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Coming on strong all the time

Following my rant the other day, dear reader, I think I should take time to write another post as I feel I really came on rather too strong. If we don’t have a rant from time to time then we will end up bottling so much up inside it will do us no good. However, having a rant among friends allows us to let off steam and our friends won’t object as long as you are there when they need to let off some steam.

I mentioned last year that I hadn’t seen or heard from my best friend in some time, I still haven’t, I emailed him to say I was moving and still heard nothing back from him. The last time I saw him was in 2016 and he said he was undergoing some tests to try and find out what medication he should be given to stop his epilepsy getting worse. Since then I have not heard anything further from him. This is not very good as he has quite serious mental health issues and has tried to commit suicide a few times in the past. I don’t know what else I can do as my texts were not being delivered so I stuck to email but don’t know if he is getting them or not. I mean I don’t get an undelivered report or anything but at the same time when I added a read receipt to the last email it didn’t get opened but then it hasn’t been deleted either.

I would have had a receipt back had it been deleted unread or undelivered. Does anyone have any ideas of anything else I can try? I know he was moving in 2016 because the last time I saw him he said he wouldn’t be able to come over for a while as he was going to make sure his mum was settled in her care home and he would be getting his own council place again after that but he said he would keep in touch. Last year I had an email from him telling me that he was going into hospital to try and have his epilepsy medication corrected so he stopped having seizures and I haven’t heard anything since.

Anyway, enough of that tale, on a lighter note I was told at the end of June that I was being released from my probationary contract because I hadn’t managed to get my call handling time below 15 minutes on average for a complete week, having achieved it for 3 days out of my last full week my call handling averages were 15:30 minutes and 16:15 minutes which were not good enough.

I was told that I was being finished that day but would be paid for an additional week in lieu of notice and that would be received at the end of July.

July payroll only paid me up to the last day I was working so I queried this and was told it was an oversight so I would be given another weeks money to cover the notice period. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait until the end of August for this, it was paid into my account yesterday. If the payroll can be run exceptionally for an underpayment when someone has left then why didn’t that happen before when I was underpaid one month? I had to wait until the end of the following month to receive the shortfall.

That’s it for today so I will leave you with a track from the Beatles second last album (recording wise) which was the last album of all new material they will ever release.

Song is from YouTube and, as always, I don’t own the copyright in it. Enjoy and until next time I will just say Shazbat, Nanu nanu.


Until she shook you up Exactly like a firecracker

Forgive me if I ignore the furore surrounding Boris Johnson, I will briefly state why I don’t want to comment on his comments and that is because the guy is as big an idiot as Donald Trump. Everytime he opens his mouth he puts both feet into it. ‘Nuff said.

There is a lot of hatred flying around again, both in the UK and in the USA, this is not doing anyone any good and it makes it nearer for the perpetrators of this hatred to be caught out by their avid followers. I feel no remorse for the perpetrators being caught out in their treason and lies as they brought it on themselves. Anyone who uses a foreign Government to gain power and then tries to cover it up in this day and age is not only an idiot but also guilty of treason when that foreign power is an enemy of the highest order.

Donald Trump knows what he did was against the American Constitution and he weighed up the consequences of using the Russians to gain the White House. Now that this has all come to light he is still trying to deny it was against the American people and therefore treason. The truth is though that he is guilty of colluding with an enemy of the State and should therefore be impeached for his crimes. What he was expecting to happen when the truth came out I don’t know but he has consistently put people in positions of power because they either backed him in colluding with the Russians and Putin or have announced their reluctance to impeach a sitting President.

Putin has been caught illegally providing Russian athletes with prohibited enhancing drugs, killing opponents of his regime no matter where in the world they may have been living. Unfortunately as long as he remains in Russia then he cannot be touched as Russia refuses to hand him over to face trial. He is a criminal and wants to bring down the West, look at his backing of Syria and the regime which will release poison gas on its own citizens to stop them from overthrowing their president. He has bombed hospitals and schools to try and cover up the atrocities he supports openly.

He has marched into countries and annexed the profitable areas to Russia to bolster his wealth and cares not what anyone in the West has to say. He knows that sanctions will not hurt him as he has enough allies abroad to make them ineffective and the people will hurt more than he, and his friends, will. He can use this to rule with an even harsher regime and blame it all on the sanctions imposed by those in the West trying to get him under control and stop the roughshod way he treats those opposed to him.

Trump thinks he is some kind of god the way he helped him to take the White House and use it to bolster his interests and those of his companies. If you look at the nations he has boycotted they have some of the best anti-terror results around but he is unable to do business there. The regimes who welcomed his companies and harbour terrorists are the ones America is still friendly with and has not boycotted. How long before he showed his true colours after coming to the White House? He praises White Supremacists and is trying to take the USA back to the time of segregation, what is he afraid of? The gun lobby has been proven to have used foreign money to back his campaign with most of these funds coming directly from Putin.

Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie and yet some idiots are still blindly following him even after it has been proven time and again that he is a shyster and lies about everything, the man is unwilling to tell the truth and is occupying the office of POTUS so what does that make America? A laughing stock amongst its allies and neighbours. He is set on building a wall to stop Mexicans moving into the US, the ones who have been heading North have been the hard working, honest people trying to escape the cartels power in Mexico. He wants to stop them because they are not white, they don’t speak English and a lot of them don’t vote.

He is using the position he holds to bolster his wealth and stop his companies from going bankrupt again. He watched as Putin did the same thing in Russia and how long will it be until he decides to outlaw free speech when it is against him? I may not agree with the things he (or Boris Johnson) say but I will defend his right to say them. Any road up (as the actress said to the bishop) rant over for another week, and maybe next week he will have crawled into a hole and kept quiet (I doubt it).

Music this week is from a Birmingham England group courtesy of YouTube, I don’t own the copyright but please enjoy it.

Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble

Hello again, I thought it was about time I wrote another missive with a nod to another of the Fabs (after all there were 4 of them) and they were the ones who helped to change attitudes all around the world. For those of you who don’t understand French the heading is translated further on in the lyrics and it reads “These are words which go together well”.

The Fabs (when they were fab (gear)) told us that it is better to love than hate, we all have the capability of loving inside us and we should let that out more. I think some people didn’t pay attention to that and that is why there are still those around who hate everyone (including themselves) and spout their bile everywhere.

However, we don’t have to listen to them and it’s better if we ignore them and go about our day with love in our hearts and a smile on our face. Should we have to meet them then it is better not to fall into the trap of trying conversation, they talk but don’t listen. These are the people it is better to stand up to and let them know you are not intimidated by them (even if you are). They thrive on fear and feed off it to promote their hatred of everyone.

I was reading an interview with someone who toured the US in 1964 with the afore mentioned Beatles and she said that often they were subjected to racism and racist comments but never from the others on the tour. This was not always in the Southern States but never in the most Northern States along the Canadian Border. This shows how little stock the Fabs put in following the normal behaviour patterns. They taught us that, as human beings, we are all equal and equally important.

If we only take one thing away from the past then it should be Love. When you love yourself you can love another, when you are able to love another you can share the love around and love more. I don’t care what the colour of your heart is you can still learn to love and begin with learning to love yourself. Every change has to start with the man in the mirror (a nod to Michael Jackson) if you don’t start with yourself then how can you hope to change anyone else’s attitude?

I love you, my dear reader, whether we have met or you stumbled across this post doesn’t matter, whether you are LGBTQ+, black or white, yellow, brown or red with purple spots you are worthy of love. If you don’t love me that’s fine I don’t expect everyone to love me because that would take a miracle and they don’t come along often. I couldn’t care what you do for a living, whether you are fat or thin, if you believe me or not but this blog is a safe haven for everyone, anyone spouting garbage on here does get blocked and also reported to the site admin team to be removed. If you want to contact me then please do so, I will respond to your comments (even if only to like them) as often as I can.

Todays music, as mentioned above, is a tribute to the penmanship of John Lennon and Paul McCartney (although credited to both I think it was Paul without very much help) as covered by Diana Ross and The Supremes. I don’t own the copyright to this clip but found it on YouTube so please enjoy the music and have a wonderful weekend.

Tuire — Humans with tattoos

I belong to the generation who were young adults during the tribal tattoo phase – and who also saw the time when tattooing became common even in small towns. I got my first tattoo after my best friend committed suicide in the year 2000. I had just turned 18 back then. Her death came as a […]

via Tuire — Humans with tattoos

You thought that I would die without you But I’m livin’

Listening to Susan Calman’s Mrs Brightside over the last few weeks and it’s good to talk (or in my case – listen) to others talking about their mental health and knowing that I’m not alone.

I know a lot of people still don’t want to talk about mental health issues and everyone’s mental health is different, even people with anxiety and depression have different issues which trigger their symptons.

I don’t do crowds at the best of times and sometimes will have such a major panic attack that I want to just scream out “Leave me alone”. That might not sound strange in itself but no-one is trying to grab me, and no-one is aware that I am struggling to keep calm and not lose my head.

The thing that people don’t get about mental health issues is the way we cover up. The person struggling the most with mental health issues is generally the one laughing loudest, smiling widely and cracking jokes to stop people getting how badly they are feeling. In the words of one of the guests on Mrs Brightside no-one wants to be around someone that is miserable.

The thing is, when we feel at our lowest we will try and keep upbeat so that people don’t get that we want to crawl into a hole and die. That’s why you always hear people saying that they never would have thought so and so was feeling so bad, they were laughing and joking around just before they killed themselves.

The thing is not everyone feels so bad all the time that they can only think of killing themselves. Suicide is not the end result for everyone who is depressed, it does occur to those of us with anxiety and depression from time to time to kill ourselves, even that doesn’t mean that we will follow through and jump off a bridge, cliff or other high structure with a rope tied around our necks.

I can only talk about my own experiences, just the same as no-one else can feel the way I feel. I can’t feel anyone else’s pain, I wish I could, I can empathise with people who have mental health issues because of having these myself. I think we find it easier to empathise with others who are telling us they have similar incidents to ourselves, if we have been there then we know how it feels for us and can find it easier to get someone else.

Can we empathise with someone who is feeling something alien to us? Yes, sometimes we can, and some people are natural empathisers and can show empathy with others whether or not they have personal experience with what ails the other person. It’s often the case with some of us that we will work as long as we can until we burn out. 7 days a week often, because we worry that if we say no then there will be a time when we stop being asked.

Music today is from Destiny’s Child with a song from Lara Croft Tomb Raider which helps me to cope when the darkness descends.

When the ball was over.

Amazing story telling, if you enjoy it let the author know.

Tallis Steelyard


Very few people realise exactly what being a poet entails. They assume that it’s all sipping wine and eating sugar pasties and dropping the occasional cultured quip into the conversation. Of course they realise that poems don’t write themselves but still, they seem to think that our lives are easy.

They don’t see half of it. Admittedly there are times when I am working where I can just sit back and let the event flow around me. This is a sign that I have everything in hand and that the apparently endless planning has at last paid off. Alas it is rare that this happens. I have to work with the tools I have and these are normally the household staff of my patron.

Ideally they would grasp the spirit of the occasion and come up with something witty and spontaneous. Alas, bitter experience has taught me that spontaneity needs…

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Converging Paths, on #LisaBurtonRadio

Thought provoking and funny a good combination…

Entertaining Stories

Lisa Burton

Don’t touch that dial. You’ve landed on Lisa Burton Radio. The only show that brings you the characters from the stories you love. The world is balancing on the head of a pin today, and my special guest has some insight into the problem and a possible solution. “Welcome The Old Lady of Alexandria to the show today.”

“Thank you. I am very tired from having my home restored after a fire. It is good to rest a while and do what I like best.”

“Well, I suppose you can smoke in here. You know it’s bad for you, right?”

“At my stage in life, what does it matter? Would you like one?”

“I’m sure they’re fine cigars, but I don’t even have lungs. Sorry. My little bio says you own a bookstore in Alexandria. I assume something you read brought some insight into the problem we’re facing today.”


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But there’s no danger

It’s time again to speak out against hatred and division. There is a movement afoot to have the Orange Marches banned in Glasgow. These marches purport to be peaceful and supportive by marching through a community which is predominantly catholic by a group of Protestants, celebrating a victory in the 17th Century by a Dutch Protestant over the Catholic Irish. What does any of this have to do with Scotland?

Answers to that question please on a self addressed unstamped elephant to the usual suspenses.

Anyone seeking to promote hatred, division and violence should rightly come under the microscope and if found to be complicit in any crime then the organisers should be held accountable under the law for the acts of their followers. In case anyone is in any doubt as to the reason for today’s chosen track they should remind themselves what was happening in Northern Ireland when it was written in the late 1970’s. Sectarian violence was the norm and it always seemed to be the working classes who were killing and being killed. Declan McManus (or Elvis Costello as he is better known) turned this into a hit without explaining who or what Oliver was.

If there can be no Orange March without sectarian violence then surely it is high time that these Marches were cancelled and removed from the calendar forever. Regular readers will know that I have never condoned violence (yes I have used violence in the past to protect others and would gladly do so again in the future). I believe that all it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing, and I refuse to do nothing in the face of evil.

I have never supported violence for the sake of violence but will not stand by idle while others suffer at the hands of a tyrant. As always comments are welcomed and if there are any who disagree with me then please tell me why you think I am wrong and don’t use bad language to get your point across. Dialogue is what makes us better than the rest who would rather use their fists to get their message across.

As always music is from YouTube and I don’t own the copyright in it, that belongs to Elvis Costello and The Attractions and their record label.

I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping

I found this again today, I had a tune running through my mind and, I’m not sure if anyone else has this or if it is just me, but I couldn’t place where I’d heard it or what it was. The song was playing in my mind without any lyrics and then I came across a clip of Prince, Tom Petty and Dhanni playing it. The song While My Guitar Gently Weeps written by George Harrison and included on the 1968 album “The Beatles”.

I then remembered the version I had playing in my mind was the one included here by Carlos Santana. But any way I digress with this snippet from the real reason for today’s blog, the things that kids say and how wonderful they are for picking up on things we don’t notice or think of.

I was reading through some little words of the types of things kids say and it really got me thinking about the rules concerning water-sheds and adult themed material. Kids don’t view things the same way we do and (yes I agree some things are necessarily kept away from them for a reason) and is the water shed really necessary? Good parents will control the content they allow their children to watch or listen to, bad parents will not, and with the advent of the DVR then content can be watched at any time not just when it is “live” on tv.

My point is that no amount of programming will reflect when it is available to view by the audience and that audience need not be the intended audience. Surely in the interest of keeping our children protected from the excesses of current tv shows (I’m talking about Sleepy Hollow here and not NCIS) then it is down to parents to not allow their children to watch these and to make sure that children can’t access these shows and watch them unsupervised.

Innocent children never notice the things we pick up on, however, too much adult themed horror, violence, nudity, sex and drugs is not a good thing to allow children to view. If the parents allow the children to view content and have access to their PIN they are not controlling what the children are watching. Similarly, watching shows like Sleepy Hollow, American Horror Story and the like may be entertaining to us old enough to realise the stories are just that – stories. Children could end up having nightmares or worse becoming unhinged by being subjected to adult themes they are incapable of understanding.

I picked up on Sleepy Hollow as it is being shown again on tv, there is also Grimm which is being given an airing with nightly episodes. While these shows, from an adult perspective are entertaining I know that my son would not have been able to cope with the themes shown when he was a lot younger. He may not be able to process them today but he does understand the difference between real and make-believe. There in lies the crunch I think, knowing the difference between what is real and what isn’t. Children shouldn’t be made to grow up too quickly as I remember my childhood as a time of experimentation, imagination and being allowed to have fun.

Childhood prepares us for the worries of adulthood, it gives us time to process things and that’s why children see things differently. Anyway, the fact I’m trying to get across is that even with parental controls not everything can be kept away from children that should be. Please don’t let your children watch what they want by giving them your PIN, we still have to protect them from the world and the longer we can spare them the horror of war, violence and abuse the better their lives will be.

I’m always crashing in the same car

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and it certainly lived up to its reputation for me. There was a power cut for about an hour, followed by the news that my pension fund have now transferred the funds into my new scheme. When I left to do some shopping from the Metro centre I realised that I had forgotten to put my watch on so was distracted when crossing a road. I looked round to see a car heading straight for me then I was picking myself up from the road.

Within a few seconds there was a crowd gathering asking if I was ok, the driver of the car offered to drive me home or take me somewhere to get checked out but I don’t do crowds so I just waited to get my bearings and left. I hope that she is ok and not worrying unduly about me.

I woke up this morning and couldn’t get comfortable so ended up getting up at 6:00 and I am still in a lot of pain making sleep an impossibility. Anyhoo enough about Friday 13th.

I recently found a blog here and the young lady spoke to me (not just me but her post helped to lift my dark mood that day) so a huge shout out to my new friend who wrote about sending clones of a happy self into the past, future and help with bad times that happened or are about to.

What a lovely thought of sending happiness through time and space to yourself to help with low moods. I’m very tempted to take that idea and run with it to see where it may lead. Watch this space.