Cross the mountains of your chest I will sticker Union Jacks

by davebarclay1954

The music to accompany my last post is provided courtesy of YouTube and Steve Marriott. The lyrics to today’s post are from a little known track because it was the B-Side of Urban Spaceman and will be attached to the end of this post as normal.

Can I just say how very impressed I have been with Goebbels words being taken to heart by one POTUS, the @realDonaldTrump who is posting such wonderful tales to the Twitter community as “Democrats want to unleash the criminals upon America that are currently incarcerated” and also “The recent spate of bombs sent to Democrat leaders are being concocted to hide the fact they want to hijack the election”.

Excuse me while I smile thinking of the words of Herr Goebbels while he was Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany: “To hide what you are doing blame your opponents until they are blamed and wiped out because any lie told loudly enough and frequently enough will be believed”. You’d almost believe Trump has taken this to heart and feels very strongly about it as he seeks to make it the truth in his warped America.

We see it time and time again where his followers will take his tweets at face value and make them real, the man arrested in connection with the pipe bombs sent to Bill and Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama and others had a van covered in stickers endorsing Trump and his opinions about “FAKE” news and the media reporting it. I’m so sorry to speak ill of the damned but the one spreading fake news stories openly denying any involvement in his followers actions is currently trying to negate the upcoming mid-term elections.

People who openly criticised Obama while he was president and kept an eye on what Government was doing without any fear are now in fear of their lives for doing the same to Trump. America is falling foul of a bigotted, racist, misogynist and bankrupt who is seeking to rewrite the constitution to fit his own ends and will, if he isn’t stopped before hand, declare himself president for life (as Hitler declared himself the Fuhrer of Germany when it became obvious he would have been removed as Chancellor). Because the 2016 election was rigged when the Russians hacked the system and this is being investigated, Trump is making it hard for Democrats to vote, with early voting forms being “lost” – apparently only those from Democrat voters – he is seeking to hack this election himself.

Anyway, ’nuff said. I feel utterly betrayed by my own Government who are not fit to Govern during the troubling times ahead. It seems clear that they are prepared to force an anti-British Brexit on the people leaving us paying more to the EU than before for a period of 3 years following our divorce without having any say in the rules enforced on us by the club we are leaving. Before people say that I should have expected this to happen when I voted to leave can I just remind people that I voted to stay because no one knew for certain what would happen if we voted to leave.

I still feel that we were wrong to vote for Brexit, this Government is not the one to negotiate our future relations with those remaining states in a united Europe, they will do what is in their own best interests and not what is in our best interests. Since 2010 the Government has proved to be coming down on the side of the wealthiest in the country. When they declared that austerity measures were going to be implemented and we were all in this together, the once hit hardest, as always, were the poor, the sick and the troubled. Now that their lies have been brought into the open they are refusing to apologise but merely state that successive Governments were to blame for our current troubles. The UK is about to be split apart as any border agreement put in place in Ireland will, unless the border remains open as currently, force the people of Northern Ireland to leave the UK and rejoin Europe (which is what they voted for anyway) as part of a united Ireland.

Angela Merkel will welcome back Scotland into the EU should they follow suit and leave the UK, they also voted to Remain. What comes next? Will Wales follow suit and leave the UK? They voted for Brexit as did most of England, the main exception was London which voted overwhelmingly to Remain so if the capital left the UK what then for the UK? I don’t want to see the UK torn apart but that is precisely what will happen if we leave in March without any agreement and continue to pay membership fees to a club we no longer belong to.

Anyway, the rant is over for this weekend and hopefully normal service can be resumed soon throughout the West before the Russians succeed in weakening it too much for it to remain united as the USA and the UK remain divided.