Don’t give me that do-goody good bull shit

by davebarclay1954

Music for this post is from a fantastic album released in 1973 by Pink Floyd. I was reminded of this track while pondering my existence and why people are so cruel to one another. As always the copyright is not owned by me but by Universal Music and Pink Floyd, video courtesy of YouTube and apologies if you cannot get it to work where you are.

The album in question (The Dark Side Of The Moon) I bought on vinyl in 1973, cassette in 1974 when the vinyl became unplayable, cd in 1993 when I lost the cassette and then I bought it again in 2003 (the 30th anniversary edition) and again in 2013 (the 40th anniversary). I was tempted to rebuy the vinyl version last year but the price was so prohibitive I decided to give it a miss. However, in 2023, if they release a Super Deluxe 50th Anniversary Edition I will probably buy that.

I was tempted in 1974 to buy the album on vinyl after a concert in the live version, however, the bootlegger wanted twice as much as the studio album so I passed. Since in the 1970’s there were only two reasons people sold bootlegs on the street and one of them was to fund a drug habit, I didn’t want to pay over the odds for a dubious pressing. I owned the album on bootleg before my hard disk drive crashed without warning two weeks ago and now I am struggling to find the bootlegs again online. My broadband provider doesn’t believe in allowing any music to be shared online. Bootleggers never pay the artist anyway so why buy the album when it should be available to fans free of charge?

See the connection, it took a while to raise it’s head but it is here. In case you missed it, the record labels want to keep their revenue high by forcing people to stop sharing music. I have always shared music, creating cassette copies of my albums to give to others so they can hear for themselves what the music sounds like before they go and buy it (and potentially waste their money if they don’t like it). I have also borrowed cd’s from friends, cassettes before cd’s became the norm, and copied these onto cassette. When I got my first computer with a cd-rom drive I started copying cd’s onto cd’s.

Did this ever cost the record labels money? Of course not, because if I liked the album then I would go out and buy a legal copy as soon as I could. Money is only a problem if you don’t have any, those with money hate parting with it so they will vote for anyone who agrees to cut their taxes to the bone and force the country to accept austerity measures to fund this tax cut to the rich. Of course those who receive the tax cuts don’t feel the pinch of these austerity measures. As soon as someone comes along who says to them you have had it too easy for too long so we are going to tax your income above £1m (or $1m) at a higher rate so you keep less of that super income, they threaten to walk with their millions to somewhere which won’t tax them so highly.

As a planet, I think, the time has come to show the super rich that enough is enough. If everyone of the super rich agreed to pay tax on a sliding scale without avoiding paying any tax, tRump is the biggest example of that fraud that I can think of at the moment, then there would be enough money for countries to adopt a Welfare System similar to the one introduced into the UK in the 1940’s. However, it all boils down to money and as long as some Governments will allow the super rich to live there without paying their share of taxes into the countries coffers the rest of the world will continue to kow tow to these people.