You saw her bathing on the roof

by davebarclay1954

Today’s song is from Leonard Cohen, a man not to listen to when you feel as low as a worm. However, there are almost as many versions of this track as there are of Yesterday or Michelle. Music is not owned by me, video is linked from YouTube so as always apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

Every day on tv’s across the UK there are charities asking for money every month from those without jobs, all to prevent catastrophe in the poorest countries of the planet. For animals and endangered species, people and refugees struggling to find clean water and food. Makes me wonder why these ads are on tv during the day when the only ones likely to be watching are those without work, probably without any spare cash since they will be on benefits and that now means Universal Credit so they will get paid every 4 weeks with less than they need to survive.

Now, being as that is the case, why do they arrive on our screens as regular as clockwork at meal times? The solution to clean water for everyone, enough food to go around everyone is the end of every conflict, war or battle on this planet. We need politicians in charge who can force a lasting peace on the planet. Forget about securing your borders, we have to join together, men; women and everyone else, in order to end poverty and disease. The problems we are facing today are global problems and working alone with closed borders isn’t going to cut it any longer.

If we don’t work together what will happen to the human race? Look around and see how many people are calling the climate emergency a spoof by the scientific community. This isn’t helping to control the effects by tackling the problem head on. If you think Greta Thunberg is crazy then I feel that you are part of the problem and not the solution. Some of us know how to fix things but if we don’t work together then the situation will only get worse.

If we want to ensure the planet is able to sustain life then we have to act NOW, twenty years ago we could have done less and made a difference but because of deniers time is running out rapidly. The deniers are still there advocating for the Status Quo, that won’t resolve anything and the weather is only going to get worse while the planet tries to heal itself. The planet knows we are the problem so in order to correct it we will become extinct, if you doubt that have a look at the sea levels now, if it doesn’t scare you you’re already dead.

On a better note there is always something going on which threatens the lives of everyone in an area on this small planet revolving around the sun. Looking back through history you can see that since the dawn of time human beings have been mistreating other human beings. Nothing new there but you’d think we’d have learned by now that if we continue the way we are going then there will be nothing left for any future generation.

Anyhoo, today here in the UK it is Father’s Day, I had a visit from my eldest step-daughter with a card from her and her family, my youngest step-daughter wished me a happy Fathers Day by text message but nothing at all from my own children. I know my daughter still hasn’t forgiven me for leaving her without saying goodbye, in 1997, but I have done nothing to my son. I text him and get nothing back, I email him and get ignored more. If it wasn’t for the fact he posts rubbish on FaceBook, which my wife sees, I wouldn’t know if he was dead or alive.

Troubled by the lack of contact with my children I often feel that if it wasn’t for my wife and step-children I would have nothing to live for. That doesn’t mean I will give in to morbid thoughts and take my own life. It does mean I have to be super careful though.

Whatever you are doing this week, take care, have fun and love one another. Until the next time I have something to say I will sign off for now and wish you all love and peace forever.