Me & My Shadow

by davebarclay1954

Elton John has been seriously ill but seems to be over the worst of it (apparently he’s out of danger and grateful for all the goodwill messages he has been sent via twitter). Yet he remembers a time when it was a criminal offence to be gay (even I remember those horrible dark days). This, my dear reader is in praise of the enlightened times we live in today.

When it was decriminalised in the year 1967 (Sgt. Pepper, Satanic Majesties, Are You Experienced) we knew that it was the beginning of an age of Aquarius. A time when all men would be accepted as equals, regardless of sexual preference, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately not then, that has only come at the beginning of the New Millennium. We still need to see women as equals, and treat them accordingly.

I’m not saying I don’t find women attractive or see some of them as prospective sexual partners, that would be a lie and no-one would believe me anyway, especially if they know my past. I try not to view women as sex objects but as equals, I would like to get to know any prospective partner well before trying to get her (or him) into bed with me. I have always been colour blind, and could never understand why some countries had to treat people differently based purely on skin colour.

Yes, I’m white but I feel as much at home with black, yellow, brown, blue or even purple people, why? Because I see them as people, equals, better than me more often than not. But I digress, women need our support to become everything they can be, after all men are now accepted everywhere regardless of skin colour or sexual preference so why can’t women be treated the same? Don’t tell me that it’s because they take time off work to raise a family as most women these days will take a few months off work and then return to the work place working as hard as, if not harder than, the men doing the same job. Women are becoming stronger but are still paid less for doing similar work, this isn’t fair and the time for change is upon us today my friends. After all we did it from 1967-1999 for men so now we have to do it for women, especially as they are no longer being treated differently for the State Pension in the UK. (From 2018 women and men will have the same retirement age and this will change upwards from then on.)

Women working in factories alongside men do the same work for less pay, yet the minimum wage isn’t set to different amounts depending on your sex, it varies according to age until you reach 21 then it’s fixed at £7.50 regardless of sex. Why can’t we see this being progressed upwards to every women working alongside men? There is no difference to the work they do, they all put in the same effort and hours. Because there has been a snap election called for June this should give us a chance to speak out against injustice wherever we find it. Tactical voting won’t make any difference unless we use it to protect our society and that has to be all inclusive. Women deserve better treatment than we have, so far in our history, afforded them. Equal pay for equal work is a small price to pay and will take women out of slavery once and for all.