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Month: June, 2016


I hate to say this but reading Article 50 I don’t see how we can invoke it. The U.K. hasn’t got a constitution, aside from that we could end up the same as the Greeks. They voted to leave the EU and have threatened to do so ever since but have never invoked Article 50. As some may have noticed, our politicians (apart from Nigel) want to allow the dust to settle. We will end up with a new Prime Minister in October who won’t see 52% as a mandate to automatically invoke Article 50. Cameron would have done so already had the vote been more decisive. Nicola Sturgeon is right to look to Europe for guidance since Scotland voted 60-40 to stay, advising her intention to hold a second independence referendum should Article 50 be invoked in October. This could be the final nail in the coffin for Northern Ireland as well, although if they jumped ship and reunified with the South they would remain within the EU. What of London? Would they seek to become a city State like the Vatican in Rome? Then apply to rejoin the EU? Where would that leave the splintered and fragmented UK?

In truth whoever takes over the reigns come October will have a difficult time trying to please everyone who voted out while keeping the UK together. Not a job I would welcome, not an easy job to take on and not something I think will unify our position, but time will tell.

Why have so many ignorant racists come out of the woodwork since Friday? Because they voted out do they think we’re going to get rid of people who contribute to our economy and leave them to complain because there isn’t enough in the kitty to pay their benefits? I’d sooner see them kicked out into the Atlantic in a rust bucket with no chance of making it beyond the half way point. Not good, but brings a smile to my face. I like the diversity found in our cities, it makes life interesting. As anyone will know I’m in favour of opening our borders and letting anyone who wants to live here come in, as long as they understand they have to pay tax and NI for a minimum of 10 years before they would be entitled to any benefits, and no automatic right to social housing. If they come here to work then they will still come and welcome, if not they won’t come with no automatic entitlement to social housing and benefits.

Middle of Nowhere…

I love the feel of surreal in the pictures, and the words match that.
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Paypal email #scam

So true, a lot of newbies coming online are elderly, young and have not had access to these scams before. If we can prevent anyone from falling victim then our knowledge is shared and we can slow down the scammers. They won’t stop unless no one falls for their ruse.
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Meeka's Mind

I received this ‘phishing’ scam in my inbox this morning. It’s supposed to be from Paypal, and the ‘hook’ is that my account has been limited or suspended. When I looked at the email more closely, however, I noticed that:

  • the sender was NOT from Paypal
  • the email did NOT address me by name
  • and the whole email was funneling me towards the big, blue link you can see below

paypal scam email 2016

Seems pretty obvious, right?

Actually, despite having seens hundreds of these scam emails in my time, I still felt a moment of fright when I read this one. Why? Because I use Paypal for most of my online purchases, so the threat of having that service removed hit me where I live.

Unfortunately, that moment of fright is exactly what makes phishing email scams work. The scammers send out millions of these emails at random in the hope that a…

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Thursday Scribblings 5.5.16 Let’s worship the flag P5

The light that surrounds us won’t hide the dark forever, we have to embrace the light and change the dark.
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Sharmishtha Basu (author) writes

Respect it but first respect the country.

Every person should respect his country, after all, every country has its phases of darkness and light, it will require a very dumb person to say that his or her country is without that. All of it was, is dark or light. But as we or our ancestors are responsible for the good, bad we should never give up on our own country and in place of hating it we should try to hate the bad things in it and try to change it.

No one is perfect, but most of us are quite respectable, but if we let our bad things grow and just sing songs of our own virtues sooner or later those bad things will choke whatever trace of virtue we have, we have to be happy about our virtues and mend our bad traits, the same thing is about…

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I defy anyone to read this and remain dry eyed! We all need love, where we find it may take some by surprise. Love is always beautiful and can pass away too soon.
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poetry, photos and musings oh my!

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.”  – Loretta Young

“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.”   – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”  – Audrey Hepburn

When I left my ex-husband, I took my children and moved away from a very toxic family of origin. For the first time in my life, I had some support. A young man who taught a class the previous summer provided a link that had been missing all my life. (Yes, Michael, it has been 26 years this Friday.) Michael and his partner, Cliff, became the ‘brothers’ that I had wished for as a child. Michael had lived in Sacramento before and since his ex was moving there with Michael’s son he was going to be there for him. They kept telling me…

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EC Quote Friday

Blood or ink? We all need differently, we all want differently but we all have so much in common.

The PBS Blog


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A Cruel World

While I agree with the poet, it’s time we changed the status quo. Stand up and be counted, I may be white but I’m never gonna be rich. I love everyone because I respect everyone, no matter who they are to you, to me they’re humans and deserving of love, life and our gratitude.

In Memory Of The Charleston, South Carolina Mass Church Shooting Victims By A Racist Terrorist!

Why do some people hate? Let’s educate our young that every life is important, love will make them better citizens and everyone deserves respect. Disrespect shown to others reduces our chance of respect. Love is all we need.
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charleston shooting victims

A Nation That Has Never Let Love In

In a land that time has forgotten
 there lives a people of a much lighter hue.
 They rock back and forth on the porch
 and sip from a bottle of Mountain Dew.

But in this land that time has forgotten,
 there are others with a dark skin tone
 who simply try and go about their business.
And they just want to be left the hell alone.

Though innocent of any wrong doing,
 since they never asked to be here,
 they worshipped the god of another
 who said believe and never know fear.

So, on a hot southern night in June
 in the old weeping willow tree,
 the birds became quiet as the grave
 and no hum could be heard from a bee.

Hate slithered right up to the door
 of a church and was welcomed inside,
 where there was prayer and love…

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My Pride Is Bulletproof: A Queer Puerto Rican on Life After Orlando

Queer? No, freaks? Yes, but so am I. LGBT deserves a place alongside everyone else. Without us freaks and aliens life and the human race would be boring.
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Repeating Islands

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.31.25 PM.pngShooting at Pulse nightclub was an act of terror meant to keep LGBT people in the shadows, Eliel Cruz writes for Rolling Stone.

It could have been me. I could have had my body riddled with bullets, my blood spilled, clothes drenched, crawling for my life on the dance floor of a gay bar.

I had just returned from a Brooklyn gay bar, my queer friends and I dancing with drag queens to celebrate Brooklyn Pride, when I opened Twitter and saw that another shooting was taking place. As I sat on my bed refreshing my timeline trying to find facts it quickly became clear the victims of America’s latest mass violence were Latinx – a gender neutral term for the Latino community – queer individuals.

Forty-nine black and brown queer and allied bodies slain under disco lights by a gunman wielding an assault rifle. Bodies that were once…

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Laptop is dead long live the laptop

Well, I’ve been back onto Tech support and my laptop is going back to them this week for a repair/replace but since it’s no longer powering on I don’t think a repair will work. Looks as though it will be replaced this time. I don’t understand what is going on with it though. My previous laptop is still working as my grandson uses it for his school work. That one came out of the Ark and was an original Pentium dual core from 2005, current laptop has a quad core i3 chip, new Motherboard and is less than 2 years old.

Looks as though 1965 will be getting a rewrite next week, if I can borrow a laptop to work on it while waiting to have mine returned. Things are never what they seem any more, war has been a constant since 9/11 and isn’t going to go anytime soon, although a lot of us want peace there are idiots like the un-Islamic State who quote religious tenets to promote violence when all the religious books I’ve read promote peace, tolerance and love. If we can convince the disenfranchised that truth will out and no virgins wait for suicide bombers in paradise because they will go to Hell where all killers go, then maybe we can find peace and spread love for all amongst everyone.