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Month: June, 2012

Another wonderful wet day in paradise

Wow, the weather forecast promised sunshine and showers today and that’s exactly what we’ve had. I tried to avoid the showers but while out at the post office this morning it did start raining nothing new you might say but when the sky goes black I like to be indoors, just in case we get another deluge like last Thursday. Contact with rain, hail, thunder and lightning never used to bother me, after all flash floods didn’t happen here they occurred in warmer countries like those on the South Med, or around the tropics not here in this island of ours. So I hurried home and managed to get in before the rain became heavy and spent the afternoon playing with photo booth and thought I’d share the results with my readers!





Wow isn’t Mother Nature angry

Yesterday, 28 June 2012, will remain in my memory for a long time. I went out in the morning and, although it was raining it was very warm, on my way home the sun was shining which lifted my spirits. After dinner, I decided to take 5 before deciding whether to go back out or not. 20 minutes later I was pleased with that decision as the sky darkened I could hear rumbles of thunder so I moved position so I could watch the sky. I didn’t have to wait very long for the rain and flashes of lightning to start. Within an extremely short space of time the rain became torrential and the lightning, while not being continuous, must have been very close as the thunder followed within a second.
The beauty of the storm, natures very own firework display, soon changed as the street outside became a fast flowing river. While watching the local news last night I heard that Newcastle’s city centre Metro stations, all of which are underground, had all been flooded. Lots of roads in and around Newcastle were impassible which led to buses being cancelled and cars abandoned.
Yes, I thought, this is heading towards the end of the beginning. Ok I don’t subscribe to the belief the planet will end on 21 December 2012, however, I do believe that we are building towards a climax of epic proportions on that date as Mother Nature tries to fix the ecological imbalance which we have created.
My friends, fellow bloggers, and readers of this blog, I would be interested to find out your thoughts on this. Nature is concerned with survival of the planet and not survival of any species living here, do you think mankind can survive for another few millennia or are we destined to die out after a few hundred years more?







Hello again, my friend, it’s been too long

I know it’s been a long time since I last posted anything but I didn’t really have anything to share, now, however, I do. Sir Richard Branson posted on Google + about the rainforests in Madagascar being depleted rapidly, also today saw the beginning of Earth Summit Rio +20. If the politicians cannot find a way to agree on changes we have to make to save this planet then we’re gonna have nothing to leave for our grandchildren’s children. The rainforests are really the tip of the remaining iceberg which started decades ago when we discovered the ozone layer was being depleted.

We need to make our politicians sit up and take notice that if the ice caps at the poles continue to melt then the planet is going to take drastic action to save itself, this WILL result in the death of millions of people, animals, plants and buildings. If we cannot understand why this will happen we should look around to see what is going on around our planet at the moment – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods – and this is only the start. If we do nothing it will only get worse, until Nature decides to step up the necessary destruction to restore this planet. The last ice age killed off loads of dinosaurs, the next one will wipe out humanity, or at least most of us will go. The only winner will be the planet, same as before. I know I’m not the only one alive on this planet today that recognises our ancestors knew what needed to be done to preserve the status quo, our current politicians don’t care about preserving the planet as long as they can make a shed load of money killing it.

If there was more money out of going green the politicians would be urging us to go green. There isn’t so they aren’t pushing us that way, the oil companies want to continue pumping their oil to us but if we had cars that didn’t need petrol or gas to run they’d go out of business which is why the real loser is the consumer. There was a car developed which no-one wants us to know about which uses electricity from the battery to get going, does not rely on fossil fuels to keep going and will keep the battery charged while it is running. The net cost of running this car is 0, nada, nothing, it doesn’t pollute, it doesn’t even require road tax because it is non-polluting. Of course no-one knows of this because the oil companies would close down and all their employees would be out of work, the gas/petrol stations would close and their employees would be out of work. Another innovation which is unlikely to see the light of day is the flying car, a prototype exists in the USA but the politicians and car manufacturers don’t want us to know about it because it would mean the end of roads, putting more labourers out of work.

These vehicles do exist and we should be pushing for the right to see them and to see whether or not they work to reduce pollution, traffic jams, and road rage! If you agree with me please feel free to post links to this blog of mine. I’ve been Dave, it’s been a real pleasure but I’m expecting a knock at the door which means I will disappear without a trace…

Back to reality with a bump

After last weekends celebrations it’s been back to normal with so many channels but nothing to watch. I have never been a big soccer fan, I prefer American football, but this year I’m even less interested in the Euros than normal. The only real chance England have got is to get through to the knockout stage before heading home.
The entire country have no faith in the team because the team have no faith in themselves, I can’t remember the last time this happened to England. Of course North of the border would be a different story, if Scotland qualify for any big tournament the entire country prays for a miracle but gets behind the team anyway even though the expectations of winning are low they are just so proud the national side made it to the final stages.
As a Brit (I was born in England, brought up and educated in Scotland) I love to see any British team do well against the rest of the world, in any competition. I won’t be watching the Olympics but will find somewhere to watch the torch relay when it gets here. I hope team GB do really well as we have got real talent taking part and it’s local (well, London) anyway.
So why this blog today when I’ve been on here intermittently since joining, I was going to try for a daily blog, as others do, but then I thought that would be like a diary and I’ve not kept one since 1977 when I had loads on and it helped me to remember where I’d got to go and afterwards what I thought of our performance what the audience had been like and so on, I no longer have that diary it’s been lost in the mists of time.
Any road up (as the bishop said to the actress) the point I think I’m trying to make here is that I am very patriotic towards this Great Britain, even though that’s been very difficult of late. This is due to the influx of people from war zones who take benefits from this country, which we keep being told we can’t afford, then criticise us for being Christian and not Muslim. They test our ability to recognise terrorist threats by voicing genocide threats then protest about their human rights when we are prepared, at taxpayers expense, to send them back where they came from. The worst thing of all is the EU tell our government we have to allow these terrorists to remain here but we can’t lock them up and our politicians are too weak to suggest that the terrorists are placed into the care of the Germans, French or Italians to keep him safe.
End of topic before I really start going to town.

What a weekend wasn’t it gr8

We certainly know how to celebrate a royal jubilee don’t we?
Sixty years on from King George VI and still going strong, long may she continue and may the Duke of Edinburgh make a speedy recovery, he was missed by everyone since Monday. The speeches have all been made in honour of our monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and the country is settling down and going back to business as usual.
If nothing else was achieved over the weekend, our Queen saw the love the nation has for her and her husband. I’m sure everyone had a brilliant time and we forgot our own personal problems for 4 days, which is no bad thing.
God save the queen, we mean it man, we love our Queen, God saves!
Now the dust has settled on the punk tribute from 1977 for the silver jubilee I hope people can see it for what it really was, a tribute to her majesty while criticising her government of the day who left those of us who were unemployed on the scrap heap. The silver jubilee weekend, again, was a fantastic success, here’s to the Platinum celebration in 2022, I hope you make it ma’am and give us another reason to celebrate and forget our worries once again. A word to the wise and caring family, let Her Majesty have some time off with her husband, Prince Philip, such a strong marriage as theirs is a blessing from God and I’ll finish off now by saying God save the Queen and long may she reign, the only time my generation will get to see a diamond jubilee was this weekend!

I don’t exist

I’m the urban spaceman has been running through my head these last couple of days not least because I’ve been thinking about groups reforming and thinking of anniversaries due to the Small Faces reunion with only 2 of the original 4 members left. This reminded me that the Stones celebrate the same anniversary and there’s still 4 of the original members left so surprised they’ve not worked in years, at least together
Another of rock royalty greatest heroes of our time have only 2 out of 4 left and it was 50 years ago that the oldest member joined the other 3, making Richie the youngest fab. Could they tour together this year with Julian Lennon and Dhanni Harrison substituted for their respective dads? I’d love to see that and would travel across the Tyne to see them.
However, this blog started as I was thinking about the late great Viv Stanshall and wondering how many of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band are still around. If you enjoy comedy in music (weird Al Yankovic et al) then check out some of the Bonzo’s stuff or even the Baron Knights who I’ve forgiven for stealing the name of my first group, misspelling Barren and becoming successful leaving us battered and broken to become The and then Morph into The Dogs, before calling it a day in 1977.

All right

Been listening to some good music while looking over my friends website. He’s a professional photographer and I’ve used his services and recommended him to family and friends and some of those have also used him for weddings, engagements and christenings. If you live in or around Gateshead and are having a special do look him up, the company is called Illa Photography and he has his own website or you can find him on face book as Illa Photographe, if you call him please mention my name (it won’t get you a discount but at least I’ll know how successful this blog is). this link will take you to his website so you can check him out.

I was going to add some of the fun pictures of animals from his site but my iPhone won’t let me download flash 😦 you’ll just have to check it out for yourselves.

What are we doing here?

I’ve been getting very philosophical lately. Pondering questions such as: how can we possibly think we’re alone here on this planet? Given the vast size of the multiverse I’d say there has to be at least one other inhabited planet in the multiverse somewhere light years or maybe even light decades away.

Some of the other things I’ve been mulling over are pretty mundane, why do they call the periods between 8 and 10 in the morning and 4 and 6 in the afternoon rush hour? Nothing moves quicker than 20mph as there’s more traffic volume during these hours.

What if when you lose your train of thought it’s transferring to someone else who thinks they’re hearing voices?

What if April Fools is really on the 2nd not the 1st of April and the jokes been on us all the time?

How is it possible to dress up but you have to receive a dressing down? Why do we button up a shirt yet we start at the top and go down? So why is it not button down?

If the earth is getting warmer then why do we freeze in the winter and drown in the summer? Why will global warming cause another ice age? If anyone has the answers to these questions, or any further questions please send them on the back of self undressed elephant to me c/o this blog, thank you