It’s easier to tell a lie than it is to tell the truth

by davebarclay1954

There has never been a more appropriate time for telling the truth than right now, we can hurt more than we heal if we keep on telling lies. Lies get bigger as people start to unravel them, so why not cut the crap and tell the truth from the start?

Someone said the truth will set you free, but we don’t want to believe that simple fact, lies and half-truths seem to be the norm today. There are women suffering in silence all over the world because they don’t have a voice. There are some here who can hear the sorrow in that silence and want to change it for the better.

I have said it before and I will say it again and keep on telling it to everyone who is within range, my brothers and sisters are fighting for survival but not alone, I stand with them and will die to protect any one of them. Who will join me in promoting the idea of only one RACE? The human race is special and we are all unique, men, women and children have the right to live in peace without fear.

I will offer my life to protect others who are threatened with hate, living in fear, trying to avoid getting attacked, raped or worse. Trust me when I say that straight men sure understand consent when faced with a gay man they think won’t take no for an answer. Education is the way forward, but how do we educate the fool who won’t listen? Treat him the way he treats others? That makes us as bad as him. Teach him to understand his fears are unfounded by our actions? That makes more sense to me. I saw a video on YouTube the other week which someone tweeted a link to, an elderly woman was paying for her gas (petrol if your outside the USA) with pennies when two black men gave her some money to pay for the gas and never wanted anything in return.

That selfless action has repercussions larger than anyone could have expected because it has gone viral. There are a lot of people out there who will do whatever they can to assist their fellow man, without any need for a reward. If someone were being attacked in the street there are some who would say no you can’t do this and jump in to help. There are those who will get out their phones and video the actions which go against humanity so that the people behaving in an anti-social way (whether it is objecting to a 7 year old selling water without a licence or complaining about mistreatment of an animal) so that they can later be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Racial hatred is a crime against humanity, targeting people because of their religious views is also a crime against humanity. Let’s not forget that when we stand shoulder to shoulder with the oppressed we can move mountains together in order to protect us all. If you want proof of that look back in history when people have been persecuted for any reason. There comes a time when enough people cry out against it to stop it in its tracks and reverse, sometimes centuries, of abuse and wrong doing. There is no such thing as a first world, second world or third world, only this world. Working together we can make things better for everyone.

Accepting we all have human rights doesn’t diminish our rights because it isn’t a pie, it’s a natural progression. We’re all human, we all deserve to live in peace and harmony, regardless of gender, who we love, which religion we follow, or which religion we don’t follow. The more rights we give to others the more rights we ourselves have. Respect is earned, respect can be given freely to another but if they do something to deny them worthy of that respect then it can be taken away again. Never forget you have a choice and a part to play. Do what you can for your fellow man and it will come back to you tenfold. I am not saying if you see a woman attacked then tackle her attacker, if you lack the conviction to do this then video the attack. Everyone now has a smart phone so there is a camera in everyone’s pocket.

Music today is by Georgie Wonderful and taken from his first Dark Horse album (titled as Thirty Three and a Third, his age at the time) and, as always, I don’t own the copyright in this track.