I can hear a lark somewhere

by davebarclay1954

I’m back again and we have now got the dates for the work to be carried out, week commencing 2 March 2020, so we’ll be going to a cottage for that week with no laptop so no way to blog while there. However music today is a version of an American Standard from the Golden Age of Popular Music. Written by Cole Porter it has been widely covered over the years by artists as diverse as Simply Red, Annie Lennox and the version included here. Apologies as always if it doesn’t play but the video is courtesy of YouTube.

Why Ella Fitzgerald? I admire her talent and think she was one of the best vocalists from the jazz era, although not alone she is in the company of Billie Holliday, Etta James and Sister Rosetta Tharpe. That was truly a golden age for women vocalists in American music.

This post is about something dear to my heart, because I can see there is a backlash coming and it could escalate quite easily towards violence. Tomorrow (31 January 2020) is the day when the UK will leave the EU for an 11 month period to try and negotiate trading agreements between us and the other 27 EU countries. Of course our PM, BoJo the Clown has refused to predict the outcome of Brexit, to cost this effect or to give any indication as to how many jobs will be lost before it ceases to be cost effective. Since the referendum in 2016 more money has been spent on Brexit than we paid into the EU in 47 years of membership. Does anyone else think this is money well spent? I don’t, it could have been better spent ensuring the NHS is not put onto the table in order to negotiate trade agreements with the USA. Of course since the privatisation has been continuing apace since the election last month the thought now throughout the UK is we should never have listened to someone who has never told the truth, but when he lies constantly you would think no one would ever believe anything coming out of his mouth ever again.

If anyone was in any doubt about how disastrous Brexit is going to be for those parts of the UK which voted overwhelmingly to Remain they should recognise that Northern Ireland has been given a supreme deal to Remain within the EU in order to avoid starting the troubles again. One of the main ingredients of the Good Friday agreement from 1997 was for freedom of movement between Northern Ireland and the Republic so BoJo has agreed to ring fence Northern Ireland, leaving it within the EU and tariffs imposed on goods leaving NI bound for the rest of the UK. This has cost him the backing of the DUP but since he has a majority he isn’t worried about that. It could also lead to an Independence Referendum along the lines of Scotland to ensure that Northern Ireland can never be told to leave the EU by Westminster.

In relation to Scotland, the Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, was told that she was still going to have to pay for the Climate meetings of heads of state but would not be allowed to attend by BoJo. Not sure whether or not she did attend in the end because it seems he ordered a media black out of the event. He also promised the Russian Report would be released after the election in December now he is saying there is no need because it contains nothing whatsoever about any outside interference in the Referendum or the elections of 2017 and 2019. Everyone who knows him and the tRumpster know that this means the report was very damaging to him and his party of thugs, racists, misogynists and autocrats.

It’s about time both America and the UK woke up to the fact that you can never trust a liar to do anything other than feather their own nest, give them a role of power and they are so corrupted they will abuse that power for their own ends.