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Month: June, 2015


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People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude. – John C. Maxwell

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ResQte Of The Week II: A Family Affair

So cute, I’d love to have room for them all. If you can take one in and give it the love it deserves please contact the original post to let them know.

Thinking Thursday

Interesting piece, dream on my friends. Leave comments on the original please.

My Crazy Path


When you fall asleep at night, or whenever you do get to sleep, what do you think happens? Where does your soul go? What is going on with your body? What do these dreams mean? There are many different ideas and theories people have made. There are many thoughts on what dreams mean.

I’ve been intrigued with dreams and sleep since I was a child.

Here are some ideas I believe:

* I believe in and have done astro-projection.

* I have a theory that reality isn’t what we think it is, as babies we dream of our lives then grow up to live them.

* I believe some dreams can be for-telling.

* I believe some dreams can be a memory or gateway into our past lives and/or alternate realities.

* I believe that some dreams can help explain myself and subconscious better.

I want to start a dream…

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‘We Have to Do Better’: A Reading List on the Charleston Church Massacre

Every human has the right to live, black, white, yellow, brown or purple with green spots. No one can be allowed to kill another because of their skin colour or religion. We have to share what we have or the world will become intolerable for all of us. Let me live for I’m a man of peace! As the bullets tear into my head, heart and stomach.


Yesterday, Marc Lamont Hill tweeted, “I’m going to need all White people to denounce this ugly act of racist domestic terrorism.” This reading list is me denouncing the actions of a white supremacist terrorist, who visited a Wednesday night Bible study at one of the most important, sacred sites of Black religious and political freedom with the exclusive intention of killing attendees in cold blood. White people: we have to do better. We can’t deflect responsibility for this tragedy; we can’t blame this on mental illness (many of my friends and I deal with mental illness every day; none of us have murdered anyone). We have to demand accountability from one another and stand up for people of color—in the streets, in our Facebook feeds, in our offices and homes.

1. “Charleston Church Massacre: The Violence White America Must Answer For.” (Chauncey Devega, Salon, June 2015)

White Americans will not…

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The Secret to a Joyful Life

Positivity never lets you down and can lead to happyness

As humans we spend a lot of time running around, searching frantically for something we’ve heard about but never really found. Happiness. We hear about it all the time. It seems to be a theme out there, that the whole goal of life is just to find that elusive happiness.

All kinds of uplifting, emotionally-charged memes with marshmallow fluff clouds in the background tell us that finding this feeling is simple.


Pop-culture (even certain aspects inspired by true stories) tells us that if we work hard enough, we’ll find it.


The world tells us that happy people are the nicest people, the wisest people, and the most successful.


But, there’s something out there that might be slightly more important than happiness. Because, while happiness may seem like a lovely life goal, if you’re anyone who’s lived in this world, you probably know that it’s not realistic to assume that you’ll always be happy every minute…

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A Crappy Game I Used To Have To Play

And the moral of this story is… If you’re going to lie about someone make sure they won’t find out what you’ve done.

Everyone Has A Story... Again

imafcgesIt has been long recognized and well-documented that I have a temper of the most destructive and terrifying kind. I try to keep a lid on that hurricane, and for the most part, I have managed to keep it in check. However, there are buttons that can be pushed that circumvent my Fail-Safe points, and immediately launch my nukes.

Do Not Pass Go; Do Not Collect $200.

The first set of buttons involve my children, like probably all the rest of the mothers in the world. No big news there.

The second however, is a very specific kind of circumstance that I found myself dealing with enough times growing up, it caused me to develop a type of temperamental allergy to it. It’s called “If I Can Convince Two People I’m Telling The Truth, Then It Doesn’t Matter If I Really Am Or Not” Game, and if exposed, I go postal

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I don’t need your damn fake apologies.

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Lucky Otters Haven


My psychopathic ex was never sorry for anything. Oh, yes, he “apologized” sometimes, but it was only to get me to shut up or because he knew he’d already lost the argument or knew I was right (but he wasn’t really sorry.) It was insulting how stupid he must have thought I was to believe these “apologies” were sincere.

Unless they are incredibly good actors and are hoovering you (trying to reel you back in, like a Hoover vacuum sucks up dirt) or love-bombing you (stalking you as prey), no apology coming out of a narc’s mouth is going to sound sincere. Of course, it’s easy to fall for those “sincere” apologies when they’re feeling needy, but there are always other red flags you can look for, such as crowding you, moving too fast, or trash-talking all their exes (make no mistake, he or she will eventually trash-talk you too).

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Breathe In Deeply

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My Crazy Path


And breathe out!

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Just Saying ~ June 14th

Positivity is never wasted. See the original in order to comment.

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

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Nuff said