Brexit: The Uncivil War by Channel 4

by davebarclay1954

I missed this when it was shown on British Television but managed to watch it on Netflix yesterday and it asked more questions than it answered. As a film it stands alongside A Few Good Men and One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, for entertainment. As a documentary it fell short, it did not explain that the link between Aggregate IQ in Canada and Cambridge Analytica in the UK was much bigger than either company wanted to make public. On the Cambridge Analytica web site Aggregate IQ was listed as SCL Canada (SCL being the parent company of CA). Aggregate IQ has never accepted this as accurate although their hacking program was exactly the same code as CA’s. The two companies consisted of exactly the same board of directors but with different CEO’s (AIQ’s CEO was the CEO of SCL).

With every new revelation concerning, not only the Brexit referendum but also the Presidential Elections in 2016, is it any wonder that the tactics used by CA and AIQ have been questioned recently? AIQ is currently appealing against a decision of malpractice of user data usage in Europe against EU regulations. When this appeal fails, as it most certainly will, what then for the referendum results? Will the referendum of 2016 be, once again, declared illegal and overturned? What if we have already left the EU by then, will they welcome us back with open arms?

I think we should (at least our Government should) withdraw Article 50 until all the facts are known about the referendum and a final decision has been made as to whether or not we should have the referendum again or, as I suspect the Crown Prosecution Service will decide, that because of all the improprieties of 2016 we should never have another referendum in this country to decide anything as divisive ever again.

Since the referendum ended, we have become a divided and separated nation, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted overwhelmingly to Remain with only England and Wales voting to Leave. During the campaign ahead of the Referendum we were told by every Leave group that we would receive favourable terms from the EU so a no deal would never be an option. Now that lie has been proven a no deal is becoming more and more obvious, with everyone telling us now that having to go to WTO trade agreements and tariffs will not affect the prices in the shops. Any economist worth their title will tell you this is bollocks.

When tariffs are added at the port of entry to everything coming into the country (and we import 95% of everything we consume) becomes more expensive in the shops. The average increase will be somewhere between £220 and £300 per week for every household. Who can afford that much of an increase every week for the next 20 or 30 years until we can negotiate trade deals with every other country on the planet? Not the ordinary man on the street, not the Leave voters who are up in arms complaining about immigration and not the few who are on benefits. Jobs will be lost with much greater impact on communities when companies move their production plants to continental Europe to avoid hefty tariffs on them being produced here. With less money to spend consumers of luxury goods will decline, more shops will close and high streets will become ghosts of their former glory before the credit crunch of 2008.

People are beginning to wake up to the fact that a no deal Brexit will cripple the economy, cause jobs to be lost when investors move to bigger markets (especially those which came to Britain in order to get a foothold in Europe). We have seen a mass migration of banks out of London, I still think that within 2 years of a No Deal Brexit the United Kingdom will be no more. Scotland has already been making progress with talks between some European Countries that they will be welcomed back into the fold should Scotland become a separate Nation within 2 years of Brexit. Northern Ireland won’t accept a hard border which a no deal Brexit will force. They will therefore separate from the UK, join with the Republic, and like Germany before them, re-enter the EU that way.

With the UK reduced to England and Wales I would be surprised if Wales didn’t leave as well so that only England will be left. If they then tried to rejoin Europe the gains that were made (staying out of the Euro, staying out of Schengen and limiting the numbers of EU migrants) would be lost. No English Government would ever be given the right of Veto after Leaving and a renegotiation to rejoin. As I said all the way through the referendum campaign the UK needed the EU more than they needed us, therefore any deal would not be acceptable to the Parliament parties or the masses of the electorate.

I was born a British person (mum was English, dad was half Scottish and half English), in 1973 I became European and want to remain European. I never voted for Brexit, I recognised the lies for what they were. I have seen the racism and violence that has erupted over the result. I did not predict that because I thought the referendum would have been fought legally by both sides. Because of the illegality of the Vote Leave and Leave.EU campaigns and hacking into Facebook members to target them with personalised advertising to push them into a Leave vote, I don’t accept the referendum result should stand.

As an economist I fear that this country will find out to its cost and detriment after a disastrous no deal Brexit, that they actually were much better off before leaving than they will be after leaving. The majority of Leavers voted that way because they believed the hype that Europe needed us more than we needed them. They now know that is a lie. They may have voted to leave to take back control but we will lose control when we are begging countries for trade deals since we consume more than we produce here. The current POTUS has said that any trade deal will take over our NHS, proving the lie that the money we send to the EU would be ploughed into the NHS following Brexit.

Farage has said we should dismantle the NHS in favour of the American Health Service model. This means that no one would be able to get Health Insurance to cover pre-existing conditions, the cost of medical treatments will sky rocket leaving the poor no access to any medical treatment at all. Boris Johnson has consistently voted to privatise the NHS as far as possible, leaving the most costly functions within the public domain. The NHS was designed by a Labour Government after the end of World War 2, this was only part of the whole socialist vision for a fairer Britain. The rest has been slowly eroded since 1979 and the first Conservative Government under Maggie Thatcher bought and paid for by the (at the time) top 5%.

Nowadays the Conservative party receives their funding from the top 1% and they want to keep control over the countries poor, forcing them to do as they are told. Anyone who doesn’t see this is not only blind but stupid (apart from the 1%).