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Month: August, 2012

What is happening in this once land fit for heroes?

In Britain in the 21st century, it seems there are, once again, two sets of rules. A politician defrauds the country of £40,000 and gets a pat on the back for his greed, a mother defrauds the local authority of £40,000 and gets sent to prison for her need to survive!

Justice is not only blind but stupid as well, our politicians need a wake up call, I’m not suggesting riots merely pointing out that the system needs to be changed for all. We should take a leaf out of some of the most amazing men in the 20th century, Ghandi and King, and have NON VIOLENT protests over the injustices we see every day.

An old age pensioner, who served in the Army to protect this country, needs assistance with shopping every week and yet when her primary carer takes off for 2 weeks in the sun leaving the pensioner with no access to her pension do the bank bend over backwards to help her get money for living expenses? No they don’t, she is left without access to HER money because the bank can’t get hold of the primary carer due to her being out of the country. These facts, coming so soon after the Olympics ended make me feel ashamed to be British in this year of the Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Olympics!

It’s good to be back

Well, here I am once again. Haven’t written anything on here for a while so thought I’d let you all know I’m still around still surviving but only just.
No idea what I’m gonna write about since I haven’t really been anywhere due to the miserable weather 😦
Well I’ve spent my time reading, listening to music and catching some old shows this time around as I missed them last time they were on! I’m a fan of James Woods but missed Shark when it was on before, it’s fast paced, lots going on and it’s fantastic.
I’ve also watched the first episode of person of interest and that’s brilliant, can’t wait to see how it develops over the coming weeks.
I’ve discovered some new music these last few days, Fuse and Melonie Cannon to name but 2. I know there’s a huge leap between them, however, I’ve never put music in a bag. There’s only 3 types of music as far as I’m concerned, music I like, music I don’t like and music I’ve not yet heard. As well as listening to those two previously mentioned I’ve been revisiting some of my “old” friends, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, the Stones and Roy Harper. I’ve got tons of music and some of it gets lost in the mists of time, I hear the Stones are gonna tour next year 51 years after they started out as a live band in and around Richmond and central London. They should’ve toured this year, I’ve been listening to their early stuff from 1963-1969 cos that was when they performed with the original line up and Brian was a gifted and talented musician and without him etc. Shame his life was destroyed by drugs, if he was still around would he still have been part of the Stones? No-one can say for sure, he loved the idea of being famous and could often be seen, like a peacock, looking fantastic while hanging out with Hendrix, Lennon, or any others out partying in Swinging London.
I’ve also dug out my Small Faces albums as they also started in 1962, amazing group and Steve Marriott had the best voice in 60’s psychedelia, him and plonk wrote some fantastic songs in their day. Shame how so many of the greats are no longer with us. The original mixed up kid, sleeps with the ladies all night, home in the morning light to nothing.
As its now 3:30 in the morning and I’ve got a busy day ahead of me I better get off to bed, wishing you all a good night and hope to catch you again soon!

Isn’t life wonderful?

Where do I begin today? I had a real rant earlier and apologise to my followers for that, it did help to get it off my chest but now I’ve got another, different, problem but while I do want to post about it I really don’t want to rave on about it.
As everyone on the planet knows, there is a current economic crisis which is affecting almost every country, why only almost? I hear you ask, the reason being some economies, China, India and Germany to name but 3, are actually growing at the moment. Germany less than the other 2 but growing nevertheless so what makes them unique? If I knew the answer then I’d be earning a very tidy income advising the Western governments how to get themselves out of this predicament.
The problem here in the UK seems to have been made worse by the current Conservative led, coalition government since they are unable to make a decision and see it through. David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Milliband are well aware that the benefits system is stretched to breaking point. The coalition in power seem determined to stir up racial tension by cutting benefits to UK born citizens while increasing the amounts paid out to immigrants and asylum seekers. Why do I say this? In 2011 in Birmingham, despite austerity measures and public spending cuts, there were ads appearing throughout December advising immigrants AND asylum seekers that due to the Xmas shutdown all tokens for gas and electricity would have to be charged up before the closure and would be charged for a longer period. I am in receipt of benefits, having been born and raised here and spent most of my adult life working and paying into the National Insurance scheme, I have to pay my own bills. I should have been in receipt of bad weather payments but the way this is worked out I didn’t receive any. I was also unable to apply for a budgeting loan to help with essentials (food, drinks, gas and electricity payments) and thus found myself borrowing from friends, going round various free venues, just to keep warm. A lot of these have since started charging or have closed down due to cuts in funding. This in the 21st century which started out full of promise. Where has that promise gone?
To go back to Economics, no-one knows quite how the recession became this bad, or why it has spread around the planet with the speed it has done. One thing is certain, however, had David Cameron been Prime Minister in 2008 the banks would not have been bailed out by the Government and this once great nation would have gone back to the Dark Ages. Thank God we had a strong government at the time who were prepared to do what was necessary to avoid the country becoming bankrupt. I only hope that come 2015 the country has woken up to the current government and gives them their marching orders.

After the joy and heartbreak it’s back to normal

Wow, I don’t usually watch the Olympics when it’s on, but after watching the opening ceremony I made a point of watching the track and field events and boy was history made and legends confirmed!
Like a lot of people, I suppose, I thought Usain Bolt would win his races easily, but that was before I saw Yohan Blake run and beat Usain’s time in the heats and then almost catch him in the final, what an achievement so I thought Bolt might lose his crown in the 200 metres. When he was talking to Warren before the race I would have liked to be there to hear what was said. When the race was over and the dust had settled I was stunned to discover all 3 Jamaicans had won medals. Talk about keeping it in the family! Mo Farrar was amazing in both the 5,000 and 10,000 metres he has every right to feel over the moon with those performances, I hope there are no problems with the new arrival(s) when they do put in an appearance.
Of course, after the News being filled with the Olympics and just barely mentioning the missing schoolgirl, now her body has been discovered in the loft of the house she supposedly left that has become big news now. Even the other news being reported is all doom and gloom. If anyone bothered reading the signs left by the Mayans and Nostradamus they’d know a cataclysm is on its way and it will hit on 21 December, what I, personally, think is that every currency is going to crash just as the global economy has been doing since 2008. I was one of the first to fall victim this time when I was unfairly dismissed for “being different” when I went to an industrial tribunal I was told that even though I’d spent 6 years doing the same job, I couldn’t proceed as the company paying me for carrying out this work had changed 4 months previously. What a load of cobblers that section of law is!
I’ve not worked since then and the loss of my job cost me more than anyone should have to cope with, I lost my house, my son was then removed from my care, my wife played into the hands of Social Workers and couldn’t bite her lip for just a few months so I kicked her out, Social Services have, so far, refused to assess me so that my son can move back in. I’m determined to remain alone until things get resolved one way or another.
Although I live alone I’m never lonely as I enjoy my own company, besides I can please myself when to do things and what to do at any time of the day! If I decide not to go to bed until after I’ve watched the sunrise, who’s going to tell me I can’t? If I fall asleep mid afternoon, who can tell me I should’ve gone to bed earlier the night before? And if I decide to cook something at 2 a.m. Who can tell me no?
I’ve never been more alone than I am at the present time, but I’m not lonely! I’ve been lonely in a crowd, felt like an outsider when walking into my local for the first time, but I’m enjoying the freedom to do what I want when I want. I just wish I’d some more spending money for the odd night out with friends.
Now that I’ve bored my followers with this drivel, I’m going to bed so will wish you all a good night!

Why are we scared of the unknown?

Yes it’s me again, found something new to say so here goes with today’s thought for the (excited drum roll) week, why are we so afraid of the unknown? (Crash of cymbals) thank you for the drama! Everyone of us on this planet is unique, not even identical or co-joined twins are the same as each other. One thing most of us do have in common is the fear of the unknown, that is why things can stagnate, I’m not just talking about work but even relationships have to evolve over time or they WILL begin to crack under the strain.
Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I embrace change for the better, I don’t accept change lightly, but when things are working and the change proposed will have a negative impact, then I’m all for looking for a different solution. I’ve recently had some counselling to try and get to the bottom of my depression and one of the many things which came to the forefront was that I like a challenge and if a job doesn’t challenge me every day then I get bored and that’s when I tend to do things that my superiors don’t like while looking for a way to fill my need for challenge. Makes no difference which company I’ve worked for, what their attitude to diversity is, I’m perceived as a loose canon, given more and more mundane and meaningless things to do, just so I can be sacked for failing to do one or more.
As an individual, I think my expression of myself should be tolerated as long as I don’t cause harm to anyone and don’t break the law, (of course I have on occasion bent the law). Am I being deliberately confrontational? I don’t think so, companies tell me I am, but I think it’s part of what makes me me and is therefore part of my diversity!
I have never conformed to anything in my life, I’m now far too long in the tooth to change my ways but it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain my stance as an outlaw, a term I use very loosely because I’m not above or outside the reach of the law. Now why do companies (I could cite a multi-national here but won’t as it would achieve nothing) claim to embrace diversity. (dictionary definition is:
1. the state or quality of being different or varied,
2. a point of difference,
3. (logic) the relation that holds between two entities when, and only when, they are not identical; the property of being numerically distinct.)
If a company were to truly embrace diversity then freaks, like me, would have a chance of earning a living.
It seems I’ve come a long way round to prove my point that my personality is diverse which scares companies from employing me.