The moon stood still

by davebarclay1954

Thought I’d revert to my favourite type of music ever, Rock ‘N Roll. This isn’t my favourite Fats Domino song but it is up in the top 5, it’s probably his best known song so included here. The copyright is not owned by me, the video is provided courtesy of YouTube, apologies if it won’t play where you are.

I have recently completed the Rock And Roll Era from Time Life Warners, thanks in no small part to having the missing tracks on other compilations. If there is one thing I really enjoy it is the raw energy of classic Rock ‘N Roll, my favourites are all black artists who were having a great time making people dance before the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley brought it to the masses and the white audiences.

I have noticed several people have been targeted on Twitter since there was a tweet saying that someone would definitely rape an MP. This is wrong on so many levels I cannot begin to go into why it is wrong, immoral and the responses are totally uncalled for and just as wrong. If you are on twitter then you have probably seen the original tweet and the responses to it. If not I am not going to name names, suffice to say that rape is never right, rape is forcibly taking what you want from another human being.

Women, and men, should realise that we all have the right to be treated with respect. Saying that you would rape another human being is not just wrong it can lead to someone carrying out the act thinking they are acting with your authority. Words have consequences and we have to realise this. One of the worst things we can do is disrespect another’s human rights. However, it is worse than that to incite others to carry out a breach of human rights in our name.

I know at this point it would be very easy for me to get back on my high horse and point fingers at various politicians and political parties who have been outspoken in recommending violent acts against others, however, this post is not about that. It is about the voice people have been given to promote violent acts, not the people doing the promotion.

The planet is dying and fighting back from the brink, if we don’t recognise there is an emergency then the next species to become extinct will be us. We have to work together with the planet to avoid our own extinction and it is not enough to criticise those who refuse to see what is in front of their faces. When the younger generation see what our generation has refused to acknowledge then we should listen since they are the future.

I feel very strongly about the youth of today having a voice, I fought for the rights of the few over the rights of the many in the 1960’s and realised that together we can make a difference. The majority may be silent but when we shout and make it obvious that something is going wrong with our thought processes as a species we can reach millions. There is no reason to create division and hatred except to promote your own interests. The wealthy have always tried to dominate by dividing and conquering. If you look around at the white supremacists you will see that, for the main part, they are white and poor. Those inciting them to violence are the rich and powerful and not always white, but mainly white. The world order has to change and work for the many not the few which scares the hell out of the rich ruling classes. They know that if we unite with inclusion and diversity as our watch words then they will fall as their flaws are revealed along with their true purpose.

I may have been a single voice crying in the wilderness but more and more people are waking up to the fact that only by working together can we have any chance to save ourselves and this planet. I don’t care what the religious fanatics say about others, preaching hate and division is not what the Bible, Qran and Scriptures are preaching. Every religion has its own holy book, the message is always the same – Love – for your neighbour, your fellow man and those suffering at the hands of others is the way to redemption.

If all the holy books preach love then when does hate play any part in redemption? If we don’t put our differences aside, work together to end wars and save the planet then we will all die. The planet has the ability to renew itself but it will annihilate the human race in order to do so. There are other species which will also become extinct when the planet is renewing itself, but do we want to be responsible for our own extinction?

If you want to comment on this post please do so, I would like to hear your opinion whether you agree with my position or not. Dialogue has to be a 2-way street or it is meaningless.