There’s nothing you can see that isn’t shown, nothing you can know that isn’t known

by davebarclay1954

I wonder if anyone is still living today who has read the book “Mein Kampf” apart from me. I was curious to see if Adolf Hitler had actually stated his intention for the Holocaust before the start of 1939 and it is all there, written in 1923, that every ill that had befallen Germany following the end of the Great War (WWI) was the fault of the International Jew.

How much of an argument did he have with the Jew? Well, he set out his stall and argued that everything that had happened since the signing of the Armistice in November 1918 bringing WWI to an end was a plan to ruin Germany and bring it to its knees by the Jewish people. Complete poppycock but he argued so strongly for it and blamed the Jew for the rise of Communism and the fall of Germany, the rate of inflation in Germany was all the fault of the Jew and no blame was laid at the feet of any one German, well not true, he accused the Chancellor of signing away the rights of every German at the behest of his Jewish masters. He argued very strongly to wipe out Jews from the whole of Europe and then proceeded to get himself elected to office by creating disruption to meetings of the bourgeois class and then marching in with his National Socialist Party henchmen to beat up those party members dressed in the same manner as the German Communists. this won him praise from the German people so when he finally became Chancellor in the 1930’s he proceeded to declare elections illegal, the parliament was disbanded and he became the Supreme Ruler, or Fuehrer.

He conned the German people and the Governments of France, Italy, Britain and others to allow him to re-arm the German people so that they could protect their borders, as soon as the German Army became almost as powerful as it had been at the outbreak of the Great War he started plotting to take over Eastern Europe and sent a few troops into Poland wearing Polish uniforms to break through the barricade into Germany and gun down German soldiers wearing German uniforms. That way he thought he would get away with invading Poland. What he didn’t envisage was the Western powers seeing through his scam and promptly declaring war on Germany (again).

Had Hitler thought things through a little more he might have waited until Germany had developed it’s Nuclear arsenal, in 1942 German scientists were working on rockets and nuclear warheads but the war started to turn against them in 1942 so they were running out of time and the Allies were almost at the same place Germany was with nuclear weapons. Anyway, the point of this little exercise is that if Hitler hadn’t been in such a rush to try and conquer Eastern Europe and Russia while invading France and the Netherlands maybe the war would have had a different ending.

However, we are where we are today and we recognise jumped up dictators for what they are because of Hitler. It has to be time to educate each other and say enough of hate and destruction let’s work together to make this planet fit for everyone without exception. If we include everyone it makes us better citizens and better humans, gives us an edge and helps us to continue to grow. We need to spread love and understanding to every corner of the planet and see if we can work together to conquer all the ills that are still going around. Let’s not bury our heads in the sand and hope that the idiots will wake up to themselves because they won’t. Let’s educate them and teach them how to behave and think, without bitterness and blame. Everyone needs someone to start and a place to begin, let’s make that time now, today and not put it off any longer.