I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution

by davebarclay1954

Music today is a different kind of tune in that it was a hit in the early 1970’s then it was used as a theme to a tv series in the 2000’s. Courtesy of Track Records, Phonogram Inc., and YouTube here is today’s video. Once again apologies if it doesn’t play where you are.

Today, I was reminded again that a lot of privileged white people can say the dumbest things and leave themselves wide open to criticism and being called racists. Can I make a suggestion to you, my dear reader? If there are a group of you discussing a situation and the only non-white calls you a racist don’t try to justify your comments but ask them what it is you said that makes them think that.

Racism knows no colour so similarly if you are non-white and a white person calls you a racist ask why they think that. It could be that they misunderstood what you were saying, or perhaps you misunderstood the meaning someone could take from your words. Either way, if you ask and they tell you then you have to bear that in mind and either say what you want to convey differently, or you can then argue with them about your meaning.

I see no need for racist comments, snide remarks or insults of any kind in the 21st century. However, there are more than enough bigots out there to go around without anyone adding fuel to the fire by trying to justify their comments when they have been called out as making racist remarks.

On a slightly different tack, if we all bleed when we are cut and that blood is red, doesn’t it make sense to think we are all related to the same species? Someone asked me why I feel there is only one race and we all belong to it, I answered that we are all human beings regardless of skin colour, who we choose to love or how we identify and they came back and told me I was a disgrace to my race. Can I ask how many human beings feel that I am a disgrace?

I really couldn’t give a flying one to how you identify, who you love, what colour skin is wrapped around your bones, muscles and sinews or how you choose to worship (nor who you choose to worship). These differences are what goes into our beings to keep things interesting. Also, if you speak a different language than me should I try and understand you? Only if you are speaking to me. If you and a friend (or group of friends) are talking then why should I understand what you are saying? Even if you are talking about me I would have no right to listen in to a private conversation. That being the case, if you speak to me and we don’t understand each other why not use sign language to convey our words?

There is always a way to communicate between human beings. If anyone tells you any different then tell them that they can go to hell as your conversation does not concern them. If they keep on being rude to you then report them to the police, security or someone near by. Most people will not stand idly by and let someone abuse another person. You have the right to speak to whoever you want to, using whatever language you speak. If you are visiting my country on holiday (or vacation) then I can’t expect you to speak English unless you have already learned it.

I know enough Spanish and French to get by when I visit those countries but am nowhere near fluent in either language. Doesn’t matter because I can usually make myself understood and get what I want. On occasion it is difficult but there is that opportunity to learn a new phrase to make the other person understand you. Anyway, I am going to go off to bed now so I will bid you a fond goodnight, please be nice to each other and let’s create the world we can all live in peacefully and safely.