who feel the way I do about bullies and bullying. Now that his time is almost up the biggest bully of all, tRump, is about to be removed from office and locked up for his treason against the American people. I hope this will signal an end to all the racism and hatred over there but somehow I doubt it will.

If there is one thing I absolutely hate it is violence against an individual by a racist, bigoted mob. I used to take on mobs at school with my friend, as I said we sometimes beat them even though we were outnumbered as bullies are basically cowards. When you start beating up the biggest two the rest, usually, will run for cover. Doesn’t always work that way but hey, if no one stands up to them they think they are teflon coated.

Anyway, I just want to say a huge thank you to every last one of you. You help me through the bad times and I like to repay that by sharing the good times with you, if any of you need my support you will have it, no questions asked and no explanation needed just ask me and I will be there for you and do whatever I can for you.

Mental illness is a bitch, especially depression and anxiety, they make you crawl inside yourself and the only person in the world who matters to you at that point is you. I hate feeling like I am the most important person in the world because, trust me, I’m not. I’m not even one of the most important people on the planet because I am insignificant compared to some of the great people I have shared this planet with. People like Einstein, Lennon, Harrison, Dylan, Kennedy (JFK), Michael Devlin (he used to be the Super in charge of the Metropolitan Police) and lastly Freddie Bulsaro and Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou. (For those of you who don’t know the final two they are Freddie Mercury and George Michael). I was a huge fan of David Bowie from the 1960’s onward, but I don’t consider him the same way I do the other previously mentioned musicians.

David Robert Jones was hugely important in the same way as Mark Feld. They helped me to come to terms with myself and look at myself through different eyes. In much the same way as Ian Anderson, Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman helped me to relax and focus on something else for a while as I listened to their group albums (Jethro Tull, Yes and the Strawbs, then Yes).

I have an abundance of love for my fellow human beings on this planet and, if there is a God somewhere still watching over us, I hope he takes some pleasure in all the mayhem and shit he has created here. Because of all the hatred that has always been around I don’t believe there is a God, I will find out once I’m dead whether that is it or there is something else but by then it will be too late to care.

Is it only those following a particular religion who will be saved? Will the good all be saved regardless of which religion they follow or is religion all a sham? Every good (Holy?) book is written the same way, laying down rules to follow which seem to boil down to one thing LOVE. Yet everyone following rigidly any religion on this planet seem to focus on HATE. Why do you think that is? I think it’s because they know LOVE is powerful and gets nothing whereas HATE gets everything. HATE is fed by greed and gluttony and most people think that is what life should be all about. I don’t. I think life should be about helping each other, making sure that whenever anyone needs something and you can provide it you should do so without any need for reward. I have tried to live my life this way and it has not been easy but I feel blessed.

Men, women, children, you see them all around you all the time. Some people see them as human beings others will judge them on superficial things like skin colour. That isn’t necessary, they are all our brothers and sisters. No-one is a sex object, no-one deserves to be beaten because they are different. No-one deserves to be treated differently because of their social status. If I could wave a magic wand and have anything I wanted, there are only three things I would ever ask for:

  1. An end to war.
  2. An end to illness, and
  3. An end to poverty.

Altruistic goals you say, and you would be right. But if we work together we can achieve so much. Why should medicine be restricted to those who can’t afford to pay for it? Why should the pharmaceutical companies be worth so much money if not everyone can take advantage of their discoveries? Why should 1% of the population control 99% of the wealth of a country? The thing is, as long as we need money we will have greed and corruption. The corruption of some people is so absolute you will never believe what they are doing to gain and hold onto absolute power.

I am he as you are he and you are me and we are all together

Music is from those fabs, this time from Magical Mystery Tour their home made (or should that be hand made?) movie project for television audiences Christmas 1967. Once again the clip is provided by YouTube and the copyright is owned by Universal Music/Northern Songs, enjoy.

There is a disgusting piece of film which has gone viral, much to the dismay of the fools who shot it to promote their racist beliefs and rhetoric the people seeing it are calling for an example to be made of the idiots who attacked Jamal and his sister at school.

For those regular readers of my posts you know that one thing I can not stomach is racism. A friend of mine sat down and told me to look at racist jokes from a different perspective and he was totally correct, they are much funnier looked at from the opposite perspective. But then again, everything is much better when you look at it differently.

The scumbags who attacked the Syrian kids and then posted the attack on social media were hoping people would praise them for their actions, looking at the footage from a different perspective everyone has been condemning their actions because the country decent people want here is free from abuse and racism. This country used to be a healthy place to live and work in. The bigots had their day and were keeping their poisoned thoughts to themselves and their own kind. Since Brexit, there has been a surge in racist propaganda coming out and then with tRump winning (even though he had outside help to do so) the bigots thought the tide was turning to them again.

It seems they were not only wrong but incredibly stupid to think the rest of us would keep quiet when they spouted their hatred and showed anger against people coming here to escape violence at home. I refuse to keep my mouth shut and do nothing when I see wrong acts being committed. If you don’t respect this country then please feel free to leave. Those coming here to escape war and violence in their home country should be made welcome as that is what we are good at. Helping each other out when times are hard. Look at what we have achieved in the past when we pull together, we can move mountains and have done so often enough.

People are basically learning that to remain quiet when they see injustice only perpetrates that injustice and makes the bigots think they can do as they please. They can’t. tRump is going to learn that lesson the hard way very soon when he is jailed along with his son, Donny Jr. He is trying to bankrupt America before that happens but the more he shouts and incriminates himself and his crime family the sooner the cage will close and he will be trapped.

Theresa May is determined not to have a second referendum on Brexit but her negotiated deal will leave us paying into the EU coffers without a seat at the table to decide how the money is spent, it will then be up to the bureaucrats to say when we can leave and stop paying them anything. That isn’t what the country wanted in 2016 and it isn’t what the country wants now. Northern Ireland MP’s have told Mrs May they will not back this non-agreement not least because it would force a hard border in Ireland separating Northern Ireland from the Republic. The Irish don’t want a hard border and if that comes into force they will, presumably seek to have a referendum on Independence to rejoin Europe by the back door by joining Northern Ireland with the Irish Republic.

You know if that were to happen then Scotland would seek a second Independence Referendum and the mood in Scotland is totally different today than when they last voted to leave or remain within the UK. Theresa May could go down in the annals of history as the Prime Minister who broke up the United Kingdom to try and save face.

On a more positive note, if we can find it in our hearts to accept that every human being on this planet has a right to live their life without fear and violence then, just maybe, the world that most of us want to see can come a little bit closer.

The love you take is equal to the love you make

Here I am again, Wednesday, mid-week and to all those with jobs they hate it is hump day again. Music today is from the fab four (again, yes dear reader, again). Copyright is owned by Universal Music and Northern Songs not me but please enjoy as you read the musings of an introverted extrovert.

If depression were a physical illness it would take so many forms it would be seen as a virus, it comes upon those of us prone to the illness without warning and how we deal with it depends on how deeply we have fallen.

I have been reading Susan Calman’s book “Cheer Up Love” which deals with the Crab of Hate (Susan’s depression/paranoia/anxiety) and offers tips for those who don’t suffer with depression on what not to say to someone affected by depression. To give you a couple of examples of my own pet hates which people say to me when I’m in the depths and everything looks black and uninviting:

  1. Cheer up love! This makes me think they are condescending to me because they don’t understand how much I want to die. They could at least offer me a gun, knife or rope so I can do the job properly.
  2. Pull yourself together love! I’m not a pair of fucking curtains, if it was easy to pull myself out of the darkness don’t you think I would do it? I hate feeling this way and there is nothing I can do when people talk down to me but want to smack them in the mouth which wouldn’t make either of us feel better.

It is much better to ask things like “How are you today?” but you have to be prepared for the long explanation, if it comes. Most depressives will answer that with “I’m not too bad thanks, how are you today?” This doesn’t mean they are feeling good within themselves, just that they don’t want to talk about the dark mood they are in.

Depression is one of the worst illnesses because it is all about you. You are focusing on the things you perceive as being wrong with you: too fat, too thin, ugly, unloved, maybe even hated. This can be hard for others to deal with. So we try not to burden anyone with how we are really feeling.

I took a CBT therapy class once and the therapist took the time to listen to my views on what was wrong and then told me I had to re-learn how to cope by not focusing on the big picture as this was just going to keep the downward spiral going. After 10 weeks he got me to the point where I could go into a crowded supermarket without having a panic attack. Going out wasn’t a problem as I could avoid people easily when out and about, I didn’t think I could face a crowded supermarket but by focusing on positives and helping myself I gradually got to the point where I could lead a happy and fulfilled life.

That doesn’t mean the black hole doesn’t try to swallow me up from time to time, it just means I now have coping mechanisms to deal with it. I feel that I am better able to deal with the dark hours as long as I act quickly enough. Doing things that I’m told that I can’t do is one of the best ways to lift my spirits. No I don’t mean kill someone or take chemicals to alter my mood, I mean eat ice cream, sweets, drink sugar enhanced soda, watch a movie (particularly a good (or even a bad) horror movie).

Different things work for different people and mechanisms help us to cope with the blackness when it strikes. The next time you want to tell someone to “Cheer up love” don’t. Try and ask them how they are feeling and be prepared for a long answer. Together we can beat depression, but don’t leave it to people like me to provide all the answers because depression hits everyone differently and there is no magic catch all solution.

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Goodbye sunshine I’m on my way I’ll be long time gone by the break of day

I just feel that I have to write a new post today, because of everything that has happened in Mexico, Ukraine and the UK today. Before I start here is the link to todays song provided from YouTube and I don’t own the copyright to it.

Firstly, the US fired (or threw) tear gas canisters into people looking to escape from the terror at home. They thought they would be able to ask the US for asylum to keep them safe and instead were met with even more horror.

This atrocity didn’t take place on US soil, so the US opened hostilities in a neighbouring country which is totally against the United Nations Charter on Human Rights since the US and Mexico are not at war with each other. People seeking asylum in one country have to be in that country so by keeping them out tRump is following his own agenda again. There has to be money in it for him or else he wouldn’t do this.

On the same day across the other side of the World, Russia under Putin, have declared water rights all the way around Crimea, which the world refuses to acknowledge as a Russian satellite state but still as part of the Ukraine. This means that Putin is also guilty of violating sovereignty of a recognised country and member state of the UN. This has to be followed up by diplomatic means with the threat of force to follow if Putin doesn’t immediately withdraw from Crimea and hand it back to the Ukraine.

Putin and tRump hogging the headlines again, what a surprise. Each hoping the other will hide what they are doing from the world, but forgetting that with the Internet we can all see what they are doing. If anyone had any doubts that they were in collusion recent events should have removed every last one.

Back at home here in the UK, Theresa May expects Parliament to get behind her half ass deal for Brexit, which will leave the UK paying the EU for decades to come to remain within the boundary for the single market and free movement of people, paying for the privilege, without a seat at the table and with the EU able to say when, or even if, we can get out of this. The EU would also decide when Gibraltar is given to the Portuguese and when a hard border would be put in place between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

The Irish don’t want a hard border and have told Mrs May that they will never accept a hard border since they voted to Remain within the EU. If a hard border is forced upon them they will introduce a bill through their assembly for a referendum to split up the UK, rejoin with the Republic of Ireland and get back into Europe that way, since the Republic has never tried to leave and has adopted the Euro as their currency.

If Northern Ireland voted to split up the UK (which is very likely given the strength of opinion there against the UK government) how long will it take before the Scots ask for a referendum? I reckon about 2 weeks, give or take 13 days. So with one stroke she has tried her very best to not only shaft the entire UK but will also seek to destroy the UK. The leavers won by a very small margin in 2016 but David Cameron was too weak to look at the result and ask for a second referendum before agreeing to leave the EU. Theresa May doesn’t want a second referendum so is trying to shaft the country to get her Brexit non-deal pushed through by MP’s.

Too many people have asked her to reconsider the deal and to ask the country before accepting it to re-elect her for a second time. She is currently in a minority government as neither of the major parties had enough MP’s to form a majority government. Most of the sitting MP’s have been told by their constituents to turn down this Brexit deal and they know if they want to be re-elected at the next election, whenever that will be, they have to listen to their electorate and vote the deal down.

The time has come to stand up and be counted, there is a resistance movement in the US to try and make tRump accountable for his breaches of power and also to prevent Russia meddling in the Politics of the American people in the future. We need to do the same in the UK, there is a swing away from Brexit now that people have learned the hard truth of what Brexit will actually mean.

Time to stand up and be counted, we need to stop the bullies now. End hatred and divisive politics once and for all and also find a way to unite our respective countries behind the new dawn which will see a fairer future for everyone. Accepting human rights for any group in our society does not diminish our rights, it strengthens them. Human Rights are not pie, they are what we should all have the right to expect as a minimum standard from everyone else. I would like to post a picture here if I can get it on my laptop.

This I found on a post by @MattStout07 on twitter. Like me he doesn’t hate anyone, tRump disgusts him as he does every decent human being on the planet and the fact his followers hate everyone that tRump hates also disgusts us. If you are already on twitter then you could do a lot worse than follow Matt and his husband but not very much better. He has the best sense of humour of any American I know, almost as much as the Canadians. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post even if you already knew about the Real News stories I shared. If you didn’t know all of them, then I’m glad to have been of service, if you needed proof that there is a resistance movement afoot in both of our countries then there is and I’m so pleased that there is. There is also a resistance movement in good old Australia as well, being on the other end of the planet I’m not sure what they are resisting and for that I am truly sorry. If anyone knows please tell me as I would like to know what is going on there. Same with Canada, New Zealand and other country around the planet. If you have a government not doing its job to protect and unite its citizens then I’m with the resisters. Together our voices are stronger and louder than the arrogant bullies out there, no matter how many of them there are. We won in 1945 and we can do so again, whichever country is led by a gasbag who shouts down the opposition because he has no argument to put forward.