Here we all are sitting in a rainbow

by davebarclay1954

Cor blimey, hello Mrs. Jones, how’s your Bert’s lumbago? No music again with this post, however, there is a song attached to the title. Prizes as usual for the first 4 correct entries opened on Monday 9 January 1966. Answers on a postcard or stamped undressed elephant to the usual address.

If there is no further concessions to be made before 31 October 2019, we should follow the same example followed by Greece following their General Election when the Grexit Party won a resounding victory, did Greece activate Article 50? No! Why didn’t they? They realised they needed the rest of Europe more than Europe needed them.

Brexit was fought on the grounds that the EU would give us a fantastic deal before we left (Remain told them that we needed the EU more than they needed us). We said and have been saying ever since that a no deal Brexit is not in the best interests of our economy, the United Kingdom or any of the individual countries which form the union. Those pushing for Leave stated this was fake and a deal could be struck with the EU. The truth is now known and the burning question now is: why don’t the Brexiteers want a second referendum since they are so certain they will win in bigger numbers than in 2016?

They are worried that without Cambridge Analytica (and Aggregate IQ are tied up in an appeal against the ruling they breached EU rules on data protection) they will either lose heavily or be forced to admit the referendum was won illegally and Article 50 will be revoked ahead of 31 October. Those wanting a second referendum, one that adheres to Parliamentary Rules of Engagement, is gaining momentum every single day. That has to worry those politicians now eager to suspend Parliament, do away with the voice of democracy and proceed to bankrupt this country with no regard to those poor who will die without the safety net afforded by the Benefits system.

Those who voted for Brexit in 2016 were fooled into thinking the world is still the same as it was in 1973 when we joined what was then known as the Common Market. The truth is the world has changed since then and what little was left of the British Empire in 1973 has now gone completely. The Commonwealth no longer need us or will support us while we are trying to negotiate trade deals with the rest of the world. It’s now clear that Europe will not offer us anything short of bankruptcy after we leave.

Of course within 2 years of Brexit, a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland that country will be lost to the Union. Scotland will hold another Independence referendum within 18 months and this time they will win, leave the GBP and join the Euro once they are welcomed back into the fold. That will not surprise anyone since both those countries voted resoundingly to Remain in 2016. The United Kingdom then will consist of only England and Wales, but Wales may decide that since the rest of the UK have withdrawn they should too. Their only option then would be to ask the EU to allow an independent Wales to rejoin in their own right.

Now, if there is any doubt about the sense of this take a look at the mood in Scotland, Northern Ireland and compare that with England and Wales. Scots are totally fed up that their currency, despite guarantees made by David Cameron during their referendum campaign, is still not welcomed everywhere in the UK. I live 90 minutes away from Scotland and some places here refuse to take Scottish notes, those which do are in the minority.

If politicians were to tell the truth I don’t think anyone would believe them anyway. Of course if the public don’t trust politicians then turnout is depressed for elections. If you don’t vote for anyone then you have no grounds for complaint since the result is your fault for not getting out there and voting in person or asking for a postal vote. There are other ways to vote than just turning up at the polling station and marking a cross on the ballot paper.

If we changed the practice of voting from paper to electronic, as they have done in the USA then we would be liable to hacking as the USA found out in 2016. Since there are so many people complaining that they are worse off today than they were in 2010 you would expect the next General Election having more than a 60% turnout. The more people who actually vote in a General Election the more likelihood there is that we will get a Government for the many not the few.

BoJo is proud of the fact that he was the only MP sticking up for the bankers who crippled the economy in 2008, caused so many people to be laid off following this and having to wait years before finding other jobs. Those bankers who crippled the economy and were bailed out by you and me by getting hand outs from our taxes, still receive millions in bonuses every year, more if they cripple the poor with outlandish bank charges and refusing to lend money to those who need it, since they will default somewhere down the line when the money they earn is worth less and less. The Tory Government introduced 0 hour contracts to get people off the dole and “into work” regardless of whether they are actually working or not.

We have to change the way this country operates, those who can afford it should be paying more tax, those who are struggling should be receiving more from the state to help them to make ends meet. People on benefits don’t have enough to live comfortably, they barely survive. Minimum wage is not enough to survive on unless you can work around 90 hours per week. We need a living wage paid to everyone, adult, child, pensioner. The pension is not enough to survive on and pension credit is no longer an automatic right if you have more going out than is coming in.