Freedom’s just another word for nothing left

by davebarclay1954

To lose. (Me and Bobby McGee, Kris Kristofferson (composer).

Well, checking my email this morning brought to my attention that I am now divorced from my 4th (Narcissistic) wife. Once again single and available for dating, I wonder what the pandemic has changed about dating, I really don’t want to be alone forever but without knowing how the post-pandemic landscape has changed it is a very worrying time. When the AIDS pandemic hit in the 1980’s I was in a relationship and looking forward to my second marriage. I was also at college and didn’t give a second thought to what it could mean to me, especially as Paul Michael Glaser was having unprotected sex with his wife who had contracted AIDS from being given infected blood. He never contracted the disease meaning I didn’t have to worry whether my wife to be was being faithful or not.

Having had covid twice, and having long covid now so it takes me longer to walk anywhere, I really don’t know enough about my condition to know whether or not I can pass long covid onto others. No one seems to be able to tell me either, whether or not being tested as negative but having symptoms means I’m not contagious or I’m highly contagious. Please, if anyone reads this and knows for definite the meaning let me know in the comments.