The games begin to drag me down

by davebarclay1954

Well, I’m not tired at 1:15 a.m. on a school night. Except it’s not really a school night as I don’t have to get up for work in the morning as I still don’t have a job. It is beginning to get me down that I can’t afford to buy the things I really want, with less than £12,000 left in the bank and the rent still has to be paid I just hope it can last out until May when I should receive a refund from the taxman.

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I am getting so tired of looking for jobs, applying for jobs, waiting to hear back from jobs and going round in circles. There are a lot of employers looking for people but then it seems that 3 or 4 weeks later the same job is advertised again and again. If they don’t want to employ anyone why keep advertising positions?

This time around I am not signing on as I cashed in one of my pension pots before being laid off because I couldn’t average 28 calls per day for an entire week. I was taking between 24-30 calls per day but the weekly average was only creeping up to 26. This at a time when the only people hitting the targets were doing nothing, taking call after call leaving minimal notes and sending out links via email – often not giving the client the correct information.

Anyway, I didn’t get kept on so I missed out on a semi-permanent job. Since then I have applied for around 300 jobs, many of them two or three times each when they have been advertised. I think word has got round that I will reach pension age in 12 months and no-one wants me to start with them when I will not be working for them long enough to recoup the cost of training me in their in-house methods.

This absolutely sucks as I would be willing to work beyond pension age and defer the state pension (the only one I have left now) if I enjoyed the job enough. Had CAB kept me on then I would have opted for my pension next year when I was old enough and cut down my hours and days. I know that had no bearing on me passing the probation period as the manager didn’t like my attitude towards him and the job so he was determined to fail me unless I could answer 28 calls per day on average over an entire week.

As promised there is more music here for you to enjoy, another George Harrison original performed with his little known 60’s combo.