Summer days are anything but lazy, hazy days

by davebarclay1954

For a change to my normal posts, there is no music to accompany this one. I was going to write a post about the current state of affairs in the UK and the USA but decided against doing that since everyone knows what is happening in both countries today. I then decided to write a post about my state of mind today, but I don’t think that is very pleasant to share. This post will therefore probably be a short one.

My wife spotted some wind spinners which she decided to buy for our garden, it was therefore down to me to charge my drill, get them put up by putting up the holders on the fence. Placing the spinners in place and then closing the hooks so they wouldn’t blow off easily. She forgets how unfit I am and thinks the work should be done much quicker than I can manage it and also, because of me being unfit, results in me being short of breath and sounding as though I have run a 3 minute mile.

My nasal passages being blocked (they are within 5 minutes of using Olbas nasal spray) the sound is worse than it should be. My nasal passages have not been clear for several years and I still don’t know why. I feel that I have an eternal cold in my nose, not possible I know, but that lets you know how it feels to be me.

I am in a dark place but determined to keep going and I refuse to let it drag me down today. I need something more than I am getting but not sure what that is. I am keeping my vitamin C intake above the recommended levels. With no visible results in my breathing easing off. I would love to be able to breathe easily and then I might exercise more, the nurses at my GP practice have told me that exercising more may relieve the symptoms of my blocked nose. So far it is difficult to exercise a lot.

For those who know how this feels it is not very conducive to exercise, since breathing is difficult enough from resting, doing any exercise means that breathing becomes even more difficult. If anyone knows a work around for this please let me know. If anyone has any other suggestions for improving my breathing so I can go for longer walks, or leave more often to walk around here please let me know.