I’ve been a cool jerk

by davebarclay1954

Music to accompany today’s post is from George Harrison, the title track of his 1974 album which went on to become his label. Copyright is not owned by me, video is provided courtesy of YouTube and apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

I was thinking the other day about the police in the UK, you see their numbers have decreased a hell of a lot since 2010 and only one political party has picked up on this, promising to do something about it if elected. Today our police are unable to solve the majority of crimes because they are under funded, over stretched and under manned. They are also more likely to be attacked by criminals seeking to escape the long arm of the law, for the majority of criminals know that if they can get away they may well never be caught again.

For a group who pledge to protect us from crime it is disgusting that they are not being given the strength they need to keep themselves safe when trying to keep us safe. There are certain places in the UK which have become more violent in recent years, the police are unable to be everywhere they are needed and if they can’t be there for each other what chance do we have of them being there for us?

I don’t care how people feel about the police there is no excuse for harming them, running them down with cars, attacking them in the pursuit of catching criminals or harming them in any way. If you don’t like the police then avoid them by all means but don’t commit a crime or they will come after you. If you are lucky enough to not be caught then don’t attack the police when they come knocking on your door.

We have a shocking state of affairs in this country just now, the police are doing a dangerous job and often have no nearby back up in case things go wrong. There are an awful lot of police officers in hospital, recovering at home and suffering anxiety because of the attacks they have endured. When I was growing up, my friends and I had respect for the police, sure we broke some laws but nothing major, we never killed anyone, we never maimed anyone, and if questioned by the police we would answer as truthfully as we could without arousing suspicion against ourselves or others.

Police today have none of the support (they will go around singly with no one near them for support). The public often won’t help because of the danger to themselves, so the police are left to their own devices. If we can help then I feel it is our duty to help without putting ourselves in the line of fire when someone has a gun. In the past if a policeman slapped your head and you went home and told your dad, he’d hit you for whatever you had done wrong. Nowadays the dad will try and sue the police for hitting a child, or using unnecessary force.

On another note, someone asked me what MP stands for, asking if it was maybe Military Police (it does stand for that as well). In the UK our politicians are known as MP’s if they sit in the House of Commons and that stands for Member of Parliament. It is the equivalent of a Representative in the House in Washington DC. When one of them is being interviewed and says during that interview that he would rape another MP, laughing it off as a joke, makes it clear that he is one truly sick individual.

Rape is never a joke, nor is it funny. It is a serious criminal offence which has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with control. If someone says publicly that he would rape another human being then he is inviting others to act this out on his behalf. If he thinks he isn’t then he is a fool, just like the idiot currently in the White House in Washington telling White Supremacists that they are doing the right thing and if caught committing crimes then he will pardon them. This is not the attitude we expect from our leaders anywhere in the world.

Avoiding the obvious tangent to go off on here, I think we should take the time to look at what has happened since 2016, both in the USA and in the UK, understand what involvement organised crime from Russia has had in the election and referendum and make damn sure that it doesn’t have the ability to happen again. In the US the current incumbent of the WH is never going to give up his position without a fight, he will declare an emergency in order to remain seated in the WH beyond 2021 if he is voted out in the presidential elections then. He is of course relying on the Russians and Putin to interfere once again in order to keep him in power.

Here in the UK, the referendum as to whether we should leave the EU or remain in it, was hijacked by Leave who got money from abroad, lied and cheated their way to a very narrow victory. In the past the result of any referendum would only be if one side received more than 50% of the electorate in support and a no vote was deemed to be for the status quo. Given that the result in 2016 was lower than 5% different from those who voted the public obviously had voted with their feet, or lack of movement, for Remain. since less than 65% of those eligible had bothered to vote.

Before the referendum, Farage, Johnson and others said that anything less than a 5% victory should result in a second referendum (because they expected to lose) suddenly went very silent when they won by fewer than 4% of the votes cast. Now both May and Corbyn are going ahead with Brexit and no concern for the people who couldn’t vote in 2016 but could vote now being given a choice.

We need a second referendum with 3 options to vote for, May’s deal, no deal or Remain. For politicians to go against this will result in neither Labour not Conservative receiving a mandate in the next General Election. It could even result in both parties being dealt a savage blow and ceasing to exist beyond that general election. If we go ahead with Brexit then it will result in the break up of the United Kingdom as I have said often in my posts. Nicola Sturgeon has already had a resolution passed in Edinburgh giving her the green light for another independence referendum should Brexit go ahead. No one in Northern Ireland wants to see a hard border between North and South so if that is put in place they will also leave. Wales may opt for an independence referendum once the Scots and Irish have gone leaving the UK split into its 4 constituent countries. Scotland will opt to join the EU and take the Euro as it’s currency since the English won’t allow them to keep the GBP as the currency.

Ireland will reunify with the South and that too will result in the Euro being their currency. Wales, who may not ask to rejoin the EU in their own right would have to find a different currency to use. Once the UK has been dismantled who stands to benefit the most from this? Putin and the
Russians? Brexit and Farage? tRump and the USA? All of the above? The answer is probably a mixture of them all. With the UK out of the way Russia will be up against the USA alone and tRump working for them will not stand in the way of Russia moving in and taking over.