everybody says you gotta follow rules

by davebarclay1954

Music today is from the best non-punk band of the punk era, with one of their forgotten classics. Please enjoy it, however, if it doesn’t play where you are then I can only apologise but I don’t own the copyright to the track or the video. It’s a tonic for the troops…

I know I’ve said it before and I will say it again but politicians who lie when people know the truth are either really stupid or they couldn’t give a flying fuck about you and me, the common people, those without, living from pay check to pay check (pay day to pay day here in the UK). Biggest example is Theresa May, reported on the news ahead of the Commons Vote was that the EU will not now or at any other time re-open negotiations ahead of Brexit. She won the vote in the Commons to re-open negotiations.

What doesn’t she get? The other 27 countries don’t give a rat’s arse about us, they hope we sink then in another 5 years we’ll crawl back with our tails between our legs and ask to rejoin. The price of this will be a higher contribution and loss of our currency. We really need to end this farce now before it’s too late, she’s trying to save her own skin when the ship she is captaining has already sunk and she is in the water with no lifeboats around.

What is she trying to salvage from the wreckage of GB.com? This country is finished if we leave the EU without a deal that guarantees our survival today. Those who told you we survived before joining forgot to remind you that we still had a semblance of an Empire then, yes it was crumbling but we still clung on to it and the Commonwealth to survive. Today we don’t have that back stop. The Commonwealth don’t want to trade with us on favourable terms, they want us to pay them a decent price for their produce. Fair do’s no-one wants to sell everything at a loss or they would go out of business.

Remember when you were told we had to regain control of our borders? What benefit will that have when 95% of the population are out of work because all those companies who came here to get a foothold in Europe have left and moved to Denmark, Holland, Germany or France? The financial strength of London is in having so many international banks located there to trade with Europe, we leave they leave, simple. No one will want to come here so yes we will have control over our borders.

Who is going to pay for the Welfare State? Most people will be relying on the dole or pensions but this Government will offer tax incentives for people to come here and offer some jobs to the population, meaning those without will have even less. Jobs will not pay a decent living wage. We really have to end this madness and withdraw Article 50 before we crash and burn. I know it’s been said by many but if a hard border is forced splitting Ireland in two they will unify again into a Republic within Europe, the same as happened with German re-unification.

Scotland won’t stand for that since they also voted overwhelmingly for Remain. If Wales followed suit that would leave England alone in the world and forced to beg for re-admission to the EU. Our strength would have gone and if Scotland and Wales were, once more, welcomed back to the EU family they were forced to leave by the English how well would Europe want England back?

They would cripple the country with red tape and we would probably lose our veto, we would have to increase our commitment and accept the Euro as our currency. Gone would be the days where we could buy and sell items across Europe, decide who comes in and who leaves this country. Don’t kid yourselves, we cannot survive in the modern world without Europe but they will do very nicely, thank you, without us. That’s why there will be no do over for the Brexit deal. It was a take it or leave it deal and we chose to leave it so the only option left open to us is either a no deal Brexit or withdraw Article 50 and remain inside the EU.

On a less stressful note, if we can help another species when they get into difficulty, why can’t we help our own species out every day? I read of a woman who died on the New York subway after struggling with her babies stroller (buggy here in the UK) and no one helped her out. A few days ago a mother bear was crossing an icy river with 2 cubs when she got into difficulty and left her cubs to save herself. Some fishermen saw this and went to the rescue of the cubs, taking them out of the water and into their boat. They didn’t know whether they would be mauled for their actions when re-uniting the cubs with their mother but wanted to ensure she didn’t lose her cubs.

If those fishermen helped a bear to keep her cubs why didn’t anyone help that poor woman get her stroller up or down the subway stairs in New York? Don’t give me any bull shit about no one being around, New York subway is busy all day every day. Was it because she was a black woman? Or a poor woman? Or was it just that no one cared? I have always offered to help any woman on her own with a buggy up or down stairs. Even when she has been going in the opposite direction, that’s because I care about other people. I have even, on occasion, taken a buggy from a woman who was struggling and carried it myself for her. The only reward I wanted was to see her safely on her journey with her child.

I have walked women home late at night when they have told me they are going to be walking down a dark lane, across a dark park or anywhere without lights. The reason for doing this was only to keep them safe, I didn’t want to endanger them in any way, in fact if they hadn’t trusted me they wouldn’t have allowed me to walk them home. I always waited until they were safely through their front door before leaving to head for home myself. I believe in a fair society where everyone pays as much as they can for the benefit of all. Does that make me a bad person? I will let you decide.