But you and me ain’t no movie stars. What we are is what we are.

by davebarclay1954

It’s often said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but if we don’t choose to see beauty does that mean it isn’t there? I think beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder but exists for anyone who has a mind to see it, to drink it in and enjoy the view. There is more to life than work and sleep, we should all take times when we do nothing but enjoy the view, smell the roses, and give thanks for all we have. After all, there is beauty to be found in the streets, the hills, the skies. At night when there is no pollution from street lights there is a myriad of glitter in the sky around us.

Does anyone truly believe that in all the vastness of space this is the only inhabited rock? Or is there somewhere out in the great vastness of the unknown at least one other inhabited planet with intelligent beings living on it who are more advanced than we are? Or perhaps they are less advanced than we are, who knows for sure? When we look out with our telescopes (even Hubble) we are looking into the past and the further we look the further back we go.

Does anyone think that if someday we meet strangers they will be beligerent and look to conquer us? Just the way the Europeans went round the world in the 12th to 15th centuries and enslaved every native race they encountered led by the French, Spanish and English while being closely followed by the Dutch and German explorers. When the world had been carved up, India, Africa and the lands close by the explorers started thinking that if the sun and moon were orbs then it would make sense that this planet of ours was also an orb, wouldn’t it? One explorer set out from Spain with the blessing of the King and Queen to find another way to the Indies. Instead he found an entire new continent inhabited by natives using bows and arrows to hunt and fight their enemies. Columbus had three ships, crewed fully and canons, guns and muskets but he chose to try and negotiate with the natives not to kill them.

Can’t we learn a lesson from him? Better to try and negotiate and remain friendly than to kill and fight, even when you have the upper hand. Of course Columbus landed thinking he was in the Indies until he discovered that beyond the islands there was a huge land mass which was not India, nor Africa. He named this new world the Americas, and when he returned to Spain with his ships laden with gold, silver and jewels ever nation in Europe heard of his exploits and then the Europeans set sail for the New World and fought many bloody battles across the Atlantic Ocean to stop the others from increasing their wealth.

You would think that time would have taught us all that united we can remain strong but alone we become weakened and if we are weak then will we not perish at the hands of the terrorist? England has been threatened before and stood strong, we joined Europe and made her stronger but now we are leaving can that be a wise move? Only time will tell, the fact that the people chose an exit means we are on that route and will remain so until we make our divorce settlement then we stand or fall alone. I still think we can fight this world war united with our fellows in Europe and the USA but trade may become harder short term once our ties with our nearest neighbours are cut.

However, we will have to wait and see what comes forth in the future but the “Muslims” who follow their own religion will see that we will never lie down in the face of threats and death. We are stubborn and have never been afraid to fight against terror for those who are invaded, held under a jackboot or otherwise enslaved. (Yes we did begin the slave trade moving blacks from Africa to the New Land but we were also the first to end our involvement in it).

In the North East there were good people who saw the slave trade as the evil it was and decided to fight it in the water and in Parliament to put an end to the mistreatment of human beings just because they were primitive and uneducated and stop trading them as they were animals to be bought and sold. When there is enough love to go round everyone then surely war will become a subject in schools because it will have no place in our brave new world.