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Month: January, 2013

Stunning pics of the North East’s large angel… And other angels

Hope you enjoy these iconic pictures of the largest angel sculpture on the planet today. I’ve included some particular favourite pics of my own personal favourite angel.




(Neither the angel of the North nor Death, however it is iconic and she is an angel.








Here comes old flat top

About time I put finger to keyboard and explained somethings so that I can try and understand them myself. I was at the hospital this morning for a follow up appointment with the sleep clinic. The dr. sent me to have some bloods taken to check for anaemia well, an hour and a half later and following 6 failed attempts they finally found a vein and took the sample they needed, amazingly I’ve only got 1 bruise to show for it! That’s not what got me thinking, however, on my way for the bus I was passed by a man in an electric wheelchair, he smiled at me when I acknowledged him. If he has no legs, only 1 hand and can smile then wtf do the rest of us have to complain about?

I will readily admit to seeing the wheelchair first but I acknowledged the person not his wheelchair or his disabilities. In fact it was only as he passed me I noticed his missing limbs. This is what had me puzzled: disability is only disabling if you let it be. If people (as was ably proven last summer) can compete with physical or mental problems and succeed in their objectives, surely then they’re no more disabled than those of us who are “able-bodied”.

Let me know your thoughts on this or any other topic. Back to the weather, it’s great now the snow has (mainly) gone and walking is no longer a problem. It’s nice to see snow but it shouldn’t stay around for more than a few hours and should never freeze solid to make people fall.

More blogging needed but I’ve gotta go for now…

This year is already going downhill

Sorry once again for the lack of blogs, my mother-in-law was rushed back into hospital after being sent home and is, once again, in a hospice. The snow and ice makes it hard to get in to see her so I call her to see how she is. Because of her age, 85, and the fact the cancer is in her bones now nobody expects her to be going back home. We all hope she will recover but, well you know we all fear and prepare for the worst while hoping and praying for the best.

Because of this, and the fact that she’s a fantastic lady, I’ve not felt like communicating with anyone for sometime. Please forgive the brevity and enjoy these pics…







Had another tough few days, not quite sure why, yes bugs are going around at the moment but why have I caught so many? If you know the answer to this please let me know. I’m going to take things easy at the moment and blog when I’ve the strength to do so, I’ll work out later how many blogs are missing and how I can easily fill in the gaps. In the meantime please keep with me while I get myself back to good health.







Enjoy the winter pics, just hope the thaw, when it comes, isn’t rapid so the swollen rivers and grounds full of water can cope with the extra run off from melting snow.

It’s not easy

When I decided to blog every day I thought “how hard can it be to put words down, a few pics and publish?” Little did I know how hard it really is, especially when you’ve got a mind like mine 😦

I had to reformat my laptop hard drive and reinstall windows, of course that lost all my saved data, passwords, iTunes library, bookmarks and I’ve not been in the best of health either so still haven’t got round to using the laptop for these blogs, which would make life easier for me.

I really need to get my 3 Tb of mp4 files back into iTunes so that I can update my iPhone and iPad and check for iOS updates. Anyway it’s almost 01:30 here and I’ve got to be up at 07:30 so am going to bed now or I’ll be falling asleep all day tomorrow.

I am you as you are me

Don’t feel as bad today, thank goodness, if I can get some sleep I’ll probably start feeling a hole lot better a hole lot quicker.

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans, like a Chinese wrestlers jock strap cooked in chip fat on a greasy day.

For your pleasure in our present state, our words come tumbling into a plastic cup. Like rain pounding the pavement my head has demons chipping away inside my grey skull isn’t life grand?

Look at the coffin boys, with golden handles, isn’t it grand to be bloody dead? You should always remember the longer you live – the sooner you’ll die. (Just to cheer the mood dear reader). I wonder what it must be like to buy the farm, to take deaths hand and head to the sunshine?

There’s a loony on the bus, and you sat next to him. Madness is an altered perception of things, but whose to say you see things correctly and the lunatic is wrong? Could it not be that you’ve misread the signs and he’s completely right?

Maybe this is the mutterings of a genius, but you want him locked up out of harms way. The truth, you see, all depends on your perspective and point of view. Try looking at life from a different stand point, see how you feel doing this and how things look.

How bad can it get?

Well, I thought I was on the mend but have just spent the last 36 hours going from hot sweats to cold sweats and back again. I’m determined to post at least 1 blog today, and play catch up with the two I’ve missed when I’m back to 100% fit. Bumped into an old friend while I was ill, and I’ve not seen him since he died in 1976! That’s how ill I’ve been dear reader.

I’m trying to eat for the first time in ages. Needless to say I’m having soup. Quick, light and a test of my stomach. So far so good, it went down a treat let’s hope it stays down. Well, that was written 2 hours ago and so good so far. Still switching from hot to cold to hot but at least I now know its not the dreaded nori virus that’s doing the rounds.

Not sure that’s the correct spelling but I haven’t quite worked out how to turn off autocorrect on here, if I can turn it off. Anyway I’ve got the shivers again so will bid you goodnight, even though I’d normally be staying up for another 3 or 4 hours were I not ill.


I knew I didn’t post a blog yesterday, this was due to illness not laziness, but I didn’t post the day before either so I need to post 2 today and 2 tomorrow. No excuses for the 8th or 9th being missed really, illness is a reason not an excuse. Anyway, dear reader, thank you for waiting for me. Although I’m still not 100% well I’m really gonna try and amuse and entertain you with both of these posts.

I follow a blog called TheDroidYoureLookingFor and he’s been running a series of Netflix Viewer reviews, easy for him entertaining for us. So I thought what can I do that’s just as funny and easy without plagiarising his idea? John’s really into movies and I’m just as heavily into music across all genres. Where can I find amusing album reviews? If you have any ideas please post them as comments to this post, thank you, the winner will receive a huge shout out from me!

Lost and found

If, like me, you were born in the 50’s I wonder if you can remember the same, or similar, things as me?

Silver threepenny pieces and sixpence pieces in the Christmas pudding? Short back and sides which you had to be dragged to the barbers to get? The queues for Saturday morning cinema club, children only? Flash Gordon serialised movies shown on a Saturday morning. Black and white tv, on huge sets with a tiny screen? Two channels which broadcast programmes in the mornings for schools and university, afternoons for around an hour for pre-school, and then evenings from around 4p.m. Until 11?

Days which seemed to go on forever while you were at school, from 9:00 till 4:00, days at the weekend which were never long enough. 7 weeks holiday in the summer, the first week spent with your mates then off to England for dad’s 2 weeks off work. Only there was no-one around the first week as the English schools broke up 2 weeks after the Scottish, and were only off for 6 weeks, much to my amusement.

Walking miles every day to pick up as many mates as possible to do things with. Adventures grown ups couldn’t fathom. Space travel in its early days with men orbiting this planet a couple of times then coming home.

Computers to control these space missions which were housed in their own buildings, and weren’t half as powerful as the current pc in (almost) every home. Comedy films with Hollywood greats, James Cagney, Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe? I remember visiting cousins in St. Andrews and watching Cary Grant in Father Goose, staying in my seat when it ended and watching it again. In those days, if you went in partway through a movie you could stay and watch the part you’d missed next time around.

Popcorn wasn’t de rigeur as it is now, you could buy sweets and pop from the corner shop and take them with you to consume while watching the movie. I remember watching the special effects created by the masters of the day, very tame and jerky by today’s standards. Wooden sets which shook when the actors passed by. Those were the good old days, they may have been pants but are remembered fondly. These days, bad as they are, our kids will remember as their good old days. Shouldn’t we give them the best memories we can?

Things to make you go…

It’s early doors, gonna go to bed soon but remembered I’ve not blogged since early doors yesterday. What to discuss today? I could tell you about the pain I’ve been in since I woke up on the sofa but you wouldn’t care, dear reader. I could tell you about the nightmares I’ve been having recently, and not just while I’ve been sleeping either, but that’s my burden to bear.

Instead, I think I’ll delve back into the past and tell a tale of drink, drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll to make your hair curl. But then again, would you really be interested dear reader? I’m not sure I would had it not happened to me.

Ok so if I’m not blogging about any of that what am I going to write about? Especially as I seem to have reached a blockage of some kind, no doubt due to the pain or cold that I’m unable to shift.

Because of that I’m gonna publish this rambling verbosity and try to come back with a bang when I wake up, tomorrow is, after all, another day….