Could’ve sworn it was judgment day

by davebarclay1954

Music to accompany this post is from the wonderful Prince, his first single with the Revolution and the title track of his first album with them. Copyright is owned by Paisley Park, The Prince Estate and Warner Brothers Records/Time Warner. Apologies if the video doesn’t play where you are but it is courtesy of YouTube and they are the ones who decide where videos can be watched.

I know what I was going to put in this post, however, that was yesterday and I had a really bad night last night, the first in a long time so I’ll start as I was going to and then we’ll have to see where it goes from there.

It seems that the lunatics have taken over the asylum that used to be the United Kingdom, since last week’s initial vote it looks as though Boris Johnson is set to become the next Prime Minister here, he is determined to push for a no deal Brexit at any cost to the economy, country and the inhabitants. Since he is a great friend of tRump we can only assume he is also guilty of taking money from Russians for decades. We know he is a racist, islamophobe, homophobe and a misogynist just like his biggest backer.

I know it may not seem like much to the rest of the world but the UK leaving the EU (even though it has not happened and we may yet stop it happening at all) is having a toll already on jobs, companies and the economy. I have been watching the exchange rates very closely for the last few months and, if I’d had the money to buy when I first looked I could have had $3,000 for just slightly over the cost of $2,000 today. The less I start with the less I will be able to do when I get to NOLA.

Of course this is peanuts to Boris and his chums since they have billions tucked away in offshore accounts. Some people are hailing him as “The man of the people” not realising that he would never dream of visiting the areas where most of us live, will never travel less than private jet, no economy flights for him. He pays more for his car than most of us will have in a lifetime and his friends ensure he is kept away from the public.

None of this matters a fig to me since I will never vote for any Tory candidate at any time. Same goes for Lib Dems because after all the two people who sat down together to draft an austerity plan for the UK were David Cameron (Con) and Nick Clegg (Lib Dem). Cleggy is now living it up in the USA with a job paying him several millions of dollars a year, he has free health care as part of his job, and the job? It is to dismantle the profitable parts of the NHS here in the UK and ensure they are bought by his employer.

If I was in their shoes being told to fuck off by the losers who believed the lies told by Leave, that Remain were talking bullshit when they said jobs would be lost by Brexit and the economy would crash following a no deal Brexit. Of course now we know the truth but some of them are still believing the lies even though the evidence that they were lies is beginning to mount up.

We have been told that a no deal Brexit will mean we trade every country on WTO rules (the worst rules for trade imaginable). Now tRump is saying that he didn’t mean to give the impression that we could keep our sovereignty AND get a great trade deal with the USA. What he meant was we can negotiate a trade deal and if we give up our Welfare State in favour of the American model, give up our monarchy (including the Prince of Whales) then he will look to accept us into the USA as the 51st State.

Of course Leave said they wanted to reclaim our sovereignty (we never lost it) take back our borders (we controlled them anyway since we could refuse to allow people from the EU to come here without a job waiting). They also promised that our NHS would be given the money going into the EU coffers but that was another huge lie since they have been selling off the profitable parts, taking doctors with them, since the early 1980’s. They want to sell off the rest and force the British people to accept the USA health insurance model, knowing fine well that too many people won’t be able to get health insurance and will therefore never be seen by a GP, ER or any health professional until it is too late. Of course the more poor people who die as a result of this policy the better for the wealthy since there will be less people to point out what they are doing.

If we allow ourselves to be duped by criminals and fraudulent behaviour in 2016 and pulled out of the EU as a direct result of foreign intervention then we deserve everything we get. However, since the 2016 result is contaminated, there has to be another referendum overseen more closely to ensure the rules are obeyed and this time everyone will have to accept the result. Whether the end result is to Remain or Leave.