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Month: December, 2020

COVID-19: The Arrogance of Empire, Cuba, Vaccines and Solidarity — RED ANT

By Andrew Martin4,116 Words The covid-19 pandemic currently has 22 million confirmed cases and has killed over 800 000 people. The virus continues to surge. There is barely any place in the world that has not been affected. Its epicentres are the Americas, the U.S, India and most of Europe. It continues to rise through […]

COVID-19: The Arrogance of Empire, Cuba, Vaccines and Solidarity — RED ANT

The World’s Best and Worst countries at dealing with Covid-19. — Opher’s World

The World’s Best and Worst countries at dealing with Covid-19. Things do not happen by chance. Some countries were prepared, reacted quickly and were effective at dealing with the pandemic. Others were appalling. The Best Countries Country Total number who contracted the disease Number of deaths Taiwan 675 7 New Zealand 2059 25 Iceland 5392 […]

The World’s Best and Worst countries at dealing with Covid-19. — Opher’s World

Here I am today

Well, last night we re-entered the full lockdown again, all those shops which are deemed not essential have closed, once more. The Government was told to close everything in November, including the schools, but, surprise surprise the schools will reopen on 11 Jan 2021 as already provided for.

When is a Tier 4 lockdown not a lockdown? When businesses close but school’s remain open with no thought to pupils wearing face masks or social distancing. The bulk of the new cases occurring today are caused by kids going to school, coming into contact with others with the virus but no symptoms, spreading it like wildfire. As long as there are idiots who think they will get it and survive so f*ck everyone else with underlying problems, and the schools remain open we will never get out of this within the next 3 or 4 years. Vaccine or no vaccine. Why? The virus has mutated so it is now going to affect many more people, it will mutate again so that the vaccine doesn’t work.

Anyway, enough with the doom and gloom, I’m just wanting to wish everyone of you out there in WordPress land a very Happy New Year.

Whatever your faith, Hoping you have a great Christmas/Hanukah

OK, no treatise this time around, no song lyrics for a title. No jokes and no tantrums (I may not be as bad as tRump but I really do have my moments.

If everyone demanded our leaders give up any thoughts of increasing their land mass through war, wouldn’t that be something worth having?

All I want for Christmas is Peace on Earth.

So this is Christmas and what have we done?

Another year over and the New one set to begin.

If we want it then we can organise, promote and petition to make it happen, after all only 4.5% can start a revolution, once it starts it will snowball because there are more against the Government than would ever vote for them.

Happy Hanukah or Merry Christmas to everyone, everywhere, especially those still being killed in wars such as the Palestinians, Syrians and others.

Love is old, love is new

Love is all, love is you. Because the world is round and not flat, square, oblong or diamond shaped, we spin round and round in space. Rolling on our annual free trip around the sun. Life is for living and living isn’t free any more, but it should be.

Did you know that if those tightwad billionaires who make up just 1% of the population paid tax at just 45% there would be no poverty, therefore no war, no hunger and everyone could have free health care. I mean how much do you need for a lifetime? Everyone of them has so much money they take out of the economy that poverty, hunger and war will never end. As long as there is poverty and hunger there will always be war because the wealthy have to limit the numbers of us that there are.

If we were to rise up against them since we outnumber them 99 to one, they wouldn’t stand a chance, they built their wealth on the backs of the mugs, like you and me, who work (or worked) for them. If they shared their profits with the workforce who generated the income in the first place would we care so much about them hoarding the rest?

When I’m closing in on death

If this year has taught us anything it is not to trust our political leaders to protect us from a pandemic. They don’t care if millions die, why? Just look at the facts, Thailand has 2.5 times the population of the UK, to date they have had 7 Covid Related deaths. The UK has had over 60,000 and it is still rising, why? Because our government don’t care about the rank and file in this country. If the death toll rises to above 500,000 (yes that is half a million people) will the government care more? No, as long as they are safe and their wealthy chums are safe, they are happy to let the rest of the country perish.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland those in charge have been doing whatever is necessary to save as many people there as possible. Without trying to score political points they have been doing just that. When the next election is fought all 3 countries will fight on the topic of Independence, when their parties for Independence win, they will not need a referendum to give voice to the people. They will be able to leave the UK on the mandate the election was fought and England will be left alone, while those newly Independent countries will rejoin the EU in their own right.

History teaches us that todays issues are all global issues and should be tackled together, not individually. Our politicians should be joining with other countries to find the solutions to those issues, rather than burying their head in the sand. If they continue to push forward with plans for fossil fuels rather than renewables then they are responsible for every coronavirus that follows on the heels of Covid-19. No one else to blame but the man at the top, the ones in charge. There is a simple solution to the economic crash of 2021 and that is to tax the wealthy until the economy recovers. Joe Biden will do that in the USA but johnson hasn’t got the guts to follow his lead in the UK.

You run and you run to catch up to the sun

But it’s sinking, racing around to come up behind you again. The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older, shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

I know that might seem quite maudlin to many but this year has taught me many lessons, not least don’t take things for granted. Yesterday is past, remember it fondly if you can, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet, it may never get here. Today is a gift so appreciate what you have and because it’s a gift we call it the present.

If we can spread joy into one person’s life today then our being here has been worthwhile. If everyone cares enough to do that then how much brighter would our world be? This isn’t a political post today, those who follow me know that I can have a rant about injustice and blame those at fault, this isn’t one of those. Today, I want to write a post which people will read and take something positive away with them. No complaints although I do have a lot to complain about today, however, that will not do me any good (apart from getting it off my chest). Therefore, why complain to all and sundry unless you need an escape valve and this is the only place to vent things?

I have been contemplating my blessings, and my shortcomings over the last few weeks and I have come to the conclusion that my followers are the greatest, those who come to read my new posts no matter what the content is, so thank you for that dear reader, I really do appreciate you, all of you. I think it is about time we all started to feel the spirit of Christmas, especially since this year so far, has been terrible for everyone everywhere. If we all do one act of random kindness every day, how much better will we make people’s lives? People we don’t see, or won’t ever see again. I think that we could all use some better Karma than we currently have, if we care for others then that might mitigate some of the bad Karma we have accumulated this year.

One act of random kindness, showing some kindness to those we usually ignore, gives us a small amount of pleasure as well. What goes around, comes around, and we should care for those we share these journeys around the sun with. If we don’t care about what happens to others then what message is that giving out about us? We are all human beings, sentient beings from other species also share this space rock, and our journey around the sun. Maybe if we had taken better care of the planet, protected the habitat of our neighbours, then maybe we wouldn’t be in the position we are in currently.

Something else to think about, when you do something for someone else (doesn’t have to be much to make someone’s day) then doesn’t that make you feel good about yourself too? Think about what it would take to make you happy, would it be something as simple as finding the person in front of you at Starbuck’s had paid for your coffee and wanted nothing in return? That, my dear reader is the kind of thing I am talking about, one simple, random, act of kindness to another.