Still the life flowed on and on

by davebarclay1954

I was listening to several tracks the other day while sitting and contemplating life, love and the universe. While I couldn’t find any solutions to the problems we all face today I did hear this particular track and smiled when I truly listened to the lyrics. As always copyright is owned by the family of George Harrison and Dark Horse Records, not me. Video is courtesy of YouTube so apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

As I said in the introduction, this video is not the reason for putting this song here, the lyrics are and they are truly funny, if you listen to them. George had a way of giving it to you straight. If he was annoyed he would let you know he was annoyed. Reminds me of an anecdote I heard a few decades ago from Billy Connolly. He was sitting in a restaurant with Pamela, George and Olivia Harrison when a fan came up and asked Billy if he could interrupt their meal for just two seconds to get an autograph.

Billy being Billy said of course and signed the book the fan gave him, before disappearing though he turned round and said to Billy, “Thank you, but can you help me out again?”

Billy said “If I can”.

The fan then said “Are there any other famous people here who I could ask for an autograph?”

Billy replied “Well I’m sure I saw Sean Connery and Griff Rhys Jones over in that corner when we came in”.

When the gent walked away Billy turned round and said to George “Sorry about that but I don’t think he realised there was a Beatle at this table.”

George said “That’s okay, my food didn’t get cold!”

Typical Harrison, if asked he would have signed the book as well but not being asked meant he could continue to enjoy his food. The thing about that is that Billy Connolly may have been better known in L.A. than Pamela (his wife) but most people (even millenials) know who the Beatles were.

I have been having conversations on here for some time now and they are all very pleasant the people I talk to. We are all here doing the same journey every day (travelling around the sun) and yet there are so many of us who seem to have lost our humanity since 2016. That was the year when tRump was elected President of the USA and the British referendum went to a bunch of cheating scum proving that money really can buy anything.

We have seen hate crimes in both countries escalating since 2016, the majority of judges will still hand down severe sentences following a guilty verdict. But then, at least in some instances, justice is not served when the guilty party is kept of the very prison they were sentenced to. I suppose it pays to have friends sitting in the highest positions imaginable.

I know there are trolls everywhere but, since I blocked those trolling me on here, I have had only good people getting in touch with me. People I would gladly sit and chat to over a coffee or bourbon. Sometimes though I do find that talking about my pet peeves even to those very nice people on here I can feel my hackles rise and my urine starts boiling because the idiots out there in plain view again since 2016 have ruined the planet for everyone. I don’t do it to have a go at the people I am talking to and I will cut my conversation short before I get too riled up by the idiots, but if we were sitting down face to face chatting looking across the table to them would probably calm me down again and I would find it easier to keep my cool.

Maybe it’s my age, I don’t know, but I have even less time for fools than I did previously. I want to apologise on here if I have caused offence to anyone by my comments in response to theirs (I am sure you don’t want me to mention you by name since that could prompt people to look at what I may have said). I am truly sorry if I have caused you any concern since I would never knowingly do anything to hurt anyone unless they hurt me or my family first.

Getting off the topic of my comments, someone said the other day that if you are only appreciative of women you find attractive then you are still a sexist and I agree with that. It may be easy to appreciate those we are attracted to but every woman I have ever met (friends and lovers together) are worth more than any man I have ever met. I prefer to hang out with women than men because they make light of conversations about sports (I don’t watch many sports, only snooker really) and also make more sense than men, at least the ones I have met. Yes there are some complete liars out there who don’t have a clue what they are worth to themselves and serve men at an exorbitant price.

Any man who can see a woman without immediately thinking about taking her to bed is someone I would call a friend. Sure I look at some women and think that she is attractive, but the first thing that will always grab my attention is not her looks but the way she walks. Is her head held high? Is her back straight? I’d be lying if I didn’t say I pay attention to whether or not she is wearing a dress or trousers, but that is not important to me. It is to some of my gender but not to me. Of course, if I were single then I might be looking for someone to take to bed, eventually, not straight away.

What I am getting at, I can look at men and women in the same way, people watching to see who is likely to start trouble and who is just out for a good time. I also look at black people the same way I look at white people, I don’t judge anyone because they have skin a different colour to me, or they wear different clothes. I couldn’t care less whether you dress in a suit and tie, suit and shirt no tie, skirt and blouse, denim or lace. If you are on this planet then you are doing the same journey around the sun as I am. As a fellow passenger I am concerned about a lot of global issues and feel that only by working together, every single one of us on here and on this planet, can we resolve the issues we all face together.

Please comment on this post, positive or negative, as it is only by having discourse that we can grow as human beings and our humanity is strengthened in the process.