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And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make

No music to accompany this post, although the title is from a 1969 lyric from the Beatles Abbey Road album. Following on from the last post, my brother arrived back home safely and the Southferry Bridge was reopened for him to get across back into Fife, the only remaining Kingdom within the United Kingdom.

Here in the UK we are bracing ourselves ready for another Storm, following on from Ciara last weekend we are anticipating Dennis this weekend. More high winds, rain, sleet and snow. If anyone still had any doubts about the planet trying to recover the status quo and refusing to lie down and die at our hands surely this it? Ain’t Nature wonderful, when she struggles to maintain life she kicks up some pretty terrible storms, fires and earthquakes in an attempt to recover some semblance of balance.

I’ve rediscovered some music I haven’t listened to in a very long time, Seal’s first 2 albums so I’m listening to these while I write this post. I don’t have the inclination or power to sit down and write every day, there is so much I want to do with my time now that I’ve retired. It would maybe do me more good to force myself to sit and write because they say everyone has at least one novel inside them, maybe I should write and see what comes out of my warped brain.

I am discovering an awful lot of music I had forgotten I had so maybe listening to that will help, after all it used to help me to write poetry when I was younger. Then I used to write every day, some of it was good, most wasn’t any good. I did self publish a book once, called Mercurial Anagoge it was a small collection of poems but it has been lost in the mists of time, 3 failed marriages and lots of house moves. They say that on average someone will move 8 times in their lifetime, I moved 19 times so far so someone somewhere must never have moved at all in their life.

I know I’m rambling but is it better to ramble and take your reader on a journey? Or not ramble and lose the reader? Surely the worst of all scenarios is to ramble and lose the reader? Maybe I am still feeling the effects of the opiate I took earlier, pain killers, especially strong ones, tend to minimise the pain by taking the brain away from the pain sensors. I just think I have been changed forever by the hallucinogenics I took when I was younger. They say that they alter the brain and you are never the same afterwards.

If the doors of perception are opened then we will see everything as it really is, infinite (I think that line came from Alduous Huxley but it could have been another of Timothy Leary’s). Timothy did say, tune in, turn on and drop out. If we could see the world as it is supposed to be with everyone living their own lives without worrying about their neighbours but loving each other and looking out for each other wouldn’t that be brilliant? If we could form a society where everyone was treated equally, no one was above the law and everyone did what they could to help their fellow neighbours would that be Utopia? It won’t happen but if everyone was to show a random act of kindness every day we could get closer to achieving the impossible, think of that for the rest of the day…

The rich keep getting richer while the rest of us are just getting old

Music to accompany today’s post is from Stephen Stills, Word Game from his second solo album (Stephen Stills 2) video is courtesy of Rhino and YouTube so apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

Today I’ve had quite the conversation with my son and brother, more than for a long time with my son, not so long for my brother since he came for a visit yesterday. He’s spending a few nights at the Lindon Hall Spa just outside Morpeth so thought since he was fairly close he would call in and see me. He’s still in his 50’s (59 today) but as of next year none of us will be younger than 60. Our sibling having turned 60 in 2017, I will be 66 in April this year making me the eldest (in case you can’t work that one out) 😉

If only family could be picked, like friends, maybe my daughter and I could still have a semblance of a relationship. When I asked about my dad, my brother said he won’t be going home and he is waiting for a space at one of two care homes in Glenrothes. Both my siblings live there so he won’t be short of visitors from his grandchildren, great grandchildren and sons and daughters-in-law. Dad was really bad after his fall and had to go into respite care since he kept pressing his alarm all through the night but there was never anything wrong when my brother arrived to find him awake and wondering why there were people coming in to see him in the middle of the night.

Over the last couple of weeks his mobility is improving (still not able to get very far on his pins but he is mobile again). Also found out his short term memory is recovering slightly, he still can’t remember a lot but he is remembering more than he did after his fall. If things continue like this then he may survive a few more years but his dementia is not improving, although his long term memory is still intact no one is willing to say how long it will be before that starts to deteriorate as well.

On a lighter note, the next chapter of my memoirs keeps disappearing so I have to start again, I went to update it and add bits to it today and it isn’t anywhere on my laptop, the back up hasn’t got any sign of it either so it’s not as though I can find any version of it anywhere on here. That isn’t the only strange thing which has happened recently either, I have gone out and left the laptop on as I have been in the middle of researching things or zipping files up to back them up to a removable drive, instead of the screen saver kicking in after 15 minutes the screen has remained active while I was out and I thought it was due to an update but when I check the screen saver settings are still as they were.

Anyway, that’s it for today, have a great week and don’t forget it’s Valentine’s Day on Friday so please try and be kind to each other at least over the rest of the week if you can’t manage to be kind every day.

Bad is bad, that I feel so sad

Music today is from the 1966 single by Los Bravos, courtesy of YouTube. Because the video isn’t mine apologies if it won’t play where you are, if you really want to hear it then you can ask YouTube to make it available in your area.

The problem with politics today was proven on Wednesday when the Senate in the USA decided to end the cover up sham trial by finding tRump not guilty of the crimes he has openly tweeted to committing. Should the GOP senators who voted for acquittal be looking over their shoulders? Of course they shouldn’t, they are not in any danger. The POTUS has asked his supporters to watch his opponents closely and to “take them out if it is safe to do so” and he’s not talking about dinner, social occasion or on a date. He once again mentioned AOC, Pelosi, Warren, Biden and others by name, but his supporters will gladly do prison time for him knowing that if they are convicted at trial he will grant them a presidential pardon for their crimes.

Why is he being allowed to get away with all of his crimes? Could it be because of his Russian backers? A lot of people will argue that without the backing of Russian oligarchs he would flounder and fail to remain in power since GOP who are looking for re-election would have sided against him and he would have been impeached, removed from office and facing criminal charges brought by the FBI. Around the planet there is a rising number of openly racist campaigners trying to keep countries “white”, Australia and Britain being the two most vociferous against “Immigrants”, saying they are responsible for all the ills that those nations face today.

On a much lighter note, I have finished watching Miracle Workers on Sky, starring Harry Potter (actor Daniel Radcliffe) the fact that it was on Sky Comedy lets you know not to take this seriously. However, it is quite amazing that the producers of the show managed to get some huge talent for the starring roles (God’s family not withstanding) while most people will not recognise the names of these actors their faces should be known.

It was a light hearted look into religion and the fact that no one really knows if God exists or not, if he is omnipotent, if he has lost interest in our small insignificant planet and why it was created in the first place. Also if there really is a God why does he allow so much pain and suffering to all of his creatures on this small insignificant rock floating around the sun. Yes, it pokes fun at religion but it also serves as a reminder that left to our own devices we can make a complete hash of anything.

Another program I have been watching recently is Avenue 5, starring Hugh Lawrie in his first small screen outing since the Night Manager. House perfected his American accent but in Avenue 5 his American accent disappears into an English accent from time to time (obviously for laughs) but don’t let that detract from the show. It has more going for it in terms of comedy than Hugh Laurie, excellent comedian as he is. The premise is that an accident on board the Avenue 5 turned off the artificial gravity and everyone went up to the ceiling, then it was turned back on and everyone fell onto the floor knocking the spacecraft with it’s minimal crew and 5,500 passengers off course to the tune of 3 years.

Of course the comedy wouldn’t be complete without a few accidental deaths caused by the gravity being turned off and then back on. The coffins were launched into space and are left orbiting the huge space ship. The captain, who is an actor hired to play the part of a captain by the real power behind the ship (incidentally the first casualty of the gravity error). He then finds out that the crew are also actors hired for looking perfect not to actually fly the ship. That role falls to people on the planet and a few technicians based on board.

The company operating Avenue 5 is run by a single multi-billionaire (who looks like a parody of tRump) has no clue what he is doing, who his company has hired and why and is a complete moron. Just like the dumpster himself. Anyway this could well be another hit show for Hugh, going from strength to strength since his outing as House.

We're all included on the list

With the rise of the bigots and haters this post takes a little known 80’s track from the breakaway group Fun Boy Three. Apologies if the video doesn’t play where you are but it is courtesy of YouTube and therefore subject to their rules.

Britain has left the EU, of course the idiots who were all in favour of this happening haven’t stopped complaining about the effects. Apparently, Spain closed their land border with Gibraltar and Brexiteers want to know why. The simple answer is Gibraltar is a British colony, Britain is no longer part of the EU therefore cannot expect to have a land border with any part of the EU. Had an exception not been made to leave Northern Ireland outside Brexit there would also be a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic. Of course if anyone tries to change this by including NI in any future negotiations it will breach the Good Friday Agreement reached in 1997, restart the violence and leave Northern Ireland seeking to leave the UK.

Anyone who doubts the resolve of the Scots to Remain should realise that when the EDF arrived in Glasgow they were met at the platform and advised to get the next train back to England to avoid any bloodshed, theirs or Scots. So much for them saying “We know where you live and if you don’t accept the result of the referendum we will come round and break your skulls.” What did the Tories do to calm tensions? They called for everyone to unite with the racists behind Brexit. In the commons members elected because they promised more police on the street voted against increasing the numbers of police by 20,000 which is still lower than those sacked under austerity measures of 10 years.

When will people wake up to the facts? Tory promises are as fragile as pie crusts. They will promise you the moon to get into power then once there they will laugh at your gullibility in getting them into office, call you morons and continue to make those with billions even wealthier knowing the money will be held in offshore accounts taking it out of the economy. Indeed it has once again come to pass that the electorate will vote against their class in the hope of rising out of poverty when in truth those in power will push their heads further down into the shit until they die.

I would never vote Tory for the reason that I don’t have a lot of money, I don’t need a lot of money and I would like everyone to contribute to society in the manner it was envisaged when the Labour party introduced Welfare and our NHS. From each according to ability to pay, to each according to need. If this makes me a threat to the ruling class then that’s obviously good, let them be scared of me with my words and come after me because I am not frightened of dying, I’ve done it before and will do it again in the future and one day it will be the last time.

When the Tories spoke of the Big Society and everyone being in the same boat, what they meant was the poor making sacrifices in order that the wealthy few could increase their wealth tenfold. If we don’t fight back then we will never break this cycle any better than we did in the 1980’s and the Blair/Brown years didn’t seek a Socialist response to the effects of Thatcherism and selling off public utilities to their friends and sponsors so they could make huge profits at everybody’s expense. When chasing profit companies will NEVER act in the best interests of their customers. Don’t believe me look at those countries where the utilities are under public ownership, trains under the control of the Government, the utilities are priced reasonably to contribute into the common wealth of that country, trains run on time and are full because they are priced reasonably, roads are not overly stretched because more people use trains and buses.

If we adopted the same system in the UK, which we did until Thatcher, then there was not congestion on our roads, difficulty finding parking spaces and people using the commotion to make ever bigger profits. Think about that while you are waiting for every single proposal in the Tory Manifesto which got them elected to be broken.

Talking to myself

Good afternoon dear reader, yes it is me again but today is a very special day here in the UK. It’s the day the Government bankrupts the UK and brings it to its knees. Music is from the much missed Georgie Wonderful from his (to date) only posthumous album (Brainwashed). Video is courtesy of YouTube so apologies as always if it doesn’t play where you are.

As I mentioned in the brief introduction today at 23:00 we officially leave the EU and BoJo has decided he will give them until 31 December 2020 to agree a trade agreement before he takes us out with no deal at all. He said today he wants the country united behind Brexit because it is “an excellent opportunity for the country to heal it’s division”. The person and the party which caused all this division is (drum roll here) Demonic Cummings and the Tory Party. The racists have taken over and they expect those of us who have lived lives of inclusion and acceptance of diversity to unite with these racists? I don’t think so.

On a lighter note, I’ve been listening to a music mix recently on Gold from Global Player (courtesy of Alexa) and the music mix in the mornings is really excellent, if you have the opportunity to listen then I advise you to do so, they play a mix of music from the 1950’s right up to the current day. I’m not saying every song meets the Dave Barclay test but there is more music I like than music I don’t like. Sometimes there is even my third musical category, music I haven’t heard. If we open our ears we can hear so much good and realise that as bad as things are today (whether we live in the UK, USA, Australia or Canada) there is a lot of people who don’t like the current state of Government in those countries and if we unite then we can change things for the better.

There was a saying when I was growing up, if you don’t like the weather in England wait an hour and see if it is then to your liking. A week is a long time in politics and it remains to be seen whether the Senate in the USA will continue their cover up or if they will vote for more witnesses to be called to get a better picture of the crimes committed by the tRumpster while he has been in office. He has been proudly tweeting of his crimes so the proof is out there for anyone who is looking for it to see.

Again, apologies for slipping back out of humourous mode into serious political mode, I’ve changed the soundtrack to Pink Floyd’s song for Syd Barrett (Shine on You Crazy Diamond) so this should help me to focus on the funnier things that have been happening in the world at large and the UK in particular. Not sure why I chose comedy for this post since these are very serious times? It’s because these are dangerous and serious times and we have to be careful or we will all end up under the control of Putin and the Russian State.

BoJo has refused to publish the Russia Report because “there is nothing damaging in there” but surely tRump said the same thing about the report into his involvement with Putin and Russian Oligarchs and we all know now that it was full of reasons why he should be impeached and, if he wasn’t POTUS he would have been arrested and held on remand to ensure he didn’t run before the trial for his crimes.

When any politician tells us there is nothing to see here we know they are covering up something huge, if you or me did half the things they do then we would have been arrested and jailed for our crimes before very long. They live in cloud cuckoo land most of the time and criticise us for having to cope with their policies, telling us it’s our own fault we’re poor, telling us we shouldn’t believe their lies when they tell us they are lying. Are they really so naive to believe that they will not be believed when they shout the lies louder than we shout the truth?

It’s all one big joke to them as long as they maintain in control of the country they can change the law so that crimes they committed before will be passed next time. This is criminal justice being written by the criminals. If we stop with the politicians then how long will it take to lose control of our lives completely? Peaceful demonstrations are no longer possible because the racists in control will have a counter march, not for peaceful opposition but in order to crack skulls of those who disagree with them.

When the laws are being written by those who hate women, LGBT+, society in general and those diverse people within it will the laws be just? Of course not they will be as bigotted as the people who wrote them. Will any of this go to heal the division in the country which was caused by the Russian involvement in a referendum and 2 General Elections in the UK? Forced the tRumpster on the GOP and then the American people? POTUS used to be the Leader of the Free World but that position has been a huge joke since 2017.

I can hear a lark somewhere

I’m back again and we have now got the dates for the work to be carried out, week commencing 2 March 2020, so we’ll be going to a cottage for that week with no laptop so no way to blog while there. However music today is a version of an American Standard from the Golden Age of Popular Music. Written by Cole Porter it has been widely covered over the years by artists as diverse as Simply Red, Annie Lennox and the version included here. Apologies as always if it doesn’t play but the video is courtesy of YouTube.

Why Ella Fitzgerald? I admire her talent and think she was one of the best vocalists from the jazz era, although not alone she is in the company of Billie Holliday, Etta James and Sister Rosetta Tharpe. That was truly a golden age for women vocalists in American music.

This post is about something dear to my heart, because I can see there is a backlash coming and it could escalate quite easily towards violence. Tomorrow (31 January 2020) is the day when the UK will leave the EU for an 11 month period to try and negotiate trading agreements between us and the other 27 EU countries. Of course our PM, BoJo the Clown has refused to predict the outcome of Brexit, to cost this effect or to give any indication as to how many jobs will be lost before it ceases to be cost effective. Since the referendum in 2016 more money has been spent on Brexit than we paid into the EU in 47 years of membership. Does anyone else think this is money well spent? I don’t, it could have been better spent ensuring the NHS is not put onto the table in order to negotiate trade agreements with the USA. Of course since the privatisation has been continuing apace since the election last month the thought now throughout the UK is we should never have listened to someone who has never told the truth, but when he lies constantly you would think no one would ever believe anything coming out of his mouth ever again.

If anyone was in any doubt about how disastrous Brexit is going to be for those parts of the UK which voted overwhelmingly to Remain they should recognise that Northern Ireland has been given a supreme deal to Remain within the EU in order to avoid starting the troubles again. One of the main ingredients of the Good Friday agreement from 1997 was for freedom of movement between Northern Ireland and the Republic so BoJo has agreed to ring fence Northern Ireland, leaving it within the EU and tariffs imposed on goods leaving NI bound for the rest of the UK. This has cost him the backing of the DUP but since he has a majority he isn’t worried about that. It could also lead to an Independence Referendum along the lines of Scotland to ensure that Northern Ireland can never be told to leave the EU by Westminster.

In relation to Scotland, the Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, was told that she was still going to have to pay for the Climate meetings of heads of state but would not be allowed to attend by BoJo. Not sure whether or not she did attend in the end because it seems he ordered a media black out of the event. He also promised the Russian Report would be released after the election in December now he is saying there is no need because it contains nothing whatsoever about any outside interference in the Referendum or the elections of 2017 and 2019. Everyone who knows him and the tRumpster know that this means the report was very damaging to him and his party of thugs, racists, misogynists and autocrats.

It’s about time both America and the UK woke up to the fact that you can never trust a liar to do anything other than feather their own nest, give them a role of power and they are so corrupted they will abuse that power for their own ends.

Sitting on a cornflake waiting for the van to come

Once again, dear reader, I apologise for the delay but I have had a hell of a lot going on in my personal life over the last few days. However, I’m back again and ready to entertain you with some real life adventure and wise cracks to make you laugh. Music to accompany this post is from the Fabs again and it is one of the 6 tracks from Paul McCartney’s film about magic, clouds, the Beatles, friends and relatives on a charabanc (if you’re not English that is a bus going somewhere unknown). Apologies if the video doesn’t play where you are but YouTube has different rules for different areas and they provided the video.

Ok, so where to start, I had a post all planned out for writing on Saturday but then on Friday night my brother told me my dad is unable to look after himself any longer and is in a hospice. They don’t know what is going to happen with him or his house at the moment and I have been waiting for an update but so far nothing.

The electricity needs to be rewired in the house (in December it tripped and wouldn’t go back on, after a week we had a temp job done). It is all working at the moment but not sure for how much longer as the fault still hasn’t been rectified. Electrician wants to come round and do a complete rewire, separating the lights into upstairs and downstairs and the ring main into up and down as well. In order to do this we need to move out for a week but the landlord has some availability in another house so we can move in there for the work to be done.

All of this and worrying about my dad sent my anxiety through the roof until Saturday when the landlord said about her other house being empty for a few weeks so we can move in temporarily while waiting for the work to be completed here. I thought we were going to have to pay for a hotel for a week when we are struggling to pay the bills until payday (tomorrow) for me. This has been a hell of a long month since there is always more to fork out for at Christmas and Easter than any other time of year. (That’s what happens when you have 10 grandkids (8 of whom we buy for and 2 we never see).

What is it with families? My son rarely gets in touch with me, my daughter never gets in touch with me. I’ve never met her sons and one of them is 20 this year the other is younger by 2 or 3 years. My son will text me when I text him, but only then. My 3 stepkids do keep in touch with their mam but not as often as she would like unless something goes wrong. My eldest step-daughter fell out with her bestie several months ago and they were working together making cakes with everything round at the friends house. Anyway things seemed to be settling down until Friday (that fateful day again) as my step-daughter was getting back into her sisters car the “friend” ran over and started punching and kicking her while she was half in and half out of the car. Her face has come up in bruises and the incident was caught on CCTV on the forecourt camera where my step-daughter had just finished blowing up her sisters tyres. The car door has also been damaged in the attack.

My step-daughter went into the shop and asked them if she could see the playback from the incident and was shown it, she then asked them to keep it as she would be reporting this to the police and she was told they keep the footage for 30 days before overwriting anything. The police have been informed and advised that there is CCTV footage showing the attack. Of course they can not respond urgently to this as they are under-staffed due to Tory cuts and broken election promises. However, when they do go round it will be an even bigger shock to the “friend” who must be thinking she has got away with the attack.

It’s time I went and fed myself since my stomach is now rumbling noisily telling me it wants something put in as soon as possible. More news on the incidents as soon as I hear anything.

Turn off your mind surrender to the void

This is a new juncture for me. I found an old Rolling Stone article concerning Revolver, the album I have long considered to be the best Beatles album ever (although that changes between Revolver and The Beatles they remain within my top 3 Beatles albums).

In light of this fact the article can be found here:

Add your comments to this post as I would be very interested to find out what you think of the writing.

Don't tell the trees cos the trees don't need to know

Watching a program yesterday I heard a new (to me) version of a song I had heard and loved from years ago. The song was Whispering Grass, the version I first heard way back in 1970 was by Ringo Starr on his album dedicated to his youth and his mum, Sentimental Journey. His very first solo album.

Ringo, as we all know, doesn’t like to be called Ringo he answers to his given name of Richard (although he prefers Rich). Makes me wonder why, during all the crap he was dished out between 1962-1970, he thinks Brexit is a wonderful thing given that he moved to Los Angeles in the early 1970’s and has lived there ever since. He keeps proclaiming that he is a man of peace and love yet he backs the racist and Nazi thugs pushing Brexit down our throats.

No doubt he also backs Israel in her attempts to wipe the Palestinians off the face of the planet. Fascism was stamped out in Europe several decades ago (75 years ago this year) and yet it is on the rise again with the Dumpster sitting in the White House and a clown in Downing Street. Both these men are firm believers in White Supremacy (a completely unsubstantiated claim and one without any basis). If racism and racists are going to be eliminated then we have to make a stand now, back the Democrats in the USA and the opposition in the UK.

Both the leaders were elected by minority vote to the positions they occupy because, as has happened so often in the past, the opposition was fragmented. We have to show a united front in order to get the racists out and create a more balanced and inclusive country, one which is fit to live in and belong to. The alternative is for another 2 decades of war in the Middle East which will spread to the far reaches of the planet and destroy us all.

There are places I remember in my life I love you more

If we can all join together then we can move mountains. A voice in the wilderness alone has no power, but a crowd shouting in the wilderness for the same thing can be heard for miles. What a state the world is in currently, the end of the cold war was, obviously, a good thing. No fear of imminent annihilation by nuclear fallout. Had we known what would come after then we would have been more afraid than ever.

Under Putin, a former head of the KGB, Russia has gone from strength to strength on the world stage until sanctions were imposed by the West due to the Russian Olympic team taking banned steroids, expansion into Ukrainian territory and acts of terror. Since 2016 they have been involved in computer fraud in the UK and the USA. Affecting the outcome of the Presidential Election, the UK referendum and the UK General Election in 2019. If any proof were needed then I would advise you to read the Mueller Report in the USA and the Russia Report (which has been buried by the UK Government).

If anyone still doubts the involvement of Russia in the landslide victories of tRump and BoJo think about it for a minute. Who had the most to lose if Hillary Clinton made it into the White House as President and if Jeremy Corbyn became the UK Prime Minister? The wealthy who were backing Bojo and tRump that’s who. Most of tRump’s money comes from Russian Oligarchs, as does BoJo’s. Further proof? It’s all contained in the two reports one in the US and the other in the UK.

Can we afford to allow democracy to be destroyed? Can we afford to allow further profits to be made at the expense of the people by those few who will benefit most? The answer seems to be yes as long as they continue to be believed when they consistently lie, and freely admit to lying.